§2.1.  Affidavit of corrections

A.(1)  A clerical error in a notarial act affecting movable or immovable property or any other rights, corporeal or incorporeal, may be corrected by an act of correction executed by any of the following:

(a)  The person who was the notary or one of the notaries before whom the act was passed.

(b)  The notary who actually prepared the act containing the error.

(c)  In the event the person defined in Subparagraphs (a) or (b) of this Paragraph is deceased, incapacitated, or whose whereabouts are unknown, then by a Louisiana notary who has possession of the records of that person, which records contain information to support the correction.

(2)  The act of correction shall be executed before two witnesses and a notary public.

B.  The act of correction executed in compliance with this Section shall be given retroactive effect to the date of recordation of the original act.  However, the act of correction shall not prejudice the rights acquired by any third person before the act of correction is recorded where the third  person reasonably relied on the original act.  The act of correction shall not alter the true agreement and intent of the parties.

C.  A certified copy of the act of correction executed in compliance with this Section shall be deemed to be authentic for purposes of executory process.

D.  This Section shall be in addition to other laws governing executory process.

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