§4101.  Findings, policies and purposes

It is hereby declared:

(1)  That milk is a necessary article of food for human consumption.

(2)  That an adequate supply of good quality dairy products at fair and reasonable prices is essential to the public health and welfare.

(3)  That milk is a highly perishable commodity, which is easily contaminated by harmful bacteria if not produced, processed, and distributed under the best of sanitary conditions, and if not properly refrigerated at all times.

(4)  That the supply of milk can neither be substantially increased nor substantially decreased from day to day.

(5)  That milk can be stored for only limited periods of time.

(6)  That the dairy industry is peculiarly susceptible to injury resulting from price wars and a variety of disruptive trade practices that flourish in the absence of effective regulation.

(7)  That price wars and disruptive trade practices in the dairy industry tend to cause financial ruin for dairy farmers and for locally-owned processors and distributors, regardless of how efficient and well managed they might be.

(8)  That the production, processing, packaging and distribution of good quality dairy products requires skilled and properly trained personnel and also requires substantial investments in expensive equipment, facilities, and other items.

(9)  That price wars and disruptive trade practices in the dairy industry weaken the financial condition of dairy farmers, processors and distributors, tend to lessen their ability to employ the skilled and properly trained personnel required for their operations, and tend to postpone construction and purchases of needed equipment and repairs of facilities.

(10)  That failure to provide effective regulation of the Louisiana dairy industry will lead to a resumption of unfair methods of competition that once existed in the Louisiana dairy industry, will result in the economic destruction of many dairy farmers, of independent dairy processors and of many distributors, and will tend to create a monopoly in the processing and distribution of milk and dairy products.

(11)  That recent developments have made it less feasible to move milk to Louisiana from areas of heavy production and have created the possibility that milk shortages will become a reality in the United States in the foreseeable future.

(12)  That the consumers of this state need to be protected against excessive prices on milk and dairy products, particularly during periods when such items are in short supply.

(13)  That the citizens of this state will be benefited by a regulatory program that is designed to stabilize the Louisiana dairy industry in order to assure an adequate supply of milk and dairy products at fair and reasonable prices.

(14)  That monopoly, disruptive trade practices, and unfair methods of competition should be prohibited in the Louisiana dairy industry.

(15)  That consumers should be protected against inadequate supplies of milk and dairy products and against excessive prices for milk and dairy products.

(16)  That dairy farmers and independent processors and distributors should be encouraged to make necessary investments and hire needed personnel, and that conditions should be created that would permit reasonably efficient processors and dairy farmers to remain in business.

(17)  That an effective program of regulation for the Louisiana dairy industry should be established in order to eliminate speculation and waste, to assure a continued supply of high quality dairy products, and to enable dairy farmers, processors and distributors to borrow funds required for their operations.

Added by Acts 1974, No. 31, §1; Acts 1985, No. 75, §1.