§1604.  Filing and recording conversion application; issuance and effect of certificate of conversion

A.  The conversion application, and initial report if applicable, shall be filed with the secretary of state and may be delivered in advance, for filing as of any specified date, within thirty days after the date of delivery.

B.  If the secretary of state finds that the application and initial report, if applicable, are in compliance with the provisions of this Chapter, and after all fees have been paid as required by law, the secretary of state shall record the application and initial report, if applicable, in his office, endorse on each the date of filing thereof with him, and issue a certificate of conversion that shall show the date of filing of the application with him and the effective date of the conversion.  A duplicate certificate of conversion issued by the secretary of state shall, within thirty days after issuance of the certificate, be filed for record in the conveyance records of each parish in this state in which the entity has immovable property, title to which will be transferred as a result of the conversion.

C.  A conversion shall be effective when the application has been recorded by the secretary of state.  However, if the application was filed within five days, exclusive of legal holidays, after signing thereof, the conversion shall be effective as of the time of such signing, unless the application specifies that the effective date shall be the date filed by the secretary of state.

Acts 2006, No. 153, §1, eff. June 2, 2006.