Legislature and laws

RS 24Title 24.legislature and laws
RS 24:1Title 24legislature and laws
RS 24:2Investigations by legislature; authority to compel attendance of persons and production of papers
RS 24:3Compensation of witnesses
RS 24:4Contempt of the legislature; penalties
RS 24:5Certification of facts of contempt; prosecution
RS 24:6Contempt prosecution; venue
RS 24:7Committee meetings between sessions
RS 24:8Authority to attend meetings of state boards, commissions, agencies and committees
RS 24:9Rules of procedure
RS 24:10Vetoed bills; return by the governor; veto session
RS 24:11Extraordinary session; petition of legislature; call; limitations
RS 24:12Technical assistance by public higher educational institutions
RS 24:13Technical corrections in legislative instruments
RS 24:14Senate confirmations
RS 24:30Repealed by acts 1993, no. 248, 2.
RS 24:31Compensation of members
RS 24:31.1Salary for members; expense allowance; mileage allowance
RS 24:31.2Expenses of clerk of house and secretary of senate
RS 24:31.3Reimbursement for members-elect
RS 24:31.4Members' office allowance
RS 24:31.5Legislative assistants for members
RS 24:31.6Legislative district offices; furnishing and equipment allowance
RS 24:31.7Allowances; declaration as non-emoluments
RS 24:31.8Suspension of payments due to imprisonment after conviction of a crime
RS 24:31.9Identification pins for legislators
RS 24:32Resignation of members
RS 24:33Secretary of senate and clerk of house; holding over until successors qualified
RS 24:34Repealed by acts 1988, no. 58, 5.
RS 24:35Membership of the senate
RS 24:35.1Repealed by acts 2011, 1st ex. sess., no. 24, 4, eff. at 10:00 a.m., jan. 9, 2012.
RS 24:35.2Membership of the house of representatives
RS 24:35.3Repealed by acts 1991, 2nd e.s., no. 2, 4, eff. 10:00 a.m. jan. 13, 1992.
RS 24:35.4Repealed by acts 2001, 2nd ex. sess., no. 3, 3, eff. jan. 12, 2004.
RS 24:35.5Repealed by acts 2011, 1st ex. sess., no. 1, 2, eff. at 10:00 a.m., jan. 9, 2012.
RS 24:36Additional benefits payable to legislators; certain legislative personnel; governor; lieutenant governor; political subdivision service credit; credit for service previously rendered; additional contributions; computation of benefits payable; membership
RS 24:36.1Computation of benefits; widows presently drawing benefits
RS 24:36.2Retirement benefits for certain public officials
RS 24:37Regaining membership in actuarially funded retirement system
RS 24:38Legislative budgetary control council; budgetary controls; legislature; legislative agencies; legislative committees; budget unit statements; fiscal notes
RS 24:39Legislative capitol technology enhancement fund
RS 24:50Purpose
RS 24:51Definitions
RS 24:52Persons to whom applicable; exceptions
RS 24:53Registration of lobbyists with the board; compilation of information
RS 24:54Reports and statements under oath
RS 24:55Lobbyist expenditure reports
RS 24:56Prohibited conduct
RS 24:56.1Fundraising functions
RS 24:57Administration
RS 24:58Enforcement
RS 24:58.1Additional remedies; contract defeat or voidability
RS 24:59Repealed by acts 1996, 1st ex. sess., no. 64, 9, eff. july 1, 1996. (acts 1996, 1st ex. sess., no. 66, 4, repealed 59(b) eff. jan. 1, 1997).
RS 24:61Short title
RS 24:62Declaration of policy
RS 24:63Definitions
RS 24:64Designation of emergency interim successors to legislators
RS 24:65Status, qualifications and term of emergency interim successors
RS 24:66Contingent method of designating emergency interim successors
RS 24:67Recording
RS 24:68Repealed by acts 1968, no. 472, 2
RS 24:69Duty of emergency interim successors
RS 24:70Place of legislative session
RS 24:71Convening of legislature in event of attack
RS 24:72Assumption of powers and duties of legislator by emergency interim successor
RS 24:73Privileges, immunities and compensation of emergency interim successors
RS 24:74Quorum and vote requirements
RS 24:75Termination of operation of provisions of this part
RS 24:77.1Temporary successor; selection; definitions
RS 24:77.2Assumption of powers and duties of legislator by temporary successor; requirements
RS 24:77.3Privileges, immunities, and compensation of temporary successors; compensation of legislator
RS 24:77.4Temporary successors; prohibition on seeking legislative office
RS 24:81Legislative commissions and committees
RS 24:82Duties of commission
RS 24:83Record of transactions; report to legislature
RS 24:101Purpose and findings
RS 24:102Definitions
RS 24:103Commission on streamlining government; established
RS 24:104Procedure
RS 24:105Staff support
RS 24:106Agency cooperation and assistance
RS 24:107Finances
RS 24:108Effect on other law
RS 24:109Termination of part
RS 24:121Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:122Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:123Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:124Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:125Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:131To 136 repealed by acts 1988, no. 57, 1.
RS 24:141Repealed by acts 1999, no. 1164, 4.
RS 24:142Repealed by acts 1975, no. 323, 1
RS 24:151Statutes
RS 24:152Suits against state or political subdivision; omnibus bill or resolution; form; legal proof of authority
RS 24:153Digests of proposed constitutional amendments; preparation; distribution to newspapers
RS 24:171Repeal of law; effect on penalty, forfeiture or liability
RS 24:172Proposed constitutional amendments; printing and publication
RS 24:173Distribution of current acts and journals
RS 24:174Distribution of r.s.1950 to members of legislature
RS 24:175Severability
RS 24:176Repeal
RS 24:177Legislative intent; text, history, and other indices of intent
RS 24:191Repugnance between codes
RS 24:201Louisiana state law institute
RS 24:202Council; membership; terms; vacancies
RS 24:203Plans of membership; compensation of members of council
RS 24:204General purpose; duties
RS 24:205Reports; advisory capacity; printing and distribution of reports
RS 24:206Distribution of constitutional studies and notes
RS 24:207Method of distribution
RS 24:208Disposition of remaining sets
RS 24:251Continuous revision
RS 24:252New legislation; incorporation in revised statutes; resolution of conflicting acts
RS 24:253Incorporation of current legislation; procedure
RS 24:253.1Alphabetical or numerical sequence of laws
RS 24:253.2Submitting copy to the secretary of the senate and clerk of the house of representatives
RS 24:254Filing of copy with secretary of state; certificate of correctness; printing
RS 24:255Amendment of sections prepared by the institute
RS 24:256Printing and publication of revised statutes; proof of certified edition
RS 24:401Legislative council
RS 24:501Legislature; officers and employees
RS 24:502Speaker of the house of representatives; salary; expenses
RS 24:503Expenses
RS 24:504Speaker pro tempore; assumption of duties of speaker; salary
RS 24:505President of the senate; president pro tempore
RS 24:506President of the senate; salary; expenses
RS 24:507President pro tempore; assumption of duties of president; salary
RS 24:511Qualification; term; oath; bond; vacancies; authority to administer oaths and take testimony
RS 24:511.1Special recommendation commission
RS 24:512Salary and expenses
RS 24:513Powers and duties of legislative auditor; audit reports as public records; assistance and opinions of attorney general; frequency of audits; subpoena power
RS 24:513.1Audit of accounts of department of revenue; confidentiality of information; unauthorized disclosure
RS 24:513.2Information system on boards, commissions, and like entities
RS 24:513.3Audit reports; gaming regulator audits; review of gaming facilities
RS 24:513.4Not-for-profit disaster relief or recovery organizations; audit authority
RS 24:514Sworn annual financial statements; actuarial valuations; examinations
RS 24:515Accounts of offices, boards, commissions, agencies, and departments; records of general fixed assets
RS 24:515.1Uniform audit reporting
RS 24:516Reports
RS 24:516.1Annual reports filed with the joint legislative committee on the budget
RS 24:517Repealed by acts 1991, no. 610, 2, eff. dec. 31, 1991.
RS 24:517.1Reimbursement for local audits
RS 24:517.2Repealed by acts 1991, no. 610, 2, eff. dec. 31, 1991.
RS 24:517.3Reimbursement for state audits
RS 24:518Penalties
RS 24:519Report of remedial actions
RS 24:520Audit of accounts of legislative auditor
RS 24:521Actuarial notes
RS 24:522Louisiana performance audit program
RS 24:523Notification of the legislative auditor and district attorney
RS 24:523.1Notices to be posted
RS 24:524Restitution of audit costs
RS 24:551Legislative audit advisory council; membership; officers; vacancies
RS 24:552Advise auditor
RS 24:553Duties
RS 24:554Powers
RS 24:555Contempt of council; authority to conduct proceedings
RS 24:556Punishment for contempt
RS 24:557Compensation
RS 24:558Technical and clerical personnel; legislative auditor
RS 24:559Professional personnel
RS 24:601Fiscal services
RS 24:602Legislative fiscal officer; office created; compensation
RS 24:603Duties and functions
RS 24:603.1Mandated health insurance benefits; impact reports
RS 24:604Powers
RS 24:604.1Budget requests; executive budget; submission to fiscal office
RS 24:604.2General appropriation bill; reports of enhancements, reductions, and means of finance substitutions; availability of such reports
RS 24:605Employees; salaries; warrants
RS 24:606Assistance and cooperation of other agencies; boards; use of facilities
RS 24:607Domicile; agency offices
RS 24:608Responsibility to legislature; operating funds
RS 24:651Joint legislative committee
RS 24:652Budget requests; executive budget; submission to committee
RS 24:653Duties and functions
RS 24:654State agencies, political subdivisions; assistance to committee
RS 24:655Powers
RS 24:656Staff assistance
RS 24:661Committee created; membership and composition
RS 24:662Capital outlay requests; capital outlay budget; submission to committee
RS 24:663Duties and functions
RS 24:664State agencies, political subdivisions; assistance to committee
RS 24:665Powers
RS 24:666Expenses; staff assistance
RS 24:671Joint committee on legislative oversight
RS 24:672Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:673Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:674Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:675Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:676Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:677Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:681Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:682Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:691Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:692Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:693Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:711Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:751Center for legal studies
RS 24:752Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:753Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:754Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:755Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:756Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:761Reports to the legislature
RS 24:771Definitions
RS 24:772Distribution of reports
RS 24:775Commissioner of insurance; reports to legislature
RS 24:781Louisiana commission on economy
RS 24:782Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:783Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:784Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:785Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:786Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:787Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:801Advisory commission
RS 24:802Creation; composition
RS 24:803Functions and duties
RS 24:804Meetings; hearings; committees
RS 24:805Staff
RS 24:806Finances
RS 24:851Joint legislative committee on
RS 24:852Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:853Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:901Louisiana coordinating council
RS 24:902Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:903Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:904Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:905Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:906Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:907Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:908Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:909Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:910Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1262, 1.
RS 24:931Interagency council on prevention
RS 24:932Definitions
RS 24:933Interagency council on the prevention of sex offenses created; membership; officers; quorum
RS 24:934Meetings; hearing; committees
RS 24:935Council responsibilities
RS 24:936Registry
RS 24:937Staff
RS 24:938Agency cooperation
RS 24:939Finances
RS 24:940Exceptions
RS 24:971Louisiana commission on civic education; creation; purpose
RS 24:972Membership; meetings; compensation; staff
RS 24:973Powers and functions
RS 24:973.1Legislative youth advisory council; purpose, membership, duties, administration, report, student privacy
RS 24:974Funding
RS 24:981Authority; general purpose; duties
RS 24:982Funding