Labor and worker's compensation

RS 23Title 23.labor and worker's compensation
RS 23:1Louisiana workforce commission established; purpose; definitions
RS 23:2Domicile of commission
RS 23:3Employees; performance evaluations; salaries and expenses
RS 23:4Divisions of the commission
RS 23:5Right of entry
RS 23:6Powers and duties
RS 23:7Access to books, accounts, records, etc.
RS 23:8Rulemaking power
RS 23:9Application to the courts for aid
RS 23:10Court review
RS 23:11Power of executive director as to witnesses
RS 23:12Electronic digitized records; microfilm or microfiche records
RS 23:13Employers' duty as to safety
RS 23:14Employers to furnish information; keeping of records
RS 23:15Posting of labor laws
RS 23:16Penalties
RS 23:17Integration of workforce development programs
RS 23:18Client accessibility
RS 23:19Delegation of functions
RS 23:20State and local planning process; local workforce investment boards
RS 23:33Administration funding
RS 23:34Block grants to local workforce development areas
RS 23:41Louisiana state board of boiler inspector examiners
RS 23:42Membership of board
RS 23:43Appointment; compensation
RS 23:44Powers and duties
RS 23:45Examinations
RS 23:46Certificate of competency and commission as boiler inspector; identification cards
RS 23:47Revocation of certificate and commission
RS 23:48Certificate of competency and commission and valid identification card required
RS 23:49Violations; penalty
RS 23:61Purpose
RS 23:62Definitions
RS 23:63Community action agency; appointment, responsibilities
RS 23:64Repealed by acts 1994, 3rd ex. sess., no. 54, 2, eff. august 1, 1994.
RS 23:64.1Governing board
RS 23:65Financial assistance
RS 23:66Louisiana workforce commission, administrative rules
RS 23:67Repealed by acts 1994, 3rd ex. sess., no. 54, 2, eff. august 1, 1994.
RS 23:71Legislative intent and public policy
RS 23:72Definitions
RS 23:73Comprehensive labor market information system
RS 23:74Consumer information
RS 23:75Report card; data exchange agreements; data distribution; personal identification prohibited
RS 23:76Forecasting
RS 23:77Workforce system information technology; principles and information sharing
RS 23:78Workforce information systems
RS 23:101Terms defined
RS 23:102Employment service exclusions
RS 23:103Repealed by acts 2006, no. 713, 4, eff. july 1, 2006
RS 23:104Application for license
RS 23:105License fee; renewal
RS 23:106Bond; conditions
RS 23:106.1To 106.4 repealed by acts 1981, no. 732, 4
RS 23:107Issuance of license; time for granting
RS 23:108Violations by licensee; revocation or suspension
RS 23:109Revocation of license; effect
RS 23:110Repealed by acts 1992, no. 633, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1993.
RS 23:111Regulation; restrictions and prohibitions
RS 23:112Regulations; public hearings
RS 23:113Violations of provisions; penalty
RS 23:114Disposition of fees collected; expenses
RS 23:115Enforcement of this part through court action
RS 23:116To 121 repealed by acts 1981, no. 732, 4
RS 23:151Application of provisions
RS 23:152Enforcement of provisions
RS 23:153Regulations
RS 23:161Minors; prohibited employments
RS 23:162Minors under fourteen; general prohibition against employment
RS 23:163Minors under sixteen; prohibited employments
RS 23:164Repealed by acts 1993, no. 621, 2, eff. june 15, 1993.
RS 23:165Repealed by acts 1993, no. 621, 2, eff. june 15, 1993.
RS 23:166Minors fourteen and fifteen years of age; employments permitted
RS 23:167Repealed by acts 1993, no. 621, 2, eff. june 15, 1993.
RS 23:168Repealed by acts 1993, no. 621, 2, eff. june 15, 1993.
RS 23:168.1Repealed by acts 1993, no. 621, 2, eff. june 15, 1993.
RS 23:169Repealed by acts 1976, no. 624, 5, eff. aug. 4, 1976
RS 23:170Repealed by acts 1993, no. 621, 2, eff. june 15, 1993.
RS 23:171Minors; employment on vessels
RS 23:181Executive director to furnish forms
RS 23:182Employers to keep records
RS 23:183Persons authorized to issue
RS 23:184Requirements for issuance
RS 23:184.1Blanket work permits
RS 23:185Repealed by acts 1992, no. 442, 1.
RS 23:186Repealed by acts 1981, no. 299, 2
RS 23:187Signing of certificate by minor; return by employer after termination of employment
RS 23:188Records kept by issuing authority
RS 23:189Repealed by acts 2003, no. 671, 2, eff. june 27. 2003.
RS 23:190Repealed by acts 1976, no. 624, 5, eff. aug. 4, 1976
RS 23:191Revocation
RS 23:192Certificates as evidence of age of minors
RS 23:193Repealed by acts 1993, no. 621, 2, eff. june 15, 1993.
RS 23:194Repealed by acts 1993, no. 621, 2, eff. june 15, 1993.
RS 23:195Repealed by acts 1993, no. 621, 2, eff. june 15, 1993.
RS 23:196Repealed by acts 1993, no. 621, 2, eff. june 15, 1993.
RS 23:197Repealed by acts 1993, no. 621, 2, eff. june 15, 1993.
RS 23:211Minors; maximum hours in general
RS 23:211.1Repealed by acts 1993, no. 621, 2, eff. june 15, 1993.
RS 23:212Repealed by acts 1993, no. 621, 2, eff. june 15, 1993.
RS 23:213Recreation or meal period
RS 23:214Minors under sixteen; maximum hours when school in session
RS 23:215Minors; minors under sixteen; prohibited hours; maximum work week
RS 23:216Repealed by acts 1993, no. 621, 2, eff. june 15, 1993.
RS 23:217Records to be kept by employers
RS 23:218Repealed by acts 1993, no. 621, 2, eff. june 15, 1993.
RS 23:231Specific violations; penalties; enforcement
RS 23:232Parents or tutors inducing violations by minors; penalty
RS 23:233Presence of minor at place of employment; presumption of employment
RS 23:234Continuing violations; penalty
RS 23:251Minors under sixteen; prohibited employments or occupations; penalty
RS 23:252Violations by exhibitor; additional penalties
RS 23:253Repealed by acts 2011, no. 177, 2.
RS 23:254Repealed by acts 2011, no. 177, 2.
RS 23:255Bond as prerequisite to issuance of permit
RS 23:256Repealed by acts 1989, no. 731, 3, eff. july 8, 1989.
RS 23:257Repealed by acts 1989, no. 731, 3, eff. july 8, 1989.
RS 23:258Travelling theatrical companies; application of provisions
RS 23:271Repealed by acts 1992, no. 445, 1.
RS 23:272Repealed by acts 1992, no. 445, 1.
RS 23:273Repealed by acts 1992, no. 445, 1.
RS 23:274Repealed by acts 1992, no. 445, 1.
RS 23:291Disclosure of employment related information; liability for hiring certain employees; presumptions; causes of action; definitions
RS 23:301Short title
RS 23:302Definitions
RS 23:303Civil suits authorized
RS 23:311Application
RS 23:312Prohibition of age discrimination; exceptions
RS 23:313Repealed by acts 1999, no. 1366, 2.
RS 23:314Notices to be posted
RS 23:315Reserved]
RS 23:321Repealed by acts 1999, no. 1366, 2.
RS 23:322Definitions
RS 23:323Discrimination
RS 23:324Defenses
RS 23:325Repealed by acts 1999, no. 1366, 2.
RS 23:326Reserved]
RS 23:331Veterans
RS 23:332Intentional discrimination in employment
RS 23:333Repealed by acts 1999, no. 1366, 2.
RS 23:334Affirmative action programs; applicable definition
RS 23:335Reserved]
RS 23:341Application
RS 23:342Unlawful practice by employers prohibited; pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical condition; benefits and leaves of absence; transfer of position
RS 23:351Repealed by acts 1999, no. 1366, 2.
RS 23:352Prohibition of sickle cell trait discrimination; exceptions
RS 23:353Repealed by acts 1999, no. 1366, 2.
RS 23:354Notices to be posted
RS 23:368Prohibition of genetic discrimination in the workplace; privacy
RS 23:369Notices to be posted
RS 23:371Repealed by acts 1992, no. 446, 1.
RS 23:372Repealed by acts 1992, no. 446, 1.
RS 23:381Purposes
RS 23:382Apprenticeship council
RS 23:383Director of apprenticeship
RS 23:384Powers and duties of director
RS 23:385Apprenticeship programs; registration and function
RS 23:386Apprentice defined
RS 23:387Contents of apprentice agreements
RS 23:388Approval of apprenticeship agreements; signature
RS 23:389Rotation of employment
RS 23:390Settlement of controversies or complaints
RS 23:391Limitation
RS 23:392Civil penalties
RS 23:481Health and safety
RS 23:482Physical examination of workers
RS 23:483Equipment for decompression
RS 23:484Shifts; maximum pressure
RS 23:485Maximum hours
RS 23:486Minimum rest interval
RS 23:487Rate of decompression
RS 23:488Penalty for violations
RS 23:511Type-casting machines; exhaust fans and flues; penalties
RS 23:531Assistant secretary of office of state fire marshal, code enforcement and building safety to make rules
RS 23:532Adoption, amendment, or repeal of regulations; effective date
RS 23:533Printing of laws, rules, and regulations
RS 23:534Duties of assistant secretary
RS 23:535Special inspectors
RS 23:536Annual inspection of boilers
RS 23:537Certificates of inspection; fees; issuance and suspension
RS 23:538Operation of boiler without inspection certificate; penalty
RS 23:539Installation of boilers
RS 23:540Exemptions from provisions
RS 23:541Fees for inspection
RS 23:542Fidelity bonds of employees
RS 23:543Installation, moving, or reinstallation of power boilers, steam heating, or hot water boilers; licensing; examination; fees
RS 23:544Application for installation, moving, or reinstallation of a boiler, except in new orleans; fee
RS 23:545Penalties
RS 23:546Disposition of fees
RS 23:631Discharge or resignation of employees; payment after termination of employment
RS 23:632Liability of employer for failure to pay; attorney fees; good-faith exception
RS 23:633Payment twice monthly for certain occupations; penalty for violations
RS 23:634Contract forfeiting wages on discharge unlawful
RS 23:635Assessment of fines against employees unlawful; exceptions
RS 23:636Penalty for violations
RS 23:637Non-resident plantation owners; suits against for wages, etc.; venue; service of citation
RS 23:638 payment under retirement or other benefit plans; discharge of insurer, trustee or employee
RS 23:639Venue in suits for past wages
RS 23:640Fringe benefits payable under collective bargaining agreements
RS 23:641Liability of publishers; employing agents' failure to pay wages or commissions of door to door solicitors
RS 23:642Setting minimum wage or employee benefits; prohibited
RS 23:651Definitions
RS 23:652Designation form
RS 23:653Application
RS 23:661Short title; citation
RS 23:662Declaration of public policy
RS 23:663Definitions
RS 23:664Prohibited acts
RS 23:665Complaint procedure
RS 23:666Damages
RS 23:667Limitation of actions
RS 23:668Records to be kept by employers
RS 23:669Supplemental application
RS 23:691Loans
RS 23:731Assignment of earnings
RS 23:821Labor organizations, and labor disputes
RS 23:822Freedom of organization and other activities; declaration of policy
RS 23:823Labor organizations; contracts in restraint of membership contrary to public policy
RS 23:824Coercion of employees regarding membership in labor organizations; penalty
RS 23:841Injunctions; limitation on courts' authority to issue
RS 23:842Responsibility for unlawful acts
RS 23:843Injunctive relief; declaration of policy regarding procedure for granting
RS 23:844Injunctions and restraining orders, grounds for issuance; proof required
RS 23:845Failure of complainant to attempt settlement of disputes; effect on right to injunctive relief
RS 23:846Findings of fact as basis for injunctive relief; persons affected
RS 23:847Appeals from cases involving temporary injunctions; hearing by preference
RS 23:848Contempt proceedings; rights of accused
RS 23:849Punishment for contempt
RS 23:861To 876 repealed by acts 1972, no. 406, 1
RS 23:880.1To 880.18 repealed by acts 1972, no. 405, 1
RS 23:881Definition
RS 23:882Declaration of public policy
RS 23:883Membership of agricultural laborers in labor organization as condition of employment, illegality
RS 23:884Agreements to violate provisions of law; lockouts or other conduct to force violation of law
RS 23:885Illegal conditions of employment of agricultural laborers
RS 23:886Damages for denying employment in violation of law
RS 23:887Injunctive relief
RS 23:888Right to collective bargaining not impaired
RS 23:889Application of part
RS 23:890Labor policy
RS 23:891Miscellaneous provisions
RS 23:892Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1409, 4, eff. aug. 1, 1997.
RS 23:893Volunteer firefighters; leave without loss of pay, benefits, or employment
RS 23:894Physician employed for employees; election or appointment by employees
RS 23:895Physician's compensation; amounts collected from employees; penalty for unlawful disposition
RS 23:896Removal of tenants or laborers or their effects from premises without owner's consent; penalty
RS 23:897Medical and other examinations, fingerprinting, requiring employee to pay for, prohibited; enforcement of provisions; civil and criminal penalties
RS 23:898Transportation of strikebreakers prohibited; penalty
RS 23:899Application of r.s. 23:898
RS 23:900Definitions
RS 23:901Persons or firms not directly involved in strike or lockout; hiring or recruiting of replacement workers prohibited; exceptions
RS 23:902Importation of replacement workers prohibited
RS 23:903Penalties
RS 23:904Agricultural pursuits exempt
RS 23:905Employee access to records
RS 23:921Restraint of business prohibited; restraint on forum prohibited; competing business; contracts against engaging in; provisions for
RS 23:961Political rights and freedom; restrictions forbidden; penalty; employees' right to recover damages
RS 23:962Discharge because of political opinions; attempt to control votes; penalty
RS 23:963Purchase of merchandise from particular seller; coercion prohibited; penalty
RS 23:964Discharge of or discrimination against employees for testifying at labor investigation; penalties; enforcement
RS 23:965Jury duty; dismissal forbidden; uninterrupted compensation; penalties
RS 23:966Prohibition of smoking discrimination
RS 23:967Employee protection from reprisal; prohibited practices; remedies
RS 23:968Whistleblower protection and cause of action
RS 23:971Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1409, 4, eff. aug. 1, 1997.
RS 23:972Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1409, 4, eff. aug. 1, 1997.
RS 23:973Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1409, 4, eff. aug. 1, 1997.
RS 23:974Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1409, 4, eff. aug. 1, 1997.
RS 23:975Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1409, 4, eff. aug. 1, 1997.
RS 23:976Repealed by acts 1985, no. 846, 2, eff. july 23, 1985.
RS 23:981Declaration of public policy
RS 23:982Labor organization
RS 23:983Freedom of choice
RS 23:984Certain agreements declared illegal; governmental interference prohibited; policy
RS 23:985Penalties
RS 23:986Injunctive relief
RS 23:987Duty to investigate
RS 23:991Purpose, enforcement
RS 23:992Employment of certain aliens; prohibition
RS 23:992.1Exemptions
RS 23:992.2Bar to prosecution
RS 23:993Penalties
RS 23:994Private remedy
RS 23:995Civil penalties
RS 23:996Cease and desist order; injunctive relief
RS 23:1001Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1409, 4, eff. aug. 1, 1997.
RS 23:1002Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1409, 4, eff. aug. 1, 1997.
RS 23:1003Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1409, 4, eff. aug. 1, 1997.
RS 23:1004Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1409, 4, eff. aug. 1, 1997.
RS 23:1006Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1409, 4, eff. aug. 1, 1997.
RS 23:1007Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1409, 4, eff. aug. 1, 1997.
RS 23:1008Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1409, 4, eff. aug. 1, 1997.
RS 23:1011Employment of louisiana residents as a condition of receiving a state or local tax exemption; residence requirement
RS 23:1015Short title; citation
RS 23:1015.1Definitions
RS 23:1015.2School and day care conference and activities leave
RS 23:1015.3Rulemaking authority
RS 23:1016Workers exposed to toxic substances; rights
RS 23:1017.1Definitions
RS 23:1017.2Leave status
RS 23:1017.3Reemployment
RS 23:1017.4Benefits
RS 23:1017.5Pay
RS 23:1017.6Notice to employers
RS 23:1018.1Definitions
RS 23:1018.2Notice to employees of the federal earned income tax credit
RS 23:1020Terminated on june 30, 2006, by acts 2006, no. 193, eff. june 2, 2006.
RS 23:1020.1Citation, purpose; legislative intent; construction
RS 23:1021Terms defined
RS 23:1031Employee's right of action; joint employers, extent of liability; borrowed employees
RS 23:1031.1Occupational disease
RS 23:1032Exclusiveness of rights and remedies; employer's liability to prosecution under other laws
RS 23:1032.1Failure of employer to secure payment; penalties
RS 23:1033Contracts against liability prohibited
RS 23:1034Public employees; exclusiveness of remedies
RS 23:1034.1Law enforcement officers; coverage
RS 23:1034.2Reimbursement schedule
RS 23:1035Employees covered
RS 23:1035.1Extraterritorial coverage
RS 23:1035.2Claims covered by certain federal laws
RS 23:1036Volunteer firefighters
RS 23:1037Employees of railroads in interstate or foreign commerce; vessels in interstate or foreign commerce
RS 23:1038To 1043 repealed by acts 1975, no. 583, 15, eff. sept. 1, 1975
RS 23:1044Presumption of employee status
RS 23:1045Persons exempt from coverage
RS 23:1046Chapter inapplicable to uncompensated officers and uncompensated members of the board of directors of certain nonprofit organizations
RS 23:1047Real estate salesmen exempt from coverage
RS 23:1048Landmen exempt from coverage
RS 23:1061Principal contractors; liability
RS 23:1062Sub-contractors; liability
RS 23:1063Suits against principal contractors; subcontractors as co-defendants
RS 23:1081Defenses
RS 23:1101Employee and employer suits against third persons; effect on right to compensation
RS 23:1102Employee or employer suits against third persons causing injury; notice of filing
RS 23:1103Damages; apportionment of between employer and employee in suits against third persons; compromise of claims; credit
RS 23:1104Quantification of employer fault
RS 23:1121Examination of injured employee
RS 23:1122Employer's duty to cause examination of employee; rights of employee
RS 23:1123Disputes as to condition or capacity to work; examination under supervision of the directorunder supervision of the director
RS 23:1124Refusal to submit to examination; effect on right to compensation
RS 23:1124.1Cumulative medical testimony; medical examination
RS 23:1125Right of employee to written report of medical examination; penalty for failure to furnish
RS 23:1126Monitoring procedures of toxic substances in places of employment; access to records; penalties
RS 23:1127Release of medical records and information
RS 23:1131Repealed by acts 2004, no. 261, 1, eff. june 15, 2004.
RS 23:1141Attorney fees; privilege on compensation awards
RS 23:1142Approval of health care providers; fees
RS 23:1143Excessive fees or solicitation of employment; penalty; withholding attorney fees; approval by workers' compensation judge
RS 23:1144Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1014, 2, eff. june 27, 2001.
RS 23:1161Insurance policies; application of provisions; approval by insurance commissioner; admitted carriers; exceptions
RS 23:1161.1Worker's compensation claims office or licensed claims adjusters; waiver
RS 23:1162Contents of insurance contract; enforcement by employee; subrogation of insurer
RS 23:1163Premiums; contribution by employees prohibited; penalty
RS 23:1164Insolvency of employer; employee's rights against insurer
RS 23:1165Additional compensation agreements; insurance
RS 23:1166Issuance of policies; liability
RS 23:1167Insolvency of unauthorized ceding insurer; claim against assuming insurer
RS 23:1168Ways of securing compensation to employees
RS 23:1168.1Self-insurance
RS 23:1168.3Grounds for default; forfeiture of security; records of claims
RS 23:1168.4Duties of the director
RS 23:1168.5Deposit of monies collected
RS 23:1168.6Appointment of assistants
RS 23:1168.7Priority of claims
RS 23:1168.8Time to file claims
RS 23:1168.9Proof and allowance of claims
RS 23:1168.10Appeal of a decision of the director
RS 23:1168.11Confidentiality of certain proceedings and records; immunity of certain staff
RS 23:1168.12Cooperation of officers, owners, and employees; civil penalties
RS 23:1169Failure of employer to secure payment; power of executive director
RS 23:1170Penalty for failure to secure workers' compensation insurance; assessment and collection
RS 23:1171Civil fine; hearing; appeal
RS 23:1171.1Discontinuance of business; injunction; procedure
RS 23:1171.2Default of employer; additional liability
RS 23:1172Criminal penalties
RS 23:1172.1Willful misrepresentation by employer; aid or abet; criminal penalties; civil immunity
RS 23:1172.2Unlawful practices
RS 23:1173Rules and regulations
RS 23:1174Certificate of compliance
RS 23:1174.1Workers' compensation programs; ability to contract
RS 23:1175Short title; legislative intent
RS 23:1176Definitions
RS 23:1177Collection of information; target list
RS 23:1178Cost containment meeting; incentive discount
RS 23:1179Occupational safety and health program; incentive discount
RS 23:1180Evaluation
RS 23:1181Insured experience information
RS 23:1182Repealed by acts 1995, no. 349, 2, eff. june 16, 1995.
RS 23:1191Definitions
RS 23:1192Repealed by acts 1995, no. 703, 2, eff. june 21, 1995.
RS 23:1193Repealed by acts 1995, no. 703, 2, eff. june 21, 1995.
RS 23:1194Repealed by acts 1995, no. 703, 2, eff. june 21, 1995.
RS 23:1195Authorization; trade or professional association; initial financial requirements
RS 23:1196Requirements; excess insurance; administrative and service companies; status; liability; refunds
RS 23:1196.1Investments
RS 23:1197Authority of department of insurance
RS 23:1198Licensing of agents; claims against insurance agents
RS 23:1199Rates
RS 23:1200Review of rate determination
RS 23:1200.1Rules and regulations
RS 23:1200.2Prohibited activities and sanctions; duties of group self-insurance funds and others; civil immunity; definitions
RS 23:1200.3Exclusive use of expirations
RS 23:1200.4Consecutive net losses
RS 23:1200.5Insolvencies
RS 23:1200.6Examination of group self-insurance fund for workers' compensation program
RS 23:1200.7Examination reports
RS 23:1200.8Review and examination expense; how paid
RS 23:1200.9Authority to employ examiners and other assistants
RS 23:1200.10Group self-insurance fund's right to contest expense
RS 23:1200.11Failure to pay expenses; penalty
RS 23:1200.12Scope of examination
RS 23:1200.13Production of books and records
RS 23:1200.14Power to examine under oath; subpoena witnesses
RS 23:1200.15Commissioner of insurance authorized to employ investigators
RS 23:1200.16Disclosure
RS 23:1200.17Departmental complaint directives; failure to comply; fines; hearing
RS 23:1201Time and place of payment; failure to pay timely; failure to authorize; penalties and attorney fees
RS 23:1201.1Controversion of compensation and medical benefits
RS 23:1201.2Repealed by acts 2003, no. 1204, 2.
RS 23:1201.3Failure to pay compensation; judgment and execution; interest; revocation or suspension of insurer's license
RS 23:1201.4Forfeiture of benefits while incarcerated; exclusions; medical expenses
RS 23:1202Maximum and minimum amounts payable
RS 23:1203Duty to furnish medical and vocational rehabilitation expenses; prosthetic devices; other expenses
RS 23:1203.1Definitions; medical treatment schedule; medical advisory council
RS 23:1203.1.1Medical director and associate medical director
RS 23:1203.2Electronic medical billing and payment
RS 23:1204Furnishing of medical services or advancing voluntary payments not admission of liability
RS 23:1205Claim for payments; privilege of employee; non-assignability; exemption from seizure; payment of denied medical expenses
RS 23:1206Voluntary payments; deductions from benefits
RS 23:1207Rival claimants; payment; discharge of employer
RS 23:1208Misrepresentations concerning benefit payments; penalty
RS 23:1208.1Employer's inquiry into employee's previous injury claims; forfeiture of benefits
RS 23:1208.2Duty to report fraud; immunity from civil liability
RS 23:1209Prescription; timeliness of filing; dismissal for want of prosecution
RS 23:1210Burial expenses; duty to furnish
RS 23:1211Special compensation benefits for injury or death of member of national guard
RS 23:1212Medical expense offset
RS 23:1221Temporary total disability; permanent total disability; supplemental earnings benefits; permanent partial disability; schedule of payments
RS 23:1222Probable duration of disability not basis for award
RS 23:1223Deductions from benefits
RS 23:1224Payments not recoverable for first week; exceptions
RS 23:1225Reductions when other benefits payable
RS 23:1226Rehabilitation of injured employees
RS 23:1231Death of employee; payment to dependents; surviving parents
RS 23:1232Allocation to dependents; schedule of payments
RS 23:1233Death or marriage of dependent; age limit of minor dependent
RS 23:1234Minors and mental incompetents; rights and privileges, by whom exercised; prescriptions applicable
RS 23:1235Payments to minor dependents; how made
RS 23:1236Payments to employee before death; effect on payments to dependents
RS 23:1251Persons conclusively presumed dependents
RS 23:1252Determination of dependency in other cases
RS 23:1253Membership in family or relationship
RS 23:1254Dependency at the time of accident and death
RS 23:1255Widow or widower; living with spouse at time of injury or death
RS 23:1261Repealed by acts 1991, no. 565, 2.
RS 23:1271Right of parties to settle or compromise
RS 23:1272Approval of lump sum or compromise settlements by the workers' compensation judge
RS 23:1273Repealed by acts 1988, no. 938, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1990.
RS 23:1274Lump sum settlements; necessity for approval
RS 23:1291Creation, powers, and duties of the office of workers' compensation administration
RS 23:1291.1Annual reports; assessment; collection
RS 23:1291.2Access to payors' records; fraud identification
RS 23:1292Statistical data; required reports; penalties
RS 23:1293Confidentiality of records; exceptions; penalties for violation
RS 23:1294Workers' compensation advisory council
RS 23:1295Investigations
RS 23:1296Administrator; powers
RS 23:1297Subpoenas
RS 23:1301Notice of injury or accident; reports
RS 23:1302Employer's duty to advise employees as to necessity of notice
RS 23:1303Contents of notice
RS 23:1304Persons to whom notice given
RS 23:1305Inaccuracies as to time, nature, place, or cause, of injury; effect of delay or lack of notice
RS 23:1306Employer reports
RS 23:1307Information to injured employee
RS 23:1310Initial filing of claim with office of workers' compensation administration
RS 23:1310.1Workers' compensation judges; creation; tenure; qualification; presiding officer; rules and regulations; hearings; director
RS 23:1310.2Duties of director
RS 23:1310.3Initiation of claims; voluntary mediation; procedure
RS 23:1310.4Place hearings to be held
RS 23:1310.5Hearing and appellate procedures; reported opinions
RS 23:1310.6Director; powers and duties
RS 23:1310.7Orders; subpoenas; judgments; enforcement; contempt
RS 23:1310.8Jurisdiction continuing; determining as to final settlement
RS 23:1310.9Costs
RS 23:1310.10Report to governor, supreme court, and legislature
RS 23:1310.11Deposit of fees in workers' compensation administration fund
RS 23:1310.12Repealed by acts 2012, no. 834, 1, eff. july 1, 2012.
RS 23:1310.13Expenses of director; penalties imposed by act; payment into special state treasury fund
RS 23:1310.14Securing information
RS 23:1310.15Employer's records and books; subject to inspection; self-incriminating evidence
RS 23:1311Contents of petition
RS 23:1312Suits against the state; filing; procedure
RS 23:1313Repealed by acts 1988, no. 938, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1990.
RS 23:1314Necessary allegations; dismissal of premature petition; dispute of benefits
RS 23:1315Repealed by acts 1988, no. 938, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1990.
RS 23:1316Answer, failure to file; judgment by default
RS 23:1316.1Confirmation of judgment by default
RS 23:1317Hearing on the merits; rules of procedure; effect of judgment; costs; fees of medical witnesses
RS 23:1317.1Independent medical examinations
RS 23:1318Director and office employees not subject to subpoena
RS 23:1319Evidence; depositions in advance of hearing
RS 23:1320Repealed by acts 1988, no. 938, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1990.
RS 23:1321Repealed by acts 1988, no. 938, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1990.
RS 23:1331Repealed by acts 1988, no. 938, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1990.
RS 23:1332Awards in favor of minors or interdicts; tutor's bond and report
RS 23:1333Employer's insolvency or failure to pay after award; acceleration of payments
RS 23:1351Repealed by acts 1988, no. 938, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1990.
RS 23:1361Unlawful discrimination prohibited
RS 23:1371Purpose and intent
RS 23:1371.1Definitions
RS 23:1371.2Repealed by acts 2013, no. 314, 1.
RS 23:1372Louisiana workers' compensation second injury board; creation, domicile, membership
RS 23:1373Meetings; quorum; officers
RS 23:1374Salary; expenses
RS 23:1375Personnel
RS 23:1376Rule making power; reports
RS 23:1377Workers' compensation second injury fund
RS 23:1378Determination of liability of fund
RS 23:1379Annual report
RS 23:1391Purpose
RS 23:1392Definitions
RS 23:1393Creation of louisiana workers' compensation corporation
RS 23:1394Applicability of other laws
RS 23:1395Exemptions; rate regulation; surplus; reserves; guaranty funds
RS 23:1397Incurring of debt for operations and cash flow; pledge of full faith and credit of state
RS 23:1398Board of directors
RS 23:1399Duties of the board
RS 23:1400Policy applications; risk classification
RS 23:1401Discontinuation of louisiana workers' compensation assigned risk plan
RS 23:1403Policy programs
RS 23:1404Allocation of surplus; full faith and credit; exemptions; sunset
RS 23:1404.1State reporting
RS 23:1405Corporation investments
RS 23:1405.1Conversion to stock corporation; conditions; approval; laws applicable
RS 23:1406Conflict of interest
RS 23:1407Sales of policies; agents not liable
RS 23:1407.1Issuance or renewal of policies not backed by full faith and credit of state; disclosure
RS 23:1409Denial, cancellation, and termination
RS 23:1410Fraud division
RS 23:1411Rates
RS 23:1412Workplace safety program
RS 23:1413Workplace accident and injury reduction plan
RS 23:1414Annual report
RS 23:1415Appeal to insurance commissioner
RS 23:1471Unemployment compensation
RS 23:1472Definitions
RS 23:1473Concurrent employment by two or more corporations
RS 23:1474Administrator; revenue estimating conference; "wages"; weekly benefit amounts
RS 23:1491Establishment and control
RS 23:1492Accounts and deposits
RS 23:1493Use and operation; withdrawals
RS 23:1494Management of fund upon discontinuance of unemployment trust fund
RS 23:1511Creation of fund
RS 23:1512Replacement of funds lost or expended for purposes other than administration
RS 23:1513Penalty and interest account
RS 23:1513.1Reed act account
RS 23:1513.2Louisiana workforce commission administration account
RS 23:1514Worker training fund; purpose; training programs; eligibility criteria; program administration
RS 23:1515Employment security administration account
RS 23:1531Basis of employer contributions; time for payment; computation
RS 23:1531.1Electronic filing of contribution and wage reports; employer registrations
RS 23:1532Rate and base of contributions
RS 23:1532.1Legislative findings and intent; temporary employer special assessment; creation and pledge thereof
RS 23:1533Experience rating records; administrator's duty to prepare
RS 23:1534Standard rates
RS 23:1535Variation from standard rates
RS 23:1536Determination of rate; ratio of reserves to payroll as a basis
RS 23:1537Adjustment in rates
RS 23:1538Payroll reports; failure of employer to file; incorrect reports; determination of rates
RS 23:1539Merger of employing units; determination of rate
RS 23:1539.1State unemployment tax avoidance; penalties
RS 23:1540Appeal of liability or tax rate determination
RS 23:1541Notice of benefits charged against employer's experience rating record; employer's right to contest; application for review; procedure
RS 23:1541.1Notice of chargeability of benefits to base-period employers; employer's right to contest; appeals; procedure
RS 23:1542Definition of terms
RS 23:1543Delinquent contributions; interest and penalties; jeopardy assessments; bonds; amnesty; forfeiture of right to do business; delinquency of indian tribes
RS 23:1544Suit to enforce payment of delinquent contributions; hearing by preference; procedure
RS 23:1545Failure of employer to file report; determination of contributions recoverable
RS 23:1546Default in payment of contributions; privilege against property of employer; recordation and rank
RS 23:1547Proceedings for collection of contributions; burden of proof
RS 23:1548Costs of proceedings and other fees not required from administrator
RS 23:1549Priority of contributions in insolvency proceedings
RS 23:1550Payment of contributions prior to delivery of property or dissolution of partnerships
RS 23:1551Refunds and adjustments; correction of administrative errors
RS 23:1552Financing benefits paid to employees of nonprofit organizations and of the state, its instrumentalities and political subdivisions and indian tribes or tribal units
RS 23:1553Noncharging of benefits; recoupment; social charge account; social charge tax rate
RS 23:1553.1Prohibitions of noncharging due to employer fault
RS 23:1554Rounding of employee wages and total wages
RS 23:1571Duration of employer status in general
RS 23:1572Termination of employer status; application for termination of coverage; termination by administrator
RS 23:1573Election of coverage by unit not subject to law; termination of coverage
RS 23:1574Election of coverage by unit for service not constituting employment; termination of coverage
RS 23:1575Repealed by acts 1977, no. 745, 14, eff. jan. 1, 1978
RS 23:1576Notice of separation
RS 23:1591Payment of benefits in general
RS 23:1592Weekly benefit amount
RS 23:1593Weekly benefits payable; deduction of earnings
RS 23:1594Benefits for fractional week
RS 23:1595Duration of benefits
RS 23:1596Rounding of benefits to next nearest dollar
RS 23:1597Benefits due deceased claimant; payment to dependents or representatives
RS 23:1598Wages earned but unpaid as basis for benefits payable
RS 23:1599Waiver of certified mail requirement
RS 23:1600Benefit eligibility conditions
RS 23:1601Disqualification for benefits
RS 23:1602Denial of benefits to individuals taking approved training prohibited; ineligibility of certain students; benefits payable to individuals taking approved training not to be charged to experience rating record of base period employers
RS 23:1603Prohibition against disqualification of individuals in approved training
RS 23:1604Self-employment assistance program
RS 23:1611Definitions
RS 23:1612Effect of other provisions of this chapter relating to regular benefits on claims for, and the payment of, extended benefits
RS 23:1613Eligibility requirements for extended benefits
RS 23:1614Weekly extended benefit amount
RS 23:1615Total extended benefit amount
RS 23:1616Beginning and termination of extended benefit period
RS 23:1617Cessation of extended benefits when paid under an interstate claim in a state where extended benefit period is not in effect
RS 23:1618Requirements governing suitable work and search for work
RS 23:1619Limitation on the amount of combined unemployment insurance and trade readjustment allowance benefits received
RS 23:1621Posting of information concerning rights and claims; duty of employers
RS 23:1622Filing of claim
RS 23:1623Minors' claims; procedure for filing
RS 23:1624Monetary determination and notice of claim
RS 23:1624.1Reply to notice of eligibility; enforcement; penalty
RS 23:1625Notice of determination on claims
RS 23:1625.1Prompt determination of claims; duty of employers
RS 23:1626Redetermination; notice
RS 23:1627Determination in labor dispute cases
RS 23:1628Appeal referees; appointment and qualification of members
RS 23:1629Appeals to appeal referee; time for filing; notice of hearing and decision
RS 23:1630Review of decision by board of review; notice of board's decision
RS 23:1631Appeals; conduct of hearings; procedure
RS 23:1632Conclusiveness of determination and decision
RS 23:1633Rule of decision
RS 23:1634Judicial review; procedure
RS 23:1635Prompt payment of claims
RS 23:1636Hearing officers; effects of findings
RS 23:1651Office of unemployment insurance administration; creation
RS 23:1652Board of review; appointment and qualification of members; per diem compensation
RS 23:1653Duties and powers of administrator in general
RS 23:1654Regulations; general and special rules; effective date
RS 23:1655Publication of laws and regulations, etc.
RS 23:1656Personnel; appointment, compensation, duties and powers
RS 23:1657Merit system covering department personnel; state civil service laws, applicability of
RS 23:1658Local advisory councils
RS 23:1659Employment stabilization
RS 23:1660Employment records and reports; inspection by administrator; confidentiality of records; prohibition against subpoena
RS 23:1661Oaths; witnesses
RS 23:1662Subpoenas
RS 23:1663Protection against self-incrimination
RS 23:1664Federal-state cooperation
RS 23:1665Reciprocal arrangements with federal and state agencies
RS 23:1665.1Definitions
RS 23:1665.2Recovery of state or federal benefit overpayments
RS 23:1665.3Combined wage claims; recovery of outstanding overpayment in transferring state
RS 23:1666Cooperation with state and federal agencies; wage combining
RS 23:1667Reciprocal arrangements with foreign governments
RS 23:1668State employment service; creation, duties and powers; establishment and financing of employment offices
RS 23:1669Representation in court; civil and criminal actions
RS 23:1670Lease-purchase agreements, land and buildings
RS 23:1671Death reports
RS 23:1691Waiver of rights to benefits; agreements to pay employer contributions; discrimination against employees; penalty
RS 23:1692Fees and costs against claimants; limitations; penalty
RS 23:1693Assignment of benefits; exemption of benefits from levy or execution; deduction for support; deduction for overissuance of food stamps
RS 23:1711False statements or representations; failure to file reports or maintain records; duties of officers and agents; presumptive proof; penalties
RS 23:1712Violations of provisions, regulations or orders when penalty not otherwise prescribed
RS 23:1713Waiver of recovery and recovery of benefits improperly received by beneficiary
RS 23:1714Penalties
RS 23:1721Alternative remedies for the collection of contributions
RS 23:1722Determination and notice of liability and contributions due
RS 23:1723Appeal of determination; procedure; content; delays; hearings
RS 23:1724Assessment
RS 23:1725Notice of assessment; reassessment
RS 23:1726Legal effect of assessments; when collectible
RS 23:1727Recordation and effect of notice of assessment
RS 23:1728Appeals; delays; venue; burden of proof
RS 23:1729Authority for assessments to be made executory by the courts
RS 23:1730Procedure for making assessment executory and execution thereof
RS 23:1731Injunction to arrest execution of assessment made executory
RS 23:1732Prescription of assessments as judgments
RS 23:1733Offset of assessments against tax refunds
RS 23:1740Alternative remedies for collection of benefit overpayments
RS 23:1740.1Costs of proceedings and other fees not required from administrator
RS 23:1741Assessment
RS 23:1742Notice of assessment; reassessment
RS 23:1743Legal effect of assessments; when collectible
RS 23:1744Recordation and effect of notice of assessment
RS 23:1745Authority for assessment to be made executory
RS 23:1746Procedure for making assessment executory and execution thereof
RS 23:1747Injunction to arrest execution of assessment made executory
RS 23:1748Prescription of assessments as judgments
RS 23:1749Offset of assessments against tax refunds
RS 23:1749.1Definitions
RS 23:1749.2Notice of overpayment delinquency; suspension of license
RS 23:1749.3Objection to suspension of license
RS 23:1749.4Administrative hearing
RS 23:1749.5Certification of noncompliance
RS 23:1749.6Suspension of license
RS 23:1749.7Subsequent compliance with overpayment obligation; compliance releases
RS 23:1749.8Reissuance of license
RS 23:1750Repealed by acts 2014, no. 550, 1.
RS 23:1750.1Repealed by acts 2014, no. 550, 1.
RS 23:1750.2Repealed by acts 2014, no. 550, 1.
RS 23:1750.3Repealed by acts 2014, no. 550, 1.
RS 23:1750.4Repealed by acts 2014, no. 550, 1.
RS 23:1750.5Repealed by acts 2014, no. 550, 1.
RS 23:1750.6Repealed by acts 2014, no. 550, 1.
RS 23:1750.7Repealed by acts 2014, no. 550, 1.
RS 23:1750.8Repealed by acts 2014, no. 550, 1.
RS 23:1750.9Repealed by acts 2014, no. 550, 1.
RS 23:1750.10Repealed by acts 2014, no. 550, 1.
RS 23:1761Definitions
RS 23:1762Exemptions and exceptions
RS 23:1763Rights and responsibilities
RS 23:1764Registration
RS 23:1765Application for registration
RS 23:1766Rejection of application for registration
RS 23:1767Terms of registration; renewal; revocation
RS 23:1768Professional employer services agreement requirements
RS 23:1769Electronic registration; registration through an approved assurance organization
RS 23:1771Repealed by acts 2012, no. 834, 13, eff. july 1, 2012.
RS 23:1772Repealed by acts 2012, no. 834, 13, eff. july 1, 2012.
RS 23:1773Repealed by acts 2012, no. 834, 13, eff. july 1, 2012.
RS 23:1774Repealed by acts 2012, no. 834, 13, eff. july 1, 2012.
RS 23:1775Repealed by acts 2012, no. 834, 13, eff. july 1, 2012.
RS 23:1776Repealed by acts 2012, no. 834, 13, eff. july 1, 2012.
RS 23:1801Purposes
RS 23:1802Definitions
RS 23:1803Administration
RS 23:1804Exemptions
RS 23:1805Functions
RS 23:1806Failure to participate; effect on unemployment benefits; hearings
RS 23:1807Failure to participate; effect on welfare benefits; hearings
RS 23:1808Exemption of aid for dependent children recipients in parishes with operating work incentive programs
RS 23:1809Conflict of laws
RS 23:1821Short title
RS 23:1822Purpose
RS 23:1823Definitions
RS 23:1824Eligible youth
RS 23:1825Qualifying employment
RS 23:1826General requirements for receipt and restrictions on use of funds
RS 23:1827Youth corps litter control and incentive plan
RS 23:1828Basic education services
RS 23:1829Special conditions
RS 23:1830Wage provisions
RS 23:1831Administrative and enforcement provisions
RS 23:1832Reports
RS 23:1841Legislative intent; purpose
RS 23:1842Definitions
RS 23:1843Responsibilities and administration of displaced workers retraining program assumed by louisiana workforce investment council
RS 23:1844Administration
RS 23:1845Eligibility
RS 23:1846Retraining activities
RS 23:1851Short title
RS 23:1852Purpose
RS 23:1853Administration
RS 23:1854Conflict of laws
RS 23:1855Funding requirement
RS 23:1861Definition
RS 23:1862Program plan implementation
RS 23:1871Repealed by acts 2008, no. 534, 4, eff. june 30, 2008.
RS 23:2001Physically handicapped
RS 23:2002Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1137, 1.
RS 23:2003Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1137, 1.
RS 23:2004Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1137, 1.
RS 23:2005Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1137, 1.
RS 23:2006Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1137, 1.
RS 23:2007Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1137, 1.
RS 23:2008Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1137, 1.
RS 23:2021Equal pay commission; creation; purposes
RS 23:2022Composition of commission
RS 23:2023Meetings; staff; data
RS 23:2024Findings and recommendations; termination of commission
RS 23:2041Legislative declaration
RS 23:2042Louisiana workforce investment council; creation; purpose
RS 23:2043Members
RS 23:2044Qualifications
RS 23:2045Chairman and vice chairman
RS 23:2046Terms
RS 23:2047Vacancies
RS 23:2048Removal of members
RS 23:2049Council meetings
RS 23:2050Domicile
RS 23:2051Designees
RS 23:2052Compensation
RS 23:2053Staff
RS 23:2054Funding
RS 23:2055Rulemaking authority
RS 23:2056Executive organization
RS 23:2061Definitions
RS 23:2062Goals
RS 23:2063Strategic plan
RS 23:2064Repealed by acts 2008, no. 743, 5, eff. july 1, 2008.
RS 23:2065Council duties and functions
RS 23:2066Job placement information; occupational information
RS 23:2067Integration of job training programs
RS 23:2068Repealed by acts 2008, no. 743, 5, eff. july 1, 2008.
RS 23:2069Required information; exceptions
RS 23:2070Authority
RS 23:2071Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1185, 10, eff. july 1, 2002.
RS 23:2091Transfer of state advisory council responsibilities
RS 23:2092Organizational structure of standing committees
RS 23:2093Repealed by acts 2008, no. 743, 5, eff. july 1, 2008.
RS 23:2094Repealed by acts 2008, no. 743, 5, eff. july 1, 2008.
RS 23:2095Repealed by acts 2008, no. 743, 5, eff. july 1, 2008.
RS 23:2096Repealed by acts 2008, no. 743, 5, eff. july 1, 2008.
RS 23:2097Repealed by acts 2008, no. 743, 5, eff. july 1, 2008.
RS 23:2098Repealed by acts 2008, no. 743, 5, eff. july 1, 2008.
RS 23:2099Repealed by acts 2008, no. 743, 5, eff. july 1, 2008.
RS 23:2100Federal support and waivers
RS 23:2151Council recommendations; cooperation with state agencies, departments, and offices
RS 23:2152Provision of services by state agencies
RS 23:2153Data; standardization
RS 23:2191Workforce investment boards
RS 23:2192Designation of workforce development areas
RS 23:2193Creation of local workforce development boards
RS 23:2194Training for local workforce development board members
RS 23:2195Certification of boards
RS 23:2196Board membership
RS 23:2197Removal of workforce investment board members
RS 23:2198Presiding officer
RS 23:2199Responsibility of the board
RS 23:2200Board duties
RS 23:2201Board committees
RS 23:2202Technical advisory groups
RS 23:2203Components of local workforce development system
RS 23:2204Local and regional workforce development plans
RS 23:2205Budget
RS 23:2206Report
RS 23:2207Approval of fiscal agent
RS 23:2208Contracting for service delivery
RS 23:2209Conflicts of interest
RS 23:2210Incentives and waivers
RS 23:2211Nonprofit status; ability to solicit funds
RS 23:2212Staff
RS 23:3001Acceptance of federal act to promote vocational rehabilitation
RS 23:3002State treasurer as custodian of federal funds
RS 23:3003Donations; commission's authority to receive
RS 23:3004Fees for vocational work evaluation services performed by louisiana workforce commission
RS 23:3021Prevention of blindness, vocational training, and rehabilitation
RS 23:3022Powers of louisiana rehabilitation services
RS 23:3023Priority to individuals who are blind in operation of concessions in public buildings
RS 23:3024Sheltered industries program for individuals who are blind
RS 23:3025Sale of products manufactured in sheltered industries program
RS 23:3031Repealed by acts 2014, no. 761, 3, eff. june 19, 2014.
RS 23:3032Exemption of persons who are blind from license, privilege, or vocational tax; limitation
RS 23:3033Exemptions; when applicable
RS 23:3041Purpose
RS 23:3042Definitions
RS 23:3043Blind vendors trust fund
RS 23:3044Blind vendors trust fund board; creation; membership
RS 23:3045Expenditures
RS 23:3061Louisiana workforce commission of federal independent living program