Commercial laws

RS 10Title 10.commercial laws
RS 10:1-101Short titles
RS 10:1-102Scope of chapter
RS 10:1-103Construction of uniform commercial code to promote its purposes and policies; applicability of supplemental principles of law
RS 10:1-104Construction against implied repeal
RS 10:1-105Reserved
RS 10:1-106Reserved.
RS 10:1-107Reserved.
RS 10:1-108Relation to electronic signatures in global and national commerce act
RS 10:1-201General definitions
RS 10:1-202Notice; knowledge
RS 10:1-203Lease distinguished from security interest
RS 10:1-204Value
RS 10:1-205Reasonable time; seasonableness
RS 10:1-206Presumptions
RS 10:1-301Territorial applicability; parties' power to choose applicable law
RS 10:1-302Variation by agreement
RS 10:1-303Course of performance, course of dealing, and usage of trade
RS 10:1-304Obligation of good faith
RS 10:1-305Remedies to be liberally administered
RS 10:1-306Reserved
RS 10:1-307Prima facie evidence by third-party documents
RS 10:1-308Performance or acceptance under reservation of rights
RS 10:1-309Option to accelerate at will
RS 10:1-310Subordinated obligations
RS 10:3-101Short title
RS 10:3-102Subject matter
RS 10:3-103Definitions
RS 10:3-104Negotiable instrument
RS 10:3-105Issue of instrument
RS 10:3-106Unconditional promise or order
RS 10:3-107Instrument payable in foreign money
RS 10:3-108Payable on demand or at definite time
RS 10:3-109Payable to bearer or to order
RS 10:3-110Identification of person to whom instrument is payable
RS 10:3-111Place of payment
RS 10:3-112Interest
RS 10:3-113Date of instrument
RS 10:3-114Contradictory terms of instrument
RS 10:3-115Incomplete instrument
RS 10:3-116Joint and several liability; contribution
RS 10:3-117Other agreements affecting instrument
RS 10:3-118Prescription
RS 10:3-119Repealed by acts 1993, no. 948, 7, eff. jan. 1, 1994.
RS 10:3-201Negotiation, transfer, and indorsement
RS 10:3-202Negotiation subject to rescission
RS 10:3-203Transfer of instrument; rights acquired by transfer
RS 10:3-204Indorsement
RS 10:3-205Special indorsement; blank indorsement; anomalous indorsement
RS 10:3-206Restrictive indorsement
RS 10:3-207Reacquisition
RS 10:3-301Enforcement of instruments
RS 10:3-302Holder in due course
RS 10:3-303Value and consideration
RS 10:3-304Overdue instrument
RS 10:3-305Defenses and claims in recoupment
RS 10:3-306Claims to an instrument
RS 10:3-307Notice of breach of fiduciary duty
RS 10:3-308Proof of signatures and status as holder in due course
RS 10:3-309Enforcement of lost, destroyed, or stolen instrument
RS 10:3-310Effect of instrument on obligation for which taken
RS 10:3-311Accord and satisfaction by use of instrument
RS 10:3-312Lost, destroyed, or stolen cashier's check, teller's check, certified check, or money order
RS 10:3-401Liability of parties
RS 10:3-402Signature by representative
RS 10:3-403Unauthorized signature
RS 10:3-404Impostors; fictitious payees
RS 10:3-405Employer's responsibility for fraudulent indorsement by employee
RS 10:3-406Negligence contributing to forged signature or alteration of instrument
RS 10:3-407Alteration
RS 10:3-408Drawee not liable on unaccepted draft
RS 10:3-409Acceptance of draft; certified check
RS 10:3-410Acceptance varying draft
RS 10:3-411Refusal to pay cashier's checks, teller's checks, and certified checks
RS 10:3-412Obligation of issuer of note or cashier's check
RS 10:3-413Obligation of acceptor
RS 10:3-414Obligation of drawer
RS 10:3-415Obligation of indorser
RS 10:3-416Transfer warranties
RS 10:3-417Presentment warranties
RS 10:3-418Payment or acceptance by mistake
RS 10:3-419Instruments signed for accommodation
RS 10:3-420Conversion of instrument
RS 10:3-501Dishonor
RS 10:3-502Dishonor
RS 10:3-503Notice of dishonor
RS 10:3-504Excused presentment and notice of dishonor
RS 10:3-505Evidence of dishonor
RS 10:3-601Discharge and payment
RS 10:3-602Payment
RS 10:3-603Tender of payment
RS 10:3-604Discharge by cancellation or renunciation
RS 10:4-101Short title
RS 10:4-102Applicability
RS 10:4-103Variation by agreement; measure of damages; action constituting ordinary care
RS 10:4-104Definitions and index of definitions
RS 10:4-105Bank"; "depositary bank"; "payor bank"; "intermediary bank"; "collecting bank"; "presenting bank"
RS 10:4-106Payable through or payable at bank; collecting bank
RS 10:4-107Separate office of bank
RS 10:4-108Time of receipt of items
RS 10:4-109Delays
RS 10:4-110Electronic presentment
RS 10:4-111Prescription
RS 10:4-201Collection of items: depositary
RS 10:4-202Responsibility for collection or return; when action timely
RS 10:4-203Effect of instructions
RS 10:4-204Methods of sending and presenting; sending directly to payor bank
RS 10:4-205Depositary bank holder of unindorsed item
RS 10:4-206Transfer between banks
RS 10:4-207Transfer warranties
RS 10:4-208Presentment warranties
RS 10:4-209Encoding and retention warranties
RS 10:4-210Security interest of collecting bank in items, accompanying documents and proceeds
RS 10:4-211When bank gives value for purposes of holder in due course
RS 10:4-212Presentment by notice of item not payable by, through, or at a bank; liability of drawer or indorser
RS 10:4-213Medium and time of settlement by bank
RS 10:4-214Right of charge-back or refund; liability of collecting bank; return of item
RS 10:4-215Final payment of item by payor bank; when provisional debits and credits become final; when certain credits become available for withdrawal
RS 10:4-216Insolvency and preference
RS 10:4-301Collection of items: payor banks
RS 10:4-302Payor bank's responsibility for late return of item
RS 10:4-303When items subject to notice, stop-payment order, legal process, or setoff; order in which items may be charged or certified
RS 10:4-401Relationship between payor
RS 10:4-402Bank's liability to customer for wrongful dishonor; time of determining insufficiency of account
RS 10:4-403Customer's right to stop payment; burden of proof of loss
RS 10:4-404Bank not obliged to pay check more than six months old
RS 10:4-405Death or interdiction of customer
RS 10:4-406Customer's duty to discover and report unauthorized signature or alteration
RS 10:4-407Payor bank's right to subrogation on improper payment
RS 10:4-501Collection of documentary drafts
RS 10:4-502Presentment of "on arrival" drafts
RS 10:4-503Responsibility of presenting bank for documents and goods; report of reasons for dishonor; referee in case of need
RS 10:4-504Privilege of presenting bank to deal with goods; security interest for expenses
RS 10:4A-101Short title
RS 10:4A-102Subject matter
RS 10:4A-103Payment order - definitions
RS 10:4A-104Funds transfer - definitions
RS 10:4A-105Other definitions
RS 10:4A-106Time payment order is received
RS 10:4A-107Federal reserve regulations and operating circulars
RS 10:4A-108Relationship to the federal electronic fund transfer act
RS 10:4A-201Issue and acceptance of payment order
RS 10:4A-202Authorized and verified payment orders
RS 10:4A-203Unenforceability of certain verified payment orders
RS 10:4A-204Refund of payment and duty of customer to report with respect to unauthorized payment order
RS 10:4A-205Erroneous payment orders
RS 10:4A-206Transmission of payment order through funds-transfer or other communication
RS 10:4A-207Misdescription of beneficiary
RS 10:4A-208Misdescription of intermediary bank or beneficiary's bank
RS 10:4A-209Acceptance of payment order
RS 10:4A-210Rejection of payment order
RS 10:4A-211Cancellation and amendment of payment order
RS 10:4A-212Liability and duty of receiving bank regarding unaccepted payment order
RS 10:4A-301Execution of sender's payment order
RS 10:4A-302Obligations of receiving bank in execution of payment order
RS 10:4A-303Erroneous execution of payment order
RS 10:4A-304Duty of sender to report erroneously executed payment order
RS 10:4A-305Liability for late or improper execution or failure to execute payment order
RS 10:4A-401Payment
RS 10:4A-402Obligation of sender to pay receiving bank
RS 10:4A-403Payment by sender to receiving bank
RS 10:4A-404Obligation of beneficiary's bank to pay and give notice to beneficiary
RS 10:4A-405Payment by beneficiary's bank to beneficiary
RS 10:4A-406Payment by originator to beneficiary; discharge of underlying obligation
RS 10:4A-501Miscellaneous provisions
RS 10:4A-502Creditor process served on receiving bank; setoff by beneficiary's bank
RS 10:4A-503Injunction or restraining order with respect to funds transfer
RS 10:4A-504Order in which items and payment orders may be charged to account; order of withdrawals from account
RS 10:4A-505Preclusion of objection to debit of customer's account
RS 10:4A-506Rate of interest
RS 10:4A-507Choice of law
RS 10:5-101Short title
RS 10:5-102Definitions
RS 10:5-103Scope
RS 10:5-104Formal requirements
RS 10:5-105Consideration
RS 10:5-106Issuance, amendment, cancellation, and duration
RS 10:5-107Confirmor, nominated person, and adviser
RS 10:5-108Issuer's rights and obligations
RS 10:5-109Fraud and forgery
RS 10:5-110Warranties
RS 10:5-111Remedies
RS 10:5-112Transfer of letter of credit
RS 10:5-113Transfer by operation of law
RS 10:5-114Assignment of proceeds
RS 10:5-115Statute of limitations
RS 10:5-116Choice of law and forum
RS 10:5-117Subrogation of issuer, applicant, and nominated person
RS 10:5-118Security interest of issuer or nominated person
RS 10:7-101Short title
RS 10:7-102Definitions and index of definitions
RS 10:7-103Relation of chapter to treaty or statute
RS 10:7-104Negotiable and nonnegotiable document of title
RS 10:7-105Reissuance in alternative medium
RS 10:7-106Control of electronic document of title
RS 10:7-201Person that may issue a warehouse receipt; storage under bond
RS 10:7-202Form of warehouse receipt; effect of omission
RS 10:7-203Liability for nonreceipt or misdescription
RS 10:7-204Duty of care; contractual limitation of warehouse's liability
RS 10:7-205Title under warehouse receipt defeated in certain cases
RS 10:7-206Termination of storage at warehouse's option
RS 10:7-207Goods must be kept separate; fungible goods
RS 10:7-208Altered warehouse receipts
RS 10:7-209Lien of warehouse
RS 10:7-210Enforcement of warehouse's lien
RS 10:7-301Liability for nonreceipt or misdirection; "said to contain"; "shipper's weight, load, and count"; improper handling
RS 10:7-302Through bills of lading and similar documents of title
RS 10:7-303Diversion; reconsignment; change of instructions
RS 10:7-304Tangible bills of lading in a set
RS 10:7-305Destination bills
RS 10:7-306Altered bills of lading
RS 10:7-307Lien of carrier
RS 10:7-308Enforcement of carrier's lien
RS 10:7-309Duty of care; contractual limitation of carrier's liability
RS 10:7-401Irregularities in issue of receipt or bill or conduct of issuer
RS 10:7-402Duplicate receipt or bill; overissue
RS 10:7-403Obligation of bailee to deliver; excuse
RS 10:7-404No liability for good faith delivery pursuant to document of title
RS 10:7-501Form of negotiation and requirements of "due negotiation"
RS 10:7-502Rights acquired by due negotiation
RS 10:7-503Document of title to goods defeated in certain cases
RS 10:7-504Rights acquired in absence of due negotiation; effect of diversion; stoppage of delivery
RS 10:7-505Endorser not a guarantor for other parties
RS 10:7-506Delivery without endorsement; right to compel endorsement
RS 10:7-507Warranties on negotiation or delivery of document of title
RS 10:7-508Warranties of collecting bank as to documents of title
RS 10:7-509Adequate compliance with commercial contract
RS 10:7-601Lost, stolen, or destroyed documents of title
RS 10:7-602Judicial process against goods covered by negotiable document of title
RS 10:7-603Conflicting claims; concursus
RS 10:7-604Fraud through the use of a document of title
RS 10:8-101Investment securities
RS 10:8-102Definitions
RS 10:8-103Rules for determining whether certain obligations and interests are securities or financial assets
RS 10:8-104Acquisition of security or financial asset or interest therein
RS 10:8-105Notice of adverse claim
RS 10:8-106Control
RS 10:8-107Whether indorsement, instruction, or entitlement order is effective
RS 10:8-108Warranties in direct holding
RS 10:8-109Warranties in indirect holding
RS 10:8-110Applicability; choice of law
RS 10:8-111Clearing corporation rules
RS 10:8-112Creditor's legal process
RS 10:8-113Statute of frauds inapplicable
RS 10:8-114Evidentiary rules concerning certificated securities
RS 10:8-115Securities intermediary and others not liable to adverse claimant
RS 10:8-116Securities intermediary as purchaser for value
RS 10:8-201Issue and issuer
RS 10:8-202Issuer's responsibility and defenses; notice of defect or defense
RS 10:8-203Staleness as notice of defect or defense
RS 10:8-204Effect of issuer's restriction on transfer
RS 10:8-205Effect of unauthorized signature on security certificate
RS 10:8-206Completion or alteration of security certificate
RS 10:8-207Rights and duties of issuer with respect to registered owners
RS 10:8-208Effect of signature of authenticating trustee, registrar, or transfer agent
RS 10:8-209Issuer's lien
RS 10:8-210Overissue
RS 10:8-301Transfer of certificated
RS 10:8-302Rights of purchaser
RS 10:8-303Protected purchaser
RS 10:8-304Indorsement
RS 10:8-305Instruction
RS 10:8-306Effect of guaranteeing signature, indorsement, or instruction
RS 10:8-307Purchaser's right to requisites for registration of transfer
RS 10:8-401Registration
RS 10:8-402Assurance that indorsement or instruction is effective
RS 10:8-403Demand that issuer not register transfer
RS 10:8-404Wrongful registration
RS 10:8-405Replacement of lost, destroyed, or wrongfully taken security certificate
RS 10:8-406Obligation to notify issuer of lost, destroyed, or wrongfully taken security certificate
RS 10:8-407Authenticating trustee, transfer agent, and registrar
RS 10:8-501Security entitlements
RS 10:8-502Assertion of adverse claim against entitlement holder
RS 10:8-503Property interest of entitlement holder in financial asset held by securities intermediary
RS 10:8-504Duty of securities intermediary to maintain financial asset
RS 10:8-505Duty of securities intermediary with respect to payments and distributions
RS 10:8-506Duty of securities intermediary to exercise rights as directed by entitlement holder
RS 10:8-507Duty of securities intermediary to comply with entitlement order
RS 10:8-508Duty of securities intermediary to change entitlement holder's position to other form of security holding
RS 10:8-509Specification of duties of securities intermediary by other statute or regulation; manner of performance of duties of securities intermediary and exercise of rights of entitlement holder
RS 10:8-510Rights of purchaser of security entitlement from entitlement holder
RS 10:8-511Priority among security interests and entitlement holders
RS 10:9-101Secured transactions
RS 10:9-102Definitions and index of definitions
RS 10:9-103Purchase-money security interest; application of payments; burden of establishing purchase-money security interest
RS 10:9-104Control of deposit account
RS 10:9-105Control of electronic chattel paper
RS 10:9-106Control of investment property
RS 10:9-107Control of letter-of-credit right
RS 10:9-107.1Control over life insurance policy
RS 10:9-107.2Control conditioned on default
RS 10:9-108Sufficiency of description
RS 10:9-109Scope
RS 10:9-201General effectiveness of security agreement
RS 10:9-202Title to collateral immaterial
RS 10:9-203Attachment and enforceability of security interest; proceeds; supporting obligations; formal requisites
RS 10:9-204After-acquired property; future advances
RS 10:9-205Use or disposition of collateral permissible
RS 10:9-206Security interest arising in purchase or delivery of financial asset
RS 10:9-207Rights and duties of secured party having possession or control of collateral
RS 10:9-208Additional duties of secured party having control of collateral
RS 10:9-209Duties of secured party if account debtor has been notified of assignment
RS 10:9-210Request for accounting; request regarding list of collateral or statement of account
RS 10:9-211Repealed by acts 2006, 1st ex. sess., no. 14, 2, eff. feb. 23, 2006, and acts 2006, 1st ex. sess., no. 21, 2, eff. april 1, 2006.
RS 10:9-301Law governing perfection and priority of security interests
RS 10:9-302Law governing perfection and priority of agricultural liens
RS 10:9-303Law governing perfection and priority of security interests in goods covered by a certificate of title
RS 10:9-304Law governing perfection and priority of security interests in deposit accounts
RS 10:9-305Law governing perfection and priority of security interests in investment property
RS 10:9-306Law governing perfection and priority of security interests in letter-of-credit rights
RS 10:9-307Location of debtor
RS 10:9-308When security interest or agricultural lien is perfected; continuity of perfection
RS 10:9-309Security interest perfected upon attachment
RS 10:9-310When filing required to perfect security interest or agricultural lien; security interests and agricultural liens to which filing provisions do not apply
RS 10:9-311Perfection of security interests in property subject to certain statutes, regulations, and treaties
RS 10:9-312Perfection of security interests in chattel paper, deposit accounts, documents, goods covered documents, instruments, investment property, letter-of-credit rights, money, life insurance policies, and collateral mortgage notes; perfection by permissive filing; temporary perfection without filing or transfer of possession
RS 10:9-313When possession by or delivery to secured party perfects security interest without filing
RS 10:9-314Perfection by control
RS 10:9-315Secured party's rights on disposition of collateral and in proceeds
RS 10:9-316Continued perfection of security interest following change in governing law
RS 10:9-317Interests that take priority over or take free of security interest or agricultural lien
RS 10:9-318No interest retained in right to payment that is sold; rights and title of seller of account or chattel paper with respect to creditors and purchasers
RS 10:9-319Rights and title of consignee with respect to creditors and purchasers
RS 10:9-320Buyer of goods
RS 10:9-321Licensee of general intangible and lessee of goods in ordinary course of business
RS 10:9-322Priorities among conflicting security interests in and agricultural liens on same collateral
RS 10:9-323Future advances
RS 10:9-324Priority of purchase-money security interests
RS 10:9-325Priority of security interests in transferred collateral
RS 10:9-326Priority of security interests created by new debtor
RS 10:9-327Priority of security interests in deposit account
RS 10:9-328Priority of security interests in investment property
RS 10:9-329Priority of security interests in letter-of-credit right
RS 10:9-329.1Priority of security interest in a life insurance policy
RS 10:9-330Priority of purchase of chattel paper or instrument
RS 10:9-331Priority of rights of purchasers of instruments, documents, and securities under other chapters; priority of interests in financial assets and security entitlements under chapter 8
RS 10:9-332Transfer of money; transfer of funds from deposit account
RS 10:9-333Priority of certain liens arising by operation of law
RS 10:9-334Priority of security interests in fixtures and crops
RS 10:9-335Accessions
RS 10:9-336Commingled goods
RS 10:9-337Priority of security interests in goods covered by certificate of title
RS 10:9-338Priority of security interest or agricultural lien perfected by filed financing statement providing certain incorrect information
RS 10:9-339Priority subject to subordination
RS 10:9-340Effectiveness of right of compensation, recoupment, or set-off against deposit account
RS 10:9-341Bank's rights and duties with respect to deposit account
RS 10:9-342Bank's right to refuse to enter into or disclose existence of control agreement
RS 10:9-343Control agreement not automatic subordination
RS 10:9-344Rights of life insurance companies
RS 10:9-401Alienability of debtor's rights
RS 10:9-402Secured party not obligated on contract of debtor or in tort
RS 10:9-403Agreement not to assert defenses against assignee
RS 10:9-404Rights acquired by assignee; claims and defenses against assignee
RS 10:9-405Modification of assigned contract
RS 10:9-406Discharge of account debtor; notification of assignment; identification and proof of assignment; restrictions on assignment of accounts, chattel paper, payment intangibles, and promissory notes ineffectiveineffective
RS 10:9-407Restrictions on creation or enforcement of security interest in leasehold interest or in lessor's residual interest
RS 10:9-408Restrictions on assignment of promissory notes, health-care-insurance receivables, and certain general intangibles ineffective
RS 10:9-409Restrictions on assignment of letter-of-credit rights ineffective
RS 10:9-410Relation to the louisiana trust code
RS 10:9-411Judgments and litigious rights
RS 10:9-412Discharge of tortfeasor; notification and filing of assignment
RS 10:9-501Filing office
RS 10:9-502Contents of financing statement; time of filing financing statement
RS 10:9-503Name of debtor and secured party
RS 10:9-504Indication of collateral
RS 10:9-505Filing and compliance with other statutes and treaties for consignments, leases, other bailments, and other transactions
RS 10:9-506Effect of errors or omissions
RS 10:9-507Effect of certain events on effectiveness of financing statement
RS 10:9-508Effectiveness of financing statement if new debtor becomes bound by security agreement
RS 10:9-509Persons entitled to file a record
RS 10:9-510Effectiveness of filed record
RS 10:9-511Secured party of record
RS 10:9-512Amendment of financing statement
RS 10:9-513Termination statement
RS 10:9-514Assignment of powers of secured party of record
RS 10:9-514.1Master assignments and master amendments
RS 10:9-515Duration and effectiveness of financing statement; effect of lapsed financing statement
RS 10:9-516What constitutes filing; effectiveness of filing
RS 10:9-517Effect of indexing errors
RS 10:9-518Claim concerning inaccurate or wrongfully filed record
RS 10:9-519Numbering, maintaining, and indexing records; communicating information provided in records
RS 10:9-520Acceptance and refusal to accept record
RS 10:9-521Uniform form of written financing statement and amendment
RS 10:9-522Maintenance and destruction of records
RS 10:9-523Information from filing office; sale or license of records
RS 10:9-524Delay by filing office
RS 10:9-525Fees
RS 10:9-526Filing-office rules
RS 10:9-601Rights after default; judicial enforcement; consignor or buyer of accounts, chattel paper, payment intangibles, or promissory notes
RS 10:9-602Waiver and variance of rights and duties
RS 10:9-603Agreement on standards concerning rights and duties
RS 10:9-604Procedure if security agreement covers real property or fixtures
RS 10:9-605Unknown debtor or secondary obligor
RS 10:9-606Time of default for agricultural lien
RS 10:9-607Collection and enforcement by secured party
RS 10:9-608Application of proceeds of collection or enforcement; liability for deficiency and right to surplus
RS 10:9-609Secured party's right to take possession after default
RS 10:9-610Disposition of collateral after default
RS 10:9-611Notification before disposition of collateral
RS 10:9-612Timeliness of notification before disposition of collateral
RS 10:9-613Contents and form of notification before disposition of collateral: general
RS 10:9-614Contents and form of notification before disposition of collateral: consumer-goods transaction
RS 10:9-615Application of proceeds of disposition; liability for deficiency and right to surplus
RS 10:9-616Explanation of calculation of surplus or deficiency
RS 10:9-617Rights of transferee of collateral
RS 10:9-618Rights and duties of certain secondary obligors
RS 10:9-619Transfer of record or legal title
RS 10:9-620Acceptance of collateral in full or partial satisfaction of obligation; compulsory disposition of collateral
RS 10:9-621Notification of proposal to accept collateral
RS 10:9-622Effect of acceptance of collateral
RS 10:9-623Right to redeem collateral
RS 10:9-624Waiver
RS 10:9-625Remedies for secured party's failure to comply with chapter
RS 10:9-626Action in which deficiency or surplus is in issue
RS 10:9-627Determination of whether conduct was commercially reasonable
RS 10:9-628Nonliability and limitation on liability of secured party; liability of secondary obligor
RS 10:9-629Judicial proceedings; authentic evidence
RS 10:9-701Effective date
RS 10:9-702Savings clause
RS 10:9-703Security interest perfected before july 1, 2001
RS 10:9-704Security interest unperfected before july 1, 2001
RS 10:9-705Effectiveness of action taken before july 1, 2001
RS 10:9-706When initial financing statement suffices to continue effectiveness of financing statement
RS 10:9-707Amendment of pre-effective date financing statement
RS 10:9-708Persons entitled to file initial financing statement or continuation statement
RS 10:9-709Priority
RS 10:9-710Definitions; filing under repealed laws
RS 10:9-801Definition of "act"; effective date
RS 10:9-802Savings clause
RS 10:9-803Security interest perfected before effective date
RS 10:9-804Security interest unperfected before effective date
RS 10:9-805Effectiveness of action taken before effective date
RS 10:9-806When initial financing statement suffices to continue effectiveness of financing statement
RS 10:9-807Amendment of pre-effective-date financing statement
RS 10:9-808Person entitled to file initial financing statement or continuation statement
RS 10:9-809Priority