Civil code-ancillaries

RS 9Title 9.civil code-ancillaries
RS 9:51Title 9civil code--ancillaries
RS 9:101Emancipation from all disabilities and incapacities; obligations
RS 9:102Suits, judicial proceedings, and judgments
RS 9:103Binding themselves or disposing of or hypothecating property for benefit of husband or community; contracts with husband
RS 9:104Repealed by acts 1974, no. 89, 1
RS 9:105Laws relating to matrimonial community and separate property not affected
RS 9:111Definition of death
RS 9:121Human embryos
RS 9:122Uses of human embryo in vitro
RS 9:123Capacity
RS 9:124Legal status
RS 9:125Separate entity
RS 9:126Ownership
RS 9:127Responsibility
RS 9:128Qualifications
RS 9:129Destruction
RS 9:130Duties of donors
RS 9:131Judicial standard
RS 9:132Liability
RS 9:133Inheritance rights
RS 9:151Uniform unclaimed property act
RS 9:152Uniformity of application and construction
RS 9:153Definitions
RS 9:154Presumptions of abandonment
RS 9:154.1Compensation for expropriation; ownership; town of berwick
RS 9:154.2Crescent city connection; geaux pass accounts and deposits; tolls; geaux pass transition fund; disposition
RS 9:154.3Crescent city connection amnesty program; crescent city amnesty refund fund; disposition
RS 9:155Contents of safe deposit box or other safekeeping depository
RS 9:156Rules for taking custody
RS 9:157Dormancy charge
RS 9:158Burden of proof as to property evidenced by record of check or draft
RS 9:159Report of abandoned property
RS 9:160Payment or delivery of abandoned property
RS 9:161Notice and publication of lists of abandoned property
RS 9:162Custody by state; recovery by holder; defense of holder
RS 9:163Crediting of dividends, interest, and increments to owner's account
RS 9:164Public sale of abandoned property
RS 9:165Deposit of funds
RS 9:165.1Bonds; unclaimed property bonds; completion of i-49
RS 9:165.2Designates first i-49 unclaimed property bond project; "alvin b. kessler memorial highway"
RS 9:166Claim of another state to recover property
RS 9:167Filing claim with administrator; handling of claims by administrator
RS 9:168Action to establish claim
RS 9:169Election to take payment or delivery
RS 9:170Destruction or disposition of property having no substantial commercial value; immunity from liability
RS 9:171Periods of limitation
RS 9:172Requests for reports and examination of records
RS 9:173Retention of records
RS 9:174Enforcement
RS 9:175Interstate agreements and cooperation; joint and reciprocal actions with other states; confidentiality
RS 9:176Interest and penalties
RS 9:177Agreement to locate property
RS 9:178Foreign transactions
RS 9:179Applicability of chapter
RS 9:180Rules
RS 9:181Severability
RS 9:182United states savings bonds; escheatment procedures
RS 9:191Disposition of unclaimed
RS 9:192Disposition
RS 9:195The care of minor children
RS 9:196Limited tutorship by nature
RS 9:201Marriage: general principles
RS 9:202Authority to perform marriage ceremony
RS 9:203Officiant; judges and justices of the peace
RS 9:204Officiant other than judge; registration
RS 9:205Officiant to require marriage license
RS 9:211Relations of the fourth degree
RS 9:212Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:213Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:214Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:221Authority to issue marriage license
RS 9:222Place of issuance
RS 9:223Form
RS 9:224Same; information required
RS 9:225Same; attachments
RS 9:226Certified copy of birth certificate
RS 9:227Certified copy unavailable; other proof
RS 9:228Same; court order waiving
RS 9:229To 233 repealed by acts 1988, no. 345, 2, eff. july 7, 1988; acts 1988, no. 808, 2, eff. july 18, 1988.
RS 9:234Time and date; indication of covenant marriage
RS 9:235Valid for thirty days
RS 9:236Reissuance
RS 9:237Information on matrimonial regime and covenant marriage laws; printed summary
RS 9:241Premature ceremony prohibited
RS 9:242Waiver of delay
RS 9:243Penalty
RS 9:244Witnesses required
RS 9:245Marriage certificate
RS 9:251Consolidated form
RS 9:252Duplicate records of marriage licenses issued; preservation; filing of duplicate copy with state division of vital records; penalty for failure to file
RS 9:253Disposition and recordation of marriage certificates
RS 9:254Penalty for failure to file or complete marriage certificate
RS 9:255Tabulation of marriage statistics; annual report
RS 9:256Penalties
RS 9:261Opposition to marriage
RS 9:262Hearing on opposition
RS 9:263Persons entitled to oppose
RS 9:272Covenant marriage; intent; conditions to create
RS 9:273Covenant marriage; contents of declaration of intent
RS 9:273.1Declaration of intent; form
RS 9:274Covenant marriage; other applicable rules
RS 9:275Covenant marriage; applicability to already married couples
RS 9:275.1Declaration of intent; married couples; form
RS 9:276Limitation of liability; pastoral counselor
RS 9:291Suits between spouses
RS 9:292Surname of married person
RS 9:293Law applicable to spouses in covenant marriage
RS 9:294Covenant spouses' love, respect, and community
RS 9:295Covenant spouses' obligation to live together
RS 9:296Right and duty of covenant spouses to manage household
RS 9:297Decisionmaking in interest of family
RS 9:298Obligations to children of the marriage
RS 9:301Divorce
RS 9:302Divorce proceedings; hearings in chambers; procedure
RS 9:303Income assignment; new orders; deviation
RS 9:304Judgment of divorce; waiting periods; accrual of abandonment period
RS 9:304.1Court costs; action to make child support executory
RS 9:305Repealed by acts 2006, no. 344, 7 eff. june 13, 2006.
RS 9:306Seminar for divorcing parents
RS 9:307Divorce or separation from bed and board in a covenant marriage; exclusive grounds
RS 9:308Separation from bed and board in covenant marriage; suit against spouse; jurisdiction, procedure, and incidental relief
RS 9:309Separation from bed and board in a covenant marriage; effects
RS 9:310Retroactivity of spousal support order
RS 9:311Modification of support; material change in circumstances; periodic review by department of children and family services; medical support
RS 9:312Child support; accounting; requirements
RS 9:313Divorce and child support proceedings; special requirements
RS 9:314Repealed by acts 1993, no. 261, 9, eff. jan. 1, 1994.
RS 9:315Economic data and principles; definitions
RS 9:315.1Rebuttable presumption; deviation from guidelines by court; stipulations by parties
RS 9:315.1.1Determination of income; evidence
RS 9:315.2Calculation of basic child support obligation
RS 9:315.3Net child care costs; addition to basic obligation
RS 9:315.4Health insurance premiums; addition to basic obligation
RS 9:315.5Extraordinary medical expenses; addition to basic obligation
RS 9:315.6Other extraordinary expenses; addition to basic obligation
RS 9:315.7Deductions for income of the child
RS 9:315.8Calculation of total child support obligation; worksheet
RS 9:315.9Effect of shared custodial arrangement
RS 9:315.10Effect of split custodial arrangement
RS 9:315.11Voluntarily unemployed or underemployed party
RS 9:315.12Second jobs and overtime
RS 9:315.13Amounts not set forth in or exceeding schedule
RS 9:315.14Mandatory minimum child support award
RS 9:315.15No change in circumstances intended
RS 9:315.16Review of guidelines
RS 9:315.17Standard of appellate review
RS 9:315.18Schedule; information
RS 9:315.19Schedule for support
RS 9:315.20Worksheets
RS 9:315.21Retroactivity of child support judgment
RS 9:315.22Termination of child support upon majority or emancipation; exceptions
RS 9:315.23Suspension or modification of child support obligation; secreting of child
RS 9:315.24Child support enforcement; revocatory and oblique actions
RS 9:315.25Consideration of custody or visitation matters
RS 9:315.26Collection of past due child support
RS 9:315.30Family financial responsibility; purpose
RS 9:315.31Definitions
RS 9:315.32Order of suspension of license; noncompliance with support order; contempt of court
RS 9:315.33Suspension of license; notice of suspension from licensing board; temporary license
RS 9:315.34Subsequent compliance; order of compliance; order of partial compliance
RS 9:315.35Reissuance of license
RS 9:315.36Suspension of license; pattern of nonpayment
RS 9:315.40Definitions
RS 9:315.41Notice of child support delinquency; suspension of license
RS 9:315.42Objection to suspension of license
RS 9:315.43Administrative hearing
RS 9:315.44Certification of noncompliance
RS 9:315.45Suspension of license; notice of suspension from licensing authority
RS 9:315.46Subsequent compliance with support order; compliance and partial compliance releases
RS 9:315.47Reissuance of license
RS 9:315.48Repealed by acts 2001, no. 612, 3, eff. june 22, 2001.
RS 9:321Retroactivity of judgment concerning spousal support
RS 9:322Judgment or order for support not to be recorded
RS 9:323Recordation of judgment or order for amount due
RS 9:324Cancellation of record following payment
RS 9:325Collection of past due spousal support
RS 9:326Determination of income for spousal support; evidence
RS 9:327Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1078, 5, eff. jan. 1, 1998.
RS 9:331Custody or visitation proceeding; evaluation by mental health professional
RS 9:331.1Drug testing in custody or visitation proceeding
RS 9:332Custody or visitation proceeding; mediation
RS 9:333Duties of mediator
RS 9:334Mediator qualifications
RS 9:335Joint custody decree and implementation order
RS 9:336Obligation of joint custodians to confer
RS 9:337Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1082, 3.
RS 9:341Restriction on visitation
RS 9:342Bond to secure child custody or visitation order
RS 9:343Return of child kept in violation of custody and visitation order
RS 9:344Visitation rights of grandparents and siblings
RS 9:345Appointment of attorney in child custody or visitation proceedings
RS 9:346Action for failure to exercise or to allow visitation, custody or time rights pursuant to court-ordered schedule; judgment and awards
RS 9:347Repealed by acts 2008, no. 671, 3.
RS 9:348Loss of visitation due to military service; compensatory visitation
RS 9:351Access to records of child
RS 9:352To 356 [blank].
RS 9:355.1Definitions
RS 9:355.2Applicability
RS 9:355.3Persons authorized to propose relocation of principal residence of a child
RS 9:355.4Notice of proposed relocation of child; court authorization to relocate
RS 9:355.5Mailing notice of proposed relocation address
RS 9:355.6Failure to give notice of relocation
RS 9:355.7Objection to relocation of child
RS 9:355.8Limitation on objection by non-parents
RS 9:355.9Effect of objection or failure to object to notice of proposed relocation
RS 9:355.10Burden of proof
RS 9:355.11Court authorization to relocate
RS 9:355.12Temporary order
RS 9:355.13Priority for trial
RS 9:355.14Factors to determine contested relocation
RS 9:355.15Mental health expert; appointment
RS 9:355.16Application of factors at initial hearing
RS 9:355.17Modification of custody
RS 9:355.18Posting security
RS 9:355.19Sanctions for unwarranted or frivolous proposal to relocate child or objection to relocation
RS 9:356Consideration of child support
RS 9:357Use of technology
RS 9:358.1Appointment of parenting coordinator; term; costs
RS 9:358.2No appointment in family violence cases
RS 9:358.3Qualifications
RS 9:358.4Authority and duties of parenting coordinator
RS 9:358.5Testimony and report
RS 9:358.6Communication with court
RS 9:358.7Access to information
RS 9:358.8Termination of appointment of parenting coordinator
RS 9:358.9Limitation of liability
RS 9:359Short title
RS 9:359.1Definitions
RS 9:359.2Final order; modification prohibited
RS 9:359.3Material change in circumstances
RS 9:359.4Temporary modification
RS 9:359.5Termination of temporary modification order
RS 9:359.6Delegation of visitation
RS 9:359.7Testimony; evidence
RS 9:359.8Lack of existing order of custody or visitation
RS 9:359.9Duty to cooperate; disclosure of information
RS 9:359.10Appointment of counsel
RS 9:359.11Jurisdiction
RS 9:359.12Attorney fees
RS 9:359.13Applicability
RS 9:361Legislative findings
RS 9:362Definitions
RS 9:363Ordered mediation prohibited
RS 9:364Child custody; visitation
RS 9:364.1Visitation with incarcerated parent
RS 9:365Qualification of mental health professional
RS 9:366Injunctions
RS 9:367Costs
RS 9:368Other remedies not affected
RS 9:369Limitations
RS 9:371Injunction against alienation or encumbrance; spouse's right to demand
RS 9:372Injunction against abuse; form; central registry
RS 9:372.1Injunction against harassment
RS 9:373Removal of personal property
RS 9:374Possession and use of family residence or community movables or immovables
RS 9:375Award of attorney's fees
RS 9:376Repealed by acts 1993, no. 261, 9, eff. jan. 1, 1994.
RS 9:381Transitional provisions
RS 9:382Present effect of judgment of separation from bed and board
RS 9:383Judgment of divorce after judgment of separation
RS 9:384Effect of reconciliation on community
RS 9:385Actions pending on effective date of child custody and support revision act; law governing
RS 9:386Actions pending on effective date of spousal support revision act; law governing
RS 9:387Spousal support; period of grace after effective date of spousal support revision act
RS 9:391Repealed by acts 2004, no. 26, 15.
RS 9:391.1Child conceived after death of husband
RS 9:392Acknowledgment; requirements; content
RS 9:392.1Acknowledgment; obligation to support; visitation
RS 9:393Full faith and credit of acknowledgments
RS 9:394Evidence of hospital bills and tests in paternity action
RS 9:395Paternity proceedings; special requirements
RS 9:395.1Repealed by acts 2006, no. 344, 7, eff. june 13, 2006.
RS 9:396Authority for test; ex parte orders; use of results
RS 9:397Selection of expert
RS 9:397.1Compensation of expert witnesses and recovery of testing costs
RS 9:397.2Chain of custody of blood or tissue samples
RS 9:397.3Admissibility and effect of test results
RS 9:398Applicability to criminal actions
RS 9:398.1Award of attorney's fees in actions to establish paternity
RS 9:398.2Petition for order to submit to blood or tissue tests prior to bringing filiation action
RS 9:399Establishment of child support; interim order during proceeding; final order following judgment of paternity
RS 9:399.1Dismissal of final order following judgment of paternity; time periods; procedure; effects
RS 9:400Putative father registry
RS 9:400.1Repealed by acts 2006, no. 344, 7, eff. june 13, 2006.
RS 9:401Disavowal action under civil code article 186; parties
RS 9:402Effect of disavowal action on prior child support order
RS 9:403Mother's contestation action; procedure
RS 9:404Father's paternity action; time period; exception
RS 9:405Legal effect of acknowledgment
RS 9:406Revocation of authentic act; with and without cause; procedure
RS 9:407Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:421Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.1Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.2Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.3Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.4Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.5Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.6Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.7Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.8Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.9Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.10Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.11Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.12Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.13Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.14Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.15Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:423Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:424Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:424.1Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:424.2Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:425Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:426Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:427Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:428Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:429Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:430Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:431Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:432Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:433Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:434Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:435Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:436Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:437Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:438Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:439Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:440Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:440.1Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:441Repealed by acts 1991, no. 235, 17, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:461Effect of adult adoption by stepparent
RS 9:462Adult adoption; effective date of adoption
RS 9:463Adult adoption; recordation
RS 9:464Adult adoption; birth certificate
RS 9:465Adult adoption; change of name
RS 9:551To 553 repealed by acts 1956, no. 111, 1
RS 9:571General rule that child may not sue parent
RS 9:572Uncontested paternity proceedings; proof by affidavit; adoption of court rules
RS 9:573Repealed by acts 1993, no. 261, 9, eff. jan. 1, 1994.
RS 9:574Repealed by acts 1993, no. 261, 9, eff. jan. 4, 1994.
RS 9:575Abused parent or grandparent; domestic abuse assistance
RS 9:601Tutorship
RS 9:602Tutor, under tutor, curator, under curator; family meeting dispensed with
RS 9:603Absentee minor or interdict not represented; special representation to effect sale
RS 9:651To 653 repealed by acts 1960, no. 31, 7, eff. jan. 1, 1961
RS 9:671To 674 repealed by acts 1960, no. 31, 7, eff. jan. 1, 1961
RS 9:675Validating provision
RS 9:691To 693 repealed by acts 1952, no. 321, 5
RS 9:711To 713 repealed by acts 1974, no. 133, 2
RS 9:731Sale or lease of right of way
RS 9:732Ratification of sale during minority of person afterwards interdicted
RS 9:733Purchase of federal bonds and debentures by tutors and curators
RS 9:734Investment of funds
RS 9:735To 742 repealed by acts 1987, no. 469, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1988.
RS 9:751Definitions
RS 9:752Scope
RS 9:753Nomination of custodian
RS 9:754Transfer by gift
RS 9:755Transfer authorized by will or trust
RS 9:756Other transfer by fiduciary
RS 9:757Transfer by obligor
RS 9:758Receipt for custodial property
RS 9:759Manner of creating custodial property and effecting transfer; designation of initial custodian; control
RS 9:760Single custodianship
RS 9:761Validity and effect of transfer
RS 9:762Care of custodial property
RS 9:763Powers of custodian
RS 9:764Use of custodial property
RS 9:765Expenses, compensation, and bond of custodian
RS 9:766Exemption of third person from liability
RS 9:767Liability to third persons
RS 9:768Renunciation, resignation, death, or removal of custodian; designation of successor custodian
RS 9:769Accounting by and liability of custodian
RS 9:770Termination of custodianship
RS 9:771Applicability
RS 9:772Effect on existing custodianship
RS 9:773Short title
RS 9:801To 804 repealed by acts 1960, no. 31, 7, eff. jan. 1, 1961
RS 9:821To 823 repealed by acts 1960, no. 31, 7, eff. jan. 1, 1961
RS 9:841Repealed by acts 1960, no. 31, 7, eff. jan. 1, 1961
RS 9:842Repealed by acts 1979, no. 709, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1980
RS 9:901Emancipation
RS 9:951Provisional custody by mandate; conferring
RS 9:952Duration of provisional custody; termination
RS 9:953Functions, powers, and duties of agent
RS 9:954Statutory form
RS 9:975Non-legal custodian
RS 9:1001Interdiction
RS 9:1002Repealed by acts 2000, 1st ex. sess., no. 25, 4, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:1003Repealed by acts 2000, 1st ex. sess., no. 25, 4, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:1004Repealed by acts 2000, 1st ex. sess., no. 25, 4, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:1021Interdiction of veterans in government institutions; manner of service
RS 9:1022Authorization of curators to continue making donations to descendants
RS 9:1023Donation by curator to charitable and nonprofit organizations; conditions; court approval
RS 9:1024Donations by curator to collaterals; court authorization
RS 9:1025Removal of a curator
RS 9:1031Appointment of nonprofit curatorship services
RS 9:1032Powers, functions, and duties of curator and continuing tutor
RS 9:1033Confidentiality; penalties
RS 9:1034Fees and court costs
RS 9:1051Corporations; unauthorized
RS 9:1101Immovables
RS 9:1102Batture in cities and towns; right of riparian owner
RS 9:1102.1Rights of riparian landowners and their lessees
RS 9:1102.2Rights and duties of riparian owners and their lessees; joint usage of certain riparian lands
RS 9:1103Carbon sequestration on surface or water bottom
RS 9:1104Riparian owners, use of surface water; fees prohibited; legislative finding and intent
RS 9:1105Repealed by acts 1974, no. 50, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1975
RS 9:1106Storage tanks placed on land by one not owner of land as movable property
RS 9:1107Public policy respecting ownership of navigable waters and beds thereof
RS 9:1108Invalidity of patent or transfer purporting to include navigable waters and beds thereof
RS 9:1109Statutes not to be construed as validating purported transfer of navigable waters or beds thereof
RS 9:1110Ownership of land adjacent to false river
RS 9:1111Exclusion of certain interests in trust from classification as immovable property
RS 9:1112Immovable property held in common; agreement not to alienate, encumber or lease
RS 9:1113Partition of immovable property; minority interest; private sale; appraisal
RS 9:1115.1Declaration of purpose
RS 9:1115.2Ownership of inland non-navigable water bottoms
RS 9:1115.3Interpretation of transfers
RS 9:1121.101Short title
RS 9:1121.102Applicability
RS 9:1121.103Definitions
RS 9:1121.104Attorney fees
RS 9:1121.105Separate taxation
RS 9:1121.106Applicability of ordinances, zoning, and building restrictions
RS 9:1121.107Expropriation
RS 9:1121.108Sale of unit; escrow accounts
RS 9:1122.101Creation of condominium regimes; condominium declaration; recordation
RS 9:1122.102Blank
RS 9:1122.103Construction and validity of declaration and bylaws
RS 9:1122.104Description of units
RS 9:1122.105Contents of the condominium declaration
RS 9:1122.106Reapportionment among unit owners of the percentage ownership interest in the common elements; percentages of sharing common expenses and common surplus; voting power in the association of unit owners
RS 9:1122.107Condominiums established on leased land
RS 9:1122.108Allocation of common element interest, votes, and common expense liabilities
RS 9:1122.109Blank
RS 9:1122.110Plats and plans
RS 9:1122.111Blank
RS 9:1122.112Termination; withdrawal
RS 9:1122.113Alterations of units
RS 9:1122.114Relocation of boundaries between adjoining units
RS 9:1122.115Subdivision or conversion of units
RS 9:1122.116Blank
RS 9:1122.117Blank
RS 9:1122.118Blank
RS 9:1122.119Amendment of declaration
RS 9:1122.120Blank
RS 9:1122.121Blank
RS 9:1123.101Organization of unit owners' association
RS 9:1123.102Powers of unit owners' association
RS 9:1123.103Blank
RS 9:1123.104Blank
RS 9:1123.105Termination of contracts and leases of declarant
RS 9:1123.106Bylaws
RS 9:1123.107Upkeep of the condominium
RS 9:1123.108Association records
RS 9:1123.109Blank
RS 9:1123.110Blank
RS 9:1123.111Blank
RS 9:1123.112Insurance
RS 9:1123.113Fidelity bond or equivalent form of insurance required
RS 9:1123.114Blank
RS 9:1123.115Privilege on immovables
RS 9:1123.116Privilege for utility assessments
RS 9:1123.117Blank
RS 9:1124.101Applicability; waiver
RS 9:1124.102Public offering statement; general provisions
RS 9:1124.103Blank
RS 9:1124.104Public offering statement; conversion condominiums
RS 9:1124.105Public offering statement; condominium securities
RS 9:1124.106Purchaser's right to cancel
RS 9:1124.107Resales of units
RS 9:1124.108Blank
RS 9:1124.109Privileges
RS 9:1124.110Blank
RS 9:1124.111Blank
RS 9:1124.112Blank
RS 9:1124.113Blank
RS 9:1124.114Blank
RS 9:1124.115Compliance with condominium declaration, bylaws, and administrative rules and regulations
RS 9:1124.116Blank
RS 9:1124.117Blank
RS 9:1131.1Short title
RS 9:1131.2Definitions
RS 9:1131.3Applicability
RS 9:1131.4Creation of a timeshare plan
RS 9:1131.5Construction and validity of declaration
RS 9:1131.6Description of timeshare property
RS 9:1131.7Partition
RS 9:1131.8Termination
RS 9:1131.9Tax assessment and payment
RS 9:1131.9.1Developer supervisory duties
RS 9:1131.9.2Public offering statement
RS 9:1131.10Repealed by acts 2003, no. 978, 3.
RS 9:1131.10.1Contracts for purchase of timeshare interests
RS 9:1131.11Public offering statement; when not required
RS 9:1131.12Regulations of timeshare advertising
RS 9:1131.13Cancellation
RS 9:1131.14Repealed by acts 2003, no. 978, 3.
RS 9:1131.15Repealed by acts 2003, no. 978, 3.
RS 9:1131.16Repealed by acts 2003, no. 978, 3.
RS 9:1131.16.1Escrow of payments; escrow accounts; nondisturbance agreements; interests, liens, and encumbrances; alternative assurances
RS 9:1131.17Escrow account; establishment; claims for damages
RS 9:1131.18Resales of timeshares
RS 9:1131.19Privileges
RS 9:1131.20Management and operation of the timeshare plan
RS 9:1131.21Assessment for timeshare interest expenses
RS 9:1131.22Privilege for assessments
RS 9:1131.23Insurance
RS 9:1131.24Requirements where developer's interest in the timeshare property is a leasehold interest
RS 9:1131.25Remedies
RS 9:1131.26Louisiana real estate recovery fund; exemption
RS 9:1131.27Repealed by acts 1984, no. 943, 5, eff. july 20, 1984.
RS 9:1131.28Recordation
RS 9:1131.29Waiver prohibited
RS 9:1131.30Preservation of claims and defenses
RS 9:1132To 1142 repealed by acts 1979, no. 682, 3.
RS 9:1141.1Short title
RS 9:1141.2Definitions
RS 9:1141.3Applicability
RS 9:1141.4Building restrictions; matters of interpretation
RS 9:1141.5Building restrictions; generally, affirmative duty, and common areas
RS 9:1141.6Establishment, amendment, or termination of building restrictions
RS 9:1141.7Agreement of owners; voting
RS 9:1141.8Community documents; force of law
RS 9:1141.9Homeowners association privilege
RS 9:1145Association of owners; privilege; definition
RS 9:1146Privilege; sworn detailed statement; filing
RS 9:1147Privilege; five year period
RS 9:1148Privilege; ranking
RS 9:1149.1Short title
RS 9:1149.2Definitions
RS 9:1149.3Classification
RS 9:1149.4Immobilization
RS 9:1149.5Security devices
RS 9:1149.6Deimmobilization
RS 9:1149.7Reference to prior law
RS 9:1151Accession
RS 9:1152Grant of mineral servitude on lands acquired by the state from agencies or political subdivisions by subsidence or erosion
RS 9:1201Family home
RS 9:1202Form of security for legal usufruct of surviving spouse
RS 9:1251General provisions
RS 9:1252Creation of real right for educational, charitable, or historic purposes
RS 9:1253Public transportation servitude
RS 9:1254Enclosed estate; right and servitude of passage on certain waterways
RS 9:1255Solar collectors; right of use
RS 9:1271Louisiana conservation servitude act
RS 9:1272Definitions
RS 9:1273Creation, conveyance, acceptance and duration
RS 9:1274Judicial actions
RS 9:1275Applicability
RS 9:1276Uniformity of application and construction
RS 9:1421Repealed by acts 2001, no. 572, 2.
RS 9:1422Certified copies of inventories in parish of orleans; admission as proof
RS 9:1423Fees of experts and appraisers
RS 9:1424Affixing of seals on succession property; preservation
RS 9:1425Succession judgments affecting real property in orleans; attorneys to file with assessor
RS 9:1426Retirement plan; usufruct of surviving spouse
RS 9:1431Repealed by acts 1960, no. 31, 7, eff. jan. 1, 1961
RS 9:1441Presumption of death of military personnel
RS 9:1442Succession of military personnel presumed dead
RS 9:1443Proof of presumption of death of military personnel
RS 9:1451Administration of successions
RS 9:1454.1Prescription against informalities of legal procedure
RS 9:1455Repealed by acts 1960, no. 31, 7, eff. jan. 1, 1961
RS 9:1491To 1493 repealed by acts 1974, no. 131, 3
RS 9:1511Option for servitudes or flowage rights; perfecting
RS 9:1512Repealed by acts 1960, no. 31, 7, eff. jan. 1, 1961
RS 9:1513Payment to surviving spouse without court proceedings
RS 9:1514Credit unions; payment to surviving spouse without court proceedings
RS 9:1515Payment to surviving spouse or children of deceased; last wages due by employers
RS 9:1516Transfer or payment of monetary proceeds of minerals or mineral products, rentals, accrued royalties, and other funds related to minerals or mineral contracts belonging or payable to deceased person; authority; discharge of holder
RS 9:1517Certain succession representatives; power of attorney
RS 9:1521Public sale of succession property for purposes other than payment of estate debts or legacies
RS 9:1551Burial of unclaimed bodies
RS 9:1552Administration of successions of value of five hundred dollars or less
RS 9:1553To 1557 repealed by acts 1960, no. 31, 7, eff. jan. 1, 1961
RS 9:1581Public administrators; appointment; terms; powers and duties
RS 9:1582Bond
RS 9:1583Administrators of intestate succession; when
RS 9:1584Dative testamentary executors; when
RS 9:1585Repealed by acts 1972, no. 146, 2
RS 9:1586Curator of vacant succession; disposition of funds
RS 9:1587Repealed by acts 1972, no. 146, 2
RS 9:1588Power to represent state in court; costs
RS 9:1589Compensation; employees; expense allowance; cost-of-living increases
RS 9:1590Exemptions
RS 9:1611Retention instead of sale; administration
RS 9:1612Compromise of rights and claims
RS 9:1613Disposition of funds; apportionment and allocation
RS 9:1614Special counsel; patents for interests
RS 9:1615Application of sections
RS 9:1701Partitions
RS 9:1702Agreement not to partition by persons holding property in common
RS 9:1721Louisiana trust code
RS 9:1722Express private trusts authorized; application of code
RS 9:1723Dispositions containing substitutions
RS 9:1724Construction of code
RS 9:1725Definitions
RS 9:1731Trust defined
RS 9:1732Inter vivos and testamentary trusts
RS 9:1733Testamentary trust defined
RS 9:1734Inter vivos trust defined
RS 9:1735Gratuitous and onerous trusts
RS 9:1736Conditions
RS 9:1737Dispositions permitted
RS 9:1751Form of testamentary trust
RS 9:1752Form of inter vivos trust
RS 9:1753Technical language not required; interpretation of instrument
RS 9:1754Incorporation by reference
RS 9:1755Acceptance by trustee
RS 9:1761Settlor defined
RS 9:1762Number of settlors
RS 9:1763Who may be settlor of inter vivos trust
RS 9:1764Who may be settlor of testamentary trust
RS 9:1771General rule
RS 9:1781Trustee defined
RS 9:1782Number of trustees
RS 9:1783Who may be trustee
RS 9:1784Jurisdiction over the trustee
RS 9:1785Manner in which trustee chosen
RS 9:1786Provisional trustee
RS 9:1787Provisional trustee; security
RS 9:1788Resignation of trustee
RS 9:1789Removal of trustee
RS 9:1790Effect of resignation or removal of trustee
RS 9:1791Appeal from judgment appointing or removing trustee
RS 9:1801Beneficiary defined
RS 9:1802Sufficiency of designation
RS 9:1803Requirement that beneficiary be in being and ascertainable
RS 9:1804Settlor as beneficiary
RS 9:1805One or several beneficiaries; separate beneficiaries
RS 9:1806Concurrent beneficiaries
RS 9:1807Successive income beneficiaries
RS 9:1808Acceptance by beneficiary
RS 9:1809Representation upon predecease of named principal beneficiary
RS 9:1821When testamentary trust created
RS 9:1822When inter vivos trust created
RS 9:1823Retroactive nature of trustee's acceptance
RS 9:1824Consequence of trustee's failure to accept
RS 9:1831Limitations upon stipulated term
RS 9:1832Effect of stipulation of excessive term
RS 9:1833Term in absence of stipulation
RS 9:1834Exceptions
RS 9:1835Definitions
RS 9:1841General rule
RS 9:1842Effect of improper stipulation
RS 9:1843Stipulation restraining alienation
RS 9:1844Legitime burdened with income interest or usufruct
RS 9:1845Repealed by acts 1979, no. 160, 2
RS 9:1846Repealed by acts 1979, no. 160, 3
RS 9:1847Invasion of principal; legitime affected
RS 9:1851General rule
RS 9:1852Marital portion in full property
RS 9:1853Marital portion in usufruct
RS 9:1854Effect of improper stipulation
RS 9:1881General rule
RS 9:1891Creation of class
RS 9:1892Class members
RS 9:1893Income and principal designations
RS 9:1894Representation
RS 9:1895Effect of death of class member during the term of the trust
RS 9:1896Closing of the class
RS 9:1897Term; general rule
RS 9:1898Effect of stipulation of excessive term
RS 9:1899Distribution of income; forced heirs
RS 9:1900Absence of living members before class closes; treatment of income
RS 9:1901Closing of class; members living; effect; termination
RS 9:1902Closing of class; continuation of trust
RS 9:1903Class not closed; termination of income interests; effect
RS 9:1904General rule
RS 9:1905Interests in income
RS 9:1906Term
RS 9:1921General rule
RS 9:1922Term of trust
RS 9:1931General rule
RS 9:1932Form
RS 9:1933Rights of person who adds property
RS 9:1934Modification, termination, rescission, or revocation of trust to which property added
RS 9:1935When addition by donation inter vivos effected
RS 9:1936When addition by donation mortis causa effected
RS 9:1937Definition of annual exclusion
RS 9:1951General rule
RS 9:1952Invasion of principal in mixed trusts
RS 9:1953Assignment of interest in trust and termination of trust for mixed private and charitable purposes
RS 9:1955Power to divide community interests
RS 9:1961Nature of the interest
RS 9:1962Distribution of income
RS 9:1963Permissible stipulations regulating distribution of income
RS 9:1964Termination of income interest; undistributed income
RS 9:1965Effect of termination of interest
RS 9:1971Time of acquisition of interest
RS 9:1972Treatment of interest upon death of principal beneficiary
RS 9:1973Shifting interest in principal
RS 9:1974Substitute beneficiary's interest may be conditional
RS 9:1975Requirement that substitute beneficiary be in being and ascertainable
RS 9:1976Treatment upon death of substitute beneficiary whose interest is not conditioned on survival
RS 9:1977Class as substitute beneficiary
RS 9:1978Shifting interest in principal if beneficiary is descendant of settlor
RS 9:1979Status of potential substitute principal beneficiary
RS 9:1981General rule
RS 9:1982Acceptance of interest in inter vivos trust by creditor; effect
RS 9:1983Acceptance of interest in testamentary trust by creditor; effect
RS 9:1984Rights of beneficiary who refuses interest in testamentary trust
RS 9:1985Manner of refusal; effect of conditions
RS 9:1986Retroactive nature of refusal
RS 9:1987Effect of refusal upon trustee
RS 9:1988Partial refusal; refusal in another's favor
RS 9:1989Refusal of addition to trust
RS 9:1990Effect of refusal upon interest refused
RS 9:2001General rule
RS 9:2002Restraint upon alienation
RS 9:2003Form
RS 9:2004Seizure by creditor; general rule
RS 9:2005Seizure by creditor; special claims
RS 9:2006Exemption from seizure
RS 9:2007Use of words "spendthrift trust"
RS 9:2011General rule
RS 9:2012Provisional principal beneficiaries
RS 9:2013Settlor as default principal beneficiary
RS 9:2014Number of settlors allowed
RS 9:2021General rule; modification
RS 9:2022Effect of reservation of right to revoke
RS 9:2023Effect of reservation of unrestricted right to modify
RS 9:2024Concurrence of settlors in modification
RS 9:2025Delegation of right to terminate or to modify administrative provisions
RS 9:2026Change of circumstances
RS 9:2027Accomplishment of purposes becoming impossible or illegal
RS 9:2028Concurrence of settlors in termination
RS 9:2029Effect of termination
RS 9:2030Combination and division of trusts
RS 9:2031Delegation of right to amend
RS 9:2041General rule; revocation
RS 9:2042Effect of reservation of right to revoke
RS 9:2043Revocation or rescission under general law
RS 9:2044Concurrence of settlors in revocation; effect
RS 9:2045Delegation of right to revoke
RS 9:2046Effect of revocation or rescission
RS 9:2051Form
RS 9:2061General rule
RS 9:2062Limitation of duties by settlor
RS 9:2063Relief from duties by beneficiary
RS 9:2064Judicial permission or direction to deviate from administrative provisions of trust instrument
RS 9:2065Judicial permission to deviate from administrative provisions of this code
RS 9:2066Judicial permission or direction to deviate from investment provisions of trust instrument
RS 9:2067Invasion of principal; action of court
RS 9:2068Invasion of principal; provisions of trust instrument
RS 9:2069Winding-up duty and powers of trustee
RS 9:2081Breach of trust defined
RS 9:2082Administration in interest of beneficiary; duty of impartiality
RS 9:2083Dealing on own account
RS 9:2084Loan by trustee to himself
RS 9:2085Sale by trustee to himself
RS 9:2086Self-dealing by corporate trustee
RS 9:2087Delegating performance
RS 9:2088Accounting
RS 9:2089Furnishing of information
RS 9:2090Prudent administration
RS 9:2091Control and preservation of trust property
RS 9:2092Recordation of instruments
RS 9:2093Defense of actions
RS 9:2094Separation of trust property
RS 9:2095Bank deposits
RS 9:2096Co-trustees
RS 9:2097Serving as officer of legal entity in which trust funds invested
RS 9:2111Extent of powers
RS 9:2112Attachment of powers to office
RS 9:2113Exercise of powers by two trustees
RS 9:2114Three or more trustees; exercise of powers
RS 9:2115Control of discretionary powers
RS 9:2116Repealed by acts 2001, no. 520, 5.
RS 9:2117Expenses that may be incurred
RS 9:2118Lease of trust property
RS 9:2119Sale of trust property
RS 9:2120Mortgage or pledge; borrowing
RS 9:2121Compromise, arbitration, and abandonment of claims
RS 9:2122Powers with respect to shares of stock
RS 9:2123Stock subscription; incorporator; organizer; partnership; joint venture; limited liability company; other legal entities
RS 9:2124Holding stock in name of nominee
RS 9:2125Contractual liability of trust
RS 9:2126Tort liability of trust
RS 9:2127Standard of care in investing and management
RS 9:2128Common trust funds
RS 9:2129Corporate trustees; deposit of securities in clearing corporation
RS 9:2130Transfer of fiduciary accounts
RS 9:2131Distributions
RS 9:2141General rule
RS 9:2142Allocation to beneficiaries of income and principal
RS 9:2143Allocation to beneficiaries of usufruct and naked ownership
RS 9:2144Income and principal distinguished
RS 9:2145When right to income arises
RS 9:2146Apportionment of receipts when right to income arises
RS 9:2147Apportionment of receipts when right to income ceases
RS 9:2148Succession receipts
RS 9:2149Corporate distributions
RS 9:2150Bonds
RS 9:2151Business operations
RS 9:2152Proceeds of mineral interests
RS 9:2153Timber
RS 9:2154Other property subject to depletion
RS 9:2155Underproductive property
RS 9:2156Charges
RS 9:2157Inventory value defined
RS 9:2158Power to adjust
RS 9:2159When the power to adjust is denied
RS 9:2160Adjustment benefiting trustee
RS 9:2161Adjustment beyond percentage limit
RS 9:2162General provisions regarding court orders affecting adjustments
RS 9:2163Remedies
RS 9:2171Individual and corporate trustees
RS 9:2172Security required by court
RS 9:2173Increasing, diminishing, or dispensing with trustee's security by court
RS 9:2181General rule
RS 9:2182Effect of breach of trust upon compensation
RS 9:2191Indemnity for expenses properly incurred
RS 9:2192Indemnity for expenses not properly incurred
RS 9:2193Liability of beneficiary
RS 9:2194Charge on beneficiary's interest
RS 9:2195Charge on beneficiary's interest; advance or loan of trust money
RS 9:2196Indemnity for tort liability
RS 9:2201General rule
RS 9:2202Loss not resulting from breach of trust
RS 9:2203Balancing losses against gains
RS 9:2204Liability of successor trustee
RS 9:2205Liability of co-trustee
RS 9:2206Relief from liability by trust instrument
RS 9:2207Relief from liability by beneficiary
RS 9:2208Relief from liability by proper court
RS 9:2221Remedies against trustee
RS 9:2222Remedies against third persons
RS 9:2231Causes of action; procedure
RS 9:2232Injunctive relief
RS 9:2233Instructions
RS 9:2234Prescription
RS 9:2235Proper court
RS 9:2241General rule
RS 9:2242Registered agent for service of process
RS 9:2251Severability of provisions of trust instrument
RS 9:2252Saving clause
RS 9:2260.1Definitions
RS 9:2260.2Custodial trust; general
RS 9:2260.3Custodial trustee for future payment or transfer
RS 9:2260.4Form and effect of receipt and acceptance by custodial trustee; jurisdiction
RS 9:2260.5Transfer to custodial trustee by fiduciary or obligor; facility of payment
RS 9:2260.6Multiple beneficiaries; separate custodial trusts; survivorship
RS 9:2260.7General duties of custodial trustee
RS 9:2260.8General powers of custodial trustee
RS 9:2260.9Use of custodial trust property
RS 9:2260.10Determination of incapacity; effect
RS 9:2260.11Exemption of third person from liability
RS 9:2260.12Liability to third person
RS 9:2260.13Declination, resignation, incapacity, death, or removal of custodial trustee; designation of successor custodial trustee
RS 9:2260.14Expenses, compensation, and bond of custodial trustee
RS 9:2260.15Reporting and accounting by custodial trustee; determination of liability of custodial trustee
RS 9:2260.16Limitations of action against custodial trustee
RS 9:2260.17Distribution on termination
RS 9:2260.18Methods and forms for creating custodial trusts
RS 9:2260.19Applicable law
RS 9:2260.20Uniformity of application and construction
RS 9:2260.21Short title
RS 9:2262.1Definitions
RS 9:2262.2Recordation of instruments
RS 9:2262.3Authority to convey
RS 9:2262.4Form
RS 9:2271Charitable purpose; beneficiary; conditions,
RS 9:2272Trustees
RS 9:2273Who may be trustee
RS 9:2274Application of louisiana trust code
RS 9:2275Trust enforcement
RS 9:2276Repealed by acts 2008, no. 637, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2009.
RS 9:2277Repealed by acts 2008, no. 637, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2009.
RS 9:2278Repealed by acts 2008, no. 637, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2009.
RS 9:2279Repealed by acts 2008, no. 637, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2009.
RS 9:2280Repealed by acts 2008, no. 637, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2009.
RS 9:2281Definition of terms used in r.s. 9:2282
RS 9:2282Method of transfer of control of educational, charitable or religious trusts; grounds
RS 9:2283Governing instrument; contents
RS 9:2290Perpetual duration
RS 9:2291Termination of small trust
RS 9:2292Repealed by acts 2008, no. 637, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2009.
RS 9:2293Repealed by acts 2008, no. 637, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2009.
RS 9:2294Repealed by acts 2008, no. 637, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2009.
RS 9:2295Repealed by acts 2008, no. 637, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2009.
RS 9:2321Title quieted and perfected by lapse of time
RS 9:2322Rights in property after perfection of title
RS 9:2331Circumstances authorizing application of doctrine; jurisdiction; petitioners
RS 9:2332Filing of petition; order; notice; service
RS 9:2333Hearing, evidence
RS 9:2334Judgment
RS 9:2335Immunity of trustee acting pursuant to judgment
RS 9:2336Appeal
RS 9:2337Application of part
RS 9:2337.1Short title
RS 9:2337.2Definitions
RS 9:2337.3Standard of conduct in managing and investing institutional fund
RS 9:2337.4Appropriation for expenditure or accumulation of endowment fund; rules of construction
RS 9:2337.5Delegation of management and investment functions
RS 9:2337.6Release or modification of restrictions on management, investment, or purpose
RS 9:2337.7Reviewing compliance
RS 9:2337.8Application to existing institutional funds
RS 9:2337.9Relation to electronic signatures in global and national commerce act
RS 9:2337.10Uniformity of application and construction
RS 9:2341Public trusts authorized; purposes
RS 9:2342Mode of creation; acceptance of beneficial interest; amendments
RS 9:2343Trustees; appointment; powers; duties; term of office; compliance with public bid law, public meetings law, and public records law; legislative oversight
RS 9:2344Liability of trustees and beneficiary
RS 9:2345Termination of public trusts
RS 9:2346Audits; supervision by legislative auditor; operating budget approval
RS 9:2347Bonds of public trust
RS 9:2351Donations inter vivos
RS 9:2352Renouncing right to revoke
RS 9:2353Civil code art. 156 unaffected
RS 9:2354See r.s. 9:2372 and 2373, acts 1995, no. 402, 1]
RS 9:2361Parent's right of usufruct
RS 9:2371Recordation of donations inter vivos; effect
RS 9:2372Donations inter vivos; exempt from reduction and calculation of succession mass
RS 9:2373Donations inter vivos to spouse of previous marriage; exemption from reduction and calculation of succession mass
RS 9:2401Donations mortis causa
RS 9:2421Will probated outside state may be allowed and recorded
RS 9:2422Filing of will and proceedings thereon
RS 9:2423Admission to probate; force and effect
RS 9:2424Probate of will operative under laws of state or country not requiring probate
RS 9:2425Short title; interpretation
RS 9:2431Definitions
RS 9:2432Apportionment of tax liability among persons interested in estate
RS 9:2433No apportionment between principal and income beneficiaries of trust and between usufructuaries and naked owners
RS 9:2434Fiduciary's right to withhold or recover proportion of tax attributable to persons interested in estate; security by person interested in estate for payment of tax
RS 9:2435Allowance for exemptions, deductions, and credits
RS 9:2436Action to recover amount of tax or deficiency from person interested in estate; time of filing; liability of fiduciary
RS 9:2437Action by nonresident; reciprocity
RS 9:2438Application of provisions
RS 9:2439Estate tax marital deduction; formula qualifying
RS 9:2440Continued validity of previously executed testaments
RS 9:2441Duration of usufruct in previously executed testament
RS 9:2442Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1421, 8, eff. july 1, 1999.
RS 9:2443Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1421, 8, eff. july 1, 1999.
RS 9:2444Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1421, 8, eff. july 1, 1999.
RS 9:2445Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1421, 8, eff. july 1, 1999.
RS 9:2446Will information registration
RS 9:2447Fees
RS 9:2448Repealed by acts 2012, no. 125, 1.
RS 9:2449Individual retirement accounts; payment of benefits
RS 9:2450Succession representatives; liability for distributions
RS 9:2501Of forced heirs
RS 9:2502Disinherison; retroactivity
RS 9:2503Exercise of succession rights; remedial provisions
RS 9:2601Louisiana uniform electronic
RS 9:2602Definitions
RS 9:2603Scope
RS 9:2603.1Electronic applications for all warrants; signatures; electronic judicial records
RS 9:2604Prospective application; exemption from preemption
RS 9:2605Use of electronic records and electronic signatures; variation by agreement
RS 9:2606Construction and application
RS 9:2607Legal recognition of electronic records, electronic signatures, and electronic contracts
RS 9:2608Provision of information in writing; presentation of records
RS 9:2609Attribution and effect of electronic record and electronic signature
RS 9:2610Effect of change or error
RS 9:2611Notarization and acknowledgment
RS 9:2612Retention of electronic records; originals
RS 9:2613Admissibility in evidence
RS 9:2614Automated transaction
RS 9:2615Time and place of sending and receipt
RS 9:2616Transferable records
RS 9:2617Creation and retention of electronic records and conversion of written records by governmental agencies in this state
RS 9:2618Acceptance and distribution of electronic records by governmental agencies in this state
RS 9:2619Interoperability
RS 9:2620Severability clause
RS 9:2621Certification of electronic records
RS 9:2701Judgment in class action concludes all members of class adequately represented
RS 9:2711Definitions; withdrawal of consent to agreement
RS 9:2711.1Consumer's right to cancel noncredit home solicitation sale
RS 9:2712Prohibition; counterletters
RS 9:2713Contract for surrogate motherhood; nullity
RS 9:2714Chiropractors; certain contractual agreements invalid
RS 9:2715Transfer of structured settlement rights
RS 9:2716Contracts with automatic renewal clauses
RS 9:2717Contracts against public policy
RS 9:2721Filing in office of parish recorder
RS 9:2721.1Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:2722Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:2723Operation
RS 9:2724Liens or privileges not dependent upon recordation for existence or priority
RS 9:2725Certificates of redemption under federal tax lien act; filing and recording
RS 9:2726Attachment and recordation of plats; definitions; penalty
RS 9:2727Attachment and recordation of plats; expropriations
RS 9:2728Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:2729Presumption of uniform intent and ownership
RS 9:2733Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:2736Limitation of liability
RS 9:2737Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:2741Establishing authenticity
RS 9:2742Notice of lease; requirements and effect
RS 9:2743Certificate of encumbrances; procedure; content; liability
RS 9:2744Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:2745Repealed by acts 2006, no. 621, 20(b), eff. jan. 1, 2009, and acts 2006, no. 730, 2.
RS 9:2746Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:2747Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:2748Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:2749Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:2750Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:2751Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:2752Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:2753Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:2754Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:2755Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:2756Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:2757Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:2758Notarial certified copy of lost original
RS 9:2759Lost original, certified copy from public record
RS 9:2771Performance of obligations
RS 9:2772Peremptive period for actions involving deficiencies in surveying, design, supervision, or construction of immovables or improvements thereon
RS 9:2773Limitations on the responsibility of agents, contractors and representatives
RS 9:2774Guarantees and warranties in construction specifications
RS 9:2775Construction projects; equipment and machinery contracts; certain provisions invalid
RS 9:2776Acceptance of funds to procure legal representation; accounting
RS 9:2778Public contracts; certain provisions invalid
RS 9:2779Construction contracts, subcontracts, and purchase orders; certain provisions invalid
RS 9:2780Certain indemnification agreements invalid
RS 9:2780.1Certain contract provisions invalid; motor carrier transportation contracts; construction contracts
RS 9:2781Open accounts; attorney fees; professional fees; open account owed to the state
RS 9:2781.1Real estate broker privilege on commercial real estate; definition; recordation; ranking; collection of open account
RS 9:2781.2Real estate appraiser privilege on commercial real estate; definition; recordation; ranking
RS 9:2782Nonsufficient fund checks; damages, attorney fees
RS 9:2782.1Posting of nonsufficient fund checks
RS 9:2782.2Stop-payment order on checks; damages, attorney fees
RS 9:2783Public parking meters; public and private parking lots and garages
RS 9:2784Late payment by contractors to subcontractors and suppliers; penalties
RS 9:2785Death of a party
RS 9:2786Death of legatee before performance of personal obligation imposed on legacy
RS 9:2787Heritable obligations imposed on legacies
RS 9:2788Interest upon accrued
RS 9:2789Interest-bearing deposit accounts
RS 9:2790.1Repealed by acts 2004, no. 447, 2.
RS 9:2790.2Repealed by acts 2004, no. 447, 2.
RS 9:2790.3Repealed by acts 2004, no. 447, 2.
RS 9:2790.4Repealed by acts 2004, no. 447, 2.
RS 9:2790.5Legislative intent
RS 9:2790.6Disgorgement
RS 9:2790.7Repealed by acts 2004, no. 477, 2.
RS 9:2790.8Repealed by acts 2004, no. 447, 2.
RS 9:2790.9Repealed by acts 2004, no. 447, 2.
RS 9:2790.10Repealed by acts 2004, no. 447, 2.
RS 9:2790.11Repealed by acts 2004, no. 447, 2.
RS 9:2790.12Repealed by acts 2004, no. 447, 2.
RS 9:2791Liability of owner or occupant of property not used primarily for commercial recreational purposes
RS 9:2792Limitation of liability of member, director, trustee or officer of any public, charitable or nonprofit hospital, institution or organization
RS 9:2792.1Limitation of liability of director, officer, or trustee of nonprofit organization
RS 9:2792.2Limitation of liability of board member of downtown development district
RS 9:2792.3Limitation of liability of director, officer, trustee, or volunteer worker for incorporated and unincorporated nonprofit organizations; civic or historical purpose
RS 9:2792.4Limitation of liability of members of boards, commissions, or authorities of political subdivisions
RS 9:2792.5Limitation of liability of officer; federal or state credit union
RS 9:2792.6Limitation of liability of a trustee of a self-insurance trust fund
RS 9:2792.7Limitation of liability of director, officer, or trustee of certain homeowners associations
RS 9:2792.8Limitation of liability; employees of certain nonprofit organizations supervising or coordinating community services
RS 9:2792.9Limitation of liability of volunteers of area agencies on aging and voluntary councils on the aging; definitions; exceptions
RS 9:2793Gratuitous service at scene of emergency; limitation on liability
RS 9:2793.1Immunity from liability for public entities; fire department; law enforcement agency; public emergencies; fbi agents
RS 9:2793.2Gratuitous emergency services rendered by american red cross volunteers; limitation of liability
RS 9:2793.3Gratuitous services rendered by the united way; limitation of liability
RS 9:2793.4Gratuitous services rendered by southern mutual help association; limitation of liability
RS 9:2793.5Gratuitous services rendered by prc compassion, inc.; limitation of liability
RS 9:2793.6Gratuitous services rendered by catholic charities; limitation of liability
RS 9:2793.7Gratuitous services rendered by the louisiana girl scout councils; limitation of liability
RS 9:2793.8Gratuitous services rendered by national voluntary organizations active in disaster; limitation of liability
RS 9:2793.9Gratuitous services rendered by religious organizations; limitation of liability
RS 9:2794Physicians, dentists, optometrists, and chiropractic physicians; malpractice; burden of proof; jury charge; physician witness expert qualification
RS 9:2795Limitation of liability of landowner of property used for recreational purposes; property owned by the department of wildlife and fisheries; parks owned by public entities
RS 9:2795.1Limitation of liability of farm animal activity sponsor or professional; exceptions; required warning
RS 9:2795.2Limitation of liability for the audubon commission; the city of new orleans; other entities operating facilities of the audubon commission; exceptions; required warning
RS 9:2795.3Limitation of liability of equine activity sponsor; exceptions; required warning
RS 9:2795.4Limitation of liability; motorized off-road vehicle activities; definitions; exceptions; required warning
RS 9:2795.5Limitation of liability; agritourism activities; definitions; exceptions; required warning
RS 9:2796Limitation of liability for loss connected with mardi gras parades and festivities; fair and festival parades
RS 9:2796.1Limitation of liability for loss connected with st. patrick's day parades or any ethnic parade
RS 9:2796.2Limitation of liability for loss connected with festivals, programs, or activities sponsored by an animal sanctuary
RS 9:2796.3Liability for loss related to bonfire presentations on the mississippi river levee
RS 9:2797Users of blood or tissue; a medical service
RS 9:2797.1Certified, nonprofit poison control centers; legislative findings; limitation of liability
RS 9:2798Limitation of liability of a volunteer athletic coach, manager, team volunteer health care provider, or official; definitions
RS 9:2798.1Policymaking or discretionary acts or omissions of public entities or their officers or employees
RS 9:2798.2Limitation of liability for school volunteers
RS 9:2798.3Limitation of liability for school systems
RS 9:2798.4Immunity from liability; injuries sustained by persons driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs
RS 9:2798.5Limitation of liability; louisiana emergency response network
RS 9:2799Limitation of liability for damages from donated food
RS 9:2799.1Civil liability for theft of goods from merchant
RS 9:2799.2Institutional vandalism; civil damages
RS 9:2799.3Limitation of liability of, restaurants, schools, churches, civic organizations, and certain food donors for damages from donated food
RS 9:2799.4Liability for unauthorized release of certain animals, birds, or aquatic species
RS 9:2799.5Limitation of liability for gratuitous service by a health care provider in a community health care clinic or community pharmacy
RS 9:2799.6Limitation of liability for damages from long-term consumption of food and nonalcoholic beverages
RS 9:2800Limitation of liability for public bodies
RS 9:2800.1Limitation of liability for loss connected with sale, serving, or furnishing of alcoholic beverages
RS 9:2800.2Psychologist, psychiatrist, marriage and family therapist, licensed professional counselor, and social worker; limitation of liability
RS 9:2800.3Limitation of liability of persons designing, supervising or performing hazardous waste mitigation, abatement, or cleanup and asbestos removal, abatement, or cleanup services
RS 9:2800.4Limitation of liability of owner of farm or forest land; owner of oil, gas, or mineral property
RS 9:2800.5Immunity from liability for owners of block safe-houses
RS 9:2800.6Burden of proof in claims against merchants
RS 9:2800.7Repealed by acts 2010, no. 706, 2, eff. jan. 1, 2012.
RS 9:2800.8Property adjudicated to local governmental subdivision; liability of owner of record
RS 9:2800.9Action against a person for abuse of a minor
RS 9:2800.10Immunity from liability for injuries sustained while committing a felony offense
RS 9:2800.11Limitation of liability; municipal or parish airport authority; parked aircraft
RS 9:2800.12Liability for termination of a pregnancy
RS 9:2800.13Violation of transportation statute or regulation; determination of causation; evidence
RS 9:2800.14Limitation of liability for damages to oyster leases
RS 9:2800.15Limitation of liability for commercial and marine contractors, architects, and engineers, and persons licensed by the louisiana manufactured housing commission; mold and mold damage
RS 9:2800.16Limitation of liability; louisiana public defender board members
RS 9:2800.17Liability for the diminution in the value of a damaged vehicle
RS 9:2800.18Limitation of liability for volunteer medical transportation pilots
RS 9:2800.19Limitation of liability for use of force in defense of certain crimes
RS 9:2800.20Limitation of liability for a nonprofit health care quality improvement corporation; health care providers; health plans; reporting and disclosure of information
RS 9:2800.21Limitation of liability for curators and undercurators; acts of interdicts
RS 9:2800.22Limitation of liability for use of school facilities
RS 9:2800.51Louisiana products liability act
RS 9:2800.52Scope of this chapter
RS 9:2800.53Definitions
RS 9:2800.54Manufacturer responsibility and burden of proof
RS 9:2800.55Unreasonably dangerous in construction or composition
RS 9:2800.56Unreasonably dangerous in design
RS 9:2800.57Unreasonably dangerous because of inadequate warning
RS 9:2800.58Unreasonably dangerous because of nonconformity to express warranty
RS 9:2800.59Manufacturer knowledge, design feasibility and burden of proof
RS 9:2800.60Liability of manufacturers and sellers of firearms
RS 9:2800.61Louisiana drug dealer liability act
RS 9:2800.62Definitions
RS 9:2800.63Action for damages by persons other than the individual user
RS 9:2800.64Action by individual users
RS 9:2800.65Third parties not liable; nonassignment of cause of action
RS 9:2800.66Level of offense; amount of liability
RS 9:2800.67Joinder of actions
RS 9:2800.68Comparative fault
RS 9:2800.69Contribution by tortfeasors
RS 9:2800.70Proof of liability
RS 9:2800.71Defense; exclusion
RS 9:2800.72Writ of attachment
RS 9:2800.73Prescription
RS 9:2800.74Stay of action by governmental entity
RS 9:2800.75Actions between spouses
RS 9:2800.76Exemplary damages
RS 9:2801Partition of community property and settlement of claims arising from matrimonial regimes and co-ownership of former community property
RS 9:2801.1Community property; allocation and assignment of ownership
RS 9:2801.2Community property; valuation of goodwill
RS 9:2802Rendition of judgment of partition; prerequisite
RS 9:2821Repealed by acts 1978, no. 627, 8, eff. jan. 1, 1980; acts 1979, no. 709, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1980
RS 9:2831Matrimonial regimes (repealed)
RS 9:2901Payment of taxes prior to transfer of real property
RS 9:2902Receipt or certificate of collector
RS 9:2903Certificate annexed to act; evidence of payment; officer exonerated for nonpayment
RS 9:2904Repealed by acts 1978, no. 651, 3.
RS 9:2921Payment of taxes and past due charges for local improvement assessments prior to transfer of real property
RS 9:2922Receipt or certificate of collector
RS 9:2923Content of certificate
RS 9:2924Certificate annexed to act; evidence of payment; officer exonerated for nonpayment
RS 9:2925Assumption by transferee of taxes for current year
RS 9:2926Assumption by transferee of local improvement assessment charges maturing in future
RS 9:2927Penalty for violation; act prima facie proof
RS 9:2928Nonalienation certificate; penalty for violation
RS 9:2941Conventional sales
RS 9:2941.1Recordation; subsequent filings; interest prohibited; cancellation of mortgage records
RS 9:2942Unlawful to sell encumbered real property by bond for deed without guarantee to release on payment
RS 9:2943Method of payment
RS 9:2944Timely payment of installments precludes foreclosure; change of description upon foreclosure
RS 9:2945Cancellation of bond for deed upon default
RS 9:2946Unlawful to require mortgage notes when property encumbered; act of sale
RS 9:2947Penalty for violations
RS 9:2948Bond for deed buyer deemed owner for purposes of homestead exemption
RS 9:2949Blank - see c.c. art. 477(b)]
RS 9:2961Limited availability of revocatory action
RS 9:2962Repealed by acts 1991, no. 377, 8, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:2963Repealed by acts 1991, no. 377, 8, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:2964Repealed by acts 1991, no. 377, 8, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:2965Repealed by acts 1991, no. 377, 8, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:2966Repealed by acts 1991, no. 377, 8, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:2967Repealed by acts 1991, no. 377, 8, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:2968Repealed by acts 1991, no. 377, 8, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:2971Presumption of grant of all interest; exceptions
RS 9:2972Nature of part
RS 9:2973Preservation of rights
RS 9:2981Presumption of grant of interest in abandoned road
RS 9:2982Part remedial
RS 9:2983Preservation of rights
RS 9:2984Construction
RS 9:2989Dual contracts; definition; violations; penalties
RS 9:3001Judicial sales
RS 9:3002Sales on credit; notes; security
RS 9:3003Notes or bonds to be identified with sales
RS 9:3051Assignment or transfer of credits or
RS 9:3101Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:3102Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:3103Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:3104Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:3105Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:3106Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:3107Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:3108Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:3109Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:3110Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:3111Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:3112Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:3121Crop financing; assignment of interest by agricultural producer
RS 9:3131Legislative intent
RS 9:3132Definitions
RS 9:3133Private transfer fee; prohibition
RS 9:3134Violations; liability
RS 9:3135Disclosure
RS 9:3136Existing transfer fee obligations; notice requirements
RS 9:3137.1Short title
RS 9:3137.2Legislative intent
RS 9:3137.3Definitions
RS 9:3137.4Scope
RS 9:3137.5True sales of receivables; not subject to recharacterization; simulation articles not applicable
RS 9:3137.6Binding effectiveness of louisiana law
RS 9:3137.7Buyer ownership rights; evidence of ownership
RS 9:3137.8Relationship to the ucc
RS 9:3137.9Prohibition of actions
RS 9:3141New home warranty act
RS 9:3142Short title
RS 9:3143Definitions
RS 9:3144Warranties; exclusions
RS 9:3145Required notice
RS 9:3146Peremption
RS 9:3147Insurance
RS 9:3148Transfer of warranty and insurance
RS 9:3149Violations; limitations
RS 9:3150Exclusiveness
RS 9:3151Auction sales, judicial sales,
RS 9:3152Voluntary or forced sale
RS 9:3153Auction sale by officers of justice
RS 9:3154General rules governing sales by auction
RS 9:3155Sale through public officer
RS 9:3156Announcement of conditions of sale and demand for bids.
RS 9:3157Adjudication to highest bidder
RS 9:3158Adjudication as completion of sale
RS 9:3159Payment of price before delivery
RS 9:3160Sale of immovable, retention of price until execution of act
RS 9:3161Resale for non-compliance with bid; adjudicatee's liability for deficiency
RS 9:3162Resale, bid by first adjudicatee prohibited
RS 9:3163Rejection of indorser of purchase price notes, effect on adjudication
RS 9:3164Liability of seller refusing to accept solvent indorser
RS 9:3165Liability for unauthorized bidding in name of another
RS 9:3166Kinds of judicial sales
RS 9:3167General rules for judicial sales
RS 9:3168Execution sale, persons authorized to make
RS 9:3169Rescission for fraud or nullity; redhibition not permitted
RS 9:3170Rights acquired at execution sale
RS 9:3171Rights of buyer in case of eviction
RS 9:3172Authority to order succession sale; persons authorized to sell
RS 9:3173Transfer of title
RS 9:3174Warranties
RS 9:3175Purchase of property by heirs of succession
RS 9:3176Repealed by acts 2012, no. 702, 2.
RS 9:3177Repealed by acts 2012, no. 702, 2.
RS 9:3178Repealed by acts 2012, no. 702, 2.
RS 9:3179Repealed by acts 2012, no. 702, 2.
RS 9:3180Repealed by acts 2012, no. 702, 2.
RS 9:3181Repealed by acts 2012, no. 702, 2.
RS 9:3182Repealed by acts 2012, no. 702, 2.
RS 9:3183Repealed by acts 2012, no. 702, 2.
RS 9:3184Repealed by acts 2012, no. 702, 2.
RS 9:3185Repealed by acts 2012, no. 702, 2.
RS 9:3186Repealed by acts 2012, no. 702, 2.
RS 9:3187Repealed by acts 2012, no. 702, 2.
RS 9:3188Repealed by acts 2012, no. 702, 2.
RS 9:3189Repealed by acts 2012, no. 702, 2.
RS 9:3190Repealed by acts 2012, no. 702, 2.
RS 9:3191Repealed by acts 2012, no. 702, 2.
RS 9:3191.1Thirty-year prescription; return of expropriated residential property
RS 9:3192Relationship between the civil code
RS 9:3196Definitions
RS 9:3197Applicability; exemptions
RS 9:3198Duties of the seller; delivery of property disclosure document; termination of real estate contract; information contained in document and inaccuracies; required disclosure of information relative to homeowners' associations; liability of seller
RS 9:3198.1Duties of governmental entities; contaminated property
RS 9:3199Duty of real estate licensees; liability
RS 9:3200Other statutory disclosure obligations
RS 9:3201Leases
RS 9:3202Assisting and enticing lessee to violate lease
RS 9:3203Refusal to permit lessee to occupy or cultivate property
RS 9:3204Lessor's part of crop considered his property; disposition; penalty
RS 9:3221Assumption of responsibility by lessee; liability of owner
RS 9:3241Limitation on lessor's privilege upon failure or death of lessee
RS 9:3251Lessee's deposit to secure lease; retention by lessor; conveyance of leased premises; itemized statement by lessor
RS 9:3252Damages; venue
RS 9:3253Costs and attorney's fees
RS 9:3254Waiver of tenant's rights prohibited
RS 9:3258Lessor's right to own, control, use, enjoy, protect and dispose of property and things
RS 9:3259Unpaid rent; attorney fees
RS 9:3259.1Unpaid rent; mobile homes or manufactured housing; notification by lessor
RS 9:3259.2Application for or receipt of government funds not a defense to action to evict
RS 9:3260Premises rendered uninhabitable; mitigation of damages
RS 9:3260.1Lessee's right to notification of foreclosure action
RS 9:3261Rights of military personnel to terminate lease
RS 9:3301Leases of movables
RS 9:3302Declaration of policy
RS 9:3303Scope
RS 9:3304Exclusions
RS 9:3305Waiver; agreement to forego rights
RS 9:3306Definitions
RS 9:3307Terms
RS 9:3308Construction against implicit repeal
RS 9:3309True leases
RS 9:3310Financed leases
RS 9:3310.1Constructive delivery and possession in sale/lease-back situations
RS 9:3311Interest rate charges; true leases
RS 9:3312Interest rate charges; financed leases
RS 9:3313Additional lease related charges
RS 9:3314Late charges
RS 9:3315Deferral charges
RS 9:3316Early termination charges
RS 9:3317End of lease charges
RS 9:3318Options of lessor following lessee's default
RS 9:3319Accelerated rental payments
RS 9:3320Cancellation of lease following lessee's default
RS 9:3321Surrender of leased property after notice
RS 9:3322Summary proceeding for surrender of property; rule to show cause; judgment
RS 9:3323Appeal from judgment on rule
RS 9:3324Ordinary proceedings in addition to summary proceedings
RS 9:3325Recovery of liquidated damages
RS 9:3326Sequestration in ordinary proceedings
RS 9:3327Release to lessee of sequestered property
RS 9:3328Release of sequestered property to lessor
RS 9:3329Prohibition against self-help repossession
RS 9:3330Lessor's right to protect and preserve leased property
RS 9:3331Requirement of insurance
RS 9:3332Credit life and credit health and accident insurance
RS 9:3333Property insurance
RS 9:3334Choice of insurer
RS 9:3335Limitations on insurance rates; contract requirements
RS 9:3336Conditions applying to insurance provided by the lessor
RS 9:3337Cancellation of insurance; refund or credit upon cancellation
RS 9:3338Gain from insurance
RS 9:3339Referrals
RS 9:3340Unauthorized collection practices
RS 9:3341Violations
RS 9:3342Recordation of leases of movables
RS 9:3351Rental-purchase agreements
RS 9:3352Definitions
RS 9:3353Inapplicability of other laws; exempted transactions
RS 9:3354General requirements of disclosure
RS 9:3355Disclosures
RS 9:3356Prohibited practices
RS 9:3357Reinstatement
RS 9:3358Receipts and accounts
RS 9:3359Renegotiations and extensions
RS 9:3360Advertising
RS 9:3361Enforcement; penalties
RS 9:3362Taxes
RS 9:3371Sale/lease-back commercial transactions
RS 9:3372Sale/lease-back defined
RS 9:3391Terminated by acts 2005, 1st ex. sess., no. 56, eff. june 30, 2006.
RS 9:3401Central registry; creation
RS 9:3402Filing
RS 9:3403Contract of partnership; required content
RS 9:3404Contract amendment
RS 9:3405Registration; endorsement; issuance of certificate; effect
RS 9:3406Recorder of mortgages; filings
RS 9:3407Delivery in advance of effective date
RS 9:3408Filing within five days of execution; effect
RS 9:3409Annual report
RS 9:3410Filing and copying fees
RS 9:3421Qualification of foreign partnerships
RS 9:3422Registration
RS 9:3423Ownership of immovable property; limitation of liability
RS 9:3424Service of process
RS 9:3425Effect of registry
RS 9:3426Amendment of statement
RS 9:3427Termination
RS 9:3428Annual report
RS 9:3431Registered limited liability partnerships 3431. nature of partner's liability in ordinary partnership and in registered limited liability partnership
RS 9:3432Registered limited liability partnerships
RS 9:3433Name of registered limited liability partnership
RS 9:3434Restrictions on distributions
RS 9:3435Provisions applicable to registered limited liability partnerships
RS 9:3441Merger or consolidation
RS 9:3442Merger or consolidation
RS 9:3443Agreement of merger or consolidation
RS 9:3444Approval of merger or consolidation
RS 9:3445Certificate of merger or consolidation
RS 9:3446Effects of merger or consolidation
RS 9:3447Merger or consolidation with foreign entity
RS 9:3500Rates of legal and conventional interest; usury
RS 9:3501Interest
RS 9:3502Statement of policy
RS 9:3503Maximum rate of conventional interest on certain loans
RS 9:3504Certain types of transactions exempt from the application of the laws on usury and interest upon interest; adjustable rate mortgage loan
RS 9:3505Items or charges not considered interest
RS 9:3506Application
RS 9:3506.1Time for accrual of interest; penalties
RS 9:3506.2Repealed by acts 1993, no. 458, 2, eff. july 1, 1993.
RS 9:3507Maximum interest rate on assessments for public improvements on benefited properties
RS 9:3508Federal housing administration insured obligations; interest clause; enforceability
RS 9:3509Rate of interest paid for commercial, business, or agricultural loans; rate upon default
RS 9:3509.1Adjustable rate loans for commercial, business, or agricultural purposes
RS 9:3509.2Interest upon accrued interest; exceptions
RS 9:3509.3Prepayment of loan
RS 9:3509.4Deferment of loan payments during declared disaster
RS 9:3510Louisiana consumer credit law
RS 9:3511Scope
RS 9:3512Exclusions
RS 9:3513Waiver, agreement to forego rights
RS 9:3514Agreement to contract; disclosures of the contract
RS 9:3515Conduct of certain business other than making consumer loans prohibited
RS 9:3516Definitions
RS 9:3517Terms; construction; additional fees and charges
RS 9:3518Construction against implicit repeal
RS 9:3518.1Records of the office of financial institutions
RS 9:3518.2Credit cards; unsolicited delivery or mailing prohibited; penalty
RS 9:3518.3Credit cards; printing of accounting numbers on sales receipts; liability
RS 9:3518.4Contract validity; consumer credit transactions; deferred presentment transactions
RS 9:3519Consumer loans
RS 9:3520Consumer credit sale
RS 9:3521Maximum charges after negotiations
RS 9:3522Maximum charges after maturity
RS 9:3523Credit service charge for revolving charge accounts
RS 9:3524Loan finance charge on lender credit card accounts
RS 9:3525Leap years
RS 9:3526Variable rates
RS 9:3527Maximum delinquency charges; notice of conversion
RS 9:3528Maximum deferral charges
RS 9:3529Installment of consumer credit transaction returned; additional charge to account
RS 9:3530Fees; origination; notary, documentation; over-the-credit-limit fee
RS 9:3531Right to prepay
RS 9:3532Rebate upon prepayment
RS 9:3532.1Prepayment penalties in connection with simple interest real estate secured loans
RS 9:3533Rebate after acceleration of maturity
RS 9:3534Fees; attorney, collection agency
RS 9:3534.1Collection agent; registration; assignment of debt to collector
RS 9:3535Use of multiple agreements
RS 9:3536Referral sales
RS 9:3537Repealed by acts 1980, no. 694, 2.
RS 9:3538Consumer's right to cancel
RS 9:3539Form of agreement or offer; statement of consumer's right; compliance
RS 9:3540Restoration of down payment; retention of cancellation fee
RS 9:3541Duty of consumer; no compensation for services prior to cancellation
RS 9:3541.1Consumer's right to cancel mail and check solicitation sales
RS 9:3541.21Definitions
RS 9:3541.22Prohibited practices
RS 9:3542Requirement of insurance
RS 9:3543Property insurance
RS 9:3544Existing insurance
RS 9:3545Limitations on insurance rates; contract requirements
RS 9:3546Choice of insurer
RS 9:3547Conditions applying to insurance provided by the extender of credit
RS 9:3548Cancellation of insurance; refund or credit upon cancellation
RS 9:3549Gain from insurance
RS 9:3550Insurance premium finance companies
RS 9:3551Unconscionability
RS 9:3552Effect of violations on rights of parties
RS 9:3553Criminal penalties
RS 9:3554Powers of commissioner
RS 9:3554.1Commissioner's powers; unlicensed persons
RS 9:3554.2Reapplication after revocation of a license
RS 9:3554.3Cost of appeal; effect of final decision
RS 9:3555Injunctions; investigations; enforcement actions; civil penalties; costs
RS 9:3556Method of procedure
RS 9:3556.1Records; rules
RS 9:3556.2Guidance by commissioner; advisory opinions
RS 9:3556.3Violations; penalties
RS 9:3557Authority to make consumer loans
RS 9:3558License to make consumer loans
RS 9:3559Continuation of licensing
RS 9:3559.1Regulation of former licensees
RS 9:3560Licenses not required
RS 9:3561Single place of business; additional licenses
RS 9:3561.1License; examination; renewal fees; records
RS 9:3561.2Registration of licensees with the secretary of state
RS 9:3562Unauthorized collection practices
RS 9:3563Applicability
RS 9:3563.1Financial institutions exempt
RS 9:3564Notification
RS 9:3565Notification fee
RS 9:3566Repealed by acts 1997, no. 48, 1.
RS 9:3567Repealed by acts 1997, no. 63, 3.
RS 9:3568Identity theft
RS 9:3571Dissemination of specific credit information; subpoena of records; requirements; penalties
RS 9:3571.1Credit reporting agency information and reports; consumer access to files; right of correction; dissemination or maintenance of untrue or misleading credit information by credit reporting agency; investigation; right to recovery
RS 9:3571.2Limitations on use of consumer's credit report
RS 9:3571.3Security freezes for protected persons
RS 9:3572.1Loan broker defined
RS 9:3572.2Exemptions; licensing and bonding; loan broker
RS 9:3572.3Licensure required
RS 9:3572.4Corporation
RS 9:3572.5Application form
RS 9:3572.6Restrictions; records
RS 9:3572.7Examination; rules
RS 9:3572.8Bond or trust account required
RS 9:3572.9Rebate upon prepayment
RS 9:3572.10Right of cancellation
RS 9:3572.11Loan brokerage statement; disclosure statement required
RS 9:3572.12Violations; penalties
RS 9:3573.1Short title; purpose
RS 9:3573.2Definitions; exemptions
RS 9:3573.3Prohibited conduct
RS 9:3573.4Bond; trust account
RS 9:3573.5Repealed by acts 2006, no. 190, 2.
RS 9:3573.6Disclosure statement
RS 9:3573.7Form and terms of contract
RS 9:3573.8Waiver
RS 9:3573.9Repealed by acts 2008, no. 858, 2, eff. july 9, 2008.
RS 9:3573.10Action for damages
RS 9:3573.11Orders, injunctions, and publication
RS 9:3573.12Statute of limitations
RS 9:3573.13Criminal penalty
RS 9:3573.14Burden of proving exemption
RS 9:3573.15Remedies cumulative
RS 9:3573.16Civil money penalties
RS 9:3573.17Repealed by acts 2008, no. 858, 2, eff. july 9, 2008.
RS 9:3574.1Short title
RS 9:3574.2Definitions
RS 9:3574.3Advance fees; prohibited acts
RS 9:3574.4Responsibility of principals
RS 9:3574.5Investigations; cease and desist orders; administrative fines
RS 9:3574.6Investigations; examinations; subpoenas; hearings; witnesses
RS 9:3574.7Injunction to restrain violations
RS 9:3574.8Criminal penalties
RS 9:3574.9Actions for damages
RS 9:3574.10Duties and powers of the office
RS 9:3575.1Repealed by acts 1997, no. 798, 1.
RS 9:3575.2Repealed by acts 1997, no. 798, 1.
RS 9:3575.3Repealed by acts 1997, no. 798, 1.
RS 9:3575.4Repealed by acts 1997, no. 798, 1.
RS 9:3575.5Repealed by acts 1997, no. 798, 1.
RS 9:3575.6Repealed by acts 1997, no. 789, 1.
RS 9:3575.7Repealed by acts 1997, no. 798, 1.
RS 9:3575.8Repealed by acts 1997, no. 798, 1.
RS 9:3575.9Repealed by acts 1997, no. 798, 1.
RS 9:3575.10Repealed by acts 1997, no. 798, 1.
RS 9:3576.1Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.2Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.3Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.4Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.5Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.6Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.7Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.8Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.9Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.10Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.11Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.12Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.13Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.14Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.15Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.16Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.17Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.18Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.19Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.20Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.21Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.22Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.23Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3576.24Repealed by acts 2003, no. 638, 1.
RS 9:3577.1Short title
RS 9:3577.2Definitions
RS 9:3577.3Registration prior to solicitation; inducements prohibited
RS 9:3577.4Debt collection against parent or guardian prohibited
RS 9:3577.5Violations; penalties
RS 9:3578.1Short title
RS 9:3578.2Legislative intent
RS 9:3578.3Definitions
RS 9:3578.4Finance charge and fees
RS 9:3578.4.1Extended payment plan; terms; conditions
RS 9:3578.5Rebate upon prepayment
RS 9:3578.6Prohibited acts
RS 9:3578.7Posting of notice; toll-free number
RS 9:3578.8Powers of the commissioner; adoption of rules and regulations
RS 9:3579.1Short title
RS 9:3579.2Definitions
RS 9:3579.3Restriction on acting as facilitator
RS 9:3579.4Disclosure requirements
RS 9:3581Louisiana equal credit opportunity law
RS 9:3582Scope
RS 9:3583Discrimination prohibited
RS 9:3584Repealed by acts 1979, no. 709, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1980
RS 9:3590Confession of judgment
RS 9:3601Deposit in general
RS 9:3801Uniform fiduciaries law
RS 9:3802Payment or transfer to fiduciary; responsibility for proper application
RS 9:3803Repealed by acts 1960, no. 444, 2
RS 9:3804Endorsement of negotiable instrument; duty and liability of endorsee
RS 9:3805Payee of check or bill of exchange; duties and liability
RS 9:3806Check or bill of exchange payable to, or transferred to, fiduciary; duties and liability of transferee
RS 9:3807Bank paying check; liability of
RS 9:3808Check upon principal's account; liability of bank paying
RS 9:3809Deposit by fiduciary to his personal credit; duties and liabilities of bank
RS 9:3810Check upon deposit in name of two or more trustees; duties of bank and holder
RS 9:3811Transactions prior to january 1, 1925
RS 9:3812Cases not provided for; rules applicable
RS 9:3813Uniform construction
RS 9:3814Short title
RS 9:3831Uniform law for simplification
RS 9:3832Registration in the name of a fiduciary
RS 9:3833Assignment by a fiduciary
RS 9:3834Evidence of appointment or incumbency
RS 9:3835Adverse claims
RS 9:3836Non-liability of corporation and transfer agent
RS 9:3837Non-liability of third persons
RS 9:3838Territorial application
RS 9:3839Tax obligations
RS 9:3840Uniformity of interpretation; short title
RS 9:3850Express mandate between spouses; revocation
RS 9:3851Who may file; petition contents; service; venue
RS 9:3852Dismissal upon motion to dismiss filed by the principal
RS 9:3853Substitution
RS 9:3854Substitution
RS 9:3855Payment of costs and attorney fees
RS 9:3856Applicability
RS 9:3861Louisiana military powers of attorney
RS 9:3862Illustrative form; military power of attorney
RS 9:3863Requirements for legally sufficient power of attorney; federal preemption
RS 9:3864Initialed lines on form or designation as general or special; no limitation of powers
RS 9:3865Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1131, 2.
RS 9:3867Additional form of power of attorney; application of this chapter
RS 9:3868Short title
RS 9:3869Application and construction of chapter
RS 9:3870Powers granted
RS 9:3871Tangible personal property transactions; powers granted
RS 9:3872Stock and bond transactions; powers granted
RS 9:3873Commodity and option transactions; powers granted
RS 9:3874Banking and other financial institution transactions; powers granted
RS 9:3875Business operating transactions; powers granted
RS 9:3876Insurance and annuity transactions; powers granted
RS 9:3877Estate, trust, and other beneficiary transactions; powers granted
RS 9:3878Claims and litigations; powers granted
RS 9:3879Personal and family maintenance; powers granted
RS 9:3879.1Care, custody, and control of minor child
RS 9:3880Social security; civil or military benefits; powers granted
RS 9:3881Retirement plan transactions; powers granted
RS 9:3882Tax matters; powers granted
RS 9:3882.1Real or immovable property transactions; powers granted
RS 9:3883After-acquired property; state where property is located or where power is executed
RS 9:3884Trust instruments; power to modify or revoke
RS 9:3885Liability of person acting in good faith reliance upon power of attorney
RS 9:3886Application of power of attorney to all or portion of property of principal; description of items or parcels
RS 9:3887Acceptance of military power of attorney
RS 9:3890Conditional procuration
RS 9:3891Definitions
RS 9:3892Relationships between licensees and persons
RS 9:3893Duties of licensees representing clients
RS 9:3894Licensee's relationship with customers
RS 9:3895Termination of agency relationship
RS 9:3896Compensation; agency relationship
RS 9:3897Dual agency
RS 9:3898Subagency
RS 9:3899Vicarious liability
RS 9:3901Suretyship
RS 9:3902Failure of surety to pay; recovery of attorney's fees
RS 9:3903Subrogation in favor of surety on twelve months' bond
RS 9:3904Agreement with surety as to deposit of moneys
RS 9:3911Withdrawal of surety from bond of administrator, executor, curator or tutor
RS 9:3912Procedure for release of judicial surety
RS 9:3921Transaction or compromise
RS 9:4101Louisiana mediation act
RS 9:4102Discussion of mediation with clients
RS 9:4103Referral of a case for mediation; exceptions
RS 9:4104Selection of mediator
RS 9:4105Approved register of mediators
RS 9:4106Qualifications of mediators
RS 9:4107Standard of conduct; disclosure
RS 9:4108Required attendance and participation in mediation
RS 9:4109Cost of mediation
RS 9:4110Nonbinding effect
RS 9:4111Written settlement agreements
RS 9:4112Confidentiality
RS 9:4201Louisiana binding arbitration law
RS 9:4202Stay of proceedings brought in violation of arbitration agreement
RS 9:4203Remedy in case of default; petition and notice; hearing and proceedings
RS 9:4204Appointment of arbitrators
RS 9:4205Application heard as motion
RS 9:4206Witnesses; summoning; compelling attendance; evidence
RS 9:4207Depositions
RS 9:4208Award
RS 9:4209Motion to confirm award; jurisdiction; notice
RS 9:4210Motion to vacate award; grounds; rehearing
RS 9:4211Motion to modify or correct award; grounds
RS 9:4212Judgment upon award
RS 9:4213Notice of motions; when made; service; stay of proceedings
RS 9:4214Record; filing; judgment; effect and enforcement
RS 9:4215Appeals
RS 9:4216Limitation of application of chapter
RS 9:4217Short title
RS 9:4230Arbitration of medical and dental
RS 9:4231Voluntary arbitration; medical or dental practitioner and patient
RS 9:4232Voluntary arbitration; patient and medical institution
RS 9:4233Selection of arbitrators; qualifications; restrictions
RS 9:4234Arbitration procedure; controversies involving medical contracts and dental contracts
RS 9:4235Notification to patient
RS 9:4236Expiration of contract
RS 9:4241Scope of application
RS 9:4242Definitions and rules of interpretation
RS 9:4243Receipt of written communications
RS 9:4244Waiver of right to object
RS 9:4245Extent of court intervention
RS 9:4246Court; functions of arbitration assistance and supervision
RS 9:4247Definition and form of arbitration agreement
RS 9:4248Arbitration agreement and substantive claim before court
RS 9:4249Arbitration agreement and interim measures by court
RS 9:4250Number of arbitrators
RS 9:4251Appointment of arbitrators
RS 9:4252Grounds for challenge
RS 9:4253Challenge procedure
RS 9:4254Failure or impossibility to act
RS 9:4255Appointment of substitute arbitrator
RS 9:4256Competence of arbitral tribunal to rule on its jurisdiction
RS 9:4257Power of arbitral tribunal to order interim measures
RS 9:4258Equal treatment of parties
RS 9:4259Determination of rules of procedure
RS 9:4260Place of arbitration
RS 9:4261Commencement of arbitral proceedings
RS 9:4262Language
RS 9:4263Statements of claim and defense
RS 9:4264Hearings and written proceedings
RS 9:4265Default of a party
RS 9:4266Expert appointed by arbitral tribunal
RS 9:4267Court assistance in taking evidence
RS 9:4268Rules applicable to substance of dispute
RS 9:4269Decisionmaking by panel of arbitrators
RS 9:4270Settlement
RS 9:4271Form and contents of award
RS 9:4272Termination of proceedings
RS 9:4273Correction and interpretation of award; additional award
RS 9:4274Application for setting aside as exclusive recourse against arbitral award
RS 9:4275Recognition and enforcement
RS 9:4276Grounds for refusing recognition or enforcement
RS 9:4301Pledges
RS 9:4302Repealed by acts 1989, no. 137, 19, eff. sept. 1, 1989.
RS 9:4303Repealed by acts 1989, no. 137, 19, eff. sept. 1, 1989.
RS 9:4304Repealed by acts 1989, no. 137, 19, eff. sept. 1, 1989.
RS 9:4321Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:4322Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:4323Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:4323.1Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:4324Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:4330Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:4331Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:4331.1Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:4332Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:4333Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:4334Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:4341Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:4342Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:4343Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:4361Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:4363Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:4381Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:4382Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:4391Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:4401Conditional or collateral assignment of leases or rents
RS 9:4402Right of pledgee to cash proceeds of rent
RS 9:4403Transitional filing rules for assignments of leases and rents recorded prior to january 1, 2015
RS 9:4421Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:4422Obligations secured by mortgages or privileges; signatures and writings deemed authentic for purposes of foreclosure
RS 9:4501Privileges on movables
RS 9:4502Privilege for making or repairing movable goods, commodities, equipment, merchandise, machinery, and other movable objects
RS 9:4511Privilege; aircraft
RS 9:4512Notice of privilege
RS 9:4513Privilege; storage of aircraft
RS 9:4521Repealed by acts 2010, no. 378, 4.
RS 9:4522Water furnished to grow crops
RS 9:4522.1Water furnished under crop share agreement; exempt
RS 9:4523Threshermen's, combinemen's, and grain drier's privilege
RS 9:4524Repealed by acts 2010, no. 378, 4.
RS 9:4541Seller of agricultural products in chartered cities and towns
RS 9:4542Seller of cotton seed on manufactured products
RS 9:4543Seller of sugar cane on manufactured products
RS 9:4544Vegetables, seafood, and other perishable items
RS 9:4561Sewing machines and pianos subject to seizure
RS 9:4562Repealed by acts 1985, no. 592, 6, effective july 13, 1985.
RS 9:4563Entry and removal of property
RS 9:4564Penalty for violation
RS 9:4581Holder of vendor's privilege on property destroyed by fire, privilege on insurance
RS 9:4582Notice to insurer and to assured; deposit in court
RS 9:4601Hauling or trucking
RS 9:4621Logs and products manufactured therefrom
RS 9:4622Effective period; rank; sequestration
RS 9:4641Laborers and furnishers of supplies
RS 9:4661Feed, medicine, and veterinary services for horses
RS 9:4681Carpets and rugs, cleaning and storage
RS 9:4682Loss of privilege
RS 9:4683Other remedies
RS 9:4684Satisfaction of privilege; procedure; sale
RS 9:4685Proceeds, disposition of
RS 9:4686Claimant may pay charges and acquire possession
RS 9:4687Clothing or household goods; procedures for sale
RS 9:4688Proceeds, disposition of
RS 9:4689Clothing or household goods; disposition of other than by sale
RS 9:4701Private sale of unclaimed goods of less than $10
RS 9:4702Notice to owner
RS 9:4703Proceeds, disposition of
RS 9:4721Sugar refinery and mill employees
RS 9:4741Canal toll fees
RS 9:4751Definitions
RS 9:4752Privilege on net proceeds collected from third party in favor of medical providers for services and supplies furnished injured persons
RS 9:4753Written notice
RS 9:4754Failure to pay over monies after notice
RS 9:4755Itemized statements
RS 9:4756Short title
RS 9:4757Definitions
RS 9:4758Privilege
RS 9:4759Options of owner upon lessee's default
RS 9:4760Supplemental nature of act
RS 9:4770Conflicts with chapter 9 of the uniform commercial code
RS 9:4780Short title
RS 9:4781Definitions
RS 9:4782Privilege
RS 9:4783Notice of privilege
RS 9:4784Enforcement of privilege
RS 9:4785Cessation of enforcement actions
RS 9:4790Child support arrearages; privilege on motor vehicles
RS 9:4791Short title
RS 9:4792Definitions
RS 9:4793Privilege
RS 9:4794Vessel owner information
RS 9:4795Notice of privilege and default
RS 9:4796Advertisement: enforcement of privilege
RS 9:4797Sale and purchasers
RS 9:4798Regulations
RS 9:4801Privileges on immovables
RS 9:4802Improvement of immovable by contractor; claims against the owner and contractor; privileges securing the improvement
RS 9:4803Amounts secured by claims and privileges
RS 9:4806Owner defined; interest affected
RS 9:4807Contractor, general contractor, subcontractor defined
RS 9:4808Work defined
RS 9:4811Notice of a contract with a general contractor to be filed
RS 9:4812Bond required; terms and conditions
RS 9:4813Liability of the surety
RS 9:4814Contractors; misapplication of payments prohibited; civil penalties; payment of claims, attorney fees and costs
RS 9:4815Escrow of funds due under contract; procedures
RS 9:4820Privileges; effective date
RS 9:4821Ranking of privileges
RS 9:4822Preservation of claims and privileges
RS 9:4823Extinguishment of claims and privileges
RS 9:4831Filing; place of filing; contents
RS 9:4832Cancellation of notice of contract
RS 9:4833Request to cancel the inscription of claims and privileges; cancellation; notice of pendency of action
RS 9:4834Notice of contract; cessation of effect, reinscription
RS 9:4835Filing of bond or other security; cancellation of statement of claim or privilege or notice of pendency of action
RS 9:4841Enforcement of claims and privileges; concursus
RS 9:4842Delivery of notice or other documents and materials; burden of proof
RS 9:4851Scope; definition
RS 9:4852Notice
RS 9:4853Copies of notice
RS 9:4854Lien rights unaffected
RS 9:4855Penalty for violation
RS 9:4861Definitions
RS 9:4861.1Blank]
RS 9:4861.2Blank]
RS 9:4862Privilege for labor, services, or supplies
RS 9:4863Property subject to the privilege
RS 9:4864When the privilege is established and when it is extinguished
RS 9:4865Cessation of effect as to certain third persons
RS 9:4866Extinction as to movable property
RS 9:4867Notice to operator
RS 9:4868Statement of privilege; form and content
RS 9:4869Purchaser of hydrocarbons; effect of privilege and notices required
RS 9:4870Ranking of privileges
RS 9:4871Enforcement of claims and privileges
RS 9:4872Filing of bond or other security; cancellation of statement of privilege or notice of pendency of action
RS 9:4873Delivery of movables to well site; burden of proof
RS 9:4881Definitions
RS 9:4882Privilege of the operator and non-operator
RS 9:4883Property subject to the privilege
RS 9:4884When the privilege is established and when it is extinguished
RS 9:4885Cessation of effect as to certain third persons
RS 9:4886Extinction as to movable property
RS 9:4887Statement of privilege; form and content
RS 9:4888Ranking of privileges
RS 9:4889Enforcement of privileges
RS 9:4901Railroad tracks, road-beds, etc., privilege for material or labor
RS 9:4902Recordation unnecessary; effective period
RS 9:4903Rank
RS 9:4921Feed for livestock used on public works; filing claims for
RS 9:4922Statement of amount due
RS 9:4923Feed claims have same rights as those for labor or materials
RS 9:4941Contractor may bond claims
RS 9:4961Attorney's fees, limitation for recordation of lien
RS 9:4962To 4965 repealed by acts 1950, no. 200, 2
RS 9:5001Privileges on movables and immovables
RS 9:5011Privilege of succession creditor and particular legatee
RS 9:5012Privilege of creditor of heir or legatee
RS 9:5013Effect of privileges
RS 9:5014Enforcement of privilege on immovables alienated by heirs or legatees
RS 9:5015Peremption of inscription of privilege of succession creditor or particular legatee
RS 9:5016Peremption of inscription of privilege of creditor of heir or legatee
RS 9:5021Privilege on assets of purchaser when purchaser becomes insolvent or bankrupt
RS 9:5031Preservation of rights of lien or privilege holder in sales held in certain proceedings
RS 9:5101Mortgages in general
RS 9:5102Repealed by acts 1991, no. 652, 4, eff. jan. 1, 1992.
RS 9:5103Newspaper plant, equipment, name, and good will
RS 9:5104Repealed by acts 1978, no. 728, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1979
RS 9:5105Repealed by acts 1978, no. 728, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1979
RS 9:5121To 5126 repealed by acts 1978, no. 728, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1979
RS 9:5131Appointment by court
RS 9:5132Designation in mortgage
RS 9:5133Powers, duties and compensation
RS 9:5134Security
RS 9:5135Requests to court for instructions
RS 9:5136Designation in mortgage or other instrument of keeper of property
RS 9:5137Appointment of person designated by parties
RS 9:5138Powers, duties, and compensation
RS 9:5139Security
RS 9:5140Requests to court for instructions
RS 9:5140.1Effect of subpart on other provisions of law
RS 9:5140.2Security interests under chapter 9 of louisiana commercial laws
RS 9:5141Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:5142Parish wherein state capitol is located, special mortgages
RS 9:5143Parish wherein state capitol is located, vendor's mortgages or sales with mortgage.
RS 9:5161Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:5162Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:5163United states agencies mortgagees of record; no cancellation or subordination without notice
RS 9:5164Service of notice
RS 9:5165Issuance of release of mortgage by current mortgagee
RS 9:5166Cancellation of mortgage and vendor's lien inscriptions; uniform cancellation affidavit; requirements and effects
RS 9:5167Cancellation of mortgage or vendor's privilege by affidavit of notary or title insurer where paraphed note or other evidence is lost or destroyed
RS 9:5167.1Cancellation of mortgage inscription by affidavit; penalties
RS 9:5167.2Cancellation of mortgage inscription
RS 9:5168Promissory notes; loss or destruction; proof by affidavit
RS 9:5169Cancellation of mortgages and privileges not securing paraphed obligations
RS 9:5169.1Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:5170Cancellation of mortgages and privileges securing paraphed obligations
RS 9:5171Cancellation; certified copy of order, decree or other instrument
RS 9:5172Cancellation; licensed financial institution
RS 9:5173Mortgage or privilege cancellation by financial institution-standard form
RS 9:5174Liability for incorrect or false request for cancellation
RS 9:5175Order of discharge in bankruptcy; effect
RS 9:5176Extinction of certain rights; acknowledgment by owner or holder
RS 9:5177Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:5178Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:5179Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:5180Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:5180.1Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:5180.2Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1087, 5.
RS 9:5180.3Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:5180.4Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:5181Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:5182Repealed by acts 1992, no. 1132, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1993.
RS 9:5183Repealed by acts 1978, no. 651, 3
RS 9:5201Repealed by acts 1997, no. 584, 1.
RS 9:5202Repealed by acts 1997, no. 584, 1.
RS 9:5203Repealed by acts 1997, no. 584, 1.
RS 9:5206Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:5207Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:5208Registers kept by recorder of mortgages in orleans parish
RS 9:5209Authentication of registers in orleans parish
RS 9:5210Registers and authentication outside orleans parish
RS 9:5211Register with title of acts and time of filing
RS 9:5212Prompt recordation and certificate of encumbrances
RS 9:5213Method of recordation; certificate of encumbrances
RS 9:5214Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:5215Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:5216Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:5217Recorder's fees for multiple indebtedness mortgages; form
RS 9:5251Preservation of rights of mortgage holder in sales held in certain proceedings
RS 9:5301Conventional mortgages
RS 9:5302Fiduciary as mortgagee in trust for creditors
RS 9:5303Creditors' interests under mortgage
RS 9:5304Enforcement of mortgage; limitations
RS 9:5305Paraph unnecessary; proviso
RS 9:5306Act of mortgage may include pledge
RS 9:5307Substitutions, fidei commissa, or trust dispositions; laws not applicable
RS 9:5321Definitions
RS 9:5322Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1201, 6.
RS 9:5323Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1201, 6.
RS 9:5324Schedule of penalties
RS 9:5325Exclusions
RS 9:5326Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1184, 4; acts 1995, no. 1201, 6.
RS 9:5351Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5351.1Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5352Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5352.1Repealed by acts 1988, no. 920, 2, eff. july 26, 1988.
RS 9:5353Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5354Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5354.1Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5354.2Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5355Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5356Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5357Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5358Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5359Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5360Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5361Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5362Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5363Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5363.1Abandoned mobile homes; secured parties
RS 9:5364Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5365Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5366Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5366.1Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5366.2Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5367Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5368Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5369Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5370Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5371Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5372Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5373Repealed by acts 2001, no. 128, 18, eff. july 1, 2001.
RS 9:5381Ships and other vessels, hypothecation and conveyance; record; effect
RS 9:5382Right of mortgage holder to recover for disposal or conversion of property
RS 9:5383Transfers of more than one parcel of immovable property
RS 9:5384Assumption of a mortgage on immovable property by a third person
RS 9:5385Satisfaction of mortgage; production of promissory note or release for cancellation; liability
RS 9:5386Mortgage including collateral assignment and pledge of certain incorporeal rights
RS 9:5387Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1079, 8, eff. sept. 1, 1990.
RS 9:5388Authority to carry out and enforce rights
RS 9:5389Additional funds advanced under mortgage or security agreement
RS 9:5390Amendment, renewal, or refinancing of mortgage and mortgage note
RS 9:5391Additions, accessions, and natural increases subject to mortgage
RS 9:5392Continuation of mortgage after judgment
RS 9:5393Combination forms
RS 9:5394Applicability
RS 9:5395Protection of mortgage lenders and fiduciaries from state environmental liability; parity with federal law
RS 9:5396Maintenance of abandoned mortgaged property
RS 9:5501Legal mortgages
RS 9:5501.1Sworn affidavit; form
RS 9:5502Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:5503Affidavit of identity; content; effect; penalty for falsifying
RS 9:5504Privileges and liens in favor of state, parish, or municipal bodies
RS 9:5521Ship mortgage law
RS 9:5522Definitions
RS 9:5523Identifying numbers
RS 9:5524Title to work; materials and components
RS 9:5525Mortgage of ships; materials and components
RS 9:5526Mortgage to be in writing; description and content
RS 9:5527Authentication; filing; fee
RS 9:5528Effect of filing; rights and privileges retained
RS 9:5529Ship mortgage book; form
RS 9:5530Cancellation; reinscription; fee
RS 9:5531Failure to affix hull number; removal of hull number; penalty
RS 9:5532Mortgaging with fraudulent intent; penalty
RS 9:5533Disposal of mortgaged ship with fraudulent intent; penalty
RS 9:5534Acceleration of maturity date, grounds for
RS 9:5535Fraudulent release of mortgage; penalty
RS 9:5536Remedies of creditors
RS 9:5537Ship mortgage certificates; fee
RS 9:5538Relation to chapter 9 of the louisiana commercial laws
RS 9:5550Collateral mortgages and
RS 9:5551Effective date of a collateral mortgage
RS 9:5552Defenses to enforcement of a collateral mortgage
RS 9:5553Defenses to enforcement of a vendor's privilege
RS 9:5554No requirement of registry of transfer, assignment, pledge, or security interest in or of the written obligation, collateral mortgage, or vendor's privilege
RS 9:5555Executory process in the case of notes or other obligations not paraphed for identification with the mortgage
RS 9:5556Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 9:5557Obligation to grant release of mortgage
RS 9:5601Prescription
RS 9:5602Contracts for work and labor; new orleans
RS 9:5603Public ways; damages due to grading
RS 9:5604Actions for professional accounting liability
RS 9:5605Actions for legal malpractice
RS 9:5605.1Theft of client funds; prescription
RS 9:5606Actions for professional insurance agent liability
RS 9:5607Actions against a professional engineer, surveyor, professional interior designer, architect, real estate developer; peremptive periods
RS 9:5608Actions against home inspectors
RS 9:5609Contracts to buy or sell; peremption of the effect of recordation; prescription for actions
RS 9:5621Acts of succession representative
RS 9:5622Informalities in auction sales, two and five year prescription.
RS 9:5623Acts of sheriff; overpayments
RS 9:5624Actions for damages to property damaged for public purposes
RS 9:5625Violation of zoning restriction, building restriction, or subdivision regulation
RS 9:5626Actions and claims for lands and improvements used or destroyed for levees or levee drainage purposes
RS 9:5627Building encroaching on public way
RS 9:5628Actions for medical malpractice
RS 9:5628.1Actions for liability from the use of blood or tissue
RS 9:5629Uninsured motorist insurance claims
RS 9:5630Actions by unrecognized successor against third persons
RS 9:5631Minors, interdicts, and posthumous children
RS 9:5632Actions against succession representatives, tutors, and curators; defect in private sales or mortgages
RS 9:5633Blighted property; acquisitive prescription
RS 9:5641Sale under attachment against foreign corporation
RS 9:5642Sheriffs' deeds
RS 9:5643Right to probate testament
RS 9:5644Prescription of actions involving asbestos abatement
RS 9:5645Prescription of actions involving contract to sell or transfer immovable property
RS 9:5646Sale of immovable property by domestic or foreign corporation or unincorporated association
RS 9:5647Power of attorney; action to set aside under certain conditions
RS 9:5661Land patents
RS 9:5683Repealed by acts 1981, no. 721, 2
RS 9:5684Repealed by acts 1981, no. 721, 2
RS 9:5685Prescription against the state
RS 9:5701Debts due charitable or educational institution or fund
RS 9:5801Involuntary dismissal; failure to timely request service of citation
RS 9:5802Fugitive from justice
RS 9:5803Property adjudicated to state for non-payment of taxes
RS 9:5804Immovable property of municipal corporation
RS 9:5805Minerals, mineral or royalty rights; liberative prescription not suspended by minority or other disability
RS 9:5806Repealed by acts 1974, no. 50, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1975
RS 9:5807Interruption of prescription on pledged obligations by payment on obligation secured by pledge
RS 9:5811Prescription of action of revendication
RS 9:5821Purpose; ratification
RS 9:5822Suspension and extension of prescription and peremption; exceptions
RS 9:5823Suspension of legal deadlines; extension of legal deadlines; contradictory hearing
RS 9:5824Purpose; certain courts; suspension and extension of prescription and peremption and other legal deadlines
RS 9:5825Applicability
RS 9:6001Application of foreign law