Code of criminal procedure

CCRP 1Short title; citation of code
CCRP 2Purpose and construction
CCRP 3Procedures not otherwise specified
CCRP 4Number; gender
CCRP 5Mandatory and permissive language
CCRP 6Conjunctive, disjunctive, or both
CCRP 7Municipal and parochial officers included
CCRP 8Assistants and deputies included
CCRP 9References to code articles or statutory sections
CCRP 10Article headings, source notes, and comments not part of law
CCRP 11Clerical and typographical errors disregarded
CCRP 12Pleading a statute
CCRP 13Computation of time
CCRP 14Oath or affirmation in criminal proceedings; witness
CCRP 14.1Filing of pleadings and documents by facsimile transmission
CCRP 15Courts to which applicable; military not affected
CCRP 16Jurisdiction and powers of courts
CCRP 17Inherent power and authority of courts
CCRP 18Adoption of local rules of court
CCRP 19Special sessions of court
CCRP 20Contempt of court; kinds of contempt
CCRP 21Direct contempt
CCRP 22Procedure for punishing direct contempt
CCRP 22.1Direct contempt; fingerprinting and photographing; exceptions
CCRP 23Constructive contempt
CCRP 24Procedure for punishing constructive contempt
CCRP 25Penalties for contempt
CCRP 25.1Appointment of interpreter for non-english-speaking persons
CCRP 26Power to order peace bonds
CCRP 27Application for peace bond; examination
CCRP 28Issuance of summons or warrant of arrest
CCRP 29Peace bond hearing; costs
CCRP 30The peace bond
CCRP 31Failure to give peace bond; effect
CCRP 32Forfeiture of peace bond
CCRP 33Automatic discharge
CCRP 61District attorney; powers and duties
CCRP 62Authority of attorney general; supervision of district attorney
CCRP 63District attorney; assistance of other counsel
CCRP 64Relationship of district attorney with grand jury
CCRP 65Defense of prosecution unlawful
CCRP 66Subpoena of witness to appear before attorney general and district attorney
CCRP 67Repealed by acts 1999, no. 718, 1.
CCRP 101Abolition of coroner's jury and inquest; investigation by coroner
CCRP 102Autopsy
CCRP 103Subpoena of witnesses; testimony; subpoena duces tecum; issuance
CCRP 104Employment of expert assistants
CCRP 105Coroner's report; admissibility in evidence
CCRP 106Arrest of criminal suspect
CCRP 131Duties and powers
CCRP 161Property subject to seizure
CCRP 162Issuance of warrant; affidavit; description
CCRP 162.1Warrant issued upon oral testimony
CCRP 162.2Warrant issued upon electronic testimony
CCRP 163Officer to whom directed; time for execution
CCRP 163.1Search of a person for bodily samples; warrants; execution
CCRP 164Means and force in executing warrant
CCRP 165Authority of peace officer in executing a search warrant
CCRP 166Receipt for seized property
CCRP 167Custody of seized property; disposition
CCRP 201Arrest defined
CCRP 202Warrant of arrest; issuance
CCRP 203Form and contents of warrant
CCRP 204Execution of warrant
CCRP 205Effective period
CCRP 206Procedure when warrant defective
CCRP 207Procedure when arrest made for offense triable in another parish
CCRP 208Summons; defined
CCRP 209When summons may be issued by magistrate
CCRP 210Service of summons
CCRP 211Summons by officer instead of arrest and booking
CCRP 211.1Persons with outstanding warrant; arrest or release of person
CCRP 211.2Contempt; attachment of arrest for failing to appear; summons by peace officer instead of arrest
CCRP 211.3Repealed by acts 2011, no. 403, 2.
CCRP 211.4Repealed by acts 2011, no. 403, 2.
CCRP 211.5Repealed by acts 2011, no. 403, 2.
CCRP 211.6Repealed by acts 2011, no. 403, 2.
CCRP 212Securing jurisdiction over corporation, partnership, or other unincorporated association
CCRP 213Arrest by officer without warrant; when lawful
CCRP 214Arrest by private person; when lawful
CCRP 215Detention and arrest of shoplifters
CCRP 215.1Temporary questioning of persons in public places; frisk and search for weapons
CCRP 215.2Detaining of persons on premises of correctional institution for questioning about contraband; detention for arrest
CCRP 216Time and place of making arrest
CCRP 217Method of arrest by officer under warrant
CCRP 218Method of arrest without warrant
CCRP 218.1Advice of reasons for arrest or detention and of rights
CCRP 219Officer may summon assistance
CCRP 220Submission to arrest; use of force
CCRP 221Blood and saliva testing
CCRP 222Blood and saliva testing; expedited, nonincriminating procedure
CCRP 224Forcible entry in making arrest
CCRP 225Duty of peace officer as to weapons and incriminating articles
CCRP 226Duty of private person after making arrest
CCRP 227Rearrest after escape
CCRP 227.1Prevention of escape; use of force
CCRP 228Booking of arrested person, submission of booking information summary
CCRP 228.1Disposal of property of prisoners; orleans parish
CCRP 228.2Disposal of property of prisoners; orleans parish excepted
CCRP 228.3Disposal of unclaimed property seized in any criminal investigation; orleans parish excepted
CCRP 228.4Disposal of noncontraband unclaimed property seized in criminal investigations
CCRP 229Duties of officer in charge
CCRP 230Rights of person arrested
CCRP 230.1Maximum time for appearance before judge for the purpose of appointment of counsel; court discretion to fix bail at the appearance; extension of time limit for cause; effect of failure of appearance
CCRP 230.2Probable cause determinations; persons arrested without a warrant and continued in custody; bail
CCRP 231Close pursuit of person from another state; authority to arrest
CCRP 232Same; arrested person taken before judge for hearing
CCRP 233Electronic signature of offender; requirements
CCRP 261Special definitions
CCRP 262Extradition of wanted criminals
CCRP 262.1Extradition of persons not physically present in demanding state at the time of commission of crime
CCRP 263Form of demand for extradition; necessary papers
CCRP 264Investigation of demand by governor
CCRP 265Governor's warrant; issuance and recitals
CCRP 266Governor's warrant; execution and recall
CCRP 267Rights of accused; extradition hearing
CCRP 268Issues at extradition hearing; resulting orders
CCRP 269Arrest prior to demand for extradition; issuance of warrant
CCRP 270Commitment to await extradition
CCRP 271Bail in extradition cases
CCRP 272Persons under criminal prosecution or sentence in this state at time of requisition
CCRP 273Waiver of extradition proceedings
CCRP 274Application for issuance of requisition
CCRP 275Application for return of wanted fugitive
CCRP 276Documents to be filed with application for requisition
CCRP 277Appointment of agents to receive prisoner
CCRP 278Re-extradition agreements
CCRP 279Extradition costs and expenses
CCRP 280Immunity of extradited person from service of process in civil actions
CCRP 281No right of asylum or immunity from other criminal prosecutions
CCRP 291Authority to conduct preliminary examinations
CCRP 292Order for preliminary examination before and after indictment
CCRP 293Time for examination; procurement of counsel
CCRP 294Examination of witnesses; transcript of testimony
CCRP 295Admissibility of transcripts in other proceedings
CCRP 296Scope of preliminary examination before and after indictment
CCRP 297Transmission of transcripts and other evidence
CCRP 298Effect of informality in proceedings
CCRP 311Bail defined
CCRP 312Types and elections of bail
CCRP 313Surety
CCRP 314Commercial surety
CCRP 315Personal surety
CCRP 316Types of personal surety
CCRP 317Unsecured personal surety
CCRP 318Secured personal surety
CCRP 319Conditions for providing a property bond
CCRP 320Those who may not be sureties
CCRP 321Affidavit of surety
CCRP 322Declaration of residence by defendant and surety; social security number; waiver of notice
CCRP 323Signature or declaration of person unable to write
CCRP 324Cash deposits
CCRP 325Bail without surety
CCRP 325.1Repealed by acts 1983, no. 256, 1.
CCRP 326Condition of the bail undertaking
CCRP 327Requisites of the bail undertaking
CCRP 327.1Bail restrictions to be transmitted to louisiana protective order registry
CCRP 328Substitution of security
CCRP 329Contract to indemnify surety
CCRP 330Bail before conviction
CCRP 330.1Detention; bail hearing
CCRP 330.2Bail hearing for certain sex offenders; detention
CCRP 330.3Bail hearing for felony offenses against a family or household member or dating partner; detention
CCRP 331Capital offenses
CCRP 332Bail after conviction
CCRP 333Authority to fix bail
CCRP 334Factors in determining amount of bail
CCRP 334.1Felony involving firearm; bail
CCRP 334.2Arrest for a crime of violence and other offenses related to domestic abuse; release on own recognizance prohibited
CCRP 334.3Prohibition on subsequent bail obligation following revocation or forfeiture; certain offenses
CCRP 334.4Arrest for certain crimes; release on own recognizance prohibited
CCRP 334.5Reinstatement of bail following dismissal of case by prosecution; conditions
CCRP 334.6Nonprofit organization performing or providing pretrial services
CCRP 335Other conditions related to the appearance of defendant
CCRP 335.1Offenses against a family or household member or dating partner; provisions for forfeiture, arrest, modification
CCRP 335.2Stalking; conditions of release
CCRP 336Release conditioned on participation in pretrial drug testing program
CCRP 336.1Conditions of release on bail; aggravated rape
CCRP 336.2Conditions of release on bail; operating a vehicle while intoxicated
CCRP 337Juvenile records to determine bail
CCRP 338Form and contents of bail order
CCRP 339Repealed by acts 2010, no. 914, 5.
CCRP 340Amount of bail in felony cases; schedules of bail in noncapital cases
CCRP 341Schedules of bail in misdemeanor cases
CCRP 342Increase or reduction of bail; sufficiency of security
CCRP 343Remedy for refusal of bail or excessive bail
CCRP 344Right to notice of time and place of defendant's required appearance
CCRP 345Surrender of defendant
CCRP 346Court order for arrest of defendant
CCRP 347Bail after surrender
CCRP 348Cancellation of bail bond
CCRP 349Forfeiture procedure
CCRP 349.1Failure to appear; issuance of arrest warrant
CCRP 349.2Proof necessary at bond forfeiture hearing
CCRP 349.3Notice of judgment
CCRP 349.4Recordation of judgment
CCRP 349.5Nullity actions, summary proceedings, and cumulative actions
CCRP 349.6Appeals
CCRP 349.7Enforcement of judgment
CCRP 349.8Satisfaction of judgment of bond forfeiture
CCRP 349.9Nonforfeiture situations
CCRP 351Habeas corpus; definition
CCRP 352Venue
CCRP 353Application for writ; form and contents
CCRP 354Granting of writ; time and place for answer
CCRP 355Persons authorized to make service; proof of service
CCRP 356Method of service
CCRP 357Answer; production of person in custody
CCRP 358Transfer of custody; answer
CCRP 359Nonproduction of person confined; justification
CCRP 360Hearing
CCRP 361Custody without court order
CCRP 362Custody with court order
CCRP 363Effect of appeal
CCRP 364New warrant; when issued
CCRP 365Burden of proof
CCRP 366Custody pendente lite
CCRP 367Rearrest after discharge
CCRP 368Disobedience of writ or judgment; contempt
CCRP 369Appeal not permitted
CCRP 370Custody pending application for writs
CCRP 381Nature of criminal prosecution
CCRP 382Methods of instituting criminal prosecutions
CCRP 383Indictment
CCRP 384Information
CCRP 385Affidavit
CCRP 386Institution of prosecution after discharge at preliminary examination; after failure of grand jury to indict
CCRP 401General qualifications of jurors
CCRP 401.1Court instructions for interpreter
CCRP 402Repealed by acts 1974, ex.sess., no. 20, 1, eff. january 1, 1975
CCRP 403Exemption from jury service
CCRP 403.1Disqualification for undue hardship
CCRP 404Appointment of jury commissions; term of office; oath; quorum; performance of functions of jury commissions in certain parishes
CCRP 404.1Powers, duties, and functions of the board of jury commissioners in orleans parish
CCRP 405Notice of jury commission meetings
CCRP 406Powers of jury commission; penalty for disobedience of commission process
CCRP 407Administration of oath to witnesses
CCRP 408Selection of general venire in parishes other than orleans
CCRP 408.1Initial selection of general venire; source
CCRP 409Selection of general venire in orleans parish
CCRP 409.1Orleans parish central jury pool
CCRP 409.2Jefferson parish central jury pool
CCRP 409.3Central jury pools; local rules
CCRP 409.4Nineteenth judicial district court central jury pool
CCRP 409.5One day/one trial jury system
CCRP 410Revising and supplementing the general venire
CCRP 411Drawing of grand jury venire; disposition of slips; jury box; subpoena of persons on grand jury venire
CCRP 412Drawing grand jury venire and subpoena of veniremen; orleans parish
CCRP 413Method of impaneling of grand jury; selection of foreman
CCRP 414Time for impaneling grand juries; period of service
CCRP 415Method of filling vacancies on grand jury
CCRP 415.1Selection of additional grand juries
CCRP 415.2Duration of additional grand juries; extension of impanelment
CCRP 416Drawing petit jury venire in parishes other than orleans; term of service
CCRP 416.1One-step qualification/summoning
CCRP 417Proces verbal; summoning of petit jurors; parishes other than orleans
CCRP 418Drawing petit jury venire in orleans parish; number chosen; term of service; petit jury venire list
CCRP 419Challenge of venire not permitted except for fraud or irreparable injury or systematic exclusion based on race
CCRP 431Oath of grand jury
CCRP 432Charge to grand jury
CCRP 433Persons present during grand jury sessions
CCRP 434Secrecy of grand jury meetings; procedures for crimes in other parishes
CCRP 434.1Exceptions to grand jury secrecy
CCRP 435Meetings of grand jury
CCRP 436The foreman; rules of procedure
CCRP 437Inquiry into offenses; authority and duties
CCRP 438Duty of grand juror having knowledge of offense; investigation
CCRP 439Subpoena of witnesses to appear before the grand jury
CCRP 439.1Witnesses; authority to compel testimony and evidence
CCRP 440Administration of oath to witnesses
CCRP 441Administration of oath to other persons
CCRP 442Evidence to be received by grand jury
CCRP 443When indictment to be found
CCRP 444Action by grand jury
CCRP 461Special definitions
CCRP 462Form of grand jury indictment
CCRP 463Form of information
CCRP 464Nature and contents of indictment
CCRP 465Specific indictment forms
CCRP 466Name of defendant
CCRP 467Naming corporation, partnership or other unincorporated association
CCRP 468Date and time
CCRP 469Venue and place
CCRP 470Value, price, or damage
CCRP 471Ownership
CCRP 472General intent
CCRP 473Identification of victim
CCRP 474Property described as money
CCRP 475Description of written instruments and printed objects
CCRP 476Description of spoken or written matter
CCRP 477Meaning of words and phrases
CCRP 478Judgments and other determinations
CCRP 479Exceptions
CCRP 480Conjunctive charging
CCRP 481Theft
CCRP 482Alternative offenses; special joinder rules
CCRP 483Allegations of prior convictions
CCRP 484Bill of particulars
CCRP 485Effect of inconsistent or limiting allegations of bill of particulars
CCRP 486Repugnancy; surplusage
CCRP 487Defective indictment; amendment
CCRP 487.1Indictment for driving while intoxicated; amendment
CCRP 488Variances; amendment
CCRP 489Continuance where amendment prejudicial
CCRP 490Counts
CCRP 491Arts. 491, 492 repealed by acts 1975, no. 528, 1
CCRP 493Joinder of offenses
CCRP 493.1Joinder of misdemeanors; penalties
CCRP 493.2Joinder of felonies; mode of trial
CCRP 494Joinder of defendants
CCRP 495Objections to misjoinder
CCRP 495.1Severance of offenses
CCRP 496Warrant of arrest on indictment or information
CCRP 497Summons in misdemeanor cases
CCRP 498Copy of indictment or information
CCRP 499Aids testing of the accused
CCRP 511Right to counsel
CCRP 512Assignment of counsel in capital cases
CCRP 513Assignment of counsel in other cases
CCRP 514Minute entry regarding counsel
CCRP 515Substitution of counsel
CCRP 516Belated pleas and motions; when authorized
CCRP 517Joint representation of co-defendants; duty of court
CCRP 521Time for filing of pretrial motions
CCRP 522Hearings on motions; audio-visual appearance
CCRP 523Notice for hearing of pretrial motions; dismissal
CCRP 531Motion to quash; nature of motion
CCRP 532General grounds for motion to quash
CCRP 533Special grounds for motion to quash grand jury indictment
CCRP 534Special grounds for motion to quash information
CCRP 535Time to file motion to quash
CCRP 536Form and contents of motion to quash; place to file
CCRP 537Trial of issues arising on motion to quash
CCRP 538Effect of sustaining motion to quash
CCRP 551Arraignment of defendant
CCRP 551.1Substitution of railroad defendant at arraignment
CCRP 552Pleas at the arraignment
CCRP 553Method of pleading
CCRP 554Effect of failure to plead
CCRP 555Waivers
CCRP 556Plea of guilty or nolo contendere in misdemeanor cases; duty of court
CCRP 556.1Plea of guilty or nolo contendere in felony cases; duty of court
CCRP 557Plea of guilty in capital cases
CCRP 558Plea of guilty of lesser included offense
CCRP 558.1Adjudication of not guilty by reason of insanity
CCRP 559Withdrawal or setting aside of plea of guilty
CCRP 560Change of plea of not guilty to guilty
CCRP 561Change of plea of "not guilty" to "not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity"
CCRP 571Crimes for which there is no time limitation
CCRP 571.1Time limitation for certain sex offenses
CCRP 572Limitation of prosecution of noncapital offenses
CCRP 573Running of time limitations; exception
CCRP 573.1Running of time limitations; exception; exploitation of persons with infirmities
CCRP 574Conviction and punishment for lesser offenses; limitations applicable
CCRP 575Interruption of time limitations
CCRP 576Filing of new charges upon dismissal of prosecution
CCRP 577Pleading of limitation; burden of proof
CCRP 578General rule
CCRP 579Interruption of time limitation
CCRP 580Suspension of time limitations
CCRP 581Expiration of limitations; motion to quash; effect
CCRP 582Time limitations; effect of new trial
CCRP 583Interruption of time limitation where new trial
CCRP 591Double jeopardy; definition
CCRP 592When jeopardy begins
CCRP 593Method of pleading
CCRP 594Method of trial; time for disposition
CCRP 595Double jeopardy; when not applicable
CCRP 596Requirements for double jeopardy
CCRP 597Prosecution in other jurisdiction
CCRP 598Effect of verdict
CCRP 611Venue; trial where offense committed
CCRP 612Offenses on railway trains, vessels, aircraft, or other vehicles
CCRP 613Jurisdiction of court where body of water is parish boundary
CCRP 614Venue where offense committed within one hundred feet of parish boundary
CCRP 615Improper venue; pleading
CCRP 621Motion; form; time for filing
CCRP 622Grounds for change of venue
CCRP 623Change granted; transfer
CCRP 623.1Capital cases; transfer of jury
CCRP 624Grant of change of venue; procedure
CCRP 625Transfer of defendant in custody
CCRP 626Change of venue where defendant is on bail
CCRP 627Appeals
CCRP 641Mental incapacity to proceed defined
CCRP 642How mental incapacity is raised; effect
CCRP 643Order for mental examination
CCRP 644Appointment of sanity commission; examination of defendant
CCRP 644.1Sanity proceedings for juvenile defendants transferred to criminal court
CCRP 645Report of sanity commission
CCRP 646Examination by physician retained by defense or district attorney
CCRP 647Determination of mental capacity to proceed
CCRP 648Procedure after determination of mental capacity or incapacity
CCRP 648.1Information required prior to admission
CCRP 649Procedure when capacity regained
CCRP 649.1Prescribed medication; administration
CCRP 650Mental examination after plea of insanity
CCRP 651When defense of insanity at time of offense is available; method of trial
CCRP 652Burden of proof
CCRP 653Testimony of members of sanity commission
CCRP 654Legal effect of acquittal on ground of insanity; commitment
CCRP 654.1Information required prior to admission
CCRP 655Application for discharge or release on probation; review panel
CCRP 656Additional mental examinations
CCRP 657Discharge or release; hearing
CCRP 657.1Conditional release; criteria
CCRP 657.2Conditional release; additional requirements
CCRP 658Probation; conditional release; reporting
CCRP 659Costs of mental examinations prior to commitment
CCRP 660Institutional costs after commitment
CCRP 661Progress reports; responsibility to furnish
CCRP 671Grounds for recusation of judge
CCRP 672Recusation on court's own motion; by supreme court
CCRP 673Judge may act until recused
CCRP 674Procedure for recusation of trial judge
CCRP 675Selection of judge ad hoc to try motion to recuse
CCRP 676Judge ad hoc to try case when judge recused
CCRP 677Supreme court appointment of judge ad hoc
CCRP 678Recusation of judge ad hoc
CCRP 679Recusation of an appellate judge and a supreme court justice
CCRP 680Grounds for recusation of district attorney
CCRP 681Procedure for recusation of district attorney
CCRP 682Appointment of substitute for a recused district attorney
CCRP 683Disability or absence of district attorney
CCRP 683.1Costs of prosecution and investigation
CCRP 684Review of recusation ruling
CCRP 691Dismissal of prosecution by district attorney
CCRP 692Dismissal of indictment after conviction
CCRP 693Effect of dismissal
CCRP 701Right to a speedy trial
CCRP 702Setting cases for trial
CCRP 703Motion to suppress evidence
CCRP 704Severance
CCRP 705Effects of severance
CCRP 706Consolidation for trial
CCRP 707Motion for continuance; time for filing
CCRP 708Continuance and recess; definitions
CCRP 709Continuance based on absence of a witness
CCRP 710Prevention of continuance by admission of adverse party
CCRP 711Trial of motion
CCRP 712Discretionary grounds
CCRP 713Peremptory grounds
CCRP 714Continuance to defendants jointly indicted
CCRP 715Continuance to definite date or indefinitely
CCRP 716Statements by the defendant, codefendants, and witnesses
CCRP 717Disclosure by the state; criminal records of defendant and witnesses; inducements to the state's witnesses
CCRP 718Documents and tangible objects
CCRP 718.1Evidence of obscenity, video voyeurism, or pornography involving juveniles; prohibition on reproduction of pornography involving juveniles
CCRP 719Reports of examinations and tests
CCRP 720Evidence of other crimes
CCRP 721Statements of coconspirators
CCRP 722Confessions and statements of codefendants
CCRP 723State reports and other matters not subject to disclosure, favorable evidence
CCRP 724Documents and tangible objects
CCRP 725Reports of examinations and tests
CCRP 725.1Disclosure by the defendant; names of defense witnesses
CCRP 726Notice of defense based upon mental condition
CCRP 727Notice of alibi
CCRP 728Defense information and other matters not subject to disclosure
CCRP 729Time and scope of motion by defendant
CCRP 729.1Court's disposition of motion for discovery; vacation or restriction of order
CCRP 729.2Time, place and manner of discovery and inspection
CCRP 729.3Continuing duty to disclose
CCRP 729.4Pretrial conferences
CCRP 729.5Failure to comply; sanctions
CCRP 729.6Applicability of discovery
CCRP 729.7Protection of witness identity
CCRP 731Issuance of subpoenas
CCRP 732Subpoena duces tecum
CCRP 732.1Subpoena duces tecum regarding sex offenses against victims who are minors
CCRP 733Form
CCRP 734Service of subpoena by sheriff; investigators
CCRP 735Types of service
CCRP 736Return of subpoena by sheriff
CCRP 737Contempt; attachment of witnesses failing to appear
CCRP 738Number of witnesses allowed
CCRP 739Indigent defendant
CCRP 740Restrictions on subpoenas; members of the legislature and personnel
CCRP 741Method of obtaining a witness from another state
CCRP 742Method of summoning a witness in this state to testify in another state
CCRP 743Exemption from arrest and service of process
CCRP 744Witness; state; defined
CCRP 761Commencement of trial
CCRP 761.1Homicide victim's picture; possession by family member in courtroom
CCRP 762Place of sessions of court
CCRP 763Proceedings on holidays
CCRP 764Exclusion of witnesses
CCRP 765Normal order of trial
CCRP 766Opening statement by state; scope
CCRP 767Same; prohibition against adverting to confessions
CCRP 768Same; use of confession or inculpatory statement; notice to defendant prior to opening statement
CCRP 769Same; effect on introduction of evidence
CCRP 770Prejudicial remarks; basis of mistrial
CCRP 771Admonition
CCRP 772Comment on facts by judge in jury's presence prohibited
CCRP 773Order of evidence; foundation
CCRP 774Argument; scope
CCRP 775Mistrial; grounds for
CCRP 775.1Automatic stay following order of mistrial
CCRP 776Oath of witness
CCRP 777Recordation of proceedings
CCRP 778Motion for acquittal
CCRP 779Trial of misdemeanors
CCRP 780Right to waive trial by jury
CCRP 781Charges in cases tried without a jury
CCRP 782Number of jurors composing jury; number which must concur; waiver
CCRP 783Excusing, tendering, and attachment of members of the venire
CCRP 784Method of selecting panel
CCRP 785Tales jurors
CCRP 786Examination of jurors
CCRP 787Disqualification of petit jurors in particular cases
CCRP 788Tendering jurors
CCRP 789Alternate jurors
CCRP 790Swearing of jurors
CCRP 791Sequestration of jurors and jury
CCRP 792Selection of foreman
CCRP 793Use of evidence in jury room; reading of recorded testimony; jurors' notes
CCRP 794Removal of jury
CCRP 795Time for challenges; method; peremptory challenges based on race or gender; restrictions
CCRP 796Removal of juror after swearing
CCRP 797Challenge for cause
CCRP 798Causes for challenge by the state
CCRP 799Number of peremptory challenges
CCRP 799.1Challenges; use of all available challenges
CCRP 800Objection to ruling on challenge for cause
CCRP 801Time for charge; when written charge required
CCRP 802General charge; scope
CCRP 803Same; charge as to included minor offenses and plea of insanity
CCRP 804Same; charge as to presumption of innocence, reasonable doubt, and several grades of offense
CCRP 805Same; charge as to verdict acquitting on account of insanity
CCRP 806Prohibited charges
CCRP 807Special written charges
CCRP 808Manner of giving further charges after jury retires
CCRP 809Judge to give jury written list of responsive verdicts
CCRP 810Form of verdict; delivery of verdict
CCRP 811Receipt and recordation of verdict
CCRP 812Same; polling and disposition of jury
CCRP 813Improper verdict; procedure
CCRP 814Responsive verdicts; in particular
CCRP 815Responsive verdicts; in general
CCRP 816Verdict acquitting on account of insanity
CCRP 817Qualifying verdicts
CCRP 818Separate verdict for each defendant
CCRP 819Separate verdict for each count
CCRP 820Application of chapter to cases tried without a jury
CCRP 821Motion for post verdict judgment of acquittal
CCRP 822Motion for amending or modifying sentence
CCRP 831Presence of defendant when prosecution is for felony
CCRP 832Continued presence not required
CCRP 833Presence of defendant when prosecution is for misdemeanor
CCRP 834When presence of defendant not necessary
CCRP 835Presence of defendant at pronouncement of sentence
CCRP 836Presence of corporation or association
CCRP 841Bill of exceptions unnecessary; objections required
CCRP 842Codefendants; presumption as to objections
CCRP 843Recording of proceedings
CCRP 844Assignment of errors; sanctions for failure to file timely
CCRP 845Repealed by acts 1982, no. 143, 3
CCRP 851Grounds for new trial
CCRP 852Form, content, and trial of motion for new trial
CCRP 853Time for filing motion for new trial
CCRP 854Newly discovered evidence; necessary allegations
CCRP 855Errors discovered after verdict or judgment of guilty; necessary allegations
CCRP 855.1Conviction based on acts committed as a victim of trafficking
CCRP 856Motion to urge all available grounds; exceptions
CCRP 857Effect of granting new trial
CCRP 858Review of ruling on motion for new trial
CCRP 859Grounds for arrest of judgment
CCRP 860Form, content, and trial of motion in arrest
CCRP 861Time for filing motion in arrest
CCRP 862Effect of sustaining motion in arrest of judgment
CCRP 871Sentence defined; pronouncing and recording of sentence; certification of conviction
CCRP 871.1Sentencing orders to be sent to louisiana protective order registry
CCRP 871.2Presentence inquiry of veteran status
CCRP 872Basis for valid sentence
CCRP 873Delay between conviction and sentence
CCRP 874Prompt sentence required; relief by writs
CCRP 875Presentence investigation; juvenile records; drug screening; veterans
CCRP 875.1Repealed by acts 1995, no. 942, 3.
CCRP 876Sentence for crime committed as a child
CCRP 877Protection of investigation reports
CCRP 878Cruel or unusual punishment
CCRP 878.1Sentencing hearing for juvenile offenders
CCRP 879Determinate sentence required
CCRP 880Credit for prior custody; limitations
CCRP 881Amendment of sentence
CCRP 881.1Motion to reconsider sentence
CCRP 881.2Review of sentence
CCRP 881.3Record on review of sentence
CCRP 881.4Action by appellate court
CCRP 881.5Correction of illegal sentence by trial court
CCRP 881.6Reducing a sentence for substantial assistance
CCRP 881.7Memorandum of understanding; limits on reduction of sentence for substantial assistance by a defendant
CCRP 882Correction of illegal sentence; review of illegal sentence
CCRP 883Concurrent and consecutive sentences
CCRP 883.1Sentences concurrent with sentences of other jurisdictions
CCRP 883.2Restitution to victim
CCRP 884Sentence of fine with imprisonment for default
CCRP 885Release on payment of fine and costs
CCRP 885.1Suspension of driving privileges; failure to pay criminal fines
CCRP 886Enforcement of fine by civil process; offset of tax refund
CCRP 886.1Judgment for fines and costs declared executory; required notice
CCRP 887Defendant's liability for costs; suspension of costs; no advance costs
CCRP 888Costs and fines; payment
CCRP 889Collection and disposition of fines, costs, and forfeitures
CCRP 890Method of service of sentence of imprisonment; labor and confinement; workday release program
CCRP 890.1Waiver of minimum mandatory sentences; procedure; exceptions
CCRP 890.2Fines for individual defendants
CCRP 891Forfeiture of weapons
CCRP 892Post-sentence statement by sheriff; accompanying documents
CCRP 892.1Driver improvement programs
CCRP 892.2Notice of controlled dangerous substance conviction; licensing authority
CCRP 892.3Transfer of foreign nationals or citizens; treaty
CCRP 893Suspension and deferral of sentence and probation in felony cases
CCRP 893.1Motion to invoke firearm sentencing provision
CCRP 893.2Discharge, use, or possession of firearm in commission of a felony or a specifically enumerated misdemeanor; hearing
CCRP 893.3Sentence imposed on felony or specifically enumerated misdemeanor in which firearm was possessed, used, or discharged
CCRP 893.4Inapplicability to unintentional felonies
CCRP 893.5Community service in lieu of imprisonment
CCRP 894Suspension and deferral of sentence; probation in misdemeanor cases
CCRP 894.1Sentencing guidelines; generally
CCRP 894.2Home incarceration; requirements
CCRP 894.3Notice to victim for sentencing
CCRP 894.4Probation; extension
CCRP 895Conditions of probation
CCRP 895.1Probation; restitution; judgment for restitution; fees
CCRP 895.2Probation; restitution for values of wildlife
CCRP 895.3Probationer transferred between states; fees
CCRP 895.4Probation; fees; certified crime stoppers organizations
CCRP 895.5Restitution recovery division; district attorneys; establishment
CCRP 896Modifying or changing conditions of probation
CCRP 897Termination of probation or suspended sentence; discharge of defendant
CCRP 898Satisfaction of suspended sentence and probation
CCRP 899Arrest or summons for violation of probation
CCRP 899.1Administrative sanctions for technical violations
CCRP 900Violation hearing; sanctions
CCRP 901Revocation for commission of another offense
CCRP 901.1Additional sanctions for probation revocation
CCRP 902Drug addict; pre-sentence investigation; voluntary treatment; conditions of probation
CCRP 903Substance abuse probation program; authorization
CCRP 903.1Substance abuse probation program; eligibility
CCRP 903.2Substance abuse probation; sentencing
CCRP 903.3Substance abuse treatment program; cost
CCRP 905Capital cases; sentencing hearing required; delay; waiver
CCRP 905.1Sentencing hearing jury; commencement
CCRP 905.2Sentencing hearing; procedure and evidence; jury instructions
CCRP 905.3Sentence of death; jury findings
CCRP 905.4Aggravating circumstances
CCRP 905.5Mitigating circumstances
CCRP 905.5.1Mental retardation
CCRP 905.6Jury; unanimous determination
CCRP 905.7Form of determination
CCRP 905.8Imposition of sentence
CCRP 905.9Review on appeal
CCRP 911Right to appeal from judgment
CCRP 912Judgments or rulings appealable
CCRP 912.1Right of appeal and application for review; defendant
CCRP 913Effect of appeal
CCRP 914Method and time of appeal
CCRP 914.1Designation of record; payment of costs; sanction
CCRP 915Action on a motion for appeal; return; notice
CCRP 915.1Appeals; extension of return date; notice
CCRP 916Divesting of jurisdiction of trial court
CCRP 917Record on appeal; preparation
CCRP 918Record on appeal; certified and dated
CCRP 919Record on appeal; preparation and delivery of transcripts
CCRP 919.1Record on appeal; contempt
CCRP 920Scope of appellate review
CCRP 921Matters not grounds for reversal
CCRP 921.1Notice of decision in criminal appeals
CCRP 922Finality of judgment on appeal
CCRP 923Duty of clerk as to final decisions in appellate court
CCRP 924Definitions
CCRP 924.1Effect of appeal
CCRP 925Venue
CCRP 926Petition
CCRP 926.1Application for dna testing
CCRP 927Procedural objections; answer
CCRP 928Dismissal upon the pleadings
CCRP 929Summary disposition
CCRP 930Evidentiary hearing
CCRP 930.1Judgment granting or denying relief under articles 928, 929, and 930
CCRP 930.2Burden of proof
CCRP 930.3Grounds
CCRP 930.4Repetitive applications
CCRP 930.5Custody pending retrial; bail
CCRP 930.6Review of trial court judgments
CCRP 930.7Right to counsel
CCRP 930.8Time limitations; exceptions; prejudicial delay
CCRP 930.9Attendance by the petitioner
CCRP 931Courts, judges, and magistrates
CCRP 932Jurors, juries, and jury venires
CCRP 933Offenses
CCRP 934Miscellaneous definitions
CCRP 941Legislative findings
CCRP 942Definitions
CCRP 943Preemption of conflicting provisions
CCRP 944Emergency sessions of court; criteria
CCRP 945Venue; affected court; emergency sessions; habeas corpus
CCRP 946Jurisdiction of affected court conducting emergency sessions
CCRP 947Affected court conducting emergency sessions; authority and powers
CCRP 948Emergency sessions; length; recision; continuation; extensions
CCRP 949Court costs and fees
CCRP 950Authority of district attorney in emergency sessions of court
CCRP 951Sheriff; law enforcement officer
CCRP 952Clerk of affected court
CCRP 953Authority of indigent defender board in emergency sessions of court
CCRP 954Jury pool; emergency sessions
CCRP 955Suspension of time limitations in affected courts; ninety days; recision; extensions; exceptions
CCRP 956Appeals; application for supervisory writs
CCRP 957Bail during emergency sessions of court; selected offenses
CCRP 971Legislative findings
CCRP 972Definitions
CCRP 973Effect of expunged record of arrest or conviction
CCRP 974Dissemination of expunged records by third parties; court order
CCRP 975Individuals incarcerated; ineligible to file motion to expunge records
CCRP 976Motion to expunge record of arrest that did not result in a conviction
CCRP 977Motion to expunge a record of arrest and conviction of a misdemeanor offense
CCRP 978Motion to expunge record of arrest and conviction of a felony offense
CCRP 979Service of motion to expunge a record
CCRP 980Contradictory hearing
CCRP 981Judgment granting motion to expunge a record of arrest or conviction; execution
CCRP 982Service of order and judgment of expungement
CCRP 983Costs of expungement of a record; fees; collection; exemptions; disbursements
CCRP 984Additional requirements for the expungement of records involving the operation of a vehicle while intoxicated; additional fee
CCRP 985Expungement by redaction of records with references to multiple individuals
CCRP 985.1Interim motion to expunge a felony arrest from criminal history in certain cases resulting in a misdemeanor conviction
CCRP 986Forms for the expungement of records
CCRP 987Motion to set aside conviction and dismiss prosecution; rule to show cause; order of dismissal forms to be used
CCRP 988Motion for fee exemption form to be used
CCRP 989Motion for expungement forms to be used
CCRP 990Affidavit of response form to be used
CCRP 991Order form to be used
CCRP 992Order of expungement form to be used
CCRP 993Supplemental forms to be used
CCRP 994Motion for interim expungement form to be used
CCRP 995Order of interim expungement form to be used