Civil code

CC 1Sources of law
CC 2Legislation
CC 3Custom
CC 4Absence of legislation or custom
CC 5Ignorance of law
CC 6Retroactivity of laws
CC 7Laws for the preservation of the public interest
CC 8Repeal of laws
CC 9Clear and unambiguous law
CC 10Language susceptible of different meanings
CC 11Meaning of words
CC 12Ambiguous words
CC 13Laws on the same subject matter
CC 14Multistate cases
CC 24Kinds of persons
CC 25Commencement and end of natural personality
CC 26Art. 26. unborn child
CC 27General legal capacity
CC 28Capacity to make juridical acts
CC 29Age of majority
CC 30Presumption of death
CC 31Existence of a person at time of accrual of a right
CC 38Domicile
CC 39Domicile and residence
CC 40Domicile of spouses
CC 41Domicile of unemancipated minor.
CC 42Domicile of interdict
CC 43 domicile of person under continued or permanent tutorship
CC 44Change of domicile
CC 45Proof of intent to change domicile
CC 46Person holding temporary position
CC 47Curator of an absent person's property
CC 48Powers, rights, and duties of curator
CC 49Legal capacity of absent person
CC 50Termination of curatorship of right
CC 51Termination by judgment of declaration of death
CC 52Effects of termination of curatorship
CC 53Validity of acts of curator after termination of the curatorship
CC 54Absent person; declaration of death
CC 55Declaration of death; effect
CC 56New evidence as to time of death
CC 57Reappearance of absent person; recovery of his property
CC 58Succession rights of person presumed dead or declared dead
CC 59Reappearance of absent person; recovery of his inheritance
CC 60Arts. 60 to 85 repealed by acts 1990, no. 989, 1, eff. january 1, 1991.
CC 86Marriage; definition
CC 87Contract of marriage; requirements
CC 88Impediment of existing marriage
CC 89Impediment of same sex
CC 90Impediments of relationship
CC 91Marriage ceremony required
CC 92Marriage by procuration prohibited
CC 93Vices of consent
CC 94Absolutely null marriage
CC 95Relatively null marriage; confirmation
CC 96Civil effects of absolutely null marriage; putative marriage
CC 97Civil effects of relatively null marriage
CC 98Mutual duties of married persons
CC 99Family authority
CC 100Surname of married persons
CC 101Termination of marriage
CC 102Judgment of divorce; living separate and apart prior to rule
CC 103Judgment of divorce; other grounds
CC 103.1Judgment of divorce; time periods
CC 104Reconciliation
CC 105Determination of incidental matters
CC 111Spousal support; authority of court
CC 112Determination of final periodic support
CC 113Interim spousal support allowance pending final spousal support award
CC 114Modification or termination of award of periodic support
CC 115Extinguishment of spousal support obligation
CC 116Modification of spousal support obligation
CC 117Peremptive period for obligation
CC 118Other remedies affected
CC 121Claim for contributions to education or training; authority of court
CC 122Nature of action
CC 123Form of award; effect of remarriage or death
CC 124Prescription of spousal claim for contributions
CC 131Court to determine custody
CC 132Award of custody to parents
CC 133Award of custody to person other than a parent; order of preference
CC 134Factors in determining child's best interest
CC 135Closed custody hearing
CC 136Award of visitation rights
CC 136.1 award of visitation rights
CC 137Denial of visitation; felony rape; death of a parent
CC 141Child support; authority of court
CC 142Modification or termination of child support award
CC 149Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1009, 9, eff. jan. 1, 1991.
CC 150Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1009, 9, eff. jan. 1, 1991.
CC 151Proceeding for declaration of nullity of a marriage; interim incidental relief
CC 152Proceeding for declaration of nullity of a marriage; final incidental relief
CC 153Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1009, 9, eff. jan. 1, 1991.
CC 154Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1009, 9, eff. jan. 1, 1991.
CC 155Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1009, 9, eff. jan. 1, 1991.
CC 156Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1009, 9, eff. jan. 1, 1991.
CC 159Effect of divorce on community property regime
CC 160Blank]
CC 161Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1008, 6, eff. jan. 1, 1991.
CC 162Arts. 162 to 175 repealed by acts 1990, no. 705, 1.
CC 178Definition
CC 179Establishment of filiation
CC 184Maternity
CC 185Presumption of paternity of husband
CC 186Presumption if child is born after divorce or after death of husband; effect of disavowal
CC 187Disavowal action; proof
CC 188Disavowal precluded in case of assisted conception
CC 189Time limit for disavowal by the husband
CC 190Time limit for disavowal by heir or legatee
CC 191Contestation and establishment of paternity by mother
CC 192Contestation action; proof
CC 193Contestation and establishment of paternity; time period
CC 194Judgment in contestation action
CC 195Presumption by marriage and acknowledgment; child not filiated to another man; proof; time period
CC 196Formal acknowledgment; presumption
CC 197Child's action to establish paternity; proof; time period
CC 198Father's action to establish paternity; time period
CC 199Effect of adoption.
CC 200Adoption of minors
CC 201Repealed by acts 2005, no. 192, 1, eff. june 29, 2005.
CC 202Repealed by acts 1979, no. 607, 4.
CC 203Repealed by acts 2005, no. 192, 1, eff. june 29, 2005.
CC 204Repealed by acts 1979, no. 607, 4.
CC 205Repealed by acts 2005, no. 192, 1, eff. june 29, 2005.
CC 206Repealed by acts 2005, no. 192, 1, eff. june 29, 2005.
CC 207Repealed by acts 2005, no. 192, 1, eff. june 29, 2005.
CC 208Repealed by acts 2005, no. 192, 1, eff. june 29, 2005.
CC 209Repealed by acts 2005, no. 192, 1, eff. june 29, 2005.
CC 210Repealed by acts 1980, no. 549, 2.
CC 211Repealed by acts 2005, no. 192, 1, eff. june 29, 2005.
CC 212Adult adoption requirements
CC 213Adult adoption; form
CC 214Adult adoption; recordation requirement
CC 215Filial honor and respect.
CC 216Parental authority.
CC 217Filial obedience.
CC 218Parental custody and correction.
CC 219Parental appointment of tutors.
CC 220Delegation of parental authority.
CC 221Parental administration of child's estate.
CC 222Repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 223Parental usufruct on minor child's property
CC 224Obligations resulting from parents' usufruct.
CC 225Repealed by acts 1990, no. 361, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1991.
CC 226Parent's usufruct in child's estate; exceptions
CC 227Parental support and education of children.
CC 228Marriage settlement or advancement.
CC 229Reciprocal alimentary duties of ascendants and descendants.
CC 230Scope of alimentary obligation
CC 231Basis for granting alimony.
CC 232Reduction of alimony or discharge from payment.
CC 233Duty to receive in home in lieu of alimony payments.
CC 234Parental choice to receive child at home in lieu of alimony payments.
CC 235Parental protection and representation of children in litigation.
CC 236Justification of parent's assault in defense of children.
CC 237Parents' liability for offenses or quasi-offenses of children.
CC 238Illegitimate children, freedom from parental authority.
CC 239Reciprocal duties between parents and illegitimate children.
CC 240Reciprocal duty to furnish alimony.
CC 241Illegitimate child's claim for alimony from parents' heirs.
CC 242Conditions governing claim to alimony.
CC 243Termination of duty to pay alimony.
CC 244Other rules concerning alimony.
CC 245Custody of illegitimate children acknowledged by both parents
CC 246Occasion for tutorship.
CC 247Kinds of tutorships.
CC 248Modes of establishment of tutorships.
CC 249Accountability of tutor.
CC 250Persons entitled to tutorship
CC 251Repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 252Unborn and posthumous children.
CC 253Repealed by acts 1974, no. 163, 2.
CC 254Arts. 254, 255 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2
CC 256Illegitimate children
CC 257Surviving parent's right of appointment.
CC 258Right of appointment where parents are divorced or separated
CC 259Option of acceptance of tutorship.
CC 260Repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 261Illegitimate child.
CC 262Appointment of several tutors; order of priority.
CC 263Qualified ascendants; collaterals by blood; surviving spouse.
CC 270Occasion for tutorship.
CC 273Necessity for appointment.
CC 278Liability concerning minor's legal mortgage.
CC 279Repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 280Termination of undertutorship.
CC 281Arts. 281 to 291 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 292Excuse by reason of office or function.
CC 293Waiver of excuse by subsequent acceptance of tutorship.
CC 294Subsequently acquired excuse.
CC 295Excuse for remote relationship.
CC 296Excuse for age.
CC 297Excuse for infirmity.
CC 298Excuse for prior tutorships
CC 299Time to present excuse.
CC 300Provisional administration pending consideration of excuse.
CC 301Parent's unconditional obligation of tutorship.
CC 302Repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2
CC 307Repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 308Duty to apply for appointment.
CC 309Minors exempt from taking application.
CC 310Liability for failure to make application.
CC 311Action for damages; prescription.
CC 322Minor's legal mortgage on tutor's property.
CC 333Sale of mortgaged property by one claimant; inscription of legal mortgage of remaining minors.
CC 336Alienation of minor's immovables.
CC 337Repealed by acts 2001, no. 572, 2.
CC 338Interest.
CC 339Agreements between tutor and minor.
CC 340Prescription of minor's action against tutor.
CC 354Procedure for placing under tutorship.
CC 355Petition for continuing or permanent tutorship
CC 356Title of proceedings; procedural rules; parents as tutor and undertutor.
CC 357Decree, place of recording, notice.
CC 358Authority, privileges, and duties of tutor and undertutor; termination of tutorship.
CC 359Restriction on legal capacity.
CC 360Parents' rights of administration.
CC 361Contest of decree restricting legal capacity.
CC 362Persons subject to interdiction.
CC 365Emancipation
CC 366Judicial emancipation
CC 367Emancipation by marriage
CC 368Limited emancipation by authentic act
CC 369Emancipation; when effective
CC 370Modification and termination of judicial emancipation
CC 371Modification or termination of limited emancipation by authentic act
CC 389Full interdiction
CC 390Limited interdiction
CC 391Temporary and preliminary interdiction
CC 392Curators
CC 393Undercurators
CC 394Pre-interdiction juridical acts
CC 395Capacity to make juridical acts
CC 396Effective date of judgment of interdiction
CC 397Modification and termination of interdiction
CC 398Effective date of modification or termination of a judgment of interdiction
CC 399Responsibility for wrongful filing of interdiction petition
CC 448Division of things.
CC 449Common things.
CC 450Public things.
CC 451Seashore.
CC 452Public things and common things subject to public use.
CC 453Private things.
CC 454Freedom of disposition by private persons.
CC 455Private things subject to public use.
CC 456Banks of navigable rivers or streams.
CC 457Roads; public or private.
CC 458Works obstructing the public use.
CC 459Building encroaching on public way.
CC 460Construction of navigation facilities on public places by port commissions or municipalities.
CC 461Corporeals and incorporeals.
CC 462Tracts of land.
CC 463Component parts of tracts of land.
CC 464Buildings and standing timber as separate immovables.
CC 465Things incorporated into an immovable.
CC 466Component parts of a building or other construction
CC 467Immovables by declaration.
CC 468Deimmobilization.
CC 469Transfer or encumbrance of immovable.
CC 470Incorporeal immovables.
CC 471Corporeal movables.
CC 472Building materials.
CC 473Incorporeal movables.
CC 474Movables by anticipation.
CC 475Things not immovable.
CC 476Rights in things.
CC 477Ownership; content
CC 478Resolutory condition; real right in favor of other person.
CC 479Necessity of a person.
CC 480Co-ownership.
CC 481Ownership and possession distinguished.
CC 482Accession.
CC 483Ownership of fruits by accession.
CC 484Young of animals.
CC 485Fruits produced by a third person; reimbursement.
CC 486Possessor's right to fruits.
CC 487Possessor in good faith; definition.
CC 488Products; reimbursement of expenses.
CC 489Apportionment of fruits.
CC 490Accession above and below the surface.
CC 491Buildings, other constructions, standing timber, and crops.
CC 492Separate ownership of part of a building.
CC 493Ownership of improvements
CC 493.1Ownership of component parts
CC 493.2Loss of ownership by accession; claims of former owner
CC 494Constructions by landowner with materials of another.
CC 495Things incorporated in, or attached to, an immovable with the consent of the owner of the immovable.
CC 496Constructions by possessor in good faith.
CC 497Constructions by bad faith possessor.
CC 498Claims against third persons
CC 499Alluvion and dereliction.
CC 500Shore of the sea or of a lake.
CC 501Division of alluvion.
CC 502Sudden action of waters.
CC 503Island formed by river opening a new channel.
CC 504Ownership of abandoned bed when river changes course.
CC 505Islands and sandbars in navigable rivers.
CC 506Ownership of beds of nonnavigable rivers or streams.
CC 507Accession as between movables.
CC 508Things principal and accessory.
CC 509Value or bulk as a basis to determine principal thing.
CC 510Union of a principal and an accessory thing.
CC 511Ownership of new thing made with materials of another.
CC 512Effect of bad faith.
CC 513Use of materials of two owners; separation or co-ownership.
CC 514Mixture of materials.
CC 515Recovery of materials or value in lieu of ownership.
CC 516Liability for unauthorized use of a movable.
CC 517Voluntary transfer of ownership of an immovable
CC 518Voluntary transfer of the ownership of a movable
CC 519Transfer of action for recovery of movable.
CC 520Repealed by acts 1981, no. 125, 1.
CC 521Lost or stolen thing.
CC 522Transfer of ownership by owner under annullable title.
CC 523Good faith; definition.
CC 524Recovery of lost or stolen things.
CC 525Registered movables.
CC 526Recognition of ownership; recovery of the thing.
CC 527Necessary expenses.
CC 528Useful expenses.
CC 529Right of retention.
CC 530Presumption of ownership of movable.
CC 531Proof of ownership of immovable.
CC 532Common author.
CC 533Kinds of servitudes.
CC 534Personal servitude.
CC 535Usufruct.
CC 536Consumable things.
CC 537Nonconsumable things.
CC 538Usufruct of consumable things
CC 539Usufruct of nonconsumable things.
CC 540Nature of usufruct.
CC 541Divisibility of usufruct.
CC 542Divisibility of naked ownership.
CC 543Partition of the property in kind or by licitation
CC 544Methods of establishing usufruct; things susceptible of usufruct.
CC 545Modifications of usufruct.
CC 546Usufruct in favor of successive usufructuaries.
CC 547Usufruct in favor of several usufructuaries.
CC 548Existence of usufructuaries.
CC 549Capacity to receive usufruct
CC 550Right to all fruits.
CC 551Kinds of fruits.
CC 552Corporate distributions.
CC 553Voting of shares of stock and other rights
CC 554Commencement of the right to fruits.
CC 555Nonapportionment of natural fruits.
CC 556Apportionment of civil fruits.
CC 557Possession and use of the things.
CC 558Improvements and alterations
CC 559Accessories.
CC 560Trees, stones, and other materials.
CC 561Mines and quarries.
CC 562Usufruct of timberlands.
CC 563Alluvion.
CC 564Treasure.
CC 565Predial servitudes.
CC 566Actions.
CC 567Contracts affecting the usufructuary's liability
CC 568Disposition of nonconsumable things
CC 568.1Donation and alienation
CC 568.2Right to lease
CC 568.3Requirement to remove encumbrance
CC 569Duties with regard to things gradually or totally impaired
CC 570Inventory.
CC 571Security
CC 572Amount of security.
CC 573Dispensation of security
CC 574Delay in giving security
CC 575Failure to give security
CC 576Standard of care.
CC 577Liability for repairs
CC 578Ordinary and extraordinary repairs.
CC 579Rights of action for repairs.
CC 580Reimbursement for necessary repairs
CC 581Liability for necessary expenses
CC 582Abandonment of usufruct.
CC 583Ruin from accident, force majeure, or age
CC 584Periodic charges
CC 585Extraordinary charges.
CC 586Liability for debts; usufruct inter vivos
CC 587Liability for debts; usufruct established mortis causa
CC 588Discharge of debt on encumbered property; usufruct established inter vivos
CC 589Discharge of debt on encumbered property by mortis causa usufructuary
CC 590Encumbered property; discharge of debt on encumbered property by naked owner
CC 591Continuation of usufruct after sale of property
CC 592Multiple usufructuaries; contribution to payment of estate debts
CC 593Discharge of legacy of annuity
CC 594Court costs; expenses of litigation
CC 595Expenses of litigation; legal usufruct.
CC 596Expenses of litigation; conventional usufruct.
CC 597Liability of the usufructuary for servitudes.
CC 598Duty to give information to owner.
CC 599Usufruct of a herd of animals.
CC 600Disposition of animals.
CC 601Removal of improvements
CC 602Set off against damages.
CC 603Disposition of the naked ownership; alienation or encumbrance of the property
CC 604Servitudes
CC 605Toleration of the enjoyment.
CC 606Improvements.
CC 607Death of the usufructuary.
CC 608Dissolution of juridical person; thirty year limitation
CC 609Termination of legacy of revenues.
CC 610Usufruct for a term or under condition.
CC 611Term; transfer of usufruct to another person.
CC 612Term; third person reaching a certain age.
CC 613Loss, extinction, or destruction of property
CC 614Fault of a third person.
CC 615Change of the form of property
CC 616Sale or exchange of the property; taxes
CC 617Proceeds of insurance.
CC 618Security for proceeds
CC 619Changes made by the testator
CC 620Sale of the property or of the usufruct
CC 621Prescription of nonuse.
CC 622Confusion of usufruct and naked ownership.
CC 623Abuse of the enjoyment; consequences
CC 624Security to prevent termination
CC 625Intervention by creditors of the usufructuary
CC 626Renunciation; rights of creditors.
CC 627Right of retention.
CC 628Consequences of termination; usufruct of nonconsumables.
CC 629Consequences of termination; usufruct of consumables.
CC 630Habitation.
CC 631Establishment and extinction.
CC 632Regulation by title.
CC 633Persons residing in the house.
CC 634Extent of right of habitation.
CC 635Degree of care; duty to restore the property.
CC 636Taxes, repairs, and other charges.
CC 637Nontransferable and nonheritable right.
CC 638Duration of habitation.
CC 639Right of use.
CC 640Content of the servitude.
CC 641Persons having the servitude.
CC 642Extent of the servitude.
CC 643Transferable right.
CC 644Heritable right.
CC 645Regulation of the servitude.
CC 646Predial servitude; definition.
CC 647Benefit to dominant estate.
CC 648Contiguity or proximity of the estates.
CC 649Nature; incorporeal immovable.
CC 650Inseparability of servitude
CC 651Obligations of the owner of the servient estate
CC 652Indivisibility of servitude.
CC 653Division of advantages.
CC 654Kinds of predial servitudes.
CC 655Natural drainage.
CC 656Obligations of the owners.
CC 657Estate bordering on running water.
CC 658Estate through which water runs.
CC 659Legal servitudes; notion.
CC 660Keeping buildings in repair
CC 661Building in danger of falling.
CC 662Building near a wall.
CC 663Projections over boundary.
CC 664Rain drip from roof.
CC 665Legal public servitudes.
CC 666River road; substitution if destroyed or impassable.
CC 667Limitations on use of property
CC 668Inconvenience to neighbor.
CC 669Regulation of inconvenience.
CC 670Encroaching building.
CC 671Destruction of private property to arrest fire.
CC 672Other legal servitudes.
CC 673Common wall servitude.
CC 674Contribution by neighbor.
CC 675Presumption of common wall.
CC 676Adjoining wall.
CC 677Rights and obligations of co-owners.
CC 678Cost of repairs.
CC 679Abandonment of common wall.
CC 680Rights in common walls.
CC 681
CC 682Raising the height of common wall.
CC 683Neighbor's right to make the raised part common.
CC 684Enclosures.
CC 685Common fences.
CC 686Common ditches.
CC 687Trees, bushes, and plants on the boundary.
CC 688Branches or roots of trees, bushes, or plants on neighboring property.
CC 689Enclosed estate; right of passage
CC 690Extent of passage
CC 691Constructions
CC 692Location of passage
CC 693Enclosed estate; voluntary act.
CC 694Enclosed estate; voluntary alienation or partition
CC 695Relocation of servitude.
CC 696Prescriptibility of action for indemnity.
CC 696.1Utility
CC 697Right to establish predial servitudes; limitations.
CC 698Property susceptible of servitudes.
CC 699Examples of predial servitudes.
CC 700Servitude of support.
CC 701Servitude of view.
CC 702Prohibition of view.
CC 703Servitude of light.
CC 704Prohibition of light.
CC 705Servitude of passage
CC 706Servitudes; affirmative or negative.
CC 707Servitudes; apparent or nonapparent.
CC 708Establishment of predial servitude.
CC 709Mandatary.
CC 710Naked owner.
CC 711Usufructuary.
CC 712Owner for a term or under condition.
CC 713Purchaser with reservation of redemption.
CC 714Co-owner; servitude on entire estate.
CC 715Exercise of the servitude.
CC 716Servitude on undivided part.
CC 717Partition in kind.
CC 718Partition by licitation.
CC 719Successor of the co-owner.
CC 720Additional servitudes.
CC 721Servitude on mortgaged property.
CC 722Modes of establishment.
CC 723Servitudes on public things.
CC 724Multiple dominant or servient estates.
CC 725Reciprocal servitudes.
CC 726Servitude on after-acquired property.
CC 727Servitude on part of an estate.
CC 728Limitation of use.
CC 729Conventional alteration of legal or natural servitude.
CC 730Interpretation of servitude.
CC 731Charge expressly for the benefit of an estate.
CC 732Interpretation in the absence of express declaration.
CC 733Interpretation; benefit of dominant estate.
CC 734Interpretation; convenience of a person.
CC 735Persons acquiring servitude.
CC 736Capacity to acquire servitude.
CC 737Renunciation of servitude by owner of dominant estate.
CC 738No revocation by grantor.
CC 739Acquisition by title only.
CC 740Modes of acquisition of servitudes.
CC 741Destination of the owner.
CC 742Acquisitive prescription.
CC 743Accessory rights.
CC 744Necessary works; cost of repairs.
CC 745Right to enter into the servient estate.
CC 746Exoneration from responsibility by abandonment of the servient estate.
CC 747Division of dominant estate.
CC 748Noninterference by the owner of servient estate.
CC 749Extent and manner of use of servitude when title is silent.
CC 750Location of servitude when the title is silent.
CC 751Destruction of dominant or of servient estate.
CC 752Reestablishment of things.
CC 753Prescription for nonuse.
CC 754Commencement of nonuse.
CC 755Obstacle to servitude.
CC 756Failure to rebuild dominant or servient estate.
CC 757Sufficiency of acts by third persons.
CC 758Imprescriptibility of natural servitudes.
CC 759Partial use.
CC 760More extensive use than title.
CC 761Use of accessory right.
CC 762Use by co-owner.
CC 763Minority or other disability.
CC 764Burden of proof of use.
CC 765Confusion.
CC 766Resolutory condition.
CC 767Acceptance of succession; confusion
CC 768Confusion; separate and community property.
CC 769Irrevocability of extinction by confusion.
CC 770Abandonment of servient estate.
CC 771Renunciation of servitude.
CC 772Renunciation by owner.
CC 773Expiration of time or happening of condition.
CC 774Dissolution of the right of the grantor.
CC 775Building restrictions.
CC 776Establishment
CC 777Nature and regulation.
CC 778Affirmative duties
CC 779Injunctive relief.
CC 780Amendment and termination of building restrictions
CC 781Termination; liberative prescription.
CC 782Abandonment of plan or of restriction.
CC 783Matters of interpretation and application
CC 784Boundary; marker.
CC 785Fixing of the boundary.
CC 786Persons who may compel fixing of boundary.
CC 787Lessee may compel lessor.
CC 788Imprescriptibility of the right.
CC 789Fixing of boundary judicially or extrajudicially.
CC 790Costs.
CC 791Liability for unauthorized removal of markers.
CC 792Fixing of boundary according to ownership or possession
CC 793Determination of ownership according to titles.
CC 794Determination of ownership according to prescription.
CC 795Effect of boundary agreement.
CC 796Error in the location of markers; rectification.
CC 797Ownership in indivision; definition
CC 798Right to fruits and products
CC 799Liability of a co-owner
CC 800Preservation of the thing
CC 801Use and management by agreement
CC 802Right to use the thing
CC 803Use and management of the thing in the absence of agreement
CC 804Substantial alterations or improvements
CC 805Disposition of undivided share
CC 806Expenses of maintenance and management
CC 807Right to partition; exclusion by agreement
CC 808Partition excluded
CC 809Judicial and extrajudicial partition
CC 810Partition in kind
CC 811Partition by licitation or by private sale
CC 812Effect of partition on real rights
CC 813Partition in kind
CC 814Rescission of partition for lesion
CC 815Partition by licitation
CC 816Partition in kind; warranty
CC 817Imprescriptibility of action
CC 818Other rights held in indivision
CC 819Arts. 819 to 822 repealed by acts 1977, no. 514, 1.
CC 823Arts. 823 to 855 repealed by acts 1977, no. 170, 1
CC 856Arts. 856 to 869 repealed by acts 1977, no. 169, 1.
CC 870Modes of acquiring ownership
CC 871Meaning of succession.
CC 872Meaning of estate.
CC 873Kinds of succession.
CC 874Testate succession.
CC 875Intestate succession.
CC 876Kinds of successors.
CC 877
CC 878
CC 879
CC 880Intestate succession.
CC 881Representation: effect
CC 882Representation in direct line of descendants
CC 883Representation of ascendants not permissible.
CC 884Representation in collateral line.
CC 885Basis of partition in cases of representation.
CC 886Representation of deceased persons only.
CC 887Representation of decedent whose succession was renounced.
CC 888Succession rights of descendants.
CC 889Devolution of community property.
CC 890Usufruct of surviving spouse
CC 891Devolution of separate property; parents and brothers and sisters
CC 892Devolution of separate property in absence of parents or in absence of brothers and sisters.
CC 893Brothers and sisters related by half-blood.
CC 894Separate property; rights of surviving spouse.
CC 895Separate property; rights of other ascendants
CC 896Separate property; rights of other collaterals.
CC 897Ascendant's right to inherit immovables donated to descendant.
CC 898Reversion of property subject to encumbrances and succession debts.
CC 899Nearest in degree among more remote relations.
CC 900Degrees of relationship.
CC 901Direct and collateral relationship.
CC 902Rights of the state.
CC 903Arts. 903 to 933 repealed by acts 1981, no. 919, 1, eff. jan. 1, 1982.
CC 934Commencement of succession
CC 935Acquisition of ownership; seizin
CC 936Continuation of the possession of decedent
CC 937Transmission of rights of successor
CC 938Exercise of succession rights
CC 939Existence of successor
CC 940Same; unborn child
CC 941Declaration of unworthiness
CC 942Persons who may bring action
CC 943Reconciliation or forgiveness
CC 944Prescription
CC 945Effects of declaration of unworthiness
CC 946Devolution of succession rights of successor declared unworthy
CC 947Right of successor to accept or renounce
CC 948Minor successor deemed to accept
CC 949Death of decedent as prerequisite to acceptance or renunciation
CC 950Knowledge required of successor as prerequisite to acceptance or renunciation
CC 951Nullity of premature acceptance or renunciation
CC 952Probate or annulment of testament after acceptance or renunciation of succession
CC 953Legacy subject to a suspensive condition
CC 954Retroactive effects of acceptance and renunciation
CC 955Reserved]
CC 956Claims of successor who is a creditor of the estate
CC 957Formal or informal acceptance
CC 958Informal acceptance; use or disposition of property
CC 959Informal acceptance; act of ownership
CC 960Donative renunciation deemed acceptance
CC 961Effect of acceptance
CC 962Presumption of acceptance
CC 963Requirement of formality
CC 964Accretion upon renunciation in intestate successions
CC 965Accretion upon renunciation in testate successions
CC 966Acceptance or renunciation of accretion
CC 967Acceptance of succession by creditor
CC 968Reserved]
CC 969Arts. 969-1074 [blank]
CC 1075Arts. 1075 to 1094 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1095Vacant succession, definition.
CC 1096Intestate succession, definition.
CC 1097Vacant succession; administration by administrators.
CC 1098Arts. 1098, 1099 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1100Liability for unauthorized possession of vacant succession.
CC 1101Arts. 1101, 1102 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1103Repealed by acts 1980, no. 150, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1981.
CC 1104Arts. 1104 to 1112 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1113Arts. 1113 to 1132 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1133Arts. 1133 to 1137 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1138Arts. 1138 to 1145 repealed by acts 1980, no. 150, 3, eff. jan. 1, 1981.
CC 1146Arts. 1146, 1147 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1148Interest on succession funds; liability for private use.
CC 1149Arts. 1149 to 1157 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1158Arts. 1158 to 1161 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1162Arts. 1162 to 1170 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1171Persons authorized to make sale.
CC 1172Arts. 1172 to 1187 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1188Unpaid new creditors' action against paid creditors; prescription.
CC 1189Arts. 1189, 1190 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1191Repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1192Termination of curator's duties on appearance of heirs.
CC 1193Arts. 1193 to 1209 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1210Arts. 1210 to 1219 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1220Repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1221Arts. 1221 to 1223 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1224Arts. 1224 to 1226 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1227Collation, definition.
CC 1228Collation by descendants
CC 1229Reasons for collation.
CC 1230Presumption in favor of collation.
CC 1231Express exclusion of collation; extra portion.
CC 1232Method of declaring dispensation from collation
CC 1233Sufficiency of declaration.
CC 1234Reduction of donations exceeding disposable portion; calculation of legitime.
CC 1235Persons entitled to demand collation
CC 1236Repealed by acts 1990, no. 147, 3, eff. july 1, 1990.
CC 1237Renouncing heir's right to donations not exceeding disposable portion.
CC 1238Grandchildren; collation of donations made by grandparent after death of parent
CC 1239Grandchildren; right to donations made by grandparent during life of parent
CC 1240Grandchildren; collation of donations made by grandparent to parent.
CC 1241Collation by great grandchildren and more remote descendants.
CC 1242Collation; succession of donor.
CC 1243Expenditures subject to collation
CC 1244Expenditures not subject to collation.
CC 1245Manual gifts.
CC 1246Profits from contracts with ascendant.
CC 1247Share of partnership with ascendant.
CC 1248Advantages other than donation.
CC 1249Wages for services to ascendant.
CC 1250Immovables destroyed while in possession of donee.
CC 1251Methods of making collations.
CC 1252Collation in kind, definition.
CC 1253Collation by taking less, definition.
CC 1254Movables or immovables.
CC 1255Collation of immovables.
CC 1256Immovables collated in kind; reimbursement for improvements.
CC 1257Immovables collated in kind; allowance for expenses of preservation.
CC 1258Immovables collated in kind; removal by donee of works erected for his pleasure.
CC 1259Kinds of expenses made on immovable property.
CC 1260Deterioration and damage to immovable, liability of donee.
CC 1261Destruction of immovable after election to collate in kind.
CC 1262Partial destruction of immovable after election to collate in kind.
CC 1263Destruction of immovable after election to collate by taking less.
CC 1264Creditors' rights on immovable collated in kind.
CC 1265Preservation of creditor's mortgage rights after partition.
CC 1266Immovables in excess of disposable portion; collation in kind.
CC 1267Immovables in excess of disposable portion; collation by taking less.
CC 1268Collation in kind; retention of immovable until reimbursement of expenses.
CC 1269Collation by taking less; valuation of immovable.
CC 1270Voluntary alienation or negligent loss of immovables subject to collation.
CC 1271Forced alienation of immovables subject to collation.
CC 1272Sale by donee and subsequent destruction of immovable subject to collation.
CC 1273Collation by taking less; coheirs' election of collation by sale or in kind.
CC 1274Failure of coheirs to make timely election.
CC 1275Payment of collation by sale of succession effects.
CC 1276Payment of collation with property of succession.
CC 1277Payment of collation by donee where succession effects insufficient.
CC 1278Time and security for payment.
CC 1279Rights of coheirs against defaulting heir; foreclosure of special mortgage.
CC 1280Privilege of seizing coheirs on proceeds of mortgage sale.
CC 1281Alienation of immovable by donee by onerous title; creation of real right in immovable by donee or operation of law
CC 1282Purchaser's retention of immovable upon payment of collations.
CC 1283Collation of movables.
CC 1284Donation of movables as absolute transfer of rights.
CC 1285Collation of money.
CC 1286Collation of movables or money by taking less; payment in money.
CC 1287Collation of movables or money by taking less; payment in succession effects.
CC 1288Payment of collation by donee where succession effects insufficient.
CC 1289Repealed by acts 1991, no. 689, 1.
CC 1290Extent and application of rules; venue of action.
CC 1291Venue of action where property partly in different parishes.
CC 1292Undivided ownership rights until partition.
CC 1293Partition of a succession, definition.
CC 1294Repealed by acts 1991, no. 689, 1.
CC 1295Definitive and provisional partitions, definitions.
CC 1296Definitive and provisional partitions, distinguished.
CC 1297Stipulations against partition.
CC 1298Repealed by acts 1991, no. 689, 1.
CC 1299Perpetual prohibition against partition by donor.
CC 1300Limited or conditional prohibition against partition by donor.
CC 1301Testator's right to prohibit partition during minority of heirs.
CC 1302Testamentary partition
CC 1303Repealed by acts 1991, no. 689, 1.
CC 1304Repealed by acts 1991, no. 689, 1.
CC 1305Prescription where possession is separate.
CC 1306Prescription where one heir possesses separately and others possess in common.
CC 1307Partition between heirs and legatees.
CC 1308Partition between owners in common.
CC 1309Partition between possessors in common.
CC 1310Nature of possession required.
CC 1311Action maintainable by one or more co-owners.
CC 1312Partition suits by tutors and curators.
CC 1313Partition suits by emancipated minors.
CC 1314Defense of suits by tutors, curators and emancipated minors.
CC 1315Partition suits by curators of absent heirs.
CC 1316Arts. 1316, 1317 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1318Partition by or against heir or successor of co-owner.
CC 1319Retrocession repealed.
CC 1320Ownership as basis for action of partition.
CC 1321Separate possession of one co-owner, partition before prescription.
CC 1322Repealed by acts 1991, no. 689, 1.
CC 1323Repealed by acts 1991, no. 689, 1.
CC 1324Repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1325Inventory within one year of partition suit.
CC 1326New appraisement.
CC 1327Repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1328Summary proceeding for action of partition.
CC 1329Parties plaintiff and defendant.
CC 1330Plaintiff's admission of defendant's heirship.
CC 1331Collation in action of partition; time for deliberating.
CC 1332Election to collate in kind.
CC 1333Election to collate by taking less; failure to elect.
CC 1334Appraisement of property to be collated.
CC 1335Matters incidental to partition; procedure.
CC 1336Judicial regulation of mode of partition.
CC 1337Partition in kind; sale of movables to pay debts.
CC 1338Repealed by acts 1991, no. 689, 1.
CC 1339Repealed by acts 1991, no. 689, 1.
CC 1340Repealed by acts 1991, no. 689, 1.
CC 1341Terms of sale of succession effects where all heirs are absent or minors.
CC 1342Terms of sale of succession effects where heirs present demand sale for cash.
CC 1343Partition sale; coheir's right to purchase hereditary portion.
CC 1344Partition sale; purchase of minor's hereditary portion by tutor or curator.
CC 1345Reference to recorder or notary for continuation of proceedings.
CC 1346Amicable continuation of proceedings by heirs.
CC 1347Notice to parties.
CC 1348Continuances of proceedings.
CC 1349Settlement of accounts due by heirs to succession.
CC 1350Items included in accounts.
CC 1351Deduction of donations not subject to collation.
CC 1352Court order as to mode of collation exhibited to officer
CC 1353Inclusion of property collated in kind.
CC 1354Inclusion of value of property collated by taking less.
CC 1355Formation of active mass.
CC 1356Composition of active mass.
CC 1357Deductions from active mass.
CC 1358Deductions, definition.
CC 1359Deductions allowed.
CC 1360Deductions in absence of collation or when collation is in kind.
CC 1361Deductions, when collation is by taking less.
CC 1362Coheir's right to take succession effects in payment of collation.
CC 1363Disagreement among heirs entitled to receive collation in property.
CC 1364Division into lots according to number of heirs or roots.
CC 1365Equality in formation of lots.
CC 1366Equalization by money when one lot more valuable than others.
CC 1367Formation of lots by experts.
CC 1368Repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1369Repealed by acts 1962, no. 70.
CC 1370Subdivision among coheirs of same root.
CC 1371Coheirs' proportionate liability for succession debts.
CC 1372Observance of formalities.
CC 1373Provisional partitions; persons authorized to demand new partition
CC 1374Arts. 1374 to 1377 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1378Errors of form, effect.
CC 1379Delivery of property and title papers after partition.
CC 1380Subsequent discovery of property, amendment of partition.
CC 1381Repealed by acts 1990, no. 989, 7, eff. january 1, 1991.
CC 1382Partition compared to exchange.
CC 1383Repealed by acts 1991, no. 689, 1.
CC 1384Reciprocal warranty against disturbance or eviction.
CC 1385Exclusion of warranty.
CC 1386Eviction through fault of coheir.
CC 1387Proportionate liability of coheirs.
CC 1388Amount of indemnity.
CC 1389Liability of coheirs for portion of insolvent coheir.
CC 1390Scope of warranty as to corporeal and incorporeal things.
CC 1391Warranties always implied.
CC 1392Warranty of solvency of debtor of rent charge, prescription.
CC 1393Subsequent deterioration or destruction of property.
CC 1394New debts or charges.
CC 1395Tacit mortgage abolished.
CC 1396Prescription of action of warranty.
CC 1397Repealed by acts 1991, no. 689, 1.
CC 1398Repealed by acts 1991, no. 689, 1.
CC 1399Definitive partitions involving minors, interdicts, or absent persons
CC 1400Provisional partitions involving minors, interdicts, or absent persons
CC 1401Omission of succession effects not cause for rescission.
CC 1402Rescission of transactions effecting partition.
CC 1403Rescission inadmissible after compromise.
CC 1404Rescission inadmissible against sale of succession rights.
CC 1405Sale of succession rights to coheir at risk of vendor, rescission inadmissible.
CC 1406Sale to coheir of immovable rights only, rescission for lesion.
CC 1407Facts required to obtain rescission for lesion.
CC 1408Termination of partition suit by defendant's tender.
CC 1409Amount of tender.
CC 1410Rescission for fraud or violence inadmissible after alienation.
CC 1411Rescission inadmissible against partition regulated by father.
CC 1412Rescission in favor of minor effective for all parties.
CC 1413Prescription of action of rescission.
CC 1414Prescription against minors after judicial partition.
CC 1415Estate debts; administrative expenses
CC 1416Liability of universal successors to creditors
CC 1417Reserved]
CC 1418Successors who are creditors, order of preference
CC 1419Rights of pursuit of creditor
CC 1420Regulation of payment of debts by testament or by agreement among successors
CC 1421Estate debts, charged
CC 1422Debts attributable to identifiable or encumbered property
CC 1423Decedent's debts charged ratably
CC 1424Administration expenses, how charged
CC 1425Liability of successors for contribution or reimbursement
CC 1426Classification of receipts and expenditures in absence of controlling dispositions
CC 1427Reporting and deducting as authorized by tax law
CC 1428Rights and obligations of usufructuary not superseded
CC 1429Rights and obligations of income interest in trust not superseded
CC 1467Methods of acquiring or disposing gratuitously
CC 1468Donations inter vivos; definition
CC 1469Donation mortis causa; definition
CC 1470Persons capable of giving or receiving
CC 1471Capacity to give, time for existence
CC 1472Capacity to receive, time for existence
CC 1473Capacity to receive conditional donation, time for existence
CC 1474Unborn children, capacity to receive
CC 1475Nullity of donation to person incapable of receiving
CC 1476Minors; incapacity to make donations, exceptions
CC 1477Capacity to donate, mental condition of donor
CC 1478Nullity of donation procured by fraud or duress
CC 1479Nullity of donation procured through undue influence
CC 1480Nullity due to fraud, duress, or undue influence; severability of valid provision
CC 1481Fiduciary appointment, termination
CC 1482Proof of incapacity to donate
CC 1483Proof of fraud, duress, or undue influence
CC 1484Interpretation of revocation or modification
CC 1485Repealed by acts 1990, no. 147, 3, eff. july 1, 1990.
CC 1486Arts. 1486, 1487 repealed by acts 1979, no. 607, 4
CC 1488Repealed by acts 1978, no. 362, 1.
CC 1489Arts. 1489 to 1491 [blank]
CC 1492Repealed by acts 1990, no. 147, 3, eff. july 1, 1990.
CC 1493Forced heirs; representation of forced heirs
CC 1494Forced heir entitled to legitime; exception
CC 1495Amount of forced portion and disposable portion
CC 1496Permissible burdens on legitime
CC 1497Disposable portion in absence of forced heirs
CC 1498Nullity of donation inter vivos of entire patrimony
CC 1499Usufruct to surviving spouse
CC 1500Forced portion in cases of judicial divestment, disinherison, or renunciation of succession rights
CC 1501Repealed by acts 1997, no. 706, 1.
CC 1502Inability to satisfy legitime by usufruct or income interest in trust only
CC 1503Reduction of excessive donations
CC 1504Reduction of donations, exclusive right of forced heirs
CC 1505Calculation of disposable portion on mass of succession
CC 1506Reserved]
CC 1507Reduction of legacies before donations inter vivos, order of reduction
CC 1508Reduction of donations inter vivos
CC 1509Insolvency of a donee
CC 1510Remunerative donations, extent of reduction
CC 1511Onerous donation, extent of reduction
CC 1512Retention of fruits and products of donation by donee until demand for reduction
CC 1513Reduction in kind when property is owned by the donee or successors by gratuitous title; effects of alienation by donee
CC 1514Usufruct of surviving spouse affecting legitime; security
CC 1515[blank]
CC 1516[blank]
CC 1517[blank]
CC 1518[blank]
CC 1519Impossible, illegal or immoral conditions.
CC 1520Prohibited substitutions, definitions
CC 1521Vulgar substitutions
CC 1522Separate donations of usufruct and naked ownership.
CC 1526Onerous donation
CC 1527Remunerative donations
CC 1528Charges or conditions imposed by donor
CC 1529Donation of future property; nullity
CC 1530Donation conditional on will of donor; nullity
CC 1531Donation conditional on payment of future or unexpressed debts and charges; nullity
CC 1532Stipulation for right of return to donor
CC 1533Right of return; effect
CC 1541Form required for donations
CC 1542Identification of donor, donee, and the thing donated required
CC 1543Manual gift
CC 1544Donation effective from time of acceptance
CC 1545Acceptance in person or by mandatary
CC 1546Acceptance during lifetime of donee
CC 1547Acceptance by creditor prohibited
CC 1548Unemancipated minor; persons authorized to accept
CC 1549Thing acquired subject to existing charges
CC 1550Form for donation of certain incorporeal movables
CC 1551Effects of acceptance
CC 1556Causes for revocation or dissolution
CC 1557Revocation for ingratitude
CC 1558Revocation for ingratitude; prescription, parties
CC 1559Revocation for ingratitude, effect on alienations, leases, or encumbrances
CC 1560Revocation for ingratitude, restoration
CC 1561Reserved
CC 1562Dissolution for nonfulfillment of suspensive condition or for occurrence of resolutory condition
CC 1563Nonfulfillment of conditions or nonperformance of charges that donee can perform or prevent
CC 1564Dissolution for non-execution of other condition; prescription
CC 1565Dissolution for non-execution of condition
CC 1566Revocation or dissolution, donee's liability for fruits
CC 1567Donee unable to return thing in same condition
CC 1570Testaments; form
CC 1571Testaments with others or by others prohibited
CC 1572Testamentary dispositions committed to the choice of a third person
CC 1573Formalities
CC 1574Forms of testaments
CC 1575Olographic testament
CC 1576Notarial testament
CC 1577Requirements of form
CC 1578Notarial testament; testator literate and sighted but physically unable to sign
CC 1579Notarial testament; testator unable to read
CC 1580Notarial testament in braille form
CC 1580.1Deaf or deaf and blind notarial testament; form; witnesses
CC 1581Persons incompetent to be witnesses
CC 1582Effect of witness or notary as legatee
CC 1582.1Persons prohibited from witnessing; effect
CC 1583Certain designations not legacies
CC 1584Kinds of testamentary dispositions
CC 1585Universal legacy
CC 1586General legacy
CC 1587Particular legacy
CC 1588Joint or separate legacy
CC 1589Lapse of legacies
CC 1590Testamentary accretion
CC 1591Accretion of particular and general legacies
CC 1592Accretion among joint legatees
CC 1593Exception to rule of testamentary accretion
CC 1594Reserved]
CC 1595Accretion to universal legatee
CC 1596Accretion to intestate successors
CC 1597Loss, extinction, or destruction of property given
CC 1598Right of legatees to fruits and products
CC 1599Payment of legacies, preference of payment
CC 1600Particular legacies; preference of payment
CC 1601Preference of payment among particular legacies
CC 1602Discharge of an unsatisfied particular legacy
CC 1603Reserved]
CC 1604Discharge of legacies, limitation of liability
CC 1605Probate of testament
CC 1606Testator's right of revocation
CC 1607Revocation of entire testament by testator
CC 1608Revocation of a legacy or other testamentary provision
CC 1609Revocation of juridical act prior to testator's death
CC 1610Other modifications
CC 1610.1Grounds for revocation of testamentary dispositions
CC 1611Intent of testator controls
CC 1612Preference for interpretation that gives effect
CC 1613Mistake in identification of object bequeathed
CC 1614Interpretation as to after-acquired property
CC 1615Contradictory provisions
CC 1616Legacy to creditor
CC 1617Disinherison of forced heirs
CC 1618Formalities for disinherison
CC 1619Disinherison, express and for just cause
CC 1620Limitation of causes for disinherison
CC 1621Children; causes for disinherison by parents
CC 1622Grandparents; causes for disinherison of grandchildren
CC 1623Timing of action; no defense
CC 1624Mention of cause for disinherison; burden of proof; reconciliation
CC 1625Reconciliation
CC 1626Defenses to disinherison
CC 1724Right of parents and ascendants to partition property among descendants
CC 1725Method of making partition
CC 1726Partition by act inter vivos, formalities.
CC 1727Testamentary partitions, formalities.
CC 1728Property not included in partition.
CC 1729Necessity for partition to include all descendants.
CC 1730Limitation in relation to disposable portion.
CC 1731Action to rescind partition, payment of costs.
CC 1732Tender by defendant in action of rescission.
CC 1733Donation of extra portion not affected by rescission.
CC 1734Donations in contemplation of marriage by third persons; in general
CC 1735Form
CC 1736Condition
CC 1737Beneficiaries
CC 1738Beneficiaries
CC 1739Limited irrevocability
CC 1740Division following substitution of common descendants
CC 1741Caducity; causes and effects
CC 1742Acceptance or renunciation of succession
CC 1743Universal succession; liability for estate debts
CC 1744Donations between future or present spouses; in general
CC 1745Applicability of rules on donations in contemplation of marriage by third person
CC 1746Objects and beneficiaries
CC 1747Form
CC 1748Right of return not presumed
CC 1749Donation of property to be left at death; caducity
CC 1750Donations of property to be left at death made during marriage; revocability
CC 1751Disguised donations and donations to persons interposed
CC 1752Repealed by acts 1990, no. 147, 3, eff. july 1, 1990.
CC 1753Repealed by acts 1918, no. 238, 1.
CC 1754Repealed by acts 2004, no. 619, 1, eff. sept. 1, 2005.
CC 1755Repealed by acts 2004, no. 619, 1, eff. sept. 1, 2005.
CC 1756Obligations; definition
CC 1757Sources of obligations
CC 1758General effects
CC 1759Good faith
CC 1760Moral duties that may give rise to a natural obligation
CC 1761Effects of a natural obligation
CC 1762Examples of circumstances giving rise to a natural obligation
CC 1763Definition
CC 1764Effects of real obligation
CC 1765Heritable obligation
CC 1766Strictly personal obligation
CC 1767Suspensive and resolutory condition
CC 1768Expressed and implied conditions
CC 1769Unlawful or impossible condition
CC 1770Condition that depends on the whim or the will of the obligor
CC 1771Obligee's right pending condition
CC 1772Fault of a party
CC 1773Time for fulfillment of condition that an event shall occur
CC 1774Time for fulfillment of condition that an event shall not occur
CC 1775Effects retroactive
CC 1776Contract for continuous or periodic performance
CC 1777Express or implied term
CC 1778Term for performance
CC 1779Term presumed to benefit the obligor
CC 1780Renunciation of a term
CC 1781Performance before end of term
CC 1782If the obligor is insolvent
CC 1783Impairment or failure of security
CC 1784Term for performance not fixed
CC 1785Performance on term
CC 1786Several, joint, and solidary obligations
CC 1787Several obligations; effects
CC 1788Joint obligations for obligors or obligees
CC 1789Divisible and indivisible joint obligation
CC 1790Solidary obligations for obligees
CC 1791Extinction of obligation by performance
CC 1792Remission by one obligee
CC 1793Interruption of prescription
CC 1794Solidary obligation for obligors
CC 1795Solidary obligor may not request division; action against one obligor after action against another
CC 1796Solidarity not presumed
CC 1797Solidary obligation arising from different sources
CC 1798Obligation subject to condition or term
CC 1799Interruption of prescription
CC 1800Solidary liability for damages
CC 1801Defenses that solidary obligor may raise
CC 1802Renunciation of solidarity
CC 1803Remission of debt to or transaction or compromise with one obligor
CC 1804Liability of solidary obligors between themselves
CC 1805Enforcement of contribution
CC 1806Insolvency of a solidary obligor
CC 1807Conjunctive obligation
CC 1808Alternative obligation
CC 1809Choice belongs to the obligor
CC 1810Delay in exercising choice
CC 1811Obligor may not choose part of one item
CC 1812Impossibility or unlawfulness of one item of performance
CC 1813Impossibility or unlawfulness of all items of performance
CC 1814Obligor's liability for damages
CC 1815Divisible and indivisible obligation
CC 1816Effect of divisible obligation between single obligor and obligee
CC 1817Effects of divisible obligation among successors
CC 1818Effects of indivisible obligations between more than one obligor or obligee
CC 1819Effect of indivisible obligation among successors
CC 1820Solidarity is not indivisibility
CC 1821Assumption by agreement between obligor and third person
CC 1822Third person bound for amount assumed
CC 1823Assumption by agreement between obligee and third person
CC 1824Defenses
CC 1825Definition
CC 1826Effects
CC 1827Conventional subrogation by the obligee
CC 1828Conventional subrogation by the obligor
CC 1829Subrogation by operation of law
CC 1830Effects of legal subrogation
CC 1831Party must prove obligation
CC 1832Written form required by law
CC 1833Authentic act
CC 1834Act that fails to be authentic
CC 1835Authentic act constitutes full proof between parties and heirs
CC 1836Act under private signature duly acknowledged
CC 1837Act under private signature
CC 1838Party must acknowledge or deny signature
CC 1839Transfer of immovable property
CC 1840Copy of authentic act
CC 1841Copy of recorded writing
CC 1842Confirmation
CC 1843Ratification
CC 1844Effects of confirmation and ratification
CC 1845Confirmation of donation
CC 1846Contract not in excess of five hundred dollars
CC 1847Debt of a third person and debt extinguished by prescription
CC 1848Testimonial or other evidence not admitted to disprove a writing
CC 1849Proof of simulation
CC 1850
CC 1851
CC 1852
CC 1853Judicial confession
CC 1854Extinction by performance
CC 1855Performance by a third person
CC 1856Valid transfer of object of performance
CC 1857Performance rendered to the obligee
CC 1858Lack of capacity of obligee
CC 1859Performance in violation of seizure
CC 1860Quality of thing to be given
CC 1861Partial performance
CC 1862Place of performance
CC 1863Expenses
CC 1864Imputation by obligor
CC 1865Imputation to debt not yet due
CC 1866Payment imputed to interest
CC 1867Imputation by obligee
CC 1868Imputation not made by the parties
CC 1869Offer to perform and deposit by obligor
CC 1870Notice as tender
CC 1871Deposit of things by obligor
CC 1872Sale of a thing and deposit of proceeds
CC 1873Obligor not liable when failure caused by fortuitous event
CC 1874Fortuitous event that would have destroyed object in hands of obligee
CC 1875Fortuitous event
CC 1876Contract dissolved when performance becomes impossible
CC 1877Fortuitous event that has made performance impossible in part
CC 1878Fortuitous event after obligor performed in part
CC 1879Extinguishment of existing obligation
CC 1880Novation not presumed
CC 1881Objective novation
CC 1882Subjective novation
CC 1883No effect when obligation is invalid
CC 1884Security for extinguished obligation
CC 1885Novation of solidary obligation
CC 1886Delegation of performance
CC 1887Discharge of any prior obligor does not affect security
CC 1888Express or tacit remission
CC 1889Presumption of remission
CC 1890Remission effective when communication is received by the obligor
CC 1891Release of real security
CC 1892Remission granted to sureties
CC 1893Compensation extinguishes obligations
CC 1894Obligation not subject to compensation
CC 1895Obligations not to be performed at the same place
CC 1896Rules of imputation of payment
CC 1897Compensation extinguishes obligation of surety
CC 1898Compensation between obligee and solidary obligor
CC 1899Rights acquired by third parties
CC 1900Assignment by obligee
CC 1901Compensation by agreement
CC 1902Compensation by judicial declaration
CC 1903Union of qualities of obligee and obligor
CC 1904Obligation of the surety
CC 1905Solidary obligations
CC 1906Definition of contract
CC 1907Unilateral contracts
CC 1908Bilateral or synallagmatic contracts
CC 1909Onerous contracts
CC 1910Gratuitous contracts
CC 1911Commutative contracts
CC 1912Aleatory contracts
CC 1913Principal and accessory contracts
CC 1914Nominate and innominate contracts
CC 1915Rules applicable to all contracts
CC 1916Rules applicable to nominate contracts
CC 1917Rules applicable to all kinds of obligations
CC 1918General statement of capacity
CC 1919Right to plead rescission
CC 1920Right to require confirmation or rescission of the contract
CC 1921Rescission of contract for incapacity
CC 1922Fully emancipated minor
CC 1923Incapacity of unemancipated minor; exceptions
CC 1924Mere representation of majority; reliance
CC 1925Noninterdicted person deprived of reason; protection of innocent contracting party by onerous title
CC 1926Attack on noninterdicted decedent's contracts
CC 1927Consent
CC 1928Irrevocable offer
CC 1929Expiration of irrevocable offer for lack of acceptance
CC 1930Revocable offer
CC 1931Expiration of revocable offer
CC 1932Expiration of offer by death or incapacity of either party
CC 1933Option contracts
CC 1934Time when acceptance of an irrevocable offer is effective
CC 1935Time when acceptance of a revocable offer is effective
CC 1936Reasonableness of manner and medium of acceptance
CC 1937Time when revocation is effective
CC 1938Reception of revocation, rejection, or acceptance
CC 1939Acceptance by performance
CC 1940Acceptance only by completed performance
CC 1941Notice of commencement of performance
CC 1942Acceptance by silence
CC 1943Acceptance not in accordance with offer
CC 1944Offer of reward made to the public
CC 1945Revocation of an offer of reward made to the public
CC 1946Performance by several persons
CC 1947Form contemplated by parties
CC 1948Vitiated consent
CC 1949Error vitiates consent
CC 1950Error that concerns cause
CC 1951Other party willing to perform
CC 1952Rescission; liability for damages
CC 1953Fraud may result from misrepresentation or from silence
CC 1954Confidence between the parties
CC 1955Error induced by fraud
CC 1956Fraud committed by a third person
CC 1957Proof
CC 1958Damages
CC 1959Nature
CC 1960Duress directed against third persons
CC 1961Duress by third person
CC 1962Threat of exercising a right
CC 1963Contract with party in good faith
CC 1964Damages
CC 1965Lesion
CC 1966No obligation without cause
CC 1967Cause defined; detrimental reliance
CC 1968Unlawful cause
CC 1969Cause not expressed
CC 1970Untrue expression of cause
CC 1971Freedom of parties
CC 1972Possible or impossible object
CC 1973Object determined as to kind
CC 1974Determination by third person
CC 1975Output or requirements
CC 1976Future things
CC 1977Obligation or performance by a third person
CC 1978Stipulation for a third party
CC 1979Revocation
CC 1980Revocation or refusal
CC 1981Rights of beneficiary and stipulator
CC 1982Defenses of the promisor
CC 1983Law for the parties; performance in good faith
CC 1984Rights and obligations will pass to successors
CC 1985Effects for third parties
CC 1986Right of the obligee
CC 1987Right to restrain obligor
CC 1988Judgment may stand for act
CC 1989Damages for delay
CC 1990Obligor put in default by arrival of term
CC 1991Manners of putting in default
CC 1992Risk devolves upon the obligor
CC 1993Reciprocal obligations
CC 1994Obligor liable for failure to perform
CC 1995Measure of damages
CC 1996Obligor in good faith
CC 1997Obligor in bad faith
CC 1998Damages for nonpecuniary loss
CC 1999Assessment of damages left to the court
CC 2000Damages for delay measured by interest; no need of proof; attorney fees
CC 2001Interest on interest
CC 2002Reasonable efforts to mitigate damages
CC 2003Obligee in bad faith
CC 2004Clause that excludes or limits liability
CC 2005Secondary obligation
CC 2006Nullity of the principal obligation
CC 2007Stipulated damages or performance
CC 2008Failure to perform justified
CC 2009Obligee not bound to prove damage
CC 2010Obligor put in default
CC 2011Benefit from partial performance
CC 2012Stipulated damages may not be modified
CC 2013Obligee's right to dissolution
CC 2014Importance of failure to perform
CC 2015Dissolution after notice to perform
CC 2016Dissolution without notice to perform
CC 2017Express dissolution clause
CC 2018Effects of dissolution
CC 2019Contracts for continuous or periodic performance
CC 2020Contracts made by more than two parties
CC 2021Rights of third party in good faith
CC 2022Refusal to perform
CC 2023Security for performance
CC 2024Contract terminated by a party's initiative
CC 2025Definition; simulation and counterletter
CC 2026Absolute simulation
CC 2027Relative simulation
CC 2028Effects as to third persons
CC 2029Nullity of contracts
CC 2030Absolute nullity of contracts
CC 2031Relative nullity of contracts
CC 2032Prescription of action
CC 2033Effects
CC 2034Nullity of a provision
CC 2035Rights of third party in good faith
CC 2036Act of the obligor that causes or increases his insolvency
CC 2037Insolvency
CC 2038Onerous contract made by the obligor
CC 2039Gratuitous contract made by the obligor
CC 2040Contract made in course of business
CC 2041Action must be brought within one year
CC 2042Obligee must join obligor and third persons
CC 2043Assets transferred must be returned
CC 2044Insolvency by failure to exercise right
CC 2045Determination of the intent of the parties
CC 2046No further interpretation when intent is clear
CC 2047Meaning of words
CC 2048Words susceptible of different meanings
CC 2049Provision susceptible of different meanings
CC 2050Provisions interpreted in light of each other
CC 2051Contract worded in general terms
CC 2052Situation to which the contract applies
CC 2053Nature of contract, equity, usages, conduct of the parties, and other contracts between same parties
CC 2054No provision of the parties for a particular situation
CC 2055Equity and usage
CC 2056Standard-form contracts
CC 2057Contract interpreted in favor of obligor
CC 2058Arts. 2058 to 2291 repealed by acts 1984, no. 331, 1, eff. jan. 1, 1985.
CC 2292Management of affairs; definition
CC 2293Application of rules governing mandate
CC 2294Duties of the manager; notice to the owner
CC 2295Duties of the manager; liability for loss
CC 2296Capacity
CC 2297Obligations of the owner
CC 2298Enrichment without cause; compensation
CC 2299Obligation to restore
CC 2300Obligation that does not exist
CC 2301Obligation under suspensive condition
CC 2302Payment of the debt of another person
CC 2303Liability of the person receiving payment
CC 2304Restoration of a thing or its value
CC 2305Liability when the thing is alienated
CC 2306Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1041, eff. jan. 1, 1996.
CC 2307Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1041, eff. jan. 1, 1996.
CC 2308Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1041, eff. jan. 1, 1996.
CC 2309Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1041, eff. jan. 1, 1996.
CC 2310Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1041, eff. jan. 1, 1996.
CC 2311Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1041, eff. jan. 1, 1996.
CC 2312Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1041, eff. jan. 1, 1996.
CC 2313Repealed by acts 1995, no. 1041, eff. jan. 1, 1996.
CC 2314Repealed by acts 1979, no. 180, 3.
CC 2315Liability for acts causing damages
CC 2315.1Survival action
CC 2315.2Wrongful death action
CC 2315.3Additional damages; child pornography
CC 2315.4Additional damages; intoxicated defendant
CC 2315.5Wrongful death and survival action; exception
CC 2315.6Liability for damages caused by injury to another
CC 2315.7Liability for damages caused by criminal sexual activity occurring during childhood
CC 2315.8Liability for damages caused by domestic abuse
CC 2316Negligence, imprudence or want of skill.
CC 2317Acts of others and of things in custody.
CC 2317.1Damage caused by ruin, vice, or defect in things
CC 2318Acts of a minor
CC 2319Acts of interdicts
CC 2320Acts of servants, students or apprentices
CC 2321Damage caused by animals
CC 2322Damage caused by ruin of building
CC 2322.1Users of blood or tissue; a medical service
CC 2323Comparative fault
CC 2324Liability as solidary or joint and divisible obligation
CC 2324.1Damages; discretion of judge or jury
CC 2324.2Reduction of recovery
CC 2325Matrimonial regime.
CC 2326Kinds of matrimonial regimes.
CC 2327Legal regime.
CC 2328Contractual regime; matrimonial agreement.
CC 2329Exclusion or modification of matrimonial regime.
CC 2330Limits of contractual freedom.
CC 2331Form of matrimonial agreement.
CC 2332Effect toward third persons.
CC 2333Minors.
CC 2334Persons; scope of application of the legal regime.
CC 2335Classification of property
CC 2336Ownership of community property
CC 2337Disposition of undivided interest.
CC 2338Community property.
CC 2339Fruits and revenues of separate property
CC 2340Presumption of community.
CC 2341Separate property.
CC 2341.1Acquisition of undivided interests; separate and community property
CC 2342Declaration of acquisition of separate property
CC 2343Donation by spouse of interest in community.
CC 2343.1Transfer of separate property to the community.
CC 2344Offenses and quasi-offenses; damages as community or separate property.
CC 2345Satisfaction of obligation during community.
CC 2346Management of community property.
CC 2347Alienation of community property; concurrence of other spouse.
CC 2348Renunciation of right to concur.
CC 2349Donation of community property; concurrence of other spouse.
CC 2350Alienation of movable assets of business.
CC 2351Alienation of registered movables.
CC 2352Management and disposition of partnership and limited liability company interest
CC 2353Unauthorized alienation of community property.
CC 2354Liability for fraud or bad faith.
CC 2355Judicial authorization to act without the consent of the other spouse
CC 2355.1Judicial authorization to manage the community
CC 2356Causes of termination
CC 2357Satisfaction of obligation after termination of regime
CC 2358Claims for reimbursement between spouses
CC 2358.1Source of reimbursement
CC 2359Obligations; community or separate.
CC 2360Community obligation.
CC 2361Obligations incurred during marriage; presumption.
CC 2362Alimentary obligation.
CC 2362.1Obligation incurred in an action for divorce
CC 2363Separate obligation
CC 2364Satisfaction of separate obligation with community property or former community property.
CC 2364.1Repealed by acts 2009, no. 204, 3.
CC 2365Satisfaction of community obligation with separate property
CC 2366Use of community property or former community property for the benefit of separate property
CC 2367Use of separate property for the benefit of community property
CC 2367.1Use of separate property for the benefit of separate property
CC 2367.2Component parts of separate property
CC 2367.3Satisfaction of separate obligation with separate property
CC 2368Increase of the value of separate property.
CC 2369Accounting between spouses; prescription.
CC 2369.1Application of co-ownership provisions
CC 2369.2Ownership interest
CC 2369.3Duty to preserve; standard of care
CC 2369.4Alienation, encumbrance, or lease prohibited
CC 2369.5Alienation of registered movables
CC 2369.6Alienation, encumbrance, or lease of movable assets of former community enterprise
CC 2369.7Court authorization to act alone
CC 2369.8Right to partition; no exclusion by agreement; judicial partition
CC 2370Separation of property regime.
CC 2371Management of property.
CC 2372Necessaries.
CC 2373Expenses of the marriage.
CC 2374Judgment of separation of property
CC 2375Effect of judgment
CC 2376Rights of creditors.
CC 2377Arts. 2377 to 2431 repealed by acts 1978, no. 627, 6; acts 1979, no. 709, 1
CC 2432Right to marital portion.
CC 2433Incident of marriage; charge on the succession.
CC 2434Quantum
CC 2435Deduction of legacy.
CC 2436Nonheritable right; prescription.
CC 2437Periodic allowance.
CC 2438Rules of other titles
CC 2439Definition
CC 2440Sale of immovable, method of making
CC 2441Reserved]
CC 2442Recordation of sale of immovable to affect third parties
CC 2443Purchase of a thing already owned
CC 2444Repealed by acts 2012, no. 277, 2.
CC 2445Reserved]
CC 2446Reserved]
CC 2447Sale of litigious rights, prohibitions
CC 2448Things that may be sold
CC 2449Reserved]
CC 2450Sale of future things
CC 2451Sale of a hope
CC 2452Sale of the thing of another
CC 2453Sale of thing pending litigation of ownership
CC 2454Reserved]
CC 2455Reserved]
CC 2456Transfer of ownership
CC 2457Transfer of ownership; things not individualized
CC 2458Sale by weight, tale or measure; lump sales
CC 2459Reserved]
CC 2460Sale on view or trial
CC 2461Inclusion of accessories
CC 2462Reserved]
CC 2463Expenses
CC 2464Price, essential elements
CC 2465Price left to determination by third person
CC 2466No price fixed by the parties
CC 2467Transfer of risk
CC 2468Reserved]
CC 2469Reserved]
CC 2470Reserved]
CC 2471Reserved]
CC 2472Reserved]
CC 2473Reserved]
CC 2474Construction of ambiguities respecting obligations of seller
CC 2475Seller's obligations of delivery and warranty.
CC 2476Reserved]
CC 2477Methods of making delivery
CC 2478Reserved]
CC 2479Reserved]
CC 2480Retention of possession by seller, presumption of simulation
CC 2481Incorporeals, method of making delivery
CC 2482Things not in possession of seller
CC 2483Costs of delivery and of removal
CC 2484Place of delivery
CC 2485Buyer's rights upon default, damages
CC 2486Reserved]
CC 2487Delivery excused until payment of price and for insolvency
CC 2488Reserved]
CC 2489Condition of thing at time of delivery
CC 2490Reserved]
CC 2491Immovables, extent of delivery
CC 2492Sale of immovables at a price per measure
CC 2493Reserved]
CC 2494Sale of immovable for lump price
CC 2495Sale of a certain and limited body or of a distinct object for a lump price
CC 2496Reserved]
CC 2497Restitution of price and expenses in case of rescission
CC 2498Prescription of actions for supplement or diminution of price or for dissolution
CC 2499Reserved]
CC 2500Eviction, definition, scope of warranty
CC 2501Reserved]
CC 2502Transfer of rights to a thing
CC 2503Modification or exclusion of warranty, seller's liability for personal acts, restitution of price in case of eviction
CC 2504Reserved]
CC 2505Reserved]
CC 2506Rights of buyer against seller in case of eviction
CC 2507Restitution of full price despite deterioration, deduction of damage when benefit to buyer
CC 2508Reserved]
CC 2509Reimbursement to buyer for useful improvements, liability of seller in bad faith
CC 2510Reserved]
CC 2511Partial eviction, rights of buyer
CC 2512Warranty against eviction from proceeds
CC 2513Scope of warranty in sale of succession rights
CC 2514Reserved]
CC 2515Reserved]
CC 2516Reserved]
CC 2517Call in warranty, failure of buyer to call seller in warranty, suit to quiet possession
CC 2518Reserved]
CC 2519Reserved]
CC 2520Warranty against redhibitory defects
CC 2521Defects that are made known to the buyer or that are apparent
CC 2522Notice of existence of defect
CC 2523Reserved]
CC 2524Thing fit for ordinary use
CC 2525Reserved]
CC 2526Reserved]
CC 2527Reserved]
CC 2528Reserved]
CC 2529Thing not of the kind specified in the contract
CC 2530Defect must exist before delivery
CC 2531Liability of seller who knew not of the defect
CC 2532Return of the thing; destruction of the thing
CC 2533Reserved]
CC 2534Prescription
CC 2535Reserved]
CC 2536Reserved]
CC 2537Judicial sales
CC 2538Multiple sellers, multiple buyers, successors
CC 2539Reserved]
CC 2540Redhibitory vice of one of several matched things sold together
CC 2541Reduction of the price
CC 2542Reserved]
CC 2543Reserved]
CC 2544Reserved]
CC 2545Liability of seller who knows of the defect; presumption of knowledge
CC 2546Reserved]
CC 2547Reserved]
CC 2548Exclusion or limitation of warranty; subrogation
CC 2549Obligations of the buyer
CC 2550Time and place of payment of price
CC 2551Reserved]
CC 2552Reserved]
CC 2553Interest on price
CC 2554Reserved]
CC 2555Liability of the buyer who fails to take delivery
CC 2556Reserved]
CC 2557Eviction and threat of eviction as grounds for suspension of payment
CC 2558Reserved]
CC 2559Reserved]
CC 2560Payment of the price before disturbance of possession
CC 2561Dissolution of sale for nonpayment of price
CC 2562Dissolution of sale of immovables for nonpayment of price; extension of time for payment
CC 2563Payment of price after expiration of term but prior to default
CC 2564Dissolution of sale of movables
CC 2565Reserved]
CC 2566Reserved]
CC 2567Right of redemption, definition
CC 2568Limitation on duration
CC 2569Redemption, presumption of security
CC 2570Effect of failure to exercise right within time stipulated
CC 2571Application of time limit against all persons including minors
CC 2572Redemption against second purchaser
CC 2573Reserved]
CC 2574Buyer's benefit of discussion against creditors of the seller
CC 2575Ownership of fruits and products pending redemption
CC 2576Reserved]
CC 2577Ownership of improvements and augmentations pending redemption
CC 2578Liability for deterioration at the time of redemption
CC 2579Reserved]
CC 2580Reserved]
CC 2581Reserved]
CC 2582Reserved]
CC 2583Reserved]
CC 2584Multiple successors, applicability of rules governing lesion
CC 2585Reserved]
CC 2586Reserved]
CC 2587Reimbursement to buyer on redemption
CC 2588Encumbrances created by buyer
CC 2589Rescission for lesion beyond moiety
CC 2590Time of valuation for determination of lesion
CC 2591Option of buyer to supplement price
CC 2592Lesion, return of fruits by buyer and payment of interest by seller
CC 2593Reserved]
CC 2594Lesion, action against vendee who has resold the immovable
CC 2595Peremption of action for lesion
CC 2596Lesion, action against vendee who has granted a right on the immovable
CC 2597Condition in which property is returned to seller; reimbursement of buyer for improvements
CC 2598Reserved]
CC 2599Buyer's right of retention pending reimbursement
CC 2600Divisibility of action in lesion among joint sellers and successors, joinder
CC 2601Additional terms in acceptance of offer to sell a movable
CC 2602Contract by conduct of the parties
CC 2603Obligation to deliver conforming things
CC 2604Buyer's right of inspection
CC 2605Rejection of nonconforming things by the buyer
CC 2606Buyer's acceptance of nonconforming things
CC 2607Buyer may accept part of things delivered
CC 2608Merchant buyer's duty upon rejection of things
CC 2609Purchase of substitute things by the buyer
CC 2610Cure of nonconformity
CC 2611Resale by the seller
CC 2612Deposit of the things by seller
CC 2613Things in transit, ownership
CC 2614Stoppage in transit
CC 2615Judicial dissolution
CC 2616Things in transit, risk of loss
CC 2617Payment against documents
CC 2618Reserved]
CC 2619Reserved]
CC 2620Option to buy or sell
CC 2621Acceptance, when effective; option turns into contract to sell; rejection
CC 2622Warranty of assignor
CC 2623Bilateral promise of sale; contract to sell
CC 2624Deposit, earnest money
CC 2625Right of first refusal
CC 2626Terms of offered sale
CC 2627Right of first refusal, time for acceptance
CC 2628Time limitation for option and right of first refusal
CC 2629Effect against third persons
CC 2630Indivisibility of right
CC 2631Reserved]
CC 2632Reserved]
CC 2633Reserved]
CC 2634Reserved]
CC 2635Reserved]
CC 2636Reserved]
CC 2637Reserved]
CC 2638Reserved]
CC 2639Reserved]
CC 2640Reserved]
CC 2641Reserved]
CC 2642Assignability of rights
CC 2643Assignment effective from the time of knowledge or notice
CC 2644Performance by debtor before knowledge of assignment
CC 2645Accessories included in assignment of right
CC 2646Warranty of existence of debt, solvency of debtor
CC 2647Reserved]
CC 2648Scope of warranty of debtor's solvency
CC 2649Assignor's knowledge of the debtor's insolvency; effects
CC 2650Warranty in assignment of succession rights
CC 2651Reserved]
CC 2652Sale of litigious rights
CC 2653Assignability prohibited by contract; exceptions
CC 2654Documents evidencing the right
CC 2655Giving in payment, definition
CC 2656Delivery essential to a giving in payment
CC 2657Giving in partial payment
CC 2658Reserved]
CC 2659Application of general rules of sale
CC 2660Exchange, definition
CC 2661Rights and obligations of the parties
CC 2662Rights of party evicted
CC 2663Rescission for lesion in contracts of exchange
CC 2664Application of the rules of sale
CC 2665[reserved.]
CC 2666[reserved.]
CC 2667[reserved.]
CC 2668Contract of lease defined
CC 2669Relation with other titles
CC 2670Contract to lease
CC 2671Types of leases
CC 2672Mineral lease
CC 2673The thing
CC 2674Ownership of the thing
CC 2675The rent
CC 2676Agreement as to the rent
CC 2677Crop rent
CC 2678Term
CC 2679Limits of contractual freedom in fixing the term
CC 2680Duration supplied by law; legal term
CC 2681Form
CC 2682The lessor's principal obligations
CC 2683The lessee's principal obligations
CC 2684Obligations to deliver the thing at the agreed time and in good condition
CC 2685Discrepancy between agreed and delivered quantity
CC 2686Misuse of the thing
CC 2687Damage caused by fault
CC 2688Obligation to inform lessor
CC 2689Payment of taxes and other charges
CC 2690Alterations by the lessor prohibited
CC 2691Lessor's obligation for repairs
CC 2692Lessee's obligation to make repairs
CC 2693Lessor's right to make repairs
CC 2694Lessee's right to make repairs
CC 2695Attachments, additions, or other improvements to leased thing
CC 2696Warranty against vices or defects
CC 2697Warranty for unknown vices or defects
CC 2698Persons protected by warranty
CC 2699Waiver of warranty for vices or defects
CC 2700Warranty of peaceful possession
CC 2701Call in warranty
CC 2702Disturbance by third persons without claim of right
CC 2703When and where rent is due
CC 2704Nonpayment of rent
CC 2705Abatement of rent for unforeseen loss of crops
CC 2706Loss of crop rent
CC 2707Lessor's privilege
CC 2708Lessor's privilege over sublessee's movables
CC 2709Lessor's right to seize movables of third persons
CC 2710Enforcement of the lessor's privilege
CC 2711Transfer of thing does not terminate lease
CC 2712Transfer of immovable subject to unrecorded lease
CC 2713Lessee's right to sublease, assign, or encumber
CC 2714Expropriation; loss or destruction
CC 2715Partial destruction, loss, expropriation, or other substantial impairment of use
CC 2716Termination of lease granted by a usufructuary
CC 2717Death of lessor or lessee
CC 2718Leases with reservation of right to terminate
CC 2719Dissolution for other causes
CC 2720Termination of lease with a fixed term
CC 2721Reconduction
CC 2722Term of reconducted agricultural lease
CC 2723Term of reconducted nonagricultural lease
CC 2724Continuity of the reconducted lease
CC 2725Extension
CC 2726Amendment
CC 2727Termination of lease with an indeterminate term
CC 2728Notice of termination; timing
CC 2729Notice of termination; form
CC 2745Kinds of lease of services or labor.
CC 2746Limited duration of contract.
CC 2747Contract of servant terminable at will of parties.
CC 2748Contract of farm or factory laborer, restrictions on termination.
CC 2749Liability for dismissal of laborer without cause.
CC 2750Liability of laborer leaving employment without cause.
CC 2751Obligations of carriers and watermen
CC 2752Liability for things delivered for shipment.
CC 2753Birth of child during sea voyage.
CC 2754Liability for loss or damage.
CC 2755Master's and crew's privilege on vessel for payment of wages.
CC 2756Building by plot and work by job, definitions.
CC 2757Agreement to furnish work or materials or both.
CC 2758Destruction of work before delivery, liability of contractor furnishing materials.
CC 2759Destruction of work before delivery, liability of contractor furnishing work only.
CC 2760Destruction of work before delivery, contractor's right to payment of salary.
CC 2761Delivery of work in separate parts.
CC 2762Liability of contractor for damages due to badness of workmanship.
CC 2763Changes or extensions of original plans, effect.
CC 2764Substantial and necessary alterations.
CC 2765Cancellation of contract by owner.
CC 2766Termination of contract by death of workman.
CC 2767Payment to heirs of contractor for work or materials completed.
CC 2768Contractor's liability for acts of employees.
CC 2769Contractor's liability for non-compliance with contract.
CC 2770Workmen employed by contractor, rights against owner.
CC 2771Masons, carpenters and other artificers as contractors.
CC 2772Privilege of contractors, laborers and materialmen; settlement of accounts.
CC 2773Rights of workmen and materialmen against contractor and owner.
CC 2774Anticipated payments by owner to contractor, effect on rights of laborers and materialmen.
CC 2775Contract exceeding $500, recordation essential for privilege.
CC 2776Contract under $500, recordation of statement essential for privilege.
CC 2777Privilege of workmen on ships and boats.
CC 2778Annuity contract; definition
CC 2779Applicability of the rules governing obligations
CC 2780Recipient of payments
CC 2781Annuity for life or time period
CC 2782Termination of annuity; absence of a designated term
CC 2783Assignable and heritable rights and obligations
CC 2784Annuity in favor of successive recipients
CC 2785Annuity contract in favor of several recipients of payments
CC 2786Existence of recipient
CC 2787Annuity charge
CC 2788Annuity charge; recordation
CC 2789Applicable law
CC 2790Annuity charge for life or time period
CC 2791Enforcement of the annuity charge
CC 2801Partnership; definition.
CC 2802Applicability of rules of conventional obligations.
CC 2803Participation of partners.
CC 2804Participation in one category only.
CC 2805Name of the partnership.
CC 2806Ownership of immovable property; retroactivity of partnership's existence; acquisition of immovable property prior to partnership's existence
CC 2807Decisions affecting the partnership.
CC 2808Obligation of a partner to contribute.
CC 2809Fiduciary duty; activities prejudicial to the partnership.
CC 2810Other rights not prejudiced.
CC 2811Partner as creditor of the partnership.
CC 2812The sharing of a partner's interest with a third person.
CC 2813The right of a partner to obtain information.
CC 2814Partner as mandatary of the partnership
CC 2815Effect of loss stipulation on third persons.
CC 2816Contract by partner in his own name; effect on the partnership.
CC 2817Partnership debts; liability.
CC 2818Causes of cessation of membership
CC 2819Seizure of the interest of a partner.
CC 2820Expulsion of a partner for just cause.
CC 2821Partnership constituted for term; withdrawal.
CC 2822Partnership without term; withdrawal.
CC 2823Rights of a partner after withdrawal.
CC 2824Payment of interest of partner.
CC 2825Judicial determination of amount.
CC 2826Termination of a partnership; causes
CC 2827Continuation of a partnership.
CC 2828Continuation for liquidation; sole proprietorship.
CC 2829Change in number or identity of partners.
CC 2830Effects of termination; authority of partners.
CC 2831Termination of the partnership; rights of third parties.
CC 2832Creditors of the partnership; preference.
CC 2833Division of the partnership assets.
CC 2834Liquidation of the partnership.
CC 2835Final liquidation.
CC 2836Provisions applicable to partnerships in commendam.
CC 2837Partnership in commendam; definition.
CC 2838Name; designation as partnership in commendam.
CC 2839Name of partner in commendam; use
CC 2840Partner in commendam; liability; agreed contribution.
CC 2841Contract form; registry.
CC 2842Restrictions on the right of a partner in commendam to receive contributions.
CC 2843Restrictions on the partner in commendam with regard to management or administration of the partnership.
CC 2844Liability of the partner in commendam to third parties
CC 2845Repealed by acts 1995, no. 847, 5, eff. june 27, 1995.
CC 2846Repealed by acts 1995, no. 847, 5, eff. june 27, 1995.
CC 2847Repealed by acts 1995, no. 847, 5, eff. june 27, 1995.
CC 2848Repealed by acts 1995, no. 847, 5, eff. june 27, 1995.
CC 2891Loan for use; definition
CC 2892Applicability of the rules governing obligations
CC 2893Things that may be lent
CC 2894Preservation and limited use
CC 2895Ordinary wear and tear; damage caused by the failure to keep, preserve, or use as a prudent administrator
CC 2896Use for longer time or in other manner
CC 2897Heritability of contract obligations.loss caused by fortuitous event
CC 2898Valuation of the thing
CC 2899Reimbursement for expenses
CC 2900Liability of joint borrowers
CC 2901Retaking before or after conclusion of use or expiration of time
CC 2902Lender's liability for damage caused by defects in the thing
CC 2903Liberative prescription
CC 2904Loan for consumption; definition
CC 2905Ownership and risk of loss of the thing lent
CC 2906Loan of nonfungible things
CC 2907Loan of money or commodities
CC 2908Lender's liability for damage caused by defects in the thing
CC 2909Inability to demand performance until expiration of term
CC 2910Substance and place of performance
CC 2911Payment of value when restitution is impossible
CC 2912Payment of interest in case of default
CC 2913Payment of interest presumed in release of principal
CC 2926Deposit, definition
CC 2927Kinds of deposit.
CC 2928Nature of the contract
CC 2929Formation of the contract; delivery
CC 2930Diligence and prudence required
CC 2931Use of the thing deposited
CC 2932Use of consumable
CC 2933Return of the thing deposited
CC 2934Delivery of value received
CC 2935Delivery of civil and natural fruits
CC 2936Proof of ownership of the thing deposited not required; a stolen thing
CC 2937Place and expense of return
CC 2938Time of return
CC 2939Retention of the deposit
CC 2940Reimbursement of the depositary
CC 2941Obligation of innkeeper to accept the deposit
CC 2942Innkeeper as compensated depositary
CC 2943Availability of a safe
CC 2944Damaged or stolen things
CC 2945Limitation of innkeeper's liability
CC 2946Conventional sequestration; definition
CC 2947Applicable law
CC 2948Termination of conventional sequestration by the depositary
CC 2949Judicial sequestration
CC 2950Applicable law
CC 2951Judicial depositary
CC 2982Aleatory contract, definition.
CC 2983Actions for payment of gaming debts and bets.
CC 2984Actions for recovery of payments made on gaming debts and bets.
CC 2985Representation
CC 2986The authority of the representative
CC 2987Procuration defined; person to whom addressed
CC 2988Applicability of the rules of mandate
CC 2989Mandate defined
CC 2990Applicability of the rules governing obligations
CC 2991Interest served
CC 2992Onerous or gratuitous contract
CC 2993Form
CC 2994General authority
CC 2995Incidental, necessary, or professional acts
CC 2996Authority to alienate, acquire, encumber, or lease
CC 2997Express authority required
CC 2998Contracting with one's self
CC 2999Person of limited capacity
CC 3000Mandatary of both parties
CC 3001Mandatary's duty of performance; standard of care
CC 3002Gratuitous mandate; liability of a mandatary
CC 3003Obligation to provide information
CC 3004Obligation to deliver; right of retention
CC 3005Interest on money used by mandatary
CC 3006Fulfillment of the mandate by the mandatary
CC 3007Mandatary's liability for acts of the substitute
CC 3008Liability for acts beyond authority; ratification
CC 3009Liability of multiple mandataries
CC 3010Performance of obligations contracted by the mandatary
CC 3011Advantageous performance despite divergence from authority
CC 3012Reimbursement of expenses and remuneration
CC 3013Compensation for loss sustained by the mandatary
CC 3014Interest on sums expended by the mandatary
CC 3015Liability of several principals
CC 3016Disclosed mandate and principal
CC 3017Undisclosed mandate
CC 3018Disclosed mandate; undisclosed principal
CC 3019Liability when authority is exceeded
CC 3020Obligations of the principal to third persons
CC 3021Putative mandatary
CC 3022Disclosed mandate or principal; third person bound
CC 3023Undisclosed mandate or principal; obligations of third person
CC 3024Termination of the mandate and of the mandatary's authority
CC 3025Termination by principal
CC 3026Incapacity of the principal
CC 3027Reliance on public records
CC 3028Rights of third persons without notice of revocation
CC 3029Termination by the mandatary
CC 3030Acts of the mandatary after principal's death
CC 3031Contracts made after termination of the mandate or the mandatary's authority
CC 3032Obligation to account
CC 3033Blank
CC 3034Blank
CC 3035Definition of suretyship
CC 3036Obligations for which suretyship may be established
CC 3037Surety ostensibly bound as a principal with another; effect of knowledge of the creditor
CC 3038Formal requirements of suretyship
CC 3039Suretyship requires no formal acceptance
CC 3040Rules may be varied
CC 3041Kinds of suretyship
CC 3042Commercial suretyship
CC 3043Legal suretyship
CC 3044Ordinary suretyship; interpretation
CC 3045Liability of sureties to creditor; division and discussion abolished
CC 3046Defenses available to surety
CC 3047Rights of the surety
CC 3048Surety's right of subrogation
CC 3049Surety's right of reimbursement for payment of obligation
CC 3050Surety's right of reimbursement for payment of obligation not owed
CC 3051Payment by debtor without notice of payment by surety
CC 3052Limitation on right of surety to recover what he paid creditor
CC 3053Surety's right to require security
CC 3054Failure to provide security
CC 3055Liability among co-sureties
CC 3056Right of contribution among co-sureties
CC 3057Limitation upon right of contribution
CC 3058Extinction of the suretyship
CC 3059Extinction of principal obligation
CC 3060Prescription of the surety's obligation, right of reimbursement, and contribution
CC 3061Termination of suretyship
CC 3062Effect of modifications of principal obligation
CC 3063Commercial suretyship rules apply to legal suretyship
CC 3064Supplementary nature of this chapter
CC 3065Qualifications of legal surety; evidenced by affidavit; lack thereof not a defense
CC 3066Legal suretyship to conform to law
CC 3067Permissible variations
CC 3068Pledge of funds in lieu of suretyship
CC 3069Necessity for judgment against legal surety
CC 3070Right to demand new security
CC 3071Compromise; definition
CC 3072Formal requirements; effects
CC 3073Capacity and form
CC 3074Lawful object
CC 3075Relative effect
CC 3076Scope of the act
CC 3077Reserved
CC 3078After-acquired rights
CC 3079Tender and acceptance of less than the amount of the claim
CC 3080Preclusive effect of compromise
CC 3081Effect on novation
CC 3082Rescission
CC 3083Compromise suspends prescription
CC 3084Respite, definition.
CC 3085Voluntary and forced respite.
CC 3086Forced respite at instance of majority of creditors.
CC 3087Procedure to obtain forced respite.
CC 3088Representation of absent creditors.
CC 3089Attendance at creditors' meeting.
CC 3090Creditors' meeting, adjournment and maximum duration.
CC 3091Homologation of respite agreement.
CC 3092Opposition to homologation.
CC 3093Effect of respite on property of debtor; rights of non-assenting creditors.
CC 3094Remission of debts by some creditors, effect as to others.
CC 3095Creditors not required to participate in respite or remission.
CC 3096Duration of respite.
CC 3097Respite after claims for cession not permitted.
CC 3098Cession of property on refusal of respite.
CC 3099Submission to arbitrate.
CC 3100Writing necessary.
CC 3101Capacity of parties; authority of mandataries, tutors and curators.
CC 3102Scope of submission.
CC 3103Arbitration of damages incurred by public offense.
CC 3104Power of arbitrators.
CC 3105Duration of power of arbitrators; prescription
CC 3106Penal clauses in submission.
CC 3107Capacity of arbitrators.
CC 3108Repealed by acts 1979, no. 709, 2.
CC 3109Arbitrators and amicable compounders.
CC 3110Powers of arbitrators and amicable compounders.
CC 3111Oath of arbitrators.
CC 3112Presentation and proof of claims by parties.
CC 3113Time, place and notice of hearing.
CC 3114Attendance of parties and witnesses.
CC 3115Attendance and swearing in of witnesses.
CC 3116Disagreement among arbitrators; umpire.
CC 3117Nomination of umpire.
CC 3118Appointment of umpire.
CC 3119Oath of umpire.
CC 3120Time for decision of arbitrators.
CC 3121Arbitrators acting in excess of power, effect.
CC 3122Scope of arbitrators' authority.
CC 3123Award null after time limit.
CC 3124Extension of time for making award.
CC 3125Award made prior to time specified for examination.
CC 3126Participation in proceedings; signature of award.
CC 3127Amount of award.
CC 3128Interest and costs
CC 3129Approval of award by judge.
CC 3130Appeal from award; prepayment and repayment of penalty.
CC 3131Retraction or change of award prohibited.
CC 3132Termination of arbitration.
CC 3133Pledge, definition
CC 3133.1Relation to chapter 9 of the louisiana commercial laws
CC 3134Kinds of pledge
CC 3135Pawn and antichresis distinguished
CC 3136Obligations enforceable by pledge
CC 3137Conditional obligation as basis for pledge
CC 3138Effect of nullity of principal obligation
CC 3139Natural obligation as basis for pledge
CC 3140Object of principal obligation
CC 3141Pledge for debt of another
CC 3142Things susceptible of being pledged
CC 3143Pledgor's rights at date of pledge
CC 3144Subsequent acquisition of ownership of thing pledged
CC 3145Pledge of property of another, necessity for consent of owner
CC 3146Implied consent of owner
CC 3147Binding effect of pledge of thing of another
CC 3148Pledge by fiduciaries, authorization required
CC 3149Pledge by mandatary, authorization
CC 3150Pledges by cities and other corporations
CC 3151Power to pledge
CC 3152Delivery and possession of thing pledged
CC 3153Delivery of incorporeal rights
CC 3154Things subject to pawn
CC 3155Incorporeal movables
CC 3156Claims against other persons
CC 3157Privilege and preference of pledge creditor
CC 3158Formalities and contents of pledge; requirements for pledge of promissory notes and other written obligations
CC 3159Acts of pledge in favor of banks
CC 3160Pledge of obligation of a third person
CC 3161Performance by obligor of a pledged obligation
CC 3162Delivery to creditor or to third person
CC 3163Partial payment of debt secured by pledge of several things
CC 3164Right of retention until payment of debt
CC 3165Rights of pledgee on default of debtor; procedure
CC 3166Ownership of thing pledged
CC 3167Pledgee's liability for loss or decay of thing pledged; reimbursement of expenses of preservation
CC 3168Ownership of fruits of thing pledged
CC 3169Imputation of interest earned by credit pledged
CC 3170Pledgee's right to enforce payment of credit pledged; imputation of proceeds
CC 3171Indivisibility of pawn as to heirs of debtor and creditor
CC 3172Surplus or deficiency after sale
CC 3173Debtor taking pledge without creditor's consent
CC 3174Rights of creditor deceived as to pledge
CC 3175Acquisitive prescription of pledge impossible
CC 3176Necessity for written instrument; rights acquired by creditor
CC 3177Taxes, annual charges and repairs.
CC 3178Reclamation of property by debtor; return by creditor.
CC 3179Ownership of property pledged; rights of creditor upon default of debtor.
CC 3180Agreement that fruits or revenues be compensated with interest.
CC 3181Rights of third persons on immovable pledged not affected.
CC 3182Debtor's general liability.
CC 3183Debtor's property common pledge of creditors; exceptions to pro rata distribution.
CC 3184Lawful causes of preference.
CC 3185Privileges established only by law, stricti juris.
CC 3186Privilege, definition.
CC 3187Basis of preferences among privileges.
CC 3188Concurrent privileges.
CC 3189Property affected by privileges.
CC 3190General or special privileges on movables.
CC 3191General privileges on all movables, enumeration and ranking.
CC 3192Funeral charges, definition.
CC 3193Reduction of funeral charges of insolvent decedent.
CC 3194Limitation in event of reduction.
CC 3195Law charges, definition.
CC 3196Costs which enjoy privilege.
CC 3197Costs for the general benefit of creditors.
CC 3198Costs not taxed in suit.
CC 3199Last sickness, definition.
CC 3200Chronic sickness.
CC 3201Maximum period of privileged expenses.
CC 3202List of expenses privileged.
CC 3203Amount due for expenses, fixed by contract or by judge.
CC 3204Last sickness of debtor's children.
CC 3205Servants, definition.
CC 3206Prescription of action; extent of privilege.
CC 3207Wages recoverable but not privileged.
CC 3208Supplies furnished by retail dealers.
CC 3209Prescription of action; extent of privilege.
CC 3210Wholesale dealers.
CC 3211Innkeepers and masters of boarding houses.
CC 3212Teachers and preceptors.
CC 3213Extent of privilege for supplies.
CC 3214Clerks and secretaries, extent and rank of privilege for salaries.
CC 3215Repealed by acts 1979, no. 709, 2.
CC 3216Special privileges on movables.
CC 3217List of special privileges on particular movables.
CC 3218Repealed by acts 2004, no. 821, 4, eff. jan. 1, 2005.
CC 3219Method of enforcement of lessor's privilege
CC 3220Privilege of pledgee.
CC 3221Enforcement of pledge
CC 3222Privilege of depositor on thing deposited.
CC 3223Depositor's privilege on price in case of sale.
CC 3224Preservation of property of another.
CC 3225Rights of pledge and retention against owner.
CC 3226Right of preference against creditors.
CC 3227Vendor's privilege on movables; agricultural products of the united states.
CC 3228Loss of privilege by sale with other property of purchaser.
CC 3229Vendor's claim for restitution.
CC 3230Restitution dependent on identification.
CC 3231Restitution of things easily recognized.
CC 3232Innkeepers, definition.
CC 3233Innkeepers' rights on property of guests.
CC 3234Property covered by innkeepers' privilege.
CC 3235Travelers, definition.
CC 3236Sale or donation of unclaimed and unredeemed property, procedure.
CC 3237Privileges on ships and vessels, enumeration and ranking; prescription.
CC 3238Proportionate payment to creditors of same rank.
CC 3239Right of pursuit after sale of ship.
CC 3240Privilege on price of adjudication in case of forced sale.
CC 3241Voluntary sale, distinction between sale in port or on voyage.
CC 3242Voluntary sale of ship in port, rights of privileged creditors.
CC 3243Loss of privilege after voyage in name of purchaser.
CC 3244Voluntary sale of ship while on voyage, rights of privileged creditors.
CC 3245Voyage, definition.
CC 3246Captain's privilege on cargo for freight charges.
CC 3247Privilege of consignee or agent on merchandise consigned.
CC 3248Rights of consignor on insolvency of consignee or agent.
CC 3249Special privileges on immovables.
CC 3250Extent of vendor's privilege.
CC 3251Successive sales, preference among vendors
CC 3252General privileges on both movables and immovables.
CC 3253Order of payment of privileges; debtor's movables taken before immovables.
CC 3254Special privileges prime general privileges on movables; ranking among general privileges when movables sufficient.
CC 3255Order of payment when available movables insufficient.
CC 3256Lessor's privilege primed by costs of sale.
CC 3257Lessor's privilege primed by funeral charges.
CC 3258Lessor's privilege primes other general privileges.
CC 3259Lessor's privilege on crops primed by supplies and labor.
CC 3260Ranking between privileges of lessor and depositor.
CC 3261Depositor's privilege and other privileges.
CC 3262Privilege for expenses of preservation and other privileges.
CC 3263Vendor's privilege and other privileges.
CC 3264Privilege of innkeepers.
CC 3265Privilege of carriers.
CC 3266Immovables liable when movables insufficient.
CC 3267Special privileges on immovables and other privileges.
CC 3268Vendor's privilege on land and workmen's privilege on buildings.
CC 3269Order of payment out of immovables; distribution of loss among mortgage creditors.
CC 3270Effect of priorities among privileges.
CC 3271Vendor's privilege on immovables, recordation.
CC 3272Privileges of contractors, mechanics and materialmen; recordation and ranking.
CC 3273Recordation, effect against third persons.
CC 3274Time and place of recordation; effectiveness.
CC 3275Inclusion of date of birth of parties
CC 3276Priority of claims against succession arising after death.
CC 3277Methods of extinction.
CC 3278Mortgage defined
CC 3279Rights created by mortgage
CC 3280Mortgage is an indivisible real right
CC 3281Mortgage established only in authorized cases
CC 3282Accessory nature
CC 3283Kinds of mortgages
CC 3284Conventional, legal, and judicial mortgages
CC 3285General and special mortgages distinguished
CC 3286Property susceptible of mortgage
CC 3287Conventional mortgage
CC 3288Requirements of contract of mortgage
CC 3289Acceptance
CC 3290Power to mortgage
CC 3291Presumption that things are subject to conventional mortgage
CC 3292Mortgage of future property permitted in certain cases
CC 3293Obligations for which mortgage may be established
CC 3294Mortgage securing obligation that is not for the payment of money
CC 3295Mortgage securing another's obligation
CC 3296Right of mortgagor to raise defenses
CC 3297Restrictions upon recourse of mortgagee
CC 3298Mortgage may secure future obligations
CC 3299Judicial and legal mortgages
CC 3300Creation of judicial mortgage
CC 3301Creation of legal mortgage
CC 3302Property burdened by judicial and legal mortgages
CC 3303Nature of judicial and legal mortgages
CC 3304Judgment; suspensive appeal
CC 3305Judgments of other jurisdictions
CC 3306Judgment against person deceased
CC 3307The effect and rank of mortgages
CC 3308Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
CC 3309Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
CC 3310Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
CC 3311Mortgage securing several obligations
CC 3312Transfer of the secured obligation
CC 3313Transfer does not imply subordination
CC 3314Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
CC 3315Third possessor defined
CC 3316Liability of third possessor
CC 3317Rights of third possessor
CC 3318Right of third possessor for costs of improvements
CC 3319Methods of extinction
CC 3320Recordation; limits of effectiveness
CC 3321Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
CC 3322Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
CC 3323Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
CC 3324Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
CC 3325Paraph of notes or written obligations secured by a mortgage, privilege, or other encumbrance
CC 3326Effect of mortgage filed after death of mortgagor
CC 3327Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
CC 3328Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
CC 3329Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
CC 3330Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
CC 3331Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
CC 3332Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
CC 3333Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
CC 3334Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
CC 3335Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
CC 3336Repealed by acts 2005, no. 169, 8, eff. july 1, 2006.
CC 3337Cancellation of mortgages and privileges from the records
CC 3338Instruments creating real rights in immovables; recordation required to affect third persons
CC 3339Matters not of record
CC 3340Effect of recording other documents
CC 3341Limits on the effect of recordation
CC 3342Parties to an instrument are precluded from raising certain matters
CC 3343Third person defined
CC 3344Refusal for failure of original signature or proper certification; effect of recordation; necessity of proof of signature recordation of a duplicate
CC 3345Recordation of a duplicate
CC 3346Place of recordation; duty of the recorder
CC 3347Effect of recordation arises upon filing
CC 3348Time of filing; determination
CC 3349Failure to endorse; effect
CC 3350Presumption as to time of filing
CC 3351Ancient documents; presumptions
CC 3352Recorded acts; required information
CC 3353Effect of indefinite or incomplete name
CC 3354Applicability
CC 3355Mortgage or privilege affecting property in several parishes
CC 3356Transfers, amendments, and releases
CC 3357Duration; general rule
CC 3358Duration of recordation of certain mortgages and vendor's privileges
CC 3359Duration of recordation of judicial mortgage
CC 3360Duration of recordation of mortgage given by tutor, curator, or succession representative
CC 3361Effect of amendment
CC 3362Method of reinscription
CC 3363Method of reinscription exclusive
CC 3364Effect of timely recordation of notice of reinscription
CC 3365Effect of request recorded after cessation of effect of recordation
CC 3366Cancellation upon written request; form and content
CC 3367Cancellation of recordation after effect of recordation has ceased
CC 3368Cancellation of prescribed judicial mortgage
CC 3369Repealed by acts 1992, no. 1132, 1, eff. jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3370Repealed by acts 1992, no. 1132, 1, eff. jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3397Repealed by acts 1992, no. 1132, 1, eff. jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3398Repealed by acts 1992, no. 1132, 1, eff. jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3399Repealed by acts 1992, no. 1132, 1, eff. jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3400Arts 3400 to 3404 repealed by acts 1960, no. 30, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1961.
CC 3405Repealed by acts 1992, no. 1132, 1, eff. jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3406Repealed by acts 1992, no. 1132, 1, eff. jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3407Repealed by acts 1992, no. 1132, 1, eff. jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3408Repealed by acts 1992, no. 1132, 1, eff. jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3409Repealed by acts 1992, no. 1132, 1, eff. jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3410Repealed by acts 1992, no. 1132, 1, eff. jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3411Repealed by acts 1992, no. 1132, 1, eff. jan. 1, 1993.
CC 3412Occupancy
CC 3413Wild animals, birds, fish, and shellfish
CC 3414Loss of ownership of wildlife
CC 3415Wildlife in enclosures
CC 3416Tamed wild animals
CC 3417Domestic animals
CC 3418Abandoned things
CC 3419Lost things
CC 3420Treasure
CC 3421Possession
CC 3422Nature of possession; right to possess
CC 3423Rights of possessors
CC 3424Acquisition of possession
CC 3425Corporeal possession
CC 3426Constructive possession
CC 3427Presumption of intent to own the thing
CC 3428Acquisition of possession through another
CC 3429Exercise of possession by another
CC 3430Juridical persons
CC 3431Retention of possession; civil possession
CC 3432Presumption of retention of possession
CC 3433Loss of possession
CC 3434Loss of the right to possess
CC 3435Vices of possession
CC 3436Violent, clandestine, discontinuous, and equivocal possession
CC 3437Precarious possession
CC 3438Presumption of precariousness
CC 3439Termination of precarious possession
CC 3440Protection of precarious possession
CC 3441Transfer of possession
CC 3442Tacking of possession
CC 3443Presumption of continuity of possession
CC 3444Possessory action
CC 3445Kinds of prescription
CC 3446Acquisitive prescription
CC 3447Liberative prescription
CC 3448Prescription of nonuse
CC 3449Renunciation of prescription
CC 3450Express or tacit renunciation
CC 3451Capacity to renounce
CC 3452Necessity for pleading prescription
CC 3453Rights of creditors and other interested parties
CC 3454Computation of time
CC 3455Computation of time by months
CC 3456Computation of time by years
CC 3457Prescription established by legislation only
CC 3458Peremption; effect
CC 3459Application of rules of prescription
CC 3460Peremption need not be pleaded
CC 3461Renunciation, interruption, or suspension ineffective
CC 3462Interruption by filing of suit or by service of process
CC 3463Duration of interruption; abandonment or discontinuance of suit
CC 3464Interruption by acknowledgment
CC 3465Interruption of acquisitive prescription
CC 3466Effect of interruption
CC 3467Persons against whom prescription runs
CC 3468Incompetents
CC 3469Suspension of prescription
CC 3470Prescription during delays for inventory; vacant succession
CC 3471Limits of contractual freedom
CC 3472Effect of suspension
CC 3473Prescription of ten years
CC 3474Incompetents
CC 3475Requisites
CC 3476Attributes of possession
CC 3477Precarious possessor; inability to prescribe
CC 3478Termination of precarious possession; commencement of prescription
CC 3479Particular successor of precarious possessor
CC 3480Good faith
CC 3481Presumption of good faith
CC 3482Good faith at commencement of prescription
CC 3483Just title
CC 3484Transfer of undivided part of an immovable
CC 3485Things susceptible of prescription
CC 3486Immovables; prescription of thirty years
CC 3487Restriction as to extent of possession
CC 3488Applicability of rules governing prescription of ten years
CC 3489Movables; acquisitive prescription
CC 3490Prescription of three years
CC 3491Prescription of ten years
CC 3492Delictual actions
CC 3493Damage to immovable property; commencement and accrual of prescription
CC 3493.10Delictual actions; two-year prescription; criminal act
CC 3494Actions subject to a three-year prescription
CC 3495Commencement and accrual of prescription
CC 3496Action against attorney for return of papers
CC 3496.1Action against a person for abuse of a minor
CC 3497Actions subject to a five year prescription
CC 3497.1Actions for arrearages of spousal support or of installment payments for contributions made to a spouse's education or training
CC 3498Actions on negotiable and nonnegotiable instruments
CC 3499Personal action
CC 3500Action against contractors and architects
CC 3501Prescription and revival of money judgments
CC 3501.1Actions for arrearages of child support
CC 3502Action for the recognition of a right of inheritance
CC 3503Solidary obligors
CC 3504Surety
CC 3505Acts extending liberative prescription
CC 3505.1Formal requirements
CC 3505.2Commencement of period of extension
CC 3505.3Effect of extension on other obligors and obligees
CC 3505.4Interruption or suspension during a period of extension
CC 3506General definitions of terms
CC 3507Arts. 3507 to 3514 repealed by acts 1982, no. 187, 2, eff. jan. 1, 1983
CC 3515Determination of the applicable law; general and residual rule
CC 3516Meaning of "state"
CC 3517Renvoi
CC 3518Domicile
CC 3519Status of natural persons; general principle
CC 3520Marriage
CC 3521Divorce or separation
CC 3522Effects and incidents of marriage and of divorce
CC 3523Movables
CC 3524Immovables situated in this state
CC 3525Termination of community; immovables in another state acquired by a spouse while domiciled in this state
CC 3526Termination of community; movables and louisiana immovables acquired by a spouse while domiciled in another state
CC 3527Louisiana immovables acquired by a spouse while domiciled in another state; death of the acquiring spouse while domiciled in another state
CC 3528Formal validity of testamentary dispositions
CC 3529Capacity and vices of consent
CC 3530Capacity of heir or legatee
CC 3531Interpretation of testaments
CC 3532Movables
CC 3533Immovables situated in this state
CC 3534Immovables situated in another state
CC 3535Real rights in immovables
CC 3536Real rights in corporeal movables
CC 3537General rule
CC 3538Form
CC 3539Capacity
CC 3540Party autonomy
CC 3541Other juridical acts and quasi-contractual obligations
CC 3542General rule
CC 3543Issues of conduct and safety
CC 3544Issues of loss distribution and financial protection
CC 3545Products liability
CC 3546Punitive damages
CC 3547Exceptional cases
CC 3548Domicile of juridical persons
CC 3549Law governing liberative prescription
CC 3550Arts. 3550 to 3555 repealed by acts 1983, no. 173, 1, eff. jan. 1, 1984.
CC 3556Blank]