Public utilities and carriers

RS 45Title 45.public utilities and carriers
RS 45:1Title 45public utilities and carriers
RS 45:2Bond required
RS 45:3Form of bond; beneficiaries
RS 45:4Principal and surety bound in solido
RS 45:5Amount of bond
RS 45:6Recordation
RS 45:7Construction of bond
RS 45:8Carriage in violation of law
RS 45:9Permitting or assisting violation
RS 45:10Unlawful piloting; penalty
RS 45:61Canals
RS 45:62Navigable waters, right to utilize
RS 45:63Public service corporations, status as
RS 45:64Expropriation for other canals, power of
RS 45:65Expropriation; proceedings
RS 45:66Public lands; right of way
RS 45:67Streams and waters, crossing
RS 45:68Highways, crossing or utilizing
RS 45:69Telephone, telegraph and electric lines
RS 45:70Consent to become a public utility
RS 45:71Corporations organized after passage of law
RS 45:121Electricity
RS 45:122Extensions of services and facilities, requirement of
RS 45:123Stabilizing service by electric public utilities; extension and construction of facilities, regulation thereof; limitations on municipally-owned or operated utilities
RS 45:124Mortgages, power to make; property covered
RS 45:125Mortgages; recordation; re-inscription
RS 45:141Definitions
RS 45:142Ten-foot restriction; prohibited functions or activities
RS 45:143Required conditions for commencing work within ten feet of high voltage overhead lines
RS 45:144Liability for damages
RS 45:145Operations and activities exempt
RS 45:146Rules and regulations
RS 45:161Declaration of policy
RS 45:162Definitions
RS 45:163Powers of commission; rates; insurance policies or bonds
RS 45:163.1Repealed by acts 2008, no. 724, 3, eff. july 6, 2008.
RS 45:164Common carrier's certificate; contract carrier's permit
RS 45:164.1Attorney general; powers, duties; commercial and trade practices of motor carriers; investigations; legal proceedings
RS 45:165Holding of both certificate and permit prohibited
RS 45:166Amendment, suspension, revocation or transfer of certificate or permit
RS 45:167Name and address of operator and certificate or permit number to be displayed
RS 45:168Consideration to shipper prohibited; rebates; deviation from rate prescribed by commission; penalties
RS 45:169Fees; disposition; refunds; credits; prescription
RS 45:169.1Motor carrier regulation fund
RS 45:170Impoundment of vehicles
RS 45:171Violations; definitions; penalty; report
RS 45:172Exemptions
RS 45:173Contract carriers; liability policy or bond required
RS 45:174Cancellation of bond or policy
RS 45:175Certificate or receipt to be displayed
RS 45:176Violation of bond requirements
RS 45:177Exemptions; policy or bond
RS 45:178License for carrier's vehicle; certificate from public service commission required
RS 45:179Unlawful purchase or use of registration certificate or license plate
RS 45:180Penalty for unlawful issuance or purchase of license
RS 45:180.1Wreckers and towing services
RS 45:180.2Classification of wreckers; license exemptions
RS 45:181Chauffeur's or driver's license, and "for hire" license plates required
RS 45:182Duty to determine whether license laws complied with
RS 45:183Penalties; license requirement
RS 45:184Service car defined
RS 45:185Operators' certificates
RS 45:186Issuance of permit or certificate
RS 45:187Number of passengers
RS 45:188Indemnity bond; service cars
RS 45:189Speedometer required; unlawful speed prima facie evidence of negligence
RS 45:190Service car" to be displayed on windshield
RS 45:191Penalty; unlawful operation of service car
RS 45:192Imitating another carrier's name, etc.; prima facie evidence of violation; penalty
RS 45:193Revocation of permit or license
RS 45:194Repealed by acts 2008, no. 724, 3, eff. july 6, 2008.
RS 45:195Repealed by acts 1958, no. 261, 1
RS 45:197Taxicab drivers to show charges on meter; penalty
RS 45:198Repealed by acts 1972, no. 263, 1
RS 45:200.1Findings and declaration of policy
RS 45:200.2Definitions
RS 45:200.3Necessity of municipal or parochial consent for operation of public carrier vehicles
RS 45:200.4Insurance of each public carrier vehicle
RS 45:200.5Blanket insurance policy
RS 45:200.6Self-insurance
RS 45:200.7Effectiveness of certificate
RS 45:200.8Appointment of secretary of state as agent to receive service of process
RS 45:200.9Certificate of compliance; contents; filing and posting
RS 45:200.10Operation in more than one municipality or parish, filing of insurance policy, statement and copies of certificate
RS 45:200.11Other automobile laws applicable
RS 45:200.12Name of owner and number of certificate to be painted on vehicle
RS 45:200.13Effect on certificates previously issued; new certificates required
RS 45:200.14Enforcement
RS 45:200.15Violations
RS 45:200.16Construction
RS 45:200.17Short title
RS 45:251Pipe lines
RS 45:252Pipe lines declared common carriers; control by public service commission
RS 45:253Power of commission
RS 45:254Expropriation; telegraph and telephone lines; utilizing streams, highways, etc.
RS 45:255Regulations of commission; petition, notice and hearing; reparations
RS 45:256Connections with other carriers; facilities for receipt and delivery of petroleum; duty to receive
RS 45:257Finality of commission's decision; injunction
RS 45:258Tariffs; reports to commission; investigations; complaints; summoning witnesses; suits; process
RS 45:259Discrimination; limit of petroleum carrier required to receive in one day; expert to be employed to aid commission
RS 45:260Rules and regulations, general or applicable to particular fields
RS 45:261Delivery of identical petroleum or delivery from common stock at destination
RS 45:262Suits to set aside commission's orders
RS 45:263Procedure before commission and on review to be that used in similar cases
RS 45:264Violation of law by carrier; penalty recoverable by state or person discriminated against
RS 45:265Violation of law by carrier's owners, officers, etc.
RS 45:301Pipe lines; gas; affected with a public interest
RS 45:302Powers of the commission; scope
RS 45:302.1Powers of the commission; abandonment of certain pipelines
RS 45:303Powers of the commission; limitations
RS 45:307Definitions
RS 45:308Safety standards and practices
RS 45:309Inspections
RS 45:310Penalties
RS 45:311Enforcement
RS 45:312Compacts, agreements or contracts
RS 45:313Uniform standards not applicable to existing facilities; exceptions
RS 45:314Waiver of standards
RS 45:315Construction
RS 45:321Railroads
RS 45:322Copies of railroad's books and records as evidence
RS 45:323Streets; pavement and repair of
RS 45:324Railroads, tramroads, dirt or plank roads not to obstruct highways or impede drainage or navigation
RS 45:351Right of way over state land
RS 45:352Foreign corporations' power to operate in state
RS 45:353Foreign corporations; expropriation
RS 45:354Foreign corporations operating in state to be subject to its jurisdiction
RS 45:355Repair of cars in state; penalty
RS 45:356Crossing other railroads with industrial switch or spur track; expropriation
RS 45:357Public service commission's power to order construction of industrial switch or spur tracks
RS 45:358Cities of over 100,000 population not affected
RS 45:381Mortgages; power of company generally; property covered
RS 45:382Mortgages to secure own bonds
RS 45:383Mortgages to secure another railroad's bonds
RS 45:384Record of mortgages generally
RS 45:385Conversion of principal due on bonds into stock
RS 45:386Foreclosure of mortgages; powers and rights of purchasers
RS 45:387Foreclosure of mortgages; new corporation, power to organize
RS 45:388Foreclosure of mortgages; certificate of organization of new corporation; powers of new corporation
RS 45:389Foreclosure of mortgages; principal office of new corporation
RS 45:390Foreclosure of mortgages; prior liens; restrictions on purchasers
RS 45:451Duty to relieve obstruction to natural drainage
RS 45:452Failure to relieve obstruction; landowner's right to do necessary work; committee to determine what work necessary
RS 45:453Account of work done; payment
RS 45:454Action for cost of work; attorney's fee; damages
RS 45:455Railroad company's failure to furnish representative as member of committee
RS 45:456Violation of law; exceptions
RS 45:457Railroad company required to provide drainage in municipalities and parishes
RS 45:458Additional remedies
RS 45:481Animals, water for in stock yards or pens; application of section
RS 45:482Cleanliness of stock yards, pens, etc.
RS 45:483Violations; penalty
RS 45:501Livestock, killing or injuring
RS 45:502Notice of killing or injury of livestock; arbitration
RS 45:503Payment of arbitration award; failure of arbitration; remedy cumulative; proper fencing a defense
RS 45:504Burden of disproving negligence in killing or injuring livestock
RS 45:521To 534 repealed by acts 1972, no. 262, 1
RS 45:561Implementation of federal railroad safety act of 1970
RS 45:562Authority to inspect railroad facility
RS 45:563563 to 565. repealed by acts 1982, no. 669, 3.
RS 45:566Bridges, ropes to warn employees of approach to
RS 45:567Time for compliance with law
RS 45:568Violation of law; discontinuance of business
RS 45:569Angles in frogs and crossings to be adjusted, filled or blocked; penalty
RS 45:611Conditional sales of tank cars lawful
RS 45:612Retaking of conditionally sold tank cars
RS 45:613Sale or lease of railroad to connecting railroad, power to make
RS 45:614Sale, pledge or hypothecation of bonds, stock, earnings, etc., power to make
RS 45:615Purchase or lease of railroad; connecting railroad's power
RS 45:616Stockholders' approval of sale
RS 45:617Guaranty of bonds or contract of another railroad
RS 45:618Expropriation incident to purchase, lease, etc., of another railroad
RS 45:619Binding date of purchase at judicial sale
RS 45:620Laws and regulations applicable
RS 45:621Street railroads, etc., not affected
RS 45:671Street railroads
RS 45:672Acquisition of railroad property; street railway company's authority
RS 45:673Acquisition of railroad property; stockholder's approval
RS 45:674Acquisition of railroad property; assumption of bonds
RS 45:675Streets, pavement and repair of
RS 45:691Fenders, requirement
RS 45:692Fenders; violation of law
RS 45:693Sandboxes; requirement
RS 45:694Sandboxes; violation of law
RS 45:695Seats for motormen and conductors; penalty
RS 45:696Vestibule; requirement; penalty
RS 45:711Motormen and conductors; instruction; qualification in certain cities
RS 45:712Competent instructors defined
RS 45:713Certificate of fitness
RS 45:714Certification by employers
RS 45:715Violation of law; law inapplicable during strikes
RS 45:716Maximum working hours during 24 hour period; exceptions; penalty
RS 45:731To 733 repealed by acts 1958, no. 262, 1
RS 45:734School children; reduced fare provision in franchise
RS 45:735School children; amendment of franchise
RS 45:736School children; violation of law
RS 45:781Telegraphs and telephones
RS 45:781.1Removal of abandoned lines; liability
RS 45:782Duty to transmit messages
RS 45:783Unlawful to delay, refuse to receive, transmit or deliver message; penalty
RS 45:784Unlawful to reveal or make use of contents of message; penalty
RS 45:785Liability for error, delay or failure to deliver message; venue
RS 45:786Suit for error, delay or failure to deliver message; prescription; notice of claim
RS 45:787Stipulations for shorter prescription or notice to be void
RS 45:788Telegrams to show time of filing and of receipt; penalty
RS 45:789Immediate dispatch of messages of public officers; penalty
RS 45:790Messages preventing apprehension of fugitives or assisting escape; penalty
RS 45:791Statement of purpose
RS 45:792Definitions
RS 45:793Establishment of systems
RS 45:794Services of system
RS 45:795Primary emergency telephone number; 911
RS 45:796Design of systems
RS 45:797Planning and coordinating systems; department of public safety
RS 45:798Standards established by department of public safety
RS 45:799Submission of plans
RS 45:800Enforcement
RS 45:801Cooperative agreements; mandatory
RS 45:802Report to legislature
RS 45:803Repealed by acts 1999, no. 1164, 6.
RS 45:804Appropriation of funds by legislature; implementation of systems
RS 45:810Definitions
RS 45:811Prohibited practices
RS 45:812Agreement of consent to receive calls
RS 45:813Registration with the commission; bond
RS 45:814Use of access lines prohibited
RS 45:815Regulation of access lines by the commission
RS 45:816Exceptions to use
RS 45:817Violations; penalties; civil remedies
RS 45:821Legislative findings and intent
RS 45:822Definitions
RS 45:823Registration procedures
RS 45:824Filing; information required to be filed
RS 45:825Reference to compliance with this chapter
RS 45:826Soliciting prospective purchasers on behalf of unregistered telephonic seller prohibited; violations
RS 45:827Penalties
RS 45:828Remedies; nonexclusive
RS 45:829Bond requirement
RS 45:830Monies collected; use
RS 45:831Written contract required; cancellation
RS 45:832Refund, credit, or replacement
RS 45:833Rights of purchasers
RS 45:835Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1137, 1.
RS 45:836Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1137, 1.
RS 45:837Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1137, 1.
RS 45:838Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1137, 1.
RS 45:840Statement of purpose
RS 45:841Definitions
RS 45:842Provision of emergency alert services
RS 45:843Records required
RS 45:844Confidentiality
RS 45:844.1Definitions
RS 45:844.2Identification codes; prohibited acts
RS 45:844.3Violations; penalties
RS 45:844.5Required information
RS 45:844.6Renewal clause; continuation of services
RS 45:844.7Prohibited contracts void
RS 45:844.8Wireless telephonic solicitation; rules and regulations
RS 45:844.11Legislative findings
RS 45:844.12Definitions
RS 45:844.13Duties of the commission
RS 45:844.14Listing procedures; prohibited acts
RS 45:844.15Violations; penalties
RS 45:844.16Registration fees and "do not call" list fees
RS 45:844.17Safe harbor
RS 45:844.21Repealed by acts 2006, no. 713, 4, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 45:844.22Repealed by acts 2006, no. 713, 4, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 45:844.23Repealed by acts 2006, no. 713, 4, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 45:844.24Repealed by acts 2006, no. 713, 4, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 45:844.25Repealed by acts 2006, no. 713, 4, eff. july 1, 2006.
RS 45:844.31Telemarketing activities; prohibited
RS 45:844.32Duties of the commission
RS 45:844.33Violations; penalties
RS 45:844.41Short title
RS 45:844.42Legislative findings and declarations of intent
RS 45:844.43Definitions
RS 45:844.44Antitrust immunity
RS 45:844.45Scope of chapter
RS 45:844.46Severability
RS 45:844.47Limitations on providing a cable television and telecommunications and advanced services a. except as provided in this chapter, a local government may not: (1) provide to one or more subscribers a covered service. (2) for the purpose of providing a covered service to one or more subscribers, purchase, lease, construct, maintain, or operate any facility. b. for purposes of this chapter, a local government provides a covered service if the local government provides the service: (1) directly or indirectly, including through an authority or instrumentality acting on behalf of the local government; or for the benefit of the local government. (2) by itself. (3) through a partnership or joint venture. (4) by contract, resale, or otherwise.limitations on providing a cable television and telecommunications and advanced services
RS 45:844.48Requirements prior to local governmental entity providing cable television or telecommunications or advanced services
RS 45:844.49Feasibility study; public hearings
RS 45:844.50Referendum
RS 45:844.51Enterprise funds for cable television or telecommunications or advanced services
RS 45:844.52Bonding authority
RS 45:844.53General operating limitations
RS 45:844.54Eminent domain
RS 45:844.55Enforcement and appeal
RS 45:844.56Impact of local government providing covered service, cable television or telecommunications or advanced services
RS 45:845Meters; furnishing
RS 45:846Charges governed by meters; estimated bills
RS 45:847Meters; false measurement
RS 45:848Deposits by consumers; interest; return
RS 45:849Meters; inspection
RS 45:850Meters and deposits; law inapplicable to public-owned utilities
RS 45:851Meters and deposits; penalty
RS 45:852Bonds of employees; utility not to designate surety; penalty
RS 45:853Proper notice and explanation of franchise fees
RS 45:856Special counsel for state in rate and transportation cases
RS 45:857Bills of lading not to be issued unless goods or warehouse receipt therefor actually delivered
RS 45:858Transportation of goods, products, and commodities
RS 45:859Public purpose; restoration and rebuilding of certain utilities
RS 45:901To 955 repealed by acts 1978, no. 164, 5, eff. jan. 1, 1979
RS 45:1091Disclosure or solicitation of information as to shipments; penalty
RS 45:1092Disclosure or solicitation as to shipments; exceptions
RS 45:1093Joint rates; freight
RS 45:1094Joint rates; express matter and messages
RS 45:1095Joint rates; commission's duty
RS 45:1096Joint rates; division of proceeds
RS 45:1097Freight loss or damage; time for adjustment; amount of liability
RS 45:1097.1Freight loss or damage; time for settlement
RS 45:1097.2Motor carriers defined; exceptions
RS 45:1097.3Freight loss or damages; computing value; settlement
RS 45:1097.4Freight loss or damage; attorneys' fees and court costs
RS 45:1097.5Freight loss or damage; awards cumulative
RS 45:1098Freight loss or damage; damages for failure to adjust and pay
RS 45:1099Freight loss or damage; suits; venue
RS 45:1100Prescription on actions against carriers for freight overcharge and damage to shipments
RS 45:1101Unclaimed freight; sale
RS 45:1102Unclaimed freight; special procedure if perishable
RS 45:1103Unclaimed freight; proceeds of sale
RS 45:1131Subdivisions and districts authorized to own utilities and issue bonds
RS 45:1132Bonds; by whom authorized
RS 45:1133Form of bond
RS 45:1134Denomination, interest and maturity of bond
RS 45:1135Signature on bond
RS 45:1136Sale of bond
RS 45:1137Bonds; mortgage and pledge
RS 45:1138Foreclosure
RS 45:1139Rights of holder of bond
RS 45:1140Title of purchaser
RS 45:1141Priority among series
RS 45:1142Bonds; negotiability
RS 45:1143Bonds; sinking fund; covenants
RS 45:1144Bonds; fees and charges, amounts and rates
RS 45:1145Bonds payable from two or more utilities; power to issue
RS 45:1146Bonds; submission to voters
RS 45:1147Bonds; refunding
RS 45:1148Bonds; notice; contest
RS 45:1149Full authority given to own utilities and issue bonds; further proceedings unnecessary
RS 45:1161Definitions
RS 45:1161.1Creation; composition; qualifications; election; terms
RS 45:1161.2Domicile; quorum; officers
RS 45:1161.3District staffing
RS 45:1161.4Public service commission districts
RS 45:1161.5Public service commission districts
RS 45:1162Salaries of members
RS 45:1163Power to regulate rates and service; exceptions
RS 45:1163.1Common carrier or public utility rate increases under protective bond or security; definitions, procedure for filing bonds; refunds
RS 45:1163.2Establishment of rates
RS 45:1163.3Economics and rate analysis division and hearing examiners division
RS 45:1164Extent of power as to service; exception
RS 45:1164.1Definitions
RS 45:1164.2Petition for election
RS 45:1164.3Form of petition for election
RS 45:1164.4Filing of petition with registrar of voters; publication
RS 45:1164.5Verification of petition by registrar; filing with governing authority
RS 45:1164.6Ordering of election after thirty days; removal of names within that time; date of election
RS 45:1164.7Ballot; majority determination of issues
RS 45:1164.8Conduct of election; voting machines or ballot boxes
RS 45:1164.9Violation of standards for petition or election; nullity of election
RS 45:1164.10Recount of ballots or contest of elections
RS 45:1164.11Parish board of supervisors to supervise elections; fees of board
RS 45:1164.12Commissioners and clerks for elections
RS 45:1164.13Promulgation of elections results
RS 45:1165Railroads; powers of commission
RS 45:1166Telegraphs and telephones; service; power of commission; indecent telephone calls; emergency cutting, rerouting or diverting of telephone lines; solicitation calls, request not to receive; long distance services
RS 45:1166.1Transfer of long distance services; suits for damages
RS 45:1166.2Cramming
RS 45:1166.3Collect calls from penal institutions
RS 45:1167Express; service, powers of commission
RS 45:1168Security issues and assumptions of liability; commission's authorization necessary
RS 45:1169Security issues; application to commission; preference on docket
RS 45:1170Security issues; supplemental orders of commission
RS 45:1171Security issues; issue or assumption for necessary purpose
RS 45:1172Security issues; commission's order to be followed
RS 45:1173Security issues; evidence of compliance
RS 45:1174Security issues; no guarantee on part of state
RS 45:1175Security issues; exceptions
RS 45:1176Investigations as to reasonableness of rates; operating expenses
RS 45:1177Inspection and supervision fees; utility and carrier inspection and supervision fund
RS 45:1177.1Repealed by acts 2007, no. 234, 2.
RS 45:1178Repealed by acts 2007, no. 234, 2.
RS 45:1179Inspection and supervision fee; collection; computation
RS 45:1180Expenses incurred to assist in investigations to be paid by carrier or utility
RS 45:1181Expenses of investigation by attorneys and consultants employed to assist the commission; items; amount; certification; payment; contest
RS 45:1182Expenses of investigation; failure to pay; revocation of certificate of authority to do business
RS 45:1183Expenses of investigation; utilities affected
RS 45:1184Witnesses before commission; summons
RS 45:1185Process of commission; form; execution
RS 45:1186Contempt of commission
RS 45:1187Process of commission; sheriff's refusal to serve or execute
RS 45:1188Process of commission; sheriff's liability for refusal to serve or execute
RS 45:1189Process of commission; sheriff's compensation
RS 45:1190Appearance before interstate commerce commission
RS 45:1191Commission's orders; effective date
RS 45:1192Commission's orders; judicial review; limitation; proceedings
RS 45:1193Contest of acts of commission; filing of transcript
RS 45:1194Contest of acts of commission; evidence not offered before commission; remand to the commission
RS 45:1195Contest of acts of commission; effect of rescission or alteration of order
RS 45:1196Violation of commission's order; petition; notice; investigation
RS 45:1197Violation of commission's order; award of damages
RS 45:1198Violation of commission's order; suits for damages
RS 45:1198.1Suits for enforcement of commission orders; venue; judicial recognition of commission orders; attorney fees; costs; interest
RS 45:1199Violation of commission's order; joinder of parties
RS 45:1200Violation of commission's order; penalty
RS 45:1201Violation of commission's order; law to be posted
RS 45:1202Violation of commission's order; exception
RS 45:1203Sewerage disposal companies; regulation
RS 45:1204East baton rouge parish; water regulation
RS 45:1205Livingston parish; water regulation
RS 45:1206Repealed by acts 2005, no. 131, 1.
RS 45:1221Definitions
RS 45:1222Rules and regulations; deferred billing program; discontinuance of service
RS 45:1223Violations; penalties
RS 45:1226Short title; purpose
RS 45:1227Definitions
RS 45:1228Financing orders
RS 45:1229Storm recovery property
RS 45:1230Sale
RS 45:1231Security interests
RS 45:1232Choice of law; conflicts
RS 45:1233Storm recovery bonds not public debt
RS 45:1234State pledge
RS 45:1235Not an electric utility
RS 45:1236No impairment of commission jurisdiction
RS 45:1241Conditional sale of railroad or street railroad equipment or rolling stock
RS 45:1242Conditional sale; validity
RS 45:1243Conditional sale; retaking of property
RS 45:1244Conditional sale; record of payment
RS 45:1251Short title; purpose
RS 45:1252Definitions
RS 45:1253Financing orders
RS 45:1254Investment recovery property
RS 45:1255Sale
RS 45:1256Security interests
RS 45:1257Choice of law; conflicts
RS 45:1258Investment recovery bonds
RS 45:1259State pledge
RS 45:1260Electric utility applicability
RS 45:1261No impairment of commission jurisdiction
RS 45:1301To 1305 repealed by acts 1972, no. 266, 1
RS 45:1311Short title; purpose
RS 45:1312Definitions
RS 45:1313Creation of the louisiana utilities restoration corporation
RS 45:1314Board of directors of the corporation
RS 45:1315Law applicable to board
RS 45:1316Powers and duties of the corporation
RS 45:1317Regulation by the public service commission
RS 45:1318Financing orders
RS 45:1319System restoration property
RS 45:1320Sale of property
RS 45:1321Bonds
RS 45:1322Corporation funds
RS 45:1323State pledge; corporation pledge
RS 45:1324Limitation on bankruptcy
RS 45:1325Corporation status; tax exempt
RS 45:1326Full authority
RS 45:1327Status of corporation
RS 45:1328Commission jurisdiction
RS 45:1351Radio and television
RS 45:1352Defamatory statements by or on behalf of, or in opposition to, candidate for public office
RS 45:1353Damages recoverable for defamatory statements
RS 45:1354Responsibility of persons making defamatory statements
RS 45:1355Disasters; deaf and hearing-impaired persons informed
RS 45:1361Short title
RS 45:1362Legislative findings
RS 45:1363Definitions
RS 45:1364Certificate issued by the state; eligibility
RS 45:1365State franchise; effect on existing local franchise agreement
RS 45:1366Franchise fee
RS 45:1367Franchise fee audits and dispute resolution
RS 45:1368Prohibition against build-out requirements
RS 45:1369. public, educational, and governmental access programming streams or channels
RS 45:1370In-kind contributions; peg access support
RS 45:1371Customer service standards
RS 45:1372Emergency alert services
RS 45:1373Indemnification
RS 45:1374Local governmental authority
RS 45:1375Discrimination prohibited
RS 45:1376Compliance
RS 45:1377Applicability of other laws
RS 45:1378Conforming amendments
RS 45:1451News media
RS 45:1452Conditional privilege from compulsory disclosure of informant or source
RS 45:1453Revocation of privilege; procedure
RS 45:1454Defamation; burden of proof
RS 45:1455Substitution of affidavit for appearance and return; effect
RS 45:1456Service of subpoenas; motion to quash or obtain additional time; award of costs
RS 45:1457Payment of cost of compliance; deposit into registry of court
RS 45:1458Application to other proceedings and discovery
RS 45:1459Qualified protection for nonconfidential news
RS 45:1500Radio common carriers
RS 45:1501Definitions
RS 45:1502Rates; service; rules and regulations
RS 45:1503Certificate of public convenience and necessity; exceptions
RS 45:1504Interconnection with telephone facilities