Public officers and employees

RS 42Title 42.public officers and employees
RS 42:1Title 42public officers and employees
RS 42:2Public officer to hold office until successor inducted
RS 42:2.1Boards, commissions, councils, authorities, entities; composition
RS 42:2.2Boards, commissions, councils, authorities, entities; immediate family members
RS 42:3Limitation of terms of employees or officials elected by boards; exceptions
RS 42:3.1Legislative members of boards and commissions; per diem
RS 42:3.2Limitation of terms of members of boards and commissions
RS 42:4Public officers appointed by the governor
RS 42:4.1Redesignated as r.s. 42:12 by acts 2010, no. 861, 23.
RS 42:4.2Redesignated as r.s. 42:13 by acts 2010, no. 861, 23.
RS 42:5Redesignated as r.s. 42:14 by acts 2010, no. 861, 23.
RS 42:5.1Redesignated as r.s. 42:15 by acts 2010, no. 861, 23.
RS 42:6Redesignated as r.s. 42:16 by acts 2010, no. 861, 23.
RS 42:6.1Redesignated as r.s. 42:17 by acts 2010, no. 861, 23.
RS 42:6.2Redesignated as r.s. 42:18 by acts 2010, no. 861, 23.
RS 42:7Redesignated as r.s. 42:19 by acts 2010, no. 861, 23.
RS 42:7.1Redesignated as r.s. 42:20 by acts 2010, no. 861, 23.
RS 42:7.2Redesignated as r.s. 42:21 by acts 2010, no. 861, 23.
RS 42:7.3Redesignated as r.s. 42:22 by acts 2010, no. 861, 23.
RS 42:8Redesignated as r.s. 42:23 by acts 2010, no. 861, 23.
RS 42:9Redesignated as r.s. 42:24 by acts 2010, no. 861, 23.
RS 42:10Redesignated as r.s. 42:25 by acts 2010, no. 861, 23.
RS 42:11Short title
RS 42:12Public policy for open meetings; liberal construction
RS 42:13Definitions
RS 42:14Meetings of public bodies to be open to the public
RS 42:15School board meetings; public comment
RS 42:16Executive sessions
RS 42:17Exceptions to open meetings
RS 42:18Executive or closed meetings of legislative houses and committees
RS 42:19Notice of meetings
RS 42:19.1Procedure for the levy, increase, renewal, or continuation of a tax or for calling an election for such purposes by political subdivisions
RS 42:20Written minutes
RS 42:21Minutes of legislative sessions, legislative committees and subcommittees
RS 42:22Presentation and consideration of offer to sell natural gas to a public body, or to operate or acquire ownership of, a gas utility owned or operated by a public body
RS 42:23Sonic and video recordings; live broadcast
RS 42:24Voidability
RS 42:25Enforcement
RS 42:26Remedies; jurisdiction; authority; attorney fees
RS 42:27Venue; summary proceedings
RS 42:28Civil penalties
RS 42:31Eligibility requirements for certain unclassified employees
RS 42:32Enemy aliens not to be employed; penalty
RS 42:33State civil service positions; selective service system registration required
RS 42:34Defaulters not to hold office
RS 42:35Commissions not to issue to defaulters; new elections
RS 42:36Repealed by acts 1950, no. 56, 1
RS 42:37Questioning of employee witnesses as to membership in communist party; refusal to answer
RS 42:38Repealed by acts 1979, no. 700, 8
RS 42:39Judges; ineligibility to become candidate for other elective office; conditions and exceptions
RS 42:39.1Judges; eligibility to serve on boards of directors of financial institutions
RS 42:39.2Justices of the peace; ineligibility of temporary appointees to fill vacancy
RS 42:51Declaration of policy
RS 42:52Oath or affirmation; form
RS 42:53Oath or affirmation; prospective employees
RS 42:54Subversive activities prohibited
RS 42:55Definitions
RS 42:56Dismissal from employment; expulsion from educational institution
RS 42:57Hearing; review
RS 42:58Appeal
RS 42:61Declaration of policy
RS 42:62Definitions
RS 42:63Prohibitions
RS 42:64Incompatible offices
RS 42:65Civil remedy; penalty
RS 42:66Exemptions
RS 42:67Unclassified management positions
RS 42:67.1Minimum qualifications
RS 42:67.2Inapplicability of part
RS 42:67.3Additional qualifications
RS 42:68Qualified candidates for management positions; submission of list to governor-elect
RS 42:71Right to office
RS 42:72Recognition of usurper; penalty
RS 42:73Declaration of forfeiture of office created by statute
RS 42:74Declaration of forfeiture of office created by constitution
RS 42:75Appointment to fill vacancy
RS 42:76Actions to try right to office; associations acting as corporations
RS 42:77Personal right of action
RS 42:78Service; answer
RS 42:79Interested persons to be joined with state
RS 42:80Complaint; decree
RS 42:81Demand for possession
RS 42:82Damages
RS 42:83Joinder of claimants
RS 42:84Defendant liable for costs and damages
RS 42:85Appeal
RS 42:86Manner of trial
RS 42:87Discontinuance of contests
RS 42:91Purpose
RS 42:92Automatic removal
RS 42:141Time limitation on oath and bond; failure to comply
RS 42:142Time limitation for persons in military service
RS 42:161Public officers to take constitutional oath
RS 42:162Administration and recordation of oath or affirmation
RS 42:163Public officers; date salary commences
RS 42:181Bond with surety residing in parish, or by surety company
RS 42:182Officers to whom not applicable
RS 42:183To whom bond payable
RS 42:184Acceptance of bonds
RS 42:185Acceptance of sureties to be unanimous; appeal
RS 42:186Authentication and recordation of bonds
RS 42:187Bond operates as mortgage except when signed by surety company
RS 42:188Bond to remain on file; copy admissible in evidence
RS 42:189Duty of recorder to transmit copies
RS 42:190Release of surety for cause; new bond
RS 42:191Effect of failure to give new bond
RS 42:192Summary proceedings
RS 42:193Suits to test sufficiency of surety; summary trial; appeal
RS 42:194New bond
RS 42:195Change in salary or compensation not to discharge bonds
RS 42:196Sale of land of principal and sureties upon execution
RS 42:197Amount of liability may be stipulated
RS 42:198Special mortgage may be substituted for bond; appraisal
RS 42:199Release of sureties by special mortgage
RS 42:200Effect of special mortgage
RS 42:201Special mortgage may be transferred to other property
RS 42:202Mode of transfer
RS 42:203Annulment of bonds and mortgages after expiration of office, etc.
RS 42:204Repealed by acts 1964, no. 233, 2
RS 42:206Premium on bonds, how paid
RS 42:261District attorneys; counsel for boards and commissions
RS 42:261.1Certain parish and city school boards; employment of general attorney
RS 42:261.2Repealed by acts 1983, no. 475, 3.
RS 42:261.3Execution of personal judgments against public officials
RS 42:262Special attorney or counsel
RS 42:263Resolution requesting special counsel
RS 42:264Penalties
RS 42:265Special services by attorney general
RS 42:266Mailing of notices, documents or communications: registration or certification optional
RS 42:267Naming public buildings, etc., in honor of a living person prohibited; penalty
RS 42:281Officers to render account of contingent fund
RS 42:282Record of monies received; penalty for violation
RS 42:282.1Disbursement of funds by state agency, board or commission; information to be provided to legislators; penalty for violation
RS 42:283Expenditures to be reported to police juries and clerks of court
RS 42:284Reports, classification, and itemization
RS 42:285Names of deputies, employees, etc., and compensation to be reported
RS 42:286Time of making report
RS 42:287Publication of reports
RS 42:288Penalties
RS 42:289Definitions
RS 42:290Filing of information on employees; exceptions; penalties
RS 42:291Compilation of reported information; reports
RS 42:301Default in settlement of arrears; suspension from office
RS 42:302Temporary appointment during suspension
RS 42:303Power of governor to remove for cause is not modified
RS 42:304Report of defaulters by state auditor to legislature
RS 42:305Annual report of defaulters; penalty
RS 42:306Annual publication of list of defaulters
RS 42:307Governor to publish annually list of defaulters reported to him
RS 42:321Outgoing officer to deliver records to successor
RS 42:322Penalty for failure to deliver records; application
RS 42:331Authority of first assistants
RS 42:341Recall elections
RS 42:371Vacancies
RS 42:372Repealed by acts 1981, no. 839, 3
RS 42:373Repealed by acts 2014, no. 202, 2, eff. may 22, 2014.
RS 42:374Appointments by governor and senate; when nominations to be sent to senate
RS 42:375Vacancies in positions of employment; regulation of filling; executive orders contents
RS 42:375.2Agency attrition analysis process, higher education systems
RS 42:376Appointments by governor; withdrawal prior to senate confirmation; interim appointment prohibited
RS 42:391Leave of absence, reinstatement
RS 42:392Leave of absence for public officers who are members of the reserve forces
RS 42:393Designation of deputy; exceptions
RS 42:394Leave of absence for officers and employees in certain branches of armed forces
RS 42:395Governor may grant leave to appointive officials in armed forces; salary to cease
RS 42:396Temporary appointments
RS 42:397Reinstatement
RS 42:398Leave not accrued; unclassified health care professional employee pool
RS 42:401Reinstatement after military service
RS 42:402Officers and employees who may be reinstated
RS 42:403Application for reinstatement
RS 42:404Persons to whom reinstatement provisions do not apply
RS 42:405Mandamus proceedings to enforce reinstatement
RS 42:406Penalty for violation of provisions of this part
RS 42:421Annual leave; limitation on amount of payment in lieu thereof
RS 42:431Definitions
RS 42:432Leave of absence to participate in athletic competition on the world, pan american, or olympic level
RS 42:433Notification of employer
RS 42:434Cancellation of leave
RS 42:435Reimbursement of costs for substitute
RS 42:441Definitions
RS 42:442Leave transfer pools; establishment
RS 42:443Pool leave account; participation; use
RS 42:444Pool account leave request
RS 42:445Agency procedures
RS 42:446Agency considerations
RS 42:447Leave remaining after termination of personal emergency
RS 42:450.1Definitions
RS 42:450.2Leave of absence; disaster relief; annual limitation; compensation and benefits
RS 42:450.3Notification of employer
RS 42:450.4Reinstatement after disaster service leave
RS 42:450.5Employing agency discretion
RS 42:451Payroll withholdings
RS 42:452U.s. series "ee" bond account/fund
RS 42:453Payroll system custodian declared trustee
RS 42:454Deductions and credits; refunds
RS 42:455Payroll deduction rules
RS 42:456Permitted withholdings
RS 42:456.1Permitted withholding; louisiana student tuition assistance and revenue trust program education savings account
RS 42:456.2Repealed by acts 2009, no. 438, 14.
RS 42:457Union dues
RS 42:457.1Professional law enforcement and firefighter association dues
RS 42:458Deduction fees
RS 42:459Waiver of increase in salary or compensation
RS 42:460Recoupment of overpayments; establishment of rules
RS 42:461State employee compensation payments via electronic funds transfer
RS 42:541Retirement
RS 42:721Louisiana merit system
RS 42:722Agencies governed
RS 42:723Positions exempted
RS 42:724To 727 repealed by acts 1989, no. 662, 8, eff. july 7, 1989.
RS 42:728Duties of the merit system director
RS 42:729Statement of policy
RS 42:730Definitions; interchange of employees; authority of agency heads
RS 42:801Group insurance
RS 42:802Powers and duties; office of group benefits
RS 42:802.1Benefit plans for provision of coverage through a fully insured product provided by a health maintenance organization domiciled in louisiana
RS 42:803Chief executive officer; chief operating officer; powers and duties
RS 42:804Certification of funding; commissioner of administration
RS 42:805Collection and deposit of contributions
RS 42:806Claims
RS 42:807Loss of eligibility
RS 42:808Eligibility in group programs
RS 42:809Payroll deductions for payment of premiums
RS 42:810Audit of program accounts
RS 42:811Termination provisions
RS 42:821Authority for employee benefit programs; payment of premiums out of appropriated funds
RS 42:851Authority for employee benefit programs; payroll deduction for payment of premiums
RS 42:852Coverage for optometric services
RS 42:853Coverage for chiropractic services
RS 42:854Fee schedules; discounts
RS 42:855Coverage for college students
RS 42:856Optional coverage for rehabilitative physical therapy, speech and language pathology therapy, and occupational therapy
RS 42:857Authorization for surcharge
RS 42:858Contracts to be subject to other laws concerning group insurance
RS 42:859Refund of expenditures ineligible for reimbursement
RS 42:871Group retirement plans
RS 42:881Establishment of the group benefits policy and planning board
RS 42:882Composition of board
RS 42:883Officers, oath, meetings, quorum, minutes, reports, compensation
RS 42:1001Declaration of policy
RS 42:1002Definitions
RS 42:1003Federal-state agreement
RS 42:1004Contributions by state employees
RS 42:1005Plans for coverage of employees of political subdivision and of state and local instrumentalities
RS 42:1006Repealed by acts 2004, no. 280, 2, eff. july 1, 2004.
RS 42:1007Repealed by acts 2004, no. 280, 2, eff. july 1, 2004.
RS 42:1008Rules and regulations
RS 42:1009Studies and reports
RS 42:1010Referenda and certification
RS 42:1011Effective date of agreement or modification for coverage
RS 42:1051Subsistence allowance
RS 42:1052Political subdivisions; authorization to designate portion of police salary as subsistence allowance
RS 42:1101Code of governmental ethics
RS 42:1102Definitions
RS 42:1111Payment from nonpublic sources
RS 42:1112Participation in certain transactions involving the governmental entity
RS 42:1113Prohibited contractual arrangements; exceptions; reports
RS 42:1113.1Gubernatorially declared emergencies or disasters; prohibited personal use conversion and prohibited preferences
RS 42:1114Financial disclosure
RS 42:1114.1Repealed by acts 2008, 1st ex. sess., no. 1, 3, eff. jan. 1, 2009.
RS 42:1114.2Financial disclosure; retirement systems
RS 42:1114.3Disaster or emergency contracts; prohibition; disclosure
RS 42:1115Gifts
RS 42:1115.1Limitation on food, drink, and refreshment
RS 42:1116Abuse of office
RS 42:1116.1Repealed by acts 2003, no. 1292, 1.
RS 42:1117Illegal payments
RS 42:1117.1Subterfuge to avoid compliance
RS 42:1118Influencing action by legislature or governing authority
RS 42:1118.1Studies or position papers on public policy
RS 42:1119Nepotism
RS 42:1120Recusal from voting
RS 42:1120.1Recusal from voting; board of commissioners of the port of new orleans
RS 42:1120.2Repealed by acts 2008, no. 685, 2 .
RS 42:1120.3Repealed by acts 2008, no. 685, 2.
RS 42:1120.4Recusal from voting; certain appointed members of boards and commissions
RS 42:1121Assistance to certain persons after termination of public service
RS 42:1121.1Assistance to certain persons after termination of public service
RS 42:1122Continuation in certain pension and other plans by public servants
RS 42:1123Exceptions
RS 42:1123.1Exception; operation of hospital owned by hospital service district number two of beauregard parish
RS 42:1124Financial disclosure; statewide elected officials; certain public servants
RS 42:1124.1Penalties; required reports; failure to file; timely and accurate filing
RS 42:1124.2Financial disclosure; certain elected officials; members of certain boards and commissions; ethics administrator
RS 42:1124.2.1Financial disclosure; members of boards and commissions
RS 42:1124.3Financial disclosure; certain elected officials, voting districts of under five thousand
RS 42:1124.4Penalties
RS 42:1124.5Disclosure; board of ethics; ethics administrator
RS 42:1124.6Disclosure statements; certain agency heads and appointees to state boards and commissions
RS 42:1125Gubernatorial transition and inauguration; contribution limits; reports
RS 42:1130.1Legislative findings and intent
RS 42:1130.2Definitions
RS 42:1130.3Enforecement; penalties
RS 42:1130.4False statements by candidate
RS 42:1130.5Push polling; false statement, question, or information
RS 42:1130.6Deceptive caller identification information; prohibition
RS 42:1131Repealed by acts 1996, 1st ex. sess., no. 64, 10, eff. jan. 1, 1997.
RS 42:1132Board of ethics
RS 42:1133Board of ethics; quorum, recusal, compensation, officers
RS 42:1134Powers, duties, and responsibilities of the board
RS 42:1135Enforcement of regulation, decision, or order of the board
RS 42:1141Complaints and investigations
RS 42:1141.1Repealed by acts 2012, no. 608, 2, eff. june 7, 2012.
RS 42:1141.2Ethics adjudicatory board
RS 42:1141.3Location of hearings
RS 42:1141.4Notice and procedure
RS 42:1141.5Adjudicatory hearings
RS 42:1141.6Declaratory opinions
RS 42:1142Appeals
RS 42:1143Procedure and rules of evidence
RS 42:1151Administrative enforcement
RS 42:1152Rescission of action of a governmental entity
RS 42:1153Penalties
RS 42:1154Civil penalties for illegal payments
RS 42:1155Penalties for illegal gain; forfeiture of gifts, payments
RS 42:1156Finding of possible criminal violation
RS 42:1157Late filing fees
RS 42:1157.1Timely filing of reports and statements due; presumption
RS 42:1157.2Repealed by acts 2012, no. 608, 2, eff. june 7, 2012.
RS 42:1157.3Outside counsel; contingency fee; enforcement and collection authority
RS 42:1158Board of ethics computerized data management system; purpose; goals
RS 42:1159Access; internet; restrictions
RS 42:1161Preventive measures by agency heads
RS 42:1162Copy of ethics code to be furnished by the secretary of state
RS 42:1163Prescription
RS 42:1164Criminal laws not affected
RS 42:1165Authority of school boards to administer tenure laws not affected
RS 42:1166Violation of code by tenured public employee of a state public higher education institution
RS 42:1167Judges
RS 42:1168Perjury; malfeasance in office
RS 42:1169Freedom from reprisal for disclosure of improper acts
RS 42:1170Ethics education; mandatory requirements; ethics designee
RS 42:1191Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1192Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1193Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1194Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1195Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1196Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1197Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1198Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1199Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1200Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1201Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1202Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1211Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1212Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1213Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1214Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1215Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1216Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1217Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1218Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1219Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1220Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1221Repealed by acts 1993, no. 965, 3, eff. august 15, 1993.
RS 42:1251Louisiana state employees
RS 42:1252Repealed by acts 1987, no. 737, 2.
RS 42:1253Repealed by acts 1987, no. 737, 2.
RS 42:1254Repealed by acts 1987, no. 737, 2.
RS 42:1255Repealed by acts 1987, no. 737, 2.
RS 42:1261In-service training and educational programs; conducted by state agencies; eligible employees; fees; policy board; contracts and agreements
RS 42:1262Cost of programs; fees; appropriations; pro rata share paid by agencies; billings; collection calculations
RS 42:1263Employee training program
RS 42:1264Review of needs and requirements
RS 42:1265Cooperative arrangements with educational institutions
RS 42:1266Required education; certain unclassified officials and employees
RS 42:1301Government deferred compensation plan
RS 42:1302Louisiana deferred compensation commission
RS 42:1303Powers and duties
RS 42:1303.1Section 401(a) plan
RS 42:1304Meetings
RS 42:1305Audits
RS 42:1306Deferred amounts as compensation
RS 42:1307Public notice; publication
RS 42:1308Transitional provisions
RS 42:1309District attorney deferred compensation program
RS 42:1351State civil service commission
RS 42:1352Call of election
RS 42:1353Nominations by petition; conduct of election; secret ballot
RS 42:1354Ballots; distribution; vote; return; counting; rejection
RS 42:1355Secrecy of ballot; interference with voter; penalty
RS 42:1356Cost of election
RS 42:1357Election; results; rules and regulations; promulgation
RS 42:1358Contest of election
RS 42:1359Initial election; successors; vacancies
RS 42:1360Runoff election; qualifying of candidates; procedure
RS 42:1381Members of state and other civil service commissions; compensation and expenses
RS 42:1382State department of civil service; advisory opinions on political activity
RS 42:1383Department of state civil service; appropriations; pro rata share paid by other agencies; billing; collection calculations
RS 42:1401State police commission
RS 42:1402Call of election
RS 42:1403Nominations by petition; conduct of election; secret ballot
RS 42:1404Ballots; distribution; vote; return; counting; rejection
RS 42:1405Secrecy of ballot; interference with voter; penalty
RS 42:1406Cost of election
RS 42:1407Election; results; rules and regulations; promulgation
RS 42:1408Contest of election
RS 42:1409Initial election; successors; vacancies
RS 42:1410Runoff election; qualifying of candidates; procedure
RS 42:1410.1Members of state police commission; compensation and expenses
RS 42:1411Removal of public officers by suit
RS 42:1412Method for removal
RS 42:1413Law enforcement officers; grounds for removal; method for removal
RS 42:1414State, district, parish, ward, and municipal employees; termination for conviction of a felony
RS 42:1430Cost of living salary increase
RS 42:1441Liability for acts of public employees
RS 42:1441.1Nonimposition of master-servant liability on state by civil code article 2320 and other laws for torts of persons not designated state officials, officers, or employees by r.s. 13:5108.2
RS 42:1441.2Nonimposition of master-servant liability on state by civil code article 2320 and other laws for torts of parish officials; insurance coverage; interlocal risk management programs
RS 42:1441.3Determination of master of officer of political subdivision for purposes of civil code article 2320 and other master-servant tort liability laws
RS 42:1441.4Legislative findings and purposes
RS 42:1442Law enforcement officers accused of crimes committed while acting within or in furtherance of their scope and course of employment
RS 42:1451Appeal of action
RS 42:1461Public property, duties of officials,
RS 42:1481Repealed by acts 2011, no. 207, 2.
RS 42:1482Repealed by acts 2011, no. 207, 2.
RS 42:1483Repealed by acts 2011, no. 207, 2.
RS 42:1484Repealed by acts 2011, no. 207, 2.
RS 42:1485Repealed by acts 2011, no. 207, 2.
RS 42:1501Performance planning and review sessions; certification; increases in compensation
RS 42:1601Duty to report