Motor vehicles and traffic regulation

RS 32Motor vehicles and traffic regulation
RS 32:1Definitions
RS 32:2Authority of department of transportation and development
RS 32:3Authority of department of public safety and corrections
RS 32:4Authority of departments to summon witnesses
RS 32:5Authority of other law enforcement officers; parade marshals in calcasieu parish and lake charles
RS 32:6Authority of department of public safety and corrections to serve notices and subpoenas; procedure
RS 32:7Authority to operate joint weight enforcement scales with contiguous states; joint enforcement of laws
RS 32:21Uniform application
RS 32:22Persons riding animals or driving animal-drawn vehicles; application of part
RS 32:23Persons and vehicles working on highways; exceptions
RS 32:24Emergency vehicles; exceptions
RS 32:25Rights of owners of real property
RS 32:41Power of local municipal authorities
RS 32:42Power of local parish authorities
RS 32:43Automated speed enforcement devices; prohibition
RS 32:51Vehicle license required
RS 32:52Driver must be licensed
RS 32:53Proper equipment required on vehicles; display of plate
RS 32:54Size, weight and load of vehicles limited
RS 32:55Exclusion of vehicles from highways; notice required
RS 32:56Obedience to police officers, weights and standards police officers, and traffic signs
RS 32:57Penalties; alternatives to citation
RS 32:57.1Failure to honor written promise to appear; penalty; disposition of fines
RS 32:57.2Fee for expenses incurred for renewal or reissuance of suspended operator's license; office of the prosecuting authority
RS 32:58Careless operation
RS 32:61Maximum speed limit
RS 32:62Repealed by acts 2010, no. 81, 2.
RS 32:63Establishing of speed zones
RS 32:63.1Repealed by acts 2010, no. 146, 1.
RS 32:64General speed law
RS 32:65Drag racing and racing on public roads and certain property; exemptions
RS 32:71Driving on right side of road; exceptions
RS 32:72Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite directions
RS 32:73Passing a vehicle on the left
RS 32:73.1Rolling roadblocks prohibited on certain multiple-lane highways; definitions; penalties
RS 32:74When passing on the right is permitted
RS 32:75Limitations on passing on the left
RS 32:76Further limitations on passing on the left
RS 32:76.1Limitations on passing bicycles
RS 32:77No passing zones
RS 32:77.1School zones; no passing zones
RS 32:78One-way roadways and rotary traffic islands
RS 32:79Driving on roadway laned for traffic
RS 32:80Overtaking and passing school buses
RS 32:81Following vehicles
RS 32:82Driving on divided highways
RS 32:83Driving on highways with two-way left-turn lanes and dedicated left-turn lanes
RS 32:101Required position and method of turning at intersections
RS 32:102Turning on curve or crest of grade prohibited
RS 32:103Moving parked vehicles
RS 32:104Turning movements and required signals
RS 32:105Signals by hand and arm or signal lamps
RS 32:106Methods of giving hand and arm signals
RS 32:121Vehicle approaching or entering intersection
RS 32:122Vehicle turning left at intersection
RS 32:123Stop signs and yield signs; penalties for violations
RS 32:124Vehicle entering highway from private road, driveway, alley or building
RS 32:125Procedure on approach of an authorized emergency vehicle; passing a parked emergency vehicle
RS 32:126Cattle crossings
RS 32:127Golf cart and all-terrain vehicle crossings
RS 32:127.1Golf cart crossings
RS 32:127.2Golf carts; palmetto island state park
RS 32:141Stopping, standing, or parking outside business or residence districts
RS 32:142Officers authorized to remove illegally stopped vehicles
RS 32:143Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in specified places
RS 32:143.1Blocking of private driveways, highways and department rights of way, penalties
RS 32:143.2Private driveways, highways, and public rights-of-way; sporting activities; penalties
RS 32:144Additional parking regulations
RS 32:145Unattended motor vehicles
RS 32:146Prohibited parking; leased or rented motor vehicles
RS 32:151Open roads agreement
RS 32:152Police officer standards and training (post) certified course for traffic incident management
RS 32:153Instant tow dispatch pilot program; expedited towing pilot program
RS 32:154Removal of bodies
RS 32:155Authority to remove vehicles and cargo
RS 32:168Equipment of locomotive with bell and whistle or horn, sounding of signals
RS 32:169Cross buck, stop and warning signs, traffic control devices
RS 32:170Exemptions; old metairie railroad corridor; elimination of railroad liability
RS 32:171Obedience to signal indicating approach to train; reporting violations; penalties
RS 32:172All vehicles must stop at certain railroad grade crossings
RS 32:173Repealed by acts 2008, no. 614, 2.
RS 32:173.1Railroad grade crossings; stopping required
RS 32:174Moving heavy equipment at railroad grade crossings
RS 32:175Vehicles must yield at railroad grade crossings; exceptions; penalties for violations
RS 32:176Required notification of recording devices carried on railroad trains
RS 32:190Safety helmets
RS 32:190.1Eye protective devices to be worn by motorcyclist; windshield on motorcycle
RS 32:191Riding on motorcycles
RS 32:191.1Operating motorcycles on roadways laned for traffic
RS 32:191.2Clinging to other vehicles
RS 32:191.3Footrests and handlebars
RS 32:192Riding on motor-driven cycles
RS 32:193Operation of bicycles; general provision
RS 32:194Traffic laws apply to persons riding bicycles
RS 32:195Riding on bicycles
RS 32:196Clinging to vehicles
RS 32:197Riding on roadways and bicycle paths
RS 32:198Operating motorized bicycles
RS 32:199Bicycle helmets; restraining seats
RS 32:200Operation of motor scooters on sidewalks
RS 32:201Harassment of bicyclists prohibited; penalties
RS 32:202Louisiana bicycle and pedestrian safety fund
RS 32:203Motor vehicles operating in bicycle lanes
RS 32:206Electric mobility aids
RS 32:211Pedestrians subject to traffic regulations
RS 32:212Pedestrians right-of-way in crosswalks
RS 32:213Crossing at other than crosswalks
RS 32:214Drivers to exercise due care
RS 32:215Pedestrians to use right half of crosswalks
RS 32:216Pedestrians on highways or interstate highways
RS 32:217Blind and incapacitated pedestrians; use of canes; persons in wheelchairs; vehicles
RS 32:218Pedestrians soliciting rides or business
RS 32:219Pedestrians right-of-way on sidewalks
RS 32:231Obedience to and required traffic-control devices
RS 32:232Traffic-control signals
RS 32:232.1Vehicle approaching intersection in which traffic lights are inoperative
RS 32:233Pedestrian-control signals
RS 32:234Flashing signals
RS 32:235Uniform highway marking system
RS 32:236Privately owned signs on public rights of way prohibited; exceptions; authority of municipalities and department of highways; advertising on convenience facilities at public transit stops
RS 32:237Barricades, signs, and signals; prohibition against tampering with, removing, possessing, and violating instructions; exceptions
RS 32:238Directional signs
RS 32:251Permission for operation; crossing railroad grade crossings; markings
RS 32:252Equipment and inspection
RS 32:253Commissioner; transportation of explosives
RS 32:261Authority to prohibit use of road
RS 32:262Controlled access highways
RS 32:263Special restrictions on use of louisiana interstate highways
RS 32:264Authority to regulate traffic through tunnels
RS 32:265Designating through highways
RS 32:266Enforcement of speed limit on certain highways; disposition of fines
RS 32:281Limitations on backing
RS 32:282Obstruction to driver's view or driving mechanism
RS 32:283Improper opening or leaving open of vehicle doors
RS 32:284Riding in house trailers, on fenders, on running board or on rear racks prohibited; open pickup trucks; utility trailers
RS 32:285Coasting prohibited
RS 32:286Following authorized emergency vehicles prohibited
RS 32:287Crossing fire hoses
RS 32:288Driving through safety zone prohibited
RS 32:289Cellular radio telecommunication device use by operators of school buses prohibited; penalties
RS 32:289.1Cellular telephone use; certain drivers prohibited; exceptions; penalties
RS 32:290Driving across ditches; requirements
RS 32:291Liability for damage to highway or structure
RS 32:291.1Roadway hazard cleanup
RS 32:292Hunting or discharge of firearms, when prohibited
RS 32:292.1Transportation and storage of firearms in privately owned motor vehicles
RS 32:293Prohibiting standing of school children under certain circumstances; limiting number of children transported at one time
RS 32:294Mississippi river bridge crossings prohibited
RS 32:295Child passenger restraint system
RS 32:295.1Safety belt use; tags indicating exemption
RS 32:295.2Wearing of headphones; prohibitions; exceptions
RS 32:295.3Leaving children unattended and unsupervised in motor vehicles; prohibition; penalties
RS 32:295.3.1Child safety alarms in motor vehicles used to transport children; day care facilities; quality care rating system
RS 32:295.4Guidelines for seat belt, motor vehicle inspection, and motor vehicle liability security checkpoints; law enforcement agencies
RS 32:296Stopping, parking, or standing upon the highway shoulder; driving upon the highway shoulder
RS 32:297Low rider vehicles
RS 32:297.1Repealed by acts 2010, no. 563, 2; acts 2010, no. 761, 2.
RS 32:298Farm equipment on highway shoulders
RS 32:299Off-road vehicles; authorization for use on the shoulders of certain public roads and highways; authorization for use on certain public property
RS 32:299.1Off-road vehicles
RS 32:299.2Off-road vehicles; mini-trucks
RS 32:300Possession of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles
RS 32:300.1Low-speed vehicles; safety equipment requirements; exemptions; registration; safety inspections
RS 32:300.2Electric personal assistive mobility devices; operation; exceptions
RS 32:300.3Funeral processions
RS 32:300.4Smoking in motor vehicles prohibited; penalties
RS 32:300.5Use of certain wireless telecommunications devices for text messaging and social networking prohibited
RS 32:300.6Use of wireless telecommunications devices by certain drivers prohibited; exceptions
RS 32:300.7Use of certain wireless telecommunications devices by minors while driving prohibited; exceptions
RS 32:300.8Use of wireless telecommunications devices in school zones prohibited; exceptions
RS 32:301When lighted lamps are required
RS 32:302Visibility distance and mounted height of lamps
RS 32:303Headlamps on motor vehicles; motorcycles and motordriven cycles
RS 32:304Tail lamps
RS 32:305New motor vehicles to be equipped with reflectors
RS 32:306Stop lamps and turn signals required on new motor vehicles
RS 32:307Application of succeeding sections
RS 32:308Additional equipment required on buses, trucks, truck tractors, trailers, semi-trailers and pole trailers
RS 32:309Color of clearance lamps, identification lamps, side marker lamps, backup lamps and reflectors
RS 32:310Mounting of reflectors, clearance lamps and side marker lamps
RS 32:311Visibility of reflectors, clearance lamps, and marker lamps
RS 32:311.1Equipment combinations
RS 32:312Obstructed lights not required
RS 32:313Lamp or flag on projecting load
RS 32:314Lamps on parked vehicles
RS 32:315Lamps on farm tractors, farm equipment and implements of husbandry
RS 32:315.1Reflecting tape on trailers hauling sugarcane
RS 32:316Lamps on other vehicles and equipment
RS 32:317Spotlights and auxiliary lamps
RS 32:318Audible and visual signals on certain vehicles
RS 32:319Signal lamps and signal devices
RS 32:320Additional lighting equipment
RS 32:320.1Vehicular hazard warning signals
RS 32:321Multiple beam road lighting equipment
RS 32:322Use of multiple beam road lighting equipment
RS 32:323Single-beam road-lighting equipment
RS 32:324Lighting equipment on motor-driven cycles
RS 32:325Alternate road-lighting equipment
RS 32:326Number of driving lamps required or permitted; parking lights
RS 32:327Special restrictions on lamps
RS 32:328Special lighting equipment on school buses
RS 32:329Repealed by acts 2011, no. 244, 3.
RS 32:329.1Bicycles; front lamps; rear lamps; side and rear reflectors
RS 32:330Selling or using lamps or equipment
RS 32:331Authority of commissioner with reference to lighting devices
RS 32:332Adjustment certificate
RS 32:333Certain lights around license plates prohibited
RS 32:334Installation or use of certain lamps prohibited
RS 32:341Brake equipment required
RS 32:341.1Exemptions; farm vehicles and equipment
RS 32:342Performance ability of brakes
RS 32:343Condition of brakes
RS 32:344Brakes after engine failure
RS 32:345Brakes on motor driven cycles
RS 32:346Brakes on bicycles
RS 32:351Horns and warning devices
RS 32:352Mufflers; requirements; prevention of excessive noise, fumes and smoke
RS 32:353Modification of exhaust systems
RS 32:354Mirrors
RS 32:355Fire extinguishers
RS 32:356Windshields must be equipped with wiping and washing systems
RS 32:357Windshields required
RS 32:358Motorcycle windshields
RS 32:359Safety glass required
RS 32:360Safety glass defined
RS 32:361Approved types of safety glass
RS 32:361.1View outward or inward through windshield or windows; obscuring prohibited
RS 32:361.2Medical exemption
RS 32:361.3Security exemption
RS 32:362Restrictions as to tire equipment
RS 32:363Fuel tank caps
RS 32:364Fenders and mudguards
RS 32:365Television
RS 32:366Required equipment of tow cars
RS 32:367Certain vehicles to carry flares or other warning devices
RS 32:368Display of warning devices when vehicle disabled
RS 32:369Red flags, use in parking certain vehicles
RS 32:370Warning devices must be approved by commissioner prior to sale or use thereof
RS 32:371Enforcement of part
RS 32:372Warning devices, submission to commissioner; fee
RS 32:373Removal of warning device
RS 32:374Violation of regulations of commissioner
RS 32:375Air conditioning equipment
RS 32:376Special lights for certain department vehicles
RS 32:377Slow moving vehicle, identification
RS 32:378School bus body, hood, bumpers; color of paint; back-up audible alarms
RS 32:378.1Display of patently obscene words, photographs, and depictions
RS 32:378.2Ignition interlock devices; condition of probation for certain dwi offenders; restricted license
RS 32:378.3Installation of sound amplification systems to exterior of vehicle; prohibited
RS 32:379Applicability; regulations in excess of r.s. 32:380 through r.s. 32:386 prohibited
RS 32:380Width; projecting loads on vehicles
RS 32:381Height
RS 32:382Length; special length limits
RS 32:383Loads on vehicles; care required thereto; penalties; definition
RS 32:383.1Loads of loose materials on vehicles; care required thereto; penalties
RS 32:384Trailers and towed vehicles
RS 32:385Farm vehicles and equipment; exemptions
RS 32:385.1Recreational vehicles; exemptions
RS 32:386Weight
RS 32:386.1Blanket oversize yearly permit; fees
RS 32:387Special permits
RS 32:387.1Escort vehicles; permit to operate required
RS 32:387.2Repealed by acts 2011, no. 162, 2.
RS 32:387.3 repealed by acts 2011, no. 162, 2.
RS 32:387.4Equipment destined to or from any oil or gas facility or petrochemical complex; interstate highways
RS 32:387.5Special permits; authorization to travel on portions of interstate 49
RS 32:387.6Special permits; trucks hauling cotton modules
RS 32:387.7Special permits; vehicles hauling sugarcane
RS 32:387.8Vehicles requiring steering axle permit; interstate highways
RS 32:387.9Special permit; vehicles hauling agronomic or horticultural crops
RS 32:387.9.1Special permits; vehicles hauling agronomic or horticultural crops; authorization to travel upon segment of interstate 49 as alternate route to us 71 and us 167
RS 32:387.10Special permit; vehicles transporting timber cutting or logging equipment
RS 32:387.11Semiannual critical off-road equipment permit; authorization
RS 32:387.12Annual noncritical off-road equipment permit; authorization
RS 32:387.13Repealed by acts 2011, no. 162, 2.
RS 32:387.14Special permit; heavy equipment
RS 32:387.15Repealed by acts 2011, no. 162, 2.
RS 32:387.16Special permit; sealed containerized cargo for export; containerboard, kraft liner, and roll pulp; limitations
RS 32:387.17Special permit; containerized cargo intended for export; rules and regulations; ports in ouachita parish
RS 32:387.18Repealed by acts 2011, no. 162, 2.
RS 32:387.19Special permit; bagged rice for export; rules and regulations; port of lake charles
RS 32:388Penalties; payments
RS 32:388.1Penalties; multiple violations
RS 32:389Weights and standards police; enforcement procedure; payment and collection procedures; administrative review
RS 32:390Weigh-in-motion (wim) system
RS 32:390.21Louisiana truck center; creation; purpose
RS 32:390.22Services and assistance
RS 32:390.23Agency representatives
RS 32:390.24Repealed by acts 2005, no. 428, 3, eff. july 1, 2005.
RS 32:391Appearance upon arrest
RS 32:392Impounding of vehicles; prohibitions
RS 32:392.1Repealed by acts 2012, no. 512, 1.
RS 32:393Persons charged with traffic violations; time for disposition, licenses, reports, and records to be sent to department of public safety and corrections; fee charged; record of unpaid traffic fines and parking fines
RS 32:393.1Records of convictions; extracts; fees
RS 32:393.2Reports; diplomatic immunities and privileges; u.s. department of state; deadlines
RS 32:394Flagrant violations; courts to give details on request of department
RS 32:395Police officers not impeded by this chapter
RS 32:396Commissioner to publish records
RS 32:397Commissioner to furnish forms and receive accident reports
RS 32:397.1Accident reports; citizens right to privacy
RS 32:398Accident reports; when and to whom made; information aid; fees for copies; fees for accident photographs
RS 32:398.1Traffic citations; form; issuance
RS 32:398.2Disposition of traffic citations; unlawful acts; records
RS 32:398.3Illegal cancellation of traffic citation; penalty; audit of citation records; publication
RS 32:398.4When copy of citation shall be deemed a lawful complaint
RS 32:398.5Applicability
RS 32:398.10Collection and reporting of statistical information relating to traffic stops
RS 32:399Citation
RS 32:401Definitions
RS 32:402All drivers must secure license; exception; emergency vehicle exception; military personnel exceptions; violations
RS 32:402.1Driver education; required
RS 32:402.2Repealed by acts 2011, no. 294, 6.
RS 32:402.3Motorcycle safety, awareness, and operator training program; fund
RS 32:403Application; fee; duration of license
RS 32:403.1Application of persons sixty years of age or above
RS 32:403.2Application of persons with physical disability or mental disability
RS 32:403.3Identification stickers for the deaf and hard of hearing; license label
RS 32:403.4Medical evaluation report required of persons driving a commercial motor vehicle
RS 32:403.5Application of persons using bioptic telescopic lenses
RS 32:404Operation of motor vehicles by nonresidents, students, and military personnel and dependents; reciprocity agreements with foreign countries
RS 32:404.1Commercial driver's license applicant; domiciliary of state requirement; time limits; reciprocity
RS 32:405Application must be verified
RS 32:405.1Age requirements
RS 32:406Licensee must give notice of change of address
RS 32:407Application of minors; revocation; applications of persons less than twenty-one years of age
RS 32:408Examination of applicants required; classes of licenses
RS 32:408.1Third-party testing; proof of testing
RS 32:408.2Third party testing; limitation of liability
RS 32:409Filing of applications; use of abbreviations; release of information
RS 32:409.1Application or special certificate applications; penalties for false information
RS 32:410Form of license; photograph, signature of licensee, anatomical gift statement, declaration of life-sustaining procedures, and additional information on license
RS 32:410.1Novelty or unofficial credentials; prohibited
RS 32:410.2International driver's license
RS 32:411Deposit of license in lieu of security upon arrest; receipt; licensee to have license or receipt in immediate possession; notification to vehicle owner; surrender of license; issuance of temporary permits
RS 32:411.1Licensee to have license in immediate possession; notification to vehicle owner; surrender of license; issuance of temporary permits
RS 32:412Amount of fees; credit or refund; duration of license; veteran designation; university logo; "i'm a cajun" designation; disbursement of funds; renewal by mail or electronic commerce of class "d" or "e" drivers' licenses; disposition of certain fees; exception
RS 32:412.1Handling charges
RS 32:412.2Disabled veteran exemption
RS 32:412.3Office of motor vehicles driver's license escrow fund; office of motor vehicles handling fee escrow fund
RS 32:413Loss or destruction of licenses
RS 32:414Suspension, revocation, renewal, and cancellation of licenses; judicial review
RS 32:414.1Unlawful use of license
RS 32:414.2Commercial motor vehicle drivers and drivers with a commercial learner's permit; disqualification; issuance of class "d" or "e" license; alcohol content in breath and blood; implied consent
RS 32:414.3Commercial motor vehicle drivers; employer responsibilities
RS 32:414.4Commercial motor vehicle operator; notification requirements
RS 32:414.5Information falsified by aliens; cancellation of drivers' licenses and special identification cards
RS 32:415Operating vehicle while license is suspended; offenses in other states; record of offenses given other states
RS 32:415.1Economic and medical hardship appeal of driver's license suspension
RS 32:415.2Operating vehicle while under suspension or revocation; removal of license plate
RS 32:416Unlawful operation by persons under the age of seventeen; parents responsible
RS 32:416.1Unlawful operation by persons less than seventeen years of age; operation of motor vehicles and power cycles between certain hours prohibited
RS 32:417Allowing unlicensed person under the age of seventeen to drive
RS 32:418Selective service registration; age restrictions
RS 32:419Department may for cause refuse to license applicant; judicial review
RS 32:420Exemptions
RS 32:421False swearing; obtaining two licenses; unlawful
RS 32:422Learner's license; driving school instruction permit; special restrictions on motorcycles
RS 32:422.1Driver training school permits
RS 32:422.2The louisiana advisory council on driver education
RS 32:423Restricted license
RS 32:424Department may compel examination of suspected incompetents; prohibited disclosure of information; exceptions
RS 32:425Repealed by acts 1989, no. 293, 2, eff. june 27, 1989.
RS 32:426Disposition of fees; surplus funds
RS 32:427Penalty
RS 32:428Failure to enforce requirement
RS 32:429Office of motor vehicles field offices; authorization of fees
RS 32:429.1Toll-free hotline
RS 32:429.2Office of motor vehicles customer service and technology fund; uses of the monies
RS 32:429.3Collection and reporting of statistical information relating to migration of residents
RS 32:430Suspension, revocation, and denial of driving privileges; hardship license; insurance rates
RS 32:431Driving is a privilege; expulsion or suspension from school, cause for suspension of license
RS 32:431.1School attendance as condition of driving privileges; authorized local policy
RS 32:432Suspension or denial of driving privileges; failure to pay child support
RS 32:441Miscellaneous provisions
RS 32:442Definitions
RS 32:443Storage on collector's property
RS 32:444Equipment requirements
RS 32:445Sale or trade; not contingent upon vehicle being in operating condition
RS 32:446Abandoned or stored motor vehicles of historic or special interest
RS 32:447Rules and regulations
RS 32:451Declaration of purpose
RS 32:452Street rod; definition
RS 32:453Licensing requirements; exemptions
RS 32:454Rules and regulations
RS 32:455Street cruiser; definition
RS 32:456Registration; licensing
RS 32:457Authorized rules
RS 32:471Definitions
RS 32:472Parking motor vehicles; seizure of; payment of costs
RS 32:473Seized vehicles; penalties for illegal parking and for the impounding and detention of vehicles illegally parked
RS 32:473.1Abandoned vehicle; removal
RS 32:474Authority to take possession of abandoned motor vehicles
RS 32:475Repealed by acts 2008, no. 429, 2, eff. june 21, 2008.
RS 32:476Abandoned motor vehicles; sale by municipalities and parochial authorities; procedure
RS 32:481Repealed by acts 1954, no. 568, 1
RS 32:491Repealed by acts 1962, no. 310, iii (3)
RS 32:501Motor trucks, etc., with lugs, not to be used on hard-surfaced roads; exceptions
RS 32:502Repealed by acts 1954, no. 543, 1
RS 32:503Penalty
RS 32:511To 513 repealed by acts 1950, no. 434, 1
RS 32:521Repealed by acts 1989, no. 522, 2.
RS 32:522Repealed by acts 1989, no. 522, 2.
RS 32:523Record of sales proceedings to be kept for year
RS 32:524Parish of orleans, list of motor vehicles held in storage to be furnished public administrator; administration as vacant estates
RS 32:525Repealed by acts 1989, no. 522, 2.
RS 32:531Garage or oil businesses, petition for location; consent of property owners
RS 32:532Restrictions as to location
RS 32:533Application of part
RS 32:534Construction of part; zoning
RS 32:535Return of parts to customer; exceptions
RS 32:535.1Required invoice
RS 32:601Public liability, bodily injury, and property damage insurance
RS 32:602Tort liability
RS 32:603Contract provisions
RS 32:604Actions; parties
RS 32:621Definitions
RS 32:622Manufacture, sale or distribution of brake fluid; registration; permits
RS 32:623Application for registration; forms; contents; issuance of permit; renewal
RS 32:624Cancellation, refusal to issue, or refusal to renew permit; grounds; procedure; powers of department
RS 32:625When brake fluid adulterated; specifications; amendment of specifications
RS 32:626When brake fluid deemed misbranded; words and letters to be in legible type
RS 32:627Enforcement; inspection; access to premises; authority to open boxes, cartons and other containers
RS 32:628Promulgation and enforcement of rules and regulations
RS 32:629Fees
RS 32:630Violations; penalties
RS 32:641Parishwide schedule of fines, penalties and costs; written pleas of guilty; payment; exceptions
RS 32:651Emblem or name of owner to appear on equipment; penalties
RS 32:661Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcoholic beverages or illegal substance or controlled dangerous substances; implied consent to chemical tests; administering of test and presumptions; effect of refusal to submit to tests; informing person of co
RS 32:661.1Operating a watercraft under the influence of alcoholic beverages or controlled dangerous substances; implied consent to chemical tests; administering of test and presumptions
RS 32:661.2Operation of a locomotive engine under the influence of alcoholic beverages or controlled dangerous substances; implied consent to chemical tests; administering of test and presumptions
RS 32:662Administering chemical tests; use of results as evidence
RS 32:662.1Admissibility
RS 32:663Approval of testing methods by department of public safety and corrections
RS 32:664Persons authorized to administer test
RS 32:665Furnishing of information to person tested
RS 32:666Refusal to submit to chemical test; submission to chemical tests; exception; effects of
RS 32:667Seizure of license; circumstances; temporary license
RS 32:667.1Seizure of license upon arrest for vehicular homicide; issuance of temporary license; suspension
RS 32:668Procedure following revocation or denial of license; hearing; court review; review of final order; restricted licenses
RS 32:668.1Procedure following revocation or denial of license; discovery
RS 32:669Suspension of nonresident's operating privilege; notification to state of residence
RS 32:670Test results for persons under the age of twenty-one; exclusion from official driving record
RS 32:671Responsibilities of the department of public safety and corrections, office of state police; interstate highways
RS 32:681Postaccident drug testing; accidents involving fatalities, required
RS 32:701Vehicle certificate of title law
RS 32:702Definitions
RS 32:703Offices of commissioner
RS 32:703.1Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1116, 2.
RS 32:704Applicability
RS 32:705Delivery of certificate to purchaser of vehicle
RS 32:705.1Acts of donation; titled motor vehicles
RS 32:706Marketable title
RS 32:706.1Disclosure by persons who transfer ownership of vehicles with salvage or reconstructed titles, assembled title, or certificate of destruction; penalties
RS 32:706.2Requirements for vehicle identification number inspections
RS 32:707Application for certificates of title; exception; salvage title; antique vehicles; reconstructed title
RS 32:707.1Deceased persons; titles to vehicles
RS 32:707.2Electronic media system for lien recordation and title information; fees; required bond; confidentiality of information; rules and regulations
RS 32:707.3Certificates of destruction; application requirements; restrictions on sale; disassembly requirement; department rules; penalties
RS 32:707.4Alternate procedure to title trailers
RS 32:707.5Assembled vehicles
RS 32:707.6Expedited title procedure; rules and regulations
RS 32:708Issuance of certificates; satisfaction of lien or security interest; security measures
RS 32:708.1Issuance of certificates; satisfaction of child support privilege or security interest; security measures
RS 32:709Numbers assigned; indices; files
RS 32:710Security interests; priority; notation on certificate
RS 32:711Sale subject to mortgage or security interest; act of sale and assignment of certificate; corrected certificate
RS 32:712Ownership of vehicle passing otherwise than by voluntary transfer
RS 32:713Lost or destroyed certificate
RS 32:714Repealed by acts 1976, no. 572, 1
RS 32:715Change of engine in vehicle
RS 32:716Dismantling registered vehicle
RS 32:717Sale of motor vehicle as scrap
RS 32:718Sale of an auto hulk as scrap to a scrap metal processor or a licensed automotive dismantler and parts recycler
RS 32:719719 to 720.1 repealed by acts 1984, no. 773, 4, eff. sept. 1, 1984.
RS 32:721Stolen vehicles; report of theft and recovery
RS 32:722Stolen or embezzled vehicles; liens and encumbrances
RS 32:723Stolen or embezzled vehicles; suspension of registration; lists
RS 32:724Transfer and possession of stolen vehicles
RS 32:725Concealing or misrepresenting identity of motor vehicle or engine
RS 32:726Destruction or alteration of distinguishing number or mark
RS 32:726.1Tampering with or altering odometers prohibited; penalties
RS 32:727Rules and regulations; forms; cancellation of certificates; copies of and reports as to records
RS 32:728Fees
RS 32:729Necessity for certificate
RS 32:730Alteration and forgery; false name, address, or statement; other fraud
RS 32:731Violations; penalty
RS 32:732Additional penalties
RS 32:733Repealed by acts 1992, no. 984, 18.
RS 32:734Signature to documents
RS 32:735Auto title companies; licensing; regulation; fees, suspension, and revocation; domicile; surety bonds; expiration and renewal dates
RS 32:736Surety bond required; amount and conditions of surety bond; filing of bond
RS 32:737Causes for nonissuance, suspension, revocation, cancellation, or restrictions; reinstatement
RS 32:738Cease and desist order; injunctive relief
RS 32:751Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:752Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:753Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:754Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:755Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1388, 2.
RS 32:756Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:757Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:758Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:759Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:759.1Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:760Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:761Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:762Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:763Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:764Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:765Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:766Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:771Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:772Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:773Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:773.1Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:773.2Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:774Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:774.1Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:774.2Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:774.3Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:775Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:776Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:777Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:778Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:779Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:780Repealed by acts 2006, no. 440, 2.
RS 32:781Definitions
RS 32:782Jurisdiction and authority of commission
RS 32:783Used motor vehicle commission; appointment and qualification; terms of office; powers and duties
RS 32:784Dealers, dismantlers, and auctions to be licensed; exception
RS 32:785Procedures for denial, suspension, or revocation of license; notice; hearings; appeals; abandonment of business
RS 32:786Injunctions; cease and desist orders
RS 32:787Criminal penalties
RS 32:788Civil penalties
RS 32:789Sale of used water-damaged vehicles
RS 32:790Black market sales; prohibition
RS 32:791Application for license; fee; educational seminar; bond requirements; liability insurance; salesperson's license; location of business
RS 32:792Denial, revocation, or suspension of license; grounds; unauthorized acts
RS 32:793Rent with option-to-purchase program
RS 32:794Wholesale motor vehicle auctions; unlawful acts
RS 32:795Repealed by acts 2014, no. 423, 2.
RS 32:796Deposit and down payment disclosure and delivery of vehicle pending the sale
RS 32:801Definition
RS 32:802License required; application; fee; duration
RS 32:803Other licenses not required
RS 32:804Denial, revocation, or suspension of license; grounds; violations
RS 32:805Requirement to keep records
RS 32:806Transfer of motor vehicle certificate of title to or from a dismantler and parts recycler
RS 32:807Transfers of scrapped motor vehicles
RS 32:808Salvage pools; record keepers
RS 32:809Repealed by acts 2007, no. 257, 2.
RS 32:811Repealed by acts 2009, no. 403, 2, effective july 7, 2009.
RS 32:812Repealed by acts 2009, no. 403, 2, effective july 7, 2009.
RS 32:813Repealed by acts 2009, no. 403, 2, effective july 7, 2009.
RS 32:814Repealed by acts 2009, no. 403, 2, effective july 7, 2009.
RS 32:815Repealed by acts 2009, no. 403, 2, effective july 7, 2009.
RS 32:816Repealed by acts 2009, no. 403, 2, effective july 7, 2009.
RS 32:817Repealed by acts 2009, no. 403, 2, effective july 7, 2009.
RS 32:818Repealed by acts 2009, no. 403, 2, effective july 7, 2009.
RS 32:819Repealed by acts 2009, no. 403, 2, effective july 7, 2009.
RS 32:820Repealed by acts 2009, no. 403, 2, effective july 7, 2009.
RS 32:821Repealed by acts 2009, no. 403, 2, effective july 7, 2009.
RS 32:822Repealed by acts 2009, no. 403, 2, effective july 7, 2009.
RS 32:851Definitions
RS 32:852Commissioner to administer law; hearings; notice to injured parties; appeal to court
RS 32:853Commissioner to furnish operating records; other information; fees; withdrawal of forms or information
RS 32:854Chapter supplemental to motor vehicle laws
RS 32:855Past application of chapter
RS 32:856Chapter not to prevent other process
RS 32:857Uniformity of interpretation
RS 32:858Short title
RS 32:861Security required
RS 32:861.1Security required; exemption for active duty overseas
RS 32:862Proof of compliance
RS 32:863Sanctions for false declaration; reinstatement fees; revocation of registration; review
RS 32:863.1Evidence of compulsory motor vehicle liability security contained in vehicle; enforcement; penalty; fees
RS 32:863.2Notification of the cancellation or issuance of security; penalties; database development
RS 32:864Criminal sanctions for false declaration
RS 32:865Criminal sanctions for operating motor vehicle not covered by security
RS 32:865.1Criminal sanctions for operating school bus not covered by security
RS 32:866Compulsory motor vehicle liability security; failure to comply; limitation of damages
RS 32:867Private parking lots
RS 32:868Funding of real-time system to verify motor vehicle insurance; insurance verification fund; creation
RS 32:871Report required following accident; availability
RS 32:872Security and proof of financial responsibility required unless evidence of insurance; when security determined; suspension; exception
RS 32:873Further exceptions to requirements of security
RS 32:874Duration of suspension, revocation, or withdrawal; reinstatement fees
RS 32:875Application to unlicensed drivers and unregistered motor vehicles
RS 32:876Form and amount of security
RS 32:877Custody, distribution and return of security
RS 32:878Matters not to be evidence in civil suits
RS 32:879Registration after suspension of inoperable vehicle
RS 32:880Nonresident drivers; accidents
RS 32:891Courts to report non-payment of judgments and convictions
RS 32:892Suspension for non-payment of judgment; exceptions
RS 32:893Suspension to continue until judgments paid and proof given
RS 32:894Payments sufficient to satisfy requirements
RS 32:895Installment payment of judgments; default
RS 32:896Proof required upon certain convictions
RS 32:897Alternate methods of giving proof
RS 32:898Certificate of insurance as proof
RS 32:899Certificate furnished by non-resident as proof
RS 32:900Motor vehicle liability policy" defined
RS 32:900.1Proof of financial responsibility; carriers of railroad workers
RS 32:901Notice of cancellation or termination of certified policy
RS 32:902Chapter not to affect other policies
RS 32:903Bond as proof
RS 32:904Money or securities as proof
RS 32:905Owner may give proof for others
RS 32:906Substitution of proof
RS 32:907Other proof may be required
RS 32:908Duration of proof; when proof may be cancelled or returned
RS 32:909Proof to be maintained for three years
RS 32:910Driver's license; immediate reinstatement, reissuance, or issuance of restricted license
RS 32:1021Transfer of registration to defeat purpose of chapter prohibited
RS 32:1022Surrender of license and registration
RS 32:1023Other violations; penalties
RS 32:1041Exceptions
RS 32:1042Self-insurers
RS 32:1043Residual market plans
RS 32:1251Declaration of public policy
RS 32:1252Definitions
RS 32:1253Motor vehicle commission; appointment and qualifications of members; terms of office; organization; oath; official bond; compensation; powers and duties
RS 32:1254Application for license; requirements for licensure; contents; licenses; franchise filings
RS 32:1255Fees; penalties
RS 32:1256Auto shows
RS 32:1256.1Regional recreational products shows
RS 32:1256.2National recreational product shows
RS 32:1257Establishment of new motor vehicle dealerships and/or relocations; protests; procedure
RS 32:1257.1Repealed by acts 2012, no. 326, 2.
RS 32:1258Denial, revocation, grounds, imposition of a civil penalty, or suspension of license; grounds; expiration
RS 32:1259Injunctions; cease and desist orders
RS 32:1260Penalties; other relief
RS 32:1261Unauthorized acts
RS 32:1261.1Indemnification of franchised dealers
RS 32:1261.2Payment to dealers; penalties
RS 32:1262Warranty; compensation; audits of dealer records
RS 32:1263Motor vehicle repairs
RS 32:1264Damage disclosure
RS 32:1264.1Notice regarding recalls
RS 32:1265Sale of water-damaged vehicles
RS 32:1266Motor vehicle lessors; appointment of motor vehicle lease facilitators
RS 32:1267Succession; right of first refusal
RS 32:1268Requirements upon termination; penalty; indemnity
RS 32:1268.1Repealed by acts 2012, no. 326, 2.
RS 32:1268.2Manufacturer termination of line-make; manufacturer bankruptcy; license
RS 32:1269Venue and choice of law for litigation or arbitration
RS 32:1270Establishment of new marine dealerships or relocations; protests; procedure
RS 32:1270.1Unauthorized acts; marine products
RS 32:1270.2Warranty; compensation; audits of marine dealer records
RS 32:1270.3Sale of water-damaged marine products
RS 32:1270.4Succession; right of first refusal; marine dealers
RS 32:1270.5Manufacturer, distributor, or wholesaler repurchase; marine dealer; products
RS 32:1270.6Manufacturer termination of line-make; manufacturer bankruptcy; license
RS 32:1270.7Indemnification of marine dealers
RS 32:1270.8Marine products repairs
RS 32:1270.9Damage disclosure
RS 32:1270.10Establishment of new motorcycle or all-terrain vehicle dealerships or relocations; protests; procedure
RS 32:1270.11Unauthorized acts
RS 32:1270.12Indemnification of motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle franchised dealers
RS 32:1270.13Warranty; compensation; audits of motorcycle or all-terrain vehicle dealer records
RS 32:1270.14Damage disclosure
RS 32:1270.15Sale of water-damaged motorcycles or all-terrain vehicles
RS 32:1270.16Succession; right of first refusal
RS 32:1270.17Requirements upon termination; penalty; indemnity; motorcycle or all-terrain vehicle dealers
RS 32:1270.18Manufacturer termination of line-make; manufacturer bankruptcy; license; motorcycle or all-terrain vehicle franchise
RS 32:1270.19Motorcycle or all-terrain vehicle repairs
RS 32:1270.20Unauthorized acts; recreational vehicles
RS 32:1270.21Indemnification of franchised recreational vehicle dealers
RS 32:1270.22Payment to recreational vehicles dealers; penalties
RS 32:1270.23Warranty; compensation; audits of recreational vehicle dealer records
RS 32:1270.24Recreational vehicle repairs
RS 32:1270.25Damage disclosure; recreational vehicles
RS 32:1270.26Notice regarding recalls; recreational vehicles
RS 32:1270.27Sale of water-damaged recreational vehicles
RS 32:1270.28Succession; right of first refusal; recreational vehicle dealer
RS 32:1270.29Requirements upon termination; penalty; indemnity; recreational vehicles
RS 32:1270.30Recreational vehicle manufacturer termination of line-make; manufacturer bankruptcy; license
RS 32:1271Short title
RS 32:1272Definitions
RS 32:1273Scope and exemptions
RS 32:1274License and filing requirements; licensing fees
RS 32:1275Financial responsibility
RS 32:1276Warranty reimbursement policy requirements
RS 32:1277Disclosure to warranty holder
RS 32:1278Prohibited acts
RS 32:1279Record keeping
RS 32:1280Enforcement; examination
RS 32:1281Rulemaking power
RS 32:1282Applicability
RS 32:1301Vehicles without required equipment or in unsafe condition
RS 32:1302Inspection by officers of the department
RS 32:1303Owners and drivers to comply with inspection laws
RS 32:1304Secretary to require periodical inspection
RS 32:1305Appointment of official inspection stations
RS 32:1306Operation of official inspection stations
RS 32:1306.1Inspection and maintenance program fees; nonattainment area; local election
RS 32:1307Improper representation as official station
RS 32:1308False certificates
RS 32:1309Fee for inspection certificates
RS 32:1310Penalty for violation
RS 32:1311Exemptions
RS 32:1312Civil penalties
RS 32:1313Recovery of civil penalties
RS 32:1314Intermodal vehicle inspections
RS 32:1401Vehicle equipment safety compact
RS 32:1420Driver license compact
RS 32:1421Licensing authority" defined
RS 32:1422Administrator; compensation
RS 32:1423Executive head" defined
RS 32:1424Intoxicating liquor" defined
RS 32:1425Narcotic drug" defined
RS 32:1441Nonresident violator compact
RS 32:1442Licensing authority" defined
RS 32:1443Administrator; no compensation
RS 32:1471Motor vehicle habitual offender law
RS 32:1472Habitual offender defined
RS 32:1473Department of public safety to certify record to court
RS 32:1474Time limitation
RS 32:1475Service of petition; order to show cause
RS 32:1476Hearing; procedure
RS 32:1477Department's findings; order
RS 32:1478Appeals
RS 32:1479Prohibition
RS 32:1480Repealed by acts 1990, no. 933, 2.
RS 32:1481Repealed by acts 1990, no. 933, 2.
RS 32:1501Hazardous materials
RS 32:1502Definitions
RS 32:1503General provisions; carrier liability insurance; carrier placards
RS 32:1504Powers of the secretary
RS 32:1505Authority of officers, employees, and agents
RS 32:1506Alternate means of compliance
RS 32:1507Special permits and exemptions
RS 32:1508Declaration and marking of unsafe vehicles and containers
RS 32:1509Shipping documents
RS 32:1510Reporting of incidents, accidents, and cleanups
RS 32:1511Illegal discharge of hazardous materials
RS 32:1512Civil penalties; assessment
RS 32:1513Civil penalties; recovery
RS 32:1513.1Immunity from civil liability; limitations
RS 32:1514Criminal penalties
RS 32:1515Injunctions
RS 32:1516Driver qualifications
RS 32:1517Personnel and expenses
RS 32:1518Reckless handling of hazardous materials
RS 32:1519Reimbursement of remedial costs
RS 32:1520Careless handling of hazardous material
RS 32:1521Restrictions on transportation of hazardous materials
RS 32:1522Hazardous materials emergency response fund
RS 32:1523For-hire carriers of passengers; definitions; driving time; rules and regulations
RS 32:1524Contract carriers transporting railroad employees; definitions; driving time; rules and regulations
RS 32:1524.1Contract carriers transporting railroad employees; transport vehicle driver disqualification
RS 32:1524.2Contract carriers transporting railroad employees; motor vehicle inspections; records
RS 32:1524.3Contract carriers; penalties
RS 32:1525Motor carrier violations; enforcement procedure; payment and collection of penalties; administrative review; driver's license suspensions
RS 32:1526Unified carrier registration agreement; enforcement; disposition of money collected; unified carrier registration agreement fund
RS 32:1550Seizure and forfeiture of contraband
RS 32:1551Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1334, 2.
RS 32:1552Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1334, 2.
RS 32:1553Repealed by acts 1997, no. 1334, 2.
RS 32:1601Hydrocarbon gas powered vehicles
RS 32:1602Hydrocarbon gas powered motor vehicles, placard required
RS 32:1603Placard, rules and regulations
RS 32:1604Penalty
RS 32:1700Notification of owners
RS 32:1711The louisiana towing and storage act
RS 32:1712Short title
RS 32:1713Definitions
RS 32:1714Powers and duties of the office of state police
RS 32:1715Towing of motor vehicles in the state of louisiana
RS 32:1716Licensing; special license plates
RS 32:1717Qualifications of licensee; proof of financial responsibility in lieu of insurance
RS 32:1717.1Licensing; storage facility inspection; fee
RS 32:1718Law enforcement notification of a vehicle towed to a storage facility; outdoor storage facility
RS 32:1719Notification to department of public safety and corrections
RS 32:1720Owner notification of a stored vehicle; right to request administrative hearing
RS 32:1720.1Surrender of stored vehicle to lienholder
RS 32:1721Self-park storage facility notification procedure
RS 32:1722Exemption from provisions of r.s. 32:1718 through 1721
RS 32:1723Maintenance of records
RS 32:1724Administrative penalties
RS 32:1725Criminal penalties
RS 32:1726Abandoned automobiles; stored or in possession of dealer or repairman; right to sell; procedure
RS 32:1727Hearings
RS 32:1728Disposal of a stored motor vehicle
RS 32:1728.1Repealed by acts 2001, no. 1097, 2.
RS 32:1728.2Procedure for disposal of junk vehicles
RS 32:1728.3Procedure for disposal of certain vehicles deemed abandoned by municipality or parish
RS 32:1728.4Procedure for disposal of vehicles with no record of ownership; out-of-country vehicles
RS 32:1729Waiver of fee; disposal of law enforcement storage
RS 32:1730Proceeds of sale; disposition of
RS 32:1731The louisiana towing and storage fund
RS 32:1732Third party surcharges
RS 32:1733Fees charged for towing; certain parishes
RS 32:1734Gate fees; other fees; excessive charges; prohibitions; cause of action
RS 32:1735Driver's selection of licensed tow company; law enforcement rotation list; minimum requirements; removal from rotation list
RS 32:1735.1Motor vehicle holds; storage requirements; notification; payment of storage costs
RS 32:1736Towing of motor vehicles from private property; definitions; billing invoices; uniform fees; penalties
RS 32:1741Immobilization of motor vehicles by booting; private property; legislative findings
RS 32:1751Repealed by acts 2014, no. 832, 10.
RS 32:1801Repealed by acts 2014, no. 830, 3.