Mineral code

RS 31Title 31.mineral code
RS 31:1Title 31mineral code
RS 31:2Relation to civil code
RS 31:3Freedom of contract and limitations thereon
RS 31:4The landowner's
RS 31:5Ownership of solid minerals
RS 31:6Right to search for fugitive minerals; elements of ownership of land
RS 31:7Reduction of minerals to possession
RS 31:8Rights of landowners to explore for and
RS 31:9Correlative rights of owners of common reservoir or deposit
RS 31:10Liability to others with interests in common reservoir or deposit
RS 31:11Correlative rights of landowner and owner of a mineral right and between owners of mineral rights
RS 31:12Protection of the landowner's rights
RS 31:13Damages for removal of solid minerals
RS 31:14Drainage of fugitive minerals; exclusion of liability; exceptions
RS 31:15Creation of mineral rights
RS 31:16Basic mineral rights; status as real rights
RS 31:17Rescission for lesion beyond moiety unavailable
RS 31:18The nature of mineral rights and
RS 31:19Capacity to create mineral rights
RS 31:20Authority to create mineral rights
RS 31:21The mineral servitude
RS 31:22Certain rights and obligations of mineral servitude owner
RS 31:23Right of servitude owner to operate; protection thereof
RS 31:24Who may create mineral servitudes
RS 31:25Right of conditional landowner to create mineral servitude
RS 31:26Usufructuary may not create mineral servitude
RS 31:27Modes of extinction of mineral servitudes
RS 31:28Commencement of prescription
RS 31:29How prescription of nonuse is interrupted
RS 31:30Date on which prescription interrupted and commenced anew
RS 31:31Operations beyond prescriptive date; effect as interruption
RS 31:32Interruption by additional operations
RS 31:33Unit operations; effect as interruption of prescription
RS 31:34Shut-in well; testing as interruption of prescription
RS 31:35Unitization with tested shut-in well as interruption of prescription
RS 31:36Production as interruption of prescription
RS 31:37Unit production as interruption of prescription
RS 31:38Good faith production for beneficial purpose required
RS 31:39Attempt to restore or secure new production as interruption of prescription
RS 31:40Interruption applicable to all minerals and modes of use
RS 31:41Commencement of prescription anew following attempt to restore or secure new production
RS 31:42By whom a mineral servitude may be used
RS 31:43When a person is acting on behalf of servitude owner
RS 31:44Adoption of operations by another
RS 31:45Time within which adoption must be made
RS 31:46Procedure for adoption
RS 31:47Compulsory unit operations; adoption unnecessary
RS 31:48Obligation of servitude owner to pay costs
RS 31:49Unsuccessful operations; waiver of damages when adopted
RS 31:50Adoption a matter of right
RS 31:51Adoption when servitude under lease
RS 31:52Right to claim production in absence of adoption
RS 31:53Adoption possible only as specifically provided
RS 31:54Interruption of prescription by acknowledgment; formal requirements
RS 31:55Express intent required
RS 31:56Contractual extension of servitude; requirements
RS 31:57Extended servitude subject to rules of prescription
RS 31:58Prescription not affected by minority or other disability
RS 31:59Suspension of prescription by obstacle
RS 31:60Suspension effective as to all minerals
RS 31:61Compulsory unitization order not an obstacle; establishment of mining plan is an obstacle
RS 31:62Indivisibility of the mineral servitude
RS 31:63Presumption arising from separate description of tracts forming continuous body of land
RS 31:64Presumption when servitudes created on noncontiguous tracts
RS 31:65Division of servient estate not division of servitude
RS 31:66Right of owners of contiguous tracts to create single servitude
RS 31:67Right of co-owners to create single servitude in partition of land
RS 31:68Effect of limitation of servitude rights to specified horizons or levels
RS 31:69Effect of partial conveyances of servitude rights
RS 31:70Effect of contracts for use or development of portion of servitude
RS 31:71Partial unitization not a division
RS 31:72Conventional alteration of the
RS 31:73Single servitude may not exist on noncontiguous tracts
RS 31:74Right to fix term or shorten prescriptive period; effect of stipulation for prescriptive period greater than ten years
RS 31:75Right to contract regarding rules of use
RS 31:76Transactions involving outstanding
RS 31:77Application of after-acquired title doctrine
RS 31:78Prescription when after-acquired title doctrine applies; acquisition of outstanding servitude
RS 31:79Prescription when after-acquired title doctrine applies; extinction of outstanding servitude
RS 31:80The mineral royalty
RS 31:81Executive and operating rights not included
RS 31:82Who may create a mineral royalty
RS 31:83Creation of mineral royalty by conditional owner
RS 31:84Creation of mineral royalty by usufructuary
RS 31:85Modes of extinction of the mineral royalty
RS 31:86Commencement of prescription
RS 31:87Production as interruption of prescription; commencement of prescription anew
RS 31:88Saved production sufficient to interrupt prescription
RS 31:89Unit production as an interruption of prescription
RS 31:90Tested shut-in well as interruption of prescription
RS 31:91Unitization with tested shut-in well; effect as interruption of prescription
RS 31:92Interruption applicable to all minerals
RS 31:93Application of rules concerning acknowledgment and extension of prescription
RS 31:94Acknowledgment by servitude owner of previously created mineral royalty
RS 31:95Limited effect of acknowledgment of previously created royalty
RS 31:96Previously created royalty; dependency on mineral servitude when acknowledged
RS 31:97Prescription not affected by minority or other disability
RS 31:98Suspension of prescription by obstacle
RS 31:99Obstacle to production from servitude suspends prescription as to dependent royalty
RS 31:100Suspension effective as to all minerals
RS 31:101Indivisibility of the mineral royalty
RS 31:102Rule regarding effect of partial conveyance; applicability to mineral royalty
RS 31:103Conventional alteration of the
RS 31:104Transactions involving outstanding
RS 31:105Executive rights
RS 31:106Executive right a mineral right
RS 31:107Interruption of prescription accruing against executive right
RS 31:108Nature of executive and nonexecutive interests
RS 31:109Obligation of owner of executive interest
RS 31:110Lease in violation of obligation valid; right of nonexecutive to damages
RS 31:111Effect of certain transactions involving executive right
RS 31:112Right of nonexecutive to operate
RS 31:113Executive right as appendage of another mineral right
RS 31:114The mineral lease
RS 31:115Requirement of term; limitation of continuation without drilling or mining operations or production
RS 31:116Who may grant mineral leases
RS 31:117Granting of mineral lease by owner under conditional title
RS 31:118Right of usufructuaries to lease
RS 31:119The obligations of the lessor
RS 31:120Lessor's warranty and limitation of liability for breach thereof
RS 31:121Right of lessee to lease from adverse claimants
RS 31:122The obligations of the lessee
RS 31:123Rent and the obligation to make timely payment thereof
RS 31:124Production in paying quantities required; definition
RS 31:125Amount of royalties relevant to reasonableness of lessee's expectation
RS 31:126Transactions involving the lessee's interest
RS 31:127Lessee's right to assign or sublease
RS 31:128Responsibility of assignee or sublessee to original lessor
RS 31:129Assignor or sublessor not relieved of obligations or liabilities unless discharged
RS 31:130Lease not divided by partial assignment or sublease
RS 31:131Lessor must accept performance by assignee or sublessee
RS 31:132Demands by lessor; effect on assignee or sublessee
RS 31:133Termination and remedies for violation
RS 31:134Right to relief for violation
RS 31:135Rules of default applicable except as specified
RS 31:136Written notice; requirement and effect on claims for damages or dissolution of lease
RS 31:137Nonpayment of royalties; notice prerequisite to judicial demand
RS 31:138Required response of lessee to notice
RS 31:138.1Division order; precedence of lease; penalties for failure to pay royalties due
RS 31:139Effect of payment in response to notice
RS 31:140Effect of nonpayment in response to notice or failure to state cause therefor
RS 31:141Dissolution not a favored remedy
RS 31:142Dissolution may be partial or entire
RS 31:143Summary eviction not applicable
RS 31:144Leases involving outstanding mineral rights
RS 31:145After-acquired title doctrine; applicability in absence of special clause
RS 31:146The lessor's privilege
RS 31:147Right to seize property on premises or within fifteen days of removal
RS 31:148Manner of enforcement
RS 31:149Mineral rights reserved from acquisitions of land by governments or agencies thereof imprescriptible; prescription period in acquisitions for economic development
RS 31:149.1Repealed by acts 2004, no. 919, 2, eff. august 1, 2004.
RS 31:149.2Repealed by acts 2004, no. 919, 2, eff. august 1, 2004.
RS 31:149.3Repealed by acts 2004, no. 919, 2, eff. august 1, 2004.
RS 31:150Repealed by acts 2004, no. 919, 2, eff. august 1, 2004.
RS 31:151Repealed by acts 2004, no. 919, 2, eff. august 1, 2004.
RS 31:152Repealed by acts 2004, no. 919, 2, eff. august 1, 2004.
RS 31:153Possession and acquisitive prescription
RS 31:154Possession of land as including
RS 31:155Possession without title as including mineral rights
RS 31:156Interruption of possession of mineral rights
RS 31:157Interruption of possession by acknowledgment
RS 31:158Interruption of possession by judicial demand
RS 31:159The effect of acquisitive prescription
RS 31:160Perfection of title by prescription as including mineral rights
RS 31:161Interruption of acquisitive prescription
RS 31:162Suspension of acquisitive prescription
RS 31:163Acquisitive prescription; unavailability to mineral servitude owner
RS 31:164Co-ownership
RS 31:165Creation of mineral royalty by co-owner of land
RS 31:166Granting of mineral lease by co-owner of land
RS 31:167Mineral right owner may not compel partition of land
RS 31:168Co-ownership of mineral rights
RS 31:169Those who are not co-owners of mineral rights
RS 31:170Right of co-owner of mineral servitude to create mineral royalties
RS 31:171Right of co-owner of mineral lease to create dependent rights
RS 31:172Mineral servitudes and royalties subject to partition
RS 31:173Mineral lessee's interest subject to partition; susceptibility of dependent rights to partition
RS 31:174Use by one co-owner inures to benefit of all
RS 31:175Co-owner of mineral servitude may not operate independently
RS 31:176Co-owner of mineral servitude may act to prevent waste or destruction or extinction of servitude
RS 31:177Co-owner of mineral lease may not operate independently except to prevent waste, destruction, or termination
RS 31:178Partition of land and its effect on
RS 31:179Mineral right owner as party to partition of land
RS 31:180Appraisal of land to be partitioned required
RS 31:181Service of appraisal required
RS 31:182Opposition to appraisal permitted
RS 31:183Distribution of proceeds of partition sale
RS 31:184Effect of failure to appraise mineral right or interest therein
RS 31:185Owner of appraised mineral right entitled to participate in proceeds of sale
RS 31:186Owner of right derived from all co-owners of land unaffected by licitation
RS 31:187Mineral right created by party acquiring land not affected by sale
RS 31:188Rights of usufructuaries in minerals
RS 31:189Conventional usufruct may include enjoyment of mineral rights
RS 31:190Usufructuary of land entitled to enjoyment of mines or quarries worked; exception
RS 31:191When oil and gas wells and lignite operations considered open mines
RS 31:192When usufructuary of land entitled to grant lease
RS 31:193Nature of usufruct of a mineral right
RS 31:194Usufructuary not obligated to account to naked owner
RS 31:195Right of naked owner of land to enjoyment of minerals
RS 31:196Obligations of naked owner arising from enjoyment of rights in minerals
RS 31:197Secured rights in mineral rights
RS 31:198Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1079, 8, eff. sept. 1, 1990.
RS 31:198.1Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1079, 8, eff. sept. 1, 1990.
RS 31:199Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1079, 8, eff. sept. 1, 1990.
RS 31:200Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1079, 8, eff. sept. 1, 1990.
RS 31:201Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1079, 8, eff. sept. 1, 1990.
RS 31:202Repealed by acts 1990, no. 1079, 8, eff. sept. 1, 1990.
RS 31:203Mortgage of mineral rights
RS 31:204Mortgage may include pledge; effect of pledge
RS 31:205General provisions
RS 31:206Miscellaneous provisions
RS 31:207Effect of failure to furnish act evidencing extinction or expiration of right; mineral lease
RS 31:208Effect of good faith dispute as to extinction or expiration of right
RS 31:209Applicability to demand for dissolution of mineral lease
RS 31:210Protection of purchasers of production;
RS 31:210.1Interest on purchase payment of production
RS 31:210.2Declaration of interest; when third party purchasers of oil may withhold payment
RS 31:211Availability of mandamus for nonpayment of sums due for production
RS 31:212Right to attorney's fee incurred in securing writ
RS 31:212.1Sales relative to minerals after they are severed are subject to the laws of registry
RS 31:212.21Nonpayment of production payment or royalties; notice prerequisite to judicial demand
RS 31:212.22Required response of obligor to notice
RS 31:212.23Effects of payment or nonpayment with or without stating reasonable cause therefor; division order
RS 31:212.31Payment information to interest owners
RS 31:212.32Accumulation of proceeds from production
RS 31:213Definitions
RS 31:214Application of code
RS 31:215Operating agreements
RS 31:216Filing
RS 31:217Declaration in lieu of agreement