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Amendments to the LA Constitution of 1974
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Civil Code
CC 1 Sources of law
CC 2 Legislation
CC 3 Custom
CC 4 Absence of legislation or custom
CC 5 Ignorance of law
CC 6 Retroactivity of laws
CC 7 Laws for the preservation of the public interest
CC 8 Repeal of laws
CC 9 Clear and unambiguous law
CC 10 Language susceptible of different meanings
CC 11 Meaning of words
CC 12 Ambiguous words
CC 13 Laws on the same subject matter
CC 14 Multistate cases
CC 24 Kinds of persons
CC 25 Commencement and end of natural personality
CC 26 Art. 26. Unborn child
CC 27 General legal capacity
CC 28 Capacity to make juridical acts
CC 29 Age of majority
CC 30 Presumption of death
CC 31 Existence of a person at time of accrual of a right
CC 38 Domicile
CC 39 Domicile and residence
CC 40 Domicile of spouses
CC 41 Domicile of unemancipated minor.
CC 42 Domicile of interdict
CC 43 Domicile of person under continued or permanent tutorship
CC 44 Change of domicile
CC 45 Proof of intent to change domicile
CC 46 Person holding temporary position
CC 47 Curator of an absent person's property
CC 48 Powers, rights, and duties of curator
CC 49 Legal capacity of absent person
CC 50 Termination of curatorship of right
CC 51 Termination by judgment of declaration of death
CC 52 Effects of termination of curatorship
CC 53 Validity of acts of curator after termination of the curatorship
CC 54 Absent person; declaration of death
CC 55 Declaration of death; effect
CC 56 New evidence as to time of death
CC 57 Reappearance of absent person; recovery of his property
CC 58 Succession rights of person presumed dead or declared dead
CC 59 Reappearance of absent person; recovery of his inheritance
CC 60 Arts. 60 to 85 repealed by Acts 1990, No. 989, 1, eff. January 1, 1991.
CC 86 Marriage; definition
CC 87 Contract of marriage; requirements
CC 88 Impediment of existing marriage
CC 89 Impediment of same sex
CC 90 Impediments of relationship
CC 90.1 Impediment of age
CC 91 Marriage ceremony required
CC 92 Marriage by procuration prohibited
CC 93 Vices of consent
CC 94 Absolutely null marriage
CC 95 Relatively null marriage; confirmation
CC 96 Civil effects of absolutely null marriage; putative marriage
CC 97 Civil effects of relatively null marriage
CC 98 Mutual duties of married persons
CC 99 Family authority
CC 100 Surname of married persons
CC 101 Termination of marriage
CC 102 Judgment of divorce; living separate and apart prior to rule
CC 103 Judgment of divorce; other grounds
CC 103.1 Judgment of divorce; time periods
CC 104 Reconciliation
CC 105 Determination of incidental matters
CC 111 Spousal support; authority of court
CC 112 Determination of final periodic support
CC 113 Interim spousal support
CC 114 Modification or termination of award of support
CC 115 Extinguishment of support obligation
CC 116 Modification of spousal support obligation
CC 117 Peremptive period for obligation
CC 118 Repealed
CC 121 Claim for contributions to education or training; authority of court
CC 122 Nature of action
CC 123 Form of award; effect of remarriage or death
CC 124 Prescription of spousal claim for contributions
CC 131 Court to determine custody
CC 132 Award of custody to parents
CC 133 Award of custody to person other than a parent; order of preference
CC 134 Factors in determining child's best interest
CC 135 Closed custody hearing
CC 136 Award of visitation rights
CC 136.1 Award of visitation rights
CC 137 Denial of visitation; sex offense; death of a parent
CC 141 Child support; authority of court
CC 142 Modification or termination of child support award
CC 149 Repealed by Acts 1990, No. 1009, 9, eff. Jan. 1, 1991.
CC 150 Repealed by Acts 1990, No. 1009, 9, eff. Jan. 1, 1991.
CC 151 Proceeding for declaration of nullity of a marriage; interim incidental relief
CC 152 Proceeding for declaration of nullity of a marriage; final incidental relief
CC 153 Repealed by Acts 1990, No. 1009, 9, eff. Jan. 1, 1991.
CC 154 Repealed by Acts 1990, No. 1009, 9, eff. Jan. 1, 1991.
CC 155 Repealed by Acts 1990, No. 1009, 9, eff. Jan. 1, 1991.
CC 156 Repealed by Acts 1990, No. 1009, 9, eff. Jan. 1, 1991.
CC 159 Effect of divorce on community property regime
CC 160 Blank]
CC 161 Repealed by Acts 1990, No. 1008, 6, eff. Jan. 1, 1991.
CC 162 Arts. 162 to 175 Repealed by Acts 1990, No. 705, 1.
CC 178 Definition
CC 179 Establishment of filiation
CC 184 Maternity
CC 185 Presumption of paternity of husband
CC 186 Presumption if child is born after divorce or after death of husband; effect of disavowal
CC 187 Disavowal action; proof
CC 188 Disavowal precluded in case of assisted conception
CC 189 Time limit for disavowal by the husband
CC 190 Time limit for disavowal by heir or legatee
CC 190.1 Three-party acknowledgment; alternative to disavowal; time period
CC 191 Contestation and establishment of paternity by mother
CC 192 Contestation action; proof
CC 193 Contestation and establishment of paternity; time period
CC 194 Judgment in contestation action
CC 195 Presumption by marriage and acknowledgment; child not filiated to another man; proof; time period
CC 196 Formal acknowledgment; presumption
CC 197 Child's action to establish paternity; proof; time period
CC 198 Father's action to establish paternity; time period
CC 199 Effect of adoption.
CC 200 Adoption of minors
CC 201 Repealed by Acts 2005, No. 192, §1, eff. June 29, 2005.
CC 202 Repealed by Acts 1979, No. 607, 4.
CC 203 Repealed by Acts 2005, No. 192, §1, eff. June 29, 2005.
CC 204 Repealed by Acts 1979, No. 607, 4.
CC 205 Repealed by Acts 2005, No. 192, §1, eff. June 29, 2005.
CC 206 Repealed by Acts 2005, No. 192, §1, eff. June 29, 2005.
CC 207 Repealed by Acts 2005, No. 192, §1, eff. June 29, 2005.
CC 208 Repealed by Acts 2005, No. 192, §1, eff. June 29, 2005.
CC 209 Repealed by Acts 2005, No. 192, §1, eff. June 29, 2005.
CC 210 Repealed by Acts 1980, No. 549, 2.
CC 211 Repealed by Acts 2005, No. 192, §1, eff. June 29, 2005.
CC 212 Adult adoption requirements
CC 213 Adult adoption; form
CC 214 Adult adoption; recordation requirement
CC 215 Repealed
CC 216 Repealed
CC 217 Repealed
CC 218 Repealed
CC 219 Repealed
CC 220 Repealed
CC 221 Authority of married parents
CC 222 Representation of minor
CC 223 Rights and obligations of parental authority
CC 224 Parental obligation of support and education
CC 225 Parental liability for child's offenses and quasi-offenses
CC 226 Parental obligation of direction
CC 227 Parental control
CC 228 Child's obligation of obedience; parental correction
CC 229 Administration of the property of the child
CC 230 Alienation, encumbrance, or lease of the property of the child; expenditure of fruits
CC 231 Parents' obligation to deliver and account
CC 232 Parental authority
CC 233 Delegation of parental authority
CC 234 Parental authority; custody award
CC 235 Termination of parental authority
CC 236 Filial honor and respect
CC 237 Obligation of providing the basic necessities of life; ascendants and descendants; exceptions
CC 238 Amount of support
CC 239 Modification or termination of support
CC 240 Repealed
CC 241 Repealed
CC 242 Repealed
CC 243 Repealed
CC 244 Repealed
CC 245 Repealed
CC 246 Occasion for tutorship.
CC 247 Kinds of tutorships.
CC 248 Modes of establishment of tutorships.
CC 249 Accountability of tutor.
CC 250 Persons entitled to tutorship
CC 251 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 252 Unborn and posthumous children.
CC 253 Repealed by Acts 1974, No. 163, 2.
CC 254 Arts. 254, 255 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2
CC 256 Children born outside of marriage
CC 257 Surviving parent's right of appointment.
CC 258 Right of appointment where parents are divorced or separated
CC 259 Option of acceptance of tutorship.
CC 260 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 261 Child born outside of marriage
CC 262 Appointment of several tutors; order of priority.
CC 263 Qualified ascendants; collaterals by blood; surviving spouse.
CC 270 Occasion for tutorship.
CC 273 Necessity for appointment.
CC 278 Liability concerning minor's legal mortgage.
CC 279 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 280 Termination of undertutorship.
CC 281 Arts. 281 to 291 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 292 Excuse by reason of office or function.
CC 293 Waiver of excuse by subsequent acceptance of tutorship.
CC 294 Subsequently acquired excuse.
CC 295 Excuse for remote relationship.
CC 296 Excuse for age.
CC 297 Excuse for infirmity.
CC 298 Excuse for prior tutorships
CC 299 Time to present excuse.
CC 300 Provisional administration pending consideration of excuse.
CC 301 Parent's unconditional obligation of tutorship.
CC 302 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2
CC 307 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 308 Duty to apply for appointment.
CC 309 Minors exempt from taking application.
CC 310 Liability for failure to make application.
CC 311 Action for damages; prescription.
CC 322 Minor's legal mortgage on tutor's property.
CC 333 Sale of mortgaged property by one claimant; inscription of legal mortgage of remaining minors.
CC 336 Alienation of minor's immovables.
CC 337 Repealed by Acts 2001, No. 572, 2.
CC 338 Interest.
CC 339 Agreements between tutor and minor.
CC 340 Prescription of minor's action against tutor.
CC 354 Procedure for placing under tutorship.
CC 355 Petition for continuing or permanent tutorship
CC 356 Title of proceedings; procedural rules; parents as tutor and undertutor.
CC 357 Decree, place of recording, notice.
CC 358 Authority, privileges, and duties of tutor and undertutor; termination of tutorship.
CC 359 Restriction on legal capacity.
CC 360 Parents' rights of administration.
CC 361 Contest of decree restricting legal capacity.
CC 362 Persons subject to interdiction.
CC 365 Emancipation
CC 366 Judicial emancipation
CC 367 Emancipation by marriage
CC 368 Limited emancipation by authentic act
CC 369 Emancipation; when effective
CC 370 Modification and termination of judicial emancipation
CC 371 Modification or termination of limited emancipation by authentic act
CC 389 Full interdiction
CC 390 Limited interdiction
CC 391 Temporary and preliminary interdiction
CC 392 Curators
CC 393 Undercurators
CC 394 Pre-interdiction juridical acts
CC 395 Capacity to make juridical acts
CC 396 Effective date of judgment of interdiction
CC 397 Modification and termination of interdiction
CC 398 Effective date of modification or termination of a judgment of interdiction
CC 399 Responsibility for wrongful filing of interdiction petition
CC 448 Division of things.
CC 449 Common things.
CC 450 Public things.
CC 451 Seashore.
CC 452 Public things and common things subject to public use.
CC 453 Private things.
CC 454 Freedom of disposition by private persons.
CC 455 Private things subject to public use.
CC 456 Banks of navigable rivers or streams.
CC 457 Roads; public or private.
CC 458 Works obstructing the public use.
CC 459 Building encroaching on public way.
CC 460 Construction of navigation facilities on public places by port commissions or municipalities.
CC 461 Corporeals and incorporeals.
CC 462 Tracts of land.
CC 463 Component parts of tracts of land.
CC 464 Buildings and standing timber as separate immovables.
CC 465 Things incorporated into an immovable.
CC 466 Component parts of a building or other construction
CC 467 Immovables by declaration.
CC 468 Deimmobilization.
CC 469 Transfer or encumbrance of immovable.
CC 470 Incorporeal immovables.
CC 471 Corporeal movables.
CC 472 Building materials.
CC 473 Incorporeal movables.
CC 474 Movables by anticipation.
CC 475 Things not immovable.
CC 476 Rights in things.
CC 477 Ownership; content
CC 478 Resolutory condition; real right in favor of other person.
CC 479 Necessity of a person.
CC 480 Co-ownership.
CC 481 Ownership and possession distinguished.
CC 482 Accession.
CC 483 Ownership of fruits by accession.
CC 484 Young of animals.
CC 485 Fruits produced by a third person; reimbursement.
CC 486 Possessor's right to fruits.
CC 487 Possessor in good faith; definition.
CC 488 Products; reimbursement of expenses.
CC 489 Apportionment of fruits.
CC 490 Accession above and below the surface.
CC 491 Buildings, other constructions, standing timber, and crops.
CC 492 Separate ownership of part of a building.
CC 493 Ownership of improvements
CC 493.1 Ownership of component parts
CC 493.2 Loss of ownership by accession; claims of former owner
CC 494 Constructions by landowner with materials of another.
CC 495 Things incorporated in, or attached to, an immovable with the consent of the owner of the immovable.
CC 496 Constructions by possessor in good faith.
CC 497 Constructions by bad faith possessor.
CC 498 Claims against third persons
CC 499 Alluvion and dereliction.
CC 500 Shore of the sea or of a lake.
CC 501 Division of alluvion.
CC 502 Sudden action of waters.
CC 503 Island formed by river opening a new channel.
CC 504 Ownership of abandoned bed when river changes course.
CC 505 Islands and sandbars in navigable rivers.
CC 506 Ownership of beds of nonnavigable rivers or streams.
CC 507 Accession as between movables.
CC 508 Things principal and accessory.
CC 509 Value or bulk as a basis to determine principal thing.
CC 510 Union of a principal and an accessory thing.
CC 511 Ownership of new thing made with materials of another.
CC 512 Effect of bad faith.
CC 513 Use of materials of two owners; separation or co-ownership.
CC 514 Mixture of materials.
CC 515 Recovery of materials or value in lieu of ownership.
CC 516 Liability for unauthorized use of a movable.
CC 517 Voluntary transfer of ownership of an immovable
CC 518 Voluntary transfer of the ownership of a movable
CC 519 Transfer of action for recovery of movable.
CC 520 Transfer of ownership by merchant
CC 521 Lost or stolen thing.
CC 522 Transfer of ownership by owner under annullable title.
CC 523 Good faith; definition.
CC 524 Recovery of lost or stolen things.
CC 525 Registered movables
CC 526 Recognition of ownership; recovery of the thing.
CC 527 Necessary expenses.
CC 528 Useful expenses.
CC 529 Right of retention.
CC 530 Presumption of ownership of movable.
CC 531 Proof of ownership of immovable
CC 532 Common author.
CC 533 Kinds of servitudes.
CC 534 Personal servitude.
CC 535 Usufruct.
CC 536 Consumable things.
CC 537 Nonconsumable things.
CC 538 Usufruct of consumable things
CC 539 Usufruct of nonconsumable things.
CC 540 Nature of usufruct.
CC 541 Divisibility of usufruct.
CC 542 Divisibility of naked ownership.
CC 543 Partition of the property in kind or by licitation
CC 544 Methods of establishing usufruct; things susceptible of usufruct.
CC 545 Modifications of usufruct.
CC 546 Usufruct in favor of successive usufructuaries.
CC 547 Usufruct in favor of several usufructuaries.
CC 548 Existence of usufructuaries.
CC 549 Capacity to receive usufruct
CC 550 Right to all fruits.
CC 551 Kinds of fruits.
CC 552 Corporate distributions.
CC 553 Voting of shares of stock and other rights
CC 554 Commencement of the right to fruits.
CC 555 Nonapportionment of natural fruits.
CC 556 Apportionment of civil fruits.
CC 557 Possession and use of the things.
CC 558 Improvements and alterations
CC 559 Accessories.
CC 560 Trees, stones, and other materials.
CC 561 Mines and quarries.
CC 562 Usufruct of timberlands.
CC 563 Alluvion.
CC 564 Treasure.
CC 565 Predial servitudes.
CC 566 Actions.
CC 567 Contracts affecting the usufructuary's liability
CC 568 Disposition of nonconsumable things
CC 568.1 Donation and alienation
CC 568.2 Right to lease
CC 568.3 Requirement to remove encumbrance
CC 569 Duties with regard to things gradually or totally impaired
CC 570 Inventory.
CC 571 Security
CC 572 Amount of security.
CC 573 Dispensation of security
CC 574 Delay in giving security
CC 575 Failure to give security
CC 576 Standard of care.
CC 577 Liability for repairs
CC 578 Ordinary and extraordinary repairs.
CC 579 Rights of action for repairs.
CC 580 Reimbursement for necessary repairs
CC 581 Liability for necessary expenses
CC 582 Abandonment of usufruct.
CC 583 Ruin from accident, force majeure, or age
CC 584 Periodic charges
CC 585 Extraordinary charges.
CC 586 Liability for debts; usufruct inter vivos
CC 587 Liability for debts; usufruct established mortis causa
CC 588 Discharge of debt on encumbered property; usufruct established inter vivos
CC 589 Discharge of debt on encumbered property by mortis causa usufructuary
CC 590 Encumbered property; discharge of debt on encumbered property by naked owner
CC 591 Continuation of usufruct after sale of property
CC 592 Multiple usufructuaries; contribution to payment of estate debts
CC 593 Discharge of legacy of annuity
CC 594 Court costs; expenses of litigation
CC 595 Expenses of litigation; legal usufruct.
CC 596 Expenses of litigation; conventional usufruct.
CC 597 Liability of the usufructuary for servitudes.
CC 598 Duty to give information to owner.
CC 599 Usufruct of a herd of animals.
CC 600 Disposition of animals.
CC 601 Removal of improvements
CC 602 Set off against damages.
CC 603 Disposition of the naked ownership; alienation or encumbrance of the property
CC 604 Servitudes
CC 605 Toleration of the enjoyment.
CC 606 Improvements.
CC 607 Death of the usufructuary.
CC 608 Dissolution of juridical person; thirty year limitation
CC 609 Termination of legacy of revenues.
CC 610 Usufruct for a term or under condition.
CC 611 Term; transfer of usufruct to another person.
CC 612 Term; third person reaching a certain age.
CC 613 Loss, extinction, or destruction of property
CC 614 Fault of a third person.
CC 615 Change of the form of property
CC 616 Sale or exchange of the property; taxes
CC 617 Proceeds of insurance.
CC 618 Security for proceeds
CC 619 Changes made by the testator
CC 620 Sale of the property or of the usufruct
CC 621 Prescription of nonuse.
CC 622 Confusion of usufruct and naked ownership.
CC 623 Abuse of the enjoyment; consequences
CC 624 Security to prevent termination
CC 625 Intervention by creditors of the usufructuary
CC 626 Renunciation; rights of creditors.
CC 627 Right of retention.
CC 628 Consequences of termination; usufruct of nonconsumables.
CC 629 Consequences of termination; usufruct of consumables.
CC 630 Habitation.
CC 631 Establishment and extinction.
CC 632 Regulation by title.
CC 633 Persons residing in the house.
CC 634 Extent of right of habitation.
CC 635 Degree of care; duty to restore the property.
CC 636 Taxes, repairs, and other charges.
CC 637 Nontransferable and nonheritable right.
CC 638 Duration of habitation.
CC 639 Right of use.
CC 640 Content of the servitude.
CC 641 Persons having the servitude.
CC 642 Extent of the servitude.
CC 643 Transferable right.
CC 644 Heritable right.
CC 645 Regulation of the servitude.
CC 646 Predial servitude; definition.
CC 647 Benefit to dominant estate.
CC 648 Contiguity or proximity of the estates.
CC 649 Nature; incorporeal immovable.
CC 650 Inseparability of servitude
CC 651 Obligations of the owner of the servient estate
CC 652 Indivisibility of servitude.
CC 653 Division of advantages.
CC 654 Kinds of predial servitudes.
CC 655 Natural drainage.
CC 656 Obligations of the owners.
CC 657 Estate bordering on running water.
CC 658 Estate through which water runs.
CC 659 Legal servitudes; notion.
CC 660 Keeping buildings in repair
CC 661 Building in danger of falling.
CC 662 Building near a wall.
CC 663 Projections over boundary.
CC 664 Rain drip from roof.
CC 665 Legal public servitudes.
CC 666 River road; substitution if destroyed or impassable.
CC 667 Limitations on use of property
CC 668 Inconvenience to neighbor.
CC 669 Regulation of inconvenience.
CC 670 Encroaching building.
CC 671 Destruction of private property to arrest fire.
CC 672 Other legal servitudes.
CC 673 Common wall servitude.
CC 674 Contribution by neighbor.
CC 675 Presumption of common wall.
CC 676 Adjoining wall.
CC 677 Rights and obligations of co-owners.
CC 678 Cost of repairs.
CC 679 Abandonment of common wall.
CC 680 Rights in common walls.
CC 681
CC 682 Raising the height of common wall.
CC 683 Neighbor's right to make the raised part common.
CC 684 Enclosures.
CC 685 Common fences.
CC 686 Common ditches.
CC 687 Trees, bushes, and plants on the boundary.
CC 688 Branches or roots of trees, bushes, or plants on neighboring property.
CC 689 Enclosed estate; right of passage
CC 690 Extent of passage
CC 691 Constructions
CC 692 Location of passage
CC 693 Enclosed estate; voluntary act.
CC 694 Enclosed estate; voluntary alienation or partition
CC 695 Relocation of servitude.
CC 696 Prescriptibility of action for indemnity.
CC 696.1 Utility
CC 697 Right to establish predial servitudes; limitations.
CC 698 Property susceptible of servitudes.
CC 699 Examples of predial servitudes.
CC 700 Servitude of support.
CC 701 Servitude of view.
CC 702 Prohibition of view.
CC 703 Servitude of light.
CC 704 Prohibition of light.
CC 705 Servitude of passage
CC 706 Servitudes; affirmative or negative.
CC 707 Servitudes; apparent or nonapparent.
CC 708 Establishment of predial servitude.
CC 709 Mandatary.
CC 710 Naked owner.
CC 711 Usufructuary.
CC 712 Owner for a term or under condition.
CC 713 Purchaser with reservation of redemption.
CC 714 Co-owner; servitude on entire estate.
CC 715 Exercise of the servitude.
CC 716 Servitude on undivided part.
CC 717 Partition in kind.
CC 718 Partition by licitation.
CC 719 Successor of the co-owner.
CC 720 Additional servitudes.
CC 721 Servitude on mortgaged property.
CC 722 Modes of establishment.
CC 723 Servitudes on public things.
CC 724 Multiple dominant or servient estates.
CC 725 Reciprocal servitudes.
CC 726 Servitude on after-acquired property.
CC 727 Servitude on part of an estate.
CC 728 Limitation of use.
CC 729 Conventional alteration of legal or natural servitude.
CC 730 Interpretation of servitude.
CC 731 Charge expressly for the benefit of an estate.
CC 732 Interpretation in the absence of express declaration.
CC 733 Interpretation; benefit of dominant estate.
CC 734 Interpretation; convenience of a person.
CC 735 Persons acquiring servitude.
CC 736 Capacity to acquire servitude.
CC 737 Renunciation of servitude by owner of dominant estate.
CC 738 No revocation by grantor.
CC 739 Acquisition by title only.
CC 740 Modes of acquisition of servitudes.
CC 741 Destination of the owner.
CC 742 Acquisitive prescription.
CC 743 Accessory rights.
CC 744 Necessary works; cost of repairs.
CC 745 Right to enter into the servient estate.
CC 746 Exoneration from responsibility by abandonment of the servient estate.
CC 747 Division of dominant estate.
CC 748 Noninterference by the owner of servient estate.
CC 749 Extent and manner of use of servitude when title is silent.
CC 750 Location of servitude when the title is silent.
CC 751 Destruction of dominant or of servient estate.
CC 752 Reestablishment of things.
CC 753 Prescription for nonuse.
CC 754 Commencement of nonuse.
CC 755 Obstacle to servitude.
CC 756 Failure to rebuild dominant or servient estate.
CC 757 Sufficiency of acts by third persons.
CC 758 Imprescriptibility of natural servitudes.
CC 759 Partial use.
CC 760 More extensive use than title.
CC 761 Use of accessory right.
CC 762 Use by co-owner.
CC 763 Minority or other disability.
CC 764 Burden of proof of use.
CC 765 Confusion.
CC 766 Resolutory condition.
CC 767 Acceptance of succession; confusion
CC 768 Confusion; separate and community property.
CC 769 Irrevocability of extinction by confusion.
CC 770 Abandonment of servient estate.
CC 771 Renunciation of servitude.
CC 772 Renunciation by owner.
CC 773 Expiration of time or happening of condition.
CC 774 Dissolution of the right of the grantor.
CC 775 Building restrictions.
CC 776 Establishment
CC 777 Nature and regulation.
CC 778 Affirmative duties
CC 779 Injunctive relief.
CC 780 Amendment and termination of building restrictions
CC 781 Termination; liberative prescription.
CC 782 Abandonment of plan or of restriction.
CC 783 Matters of interpretation and application
CC 784 Boundary; marker.
CC 785 Fixing of the boundary.
CC 786 Persons who may compel fixing of boundary.
CC 787 Lessee may compel lessor.
CC 788 Imprescriptibility of the right.
CC 789 Fixing of boundary judicially or extrajudicially.
CC 790 Costs.
CC 791 Liability for unauthorized removal of markers.
CC 792 Fixing of boundary according to ownership or possession
CC 793 Determination of ownership according to titles.
CC 794 Determination of ownership according to prescription.
CC 795 Effect of boundary agreement.
CC 796 Error in the location of markers; rectification.
CC 797 Ownership in indivision; definition
CC 798 Right to fruits and products
CC 799 Liability of a co-owner
CC 800 Preservation of the thing
CC 801 Use and management by agreement
CC 802 Right to use the thing
CC 803 Use and management of the thing in the absence of agreement
CC 804 Substantial alterations or improvements
CC 805 Disposition of undivided share
CC 806 Expenses of maintenance and management
CC 807 Right to partition; exclusion by agreement
CC 808 Partition excluded
CC 809 Judicial and extrajudicial partition
CC 810 Partition in kind
CC 811 Partition by licitation or by private sale
CC 812 Effect of partition on real rights
CC 813 Partition in kind
CC 814 Rescission of partition for lesion
CC 815 Partition by licitation
CC 816 Partition in kind; warranty
CC 817 Imprescriptibility of action
CC 818 Other rights held in indivision
CC 819 Arts. 819 to 822 Repealed by Acts 1977, No. 514, 1.
CC 823 Arts. 823 to 855 Repealed by Acts 1977, No. 170, 1
CC 856 Arts. 856 to 869 Repealed by Acts 1977, No. 169, 1.
CC 870 Modes of acquiring ownership
CC 871 Meaning of succession
CC 872 Meaning of estate
CC 873 Kinds of succession
CC 874 Testate succession
CC 875 Intestate succession
CC 876 Kinds of successors
CC 877
CC 878
CC 879
CC 880 Intestate succession
CC 881 Representation: effect
CC 882 Representation in direct line of descendants
CC 883 Representation of ascendants not permissible
CC 884 Representation in collateral line
CC 885 Basis of partition in cases of representation
CC 886 Representation of deceased persons only
CC 887 Representation of decedent whose succession was renounced
CC 888 Succession rights of descendants
CC 889 Devolution of community property
CC 890 Usufruct of surviving spouse
CC 891 Devolution of separate property; parents and brothers and sisters
CC 892 Devolution of separate property in absence of parents or in absence of brothers and sisters
CC 893 Brothers and sisters related by half-blood
CC 894 Separate property; rights of surviving spouse
CC 895 Separate property; rights of other ascendants
CC 896 Separate property; rights of other collaterals
CC 897 Repealed
CC 898 Repealed
CC 899 Nearest in degree among more remote relations
CC 900 Degrees of relationship
CC 901 Direct and collateral relationship
CC 902 Rights of the state
CC 903 Arts. 903 to 933 Repealed by Acts 1981, No. 919, 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1982.
CC 934 Commencement of succession
CC 935 Acquisition of ownership; seizin
CC 936 Continuation of the possession of decedent
CC 937 Transmission of rights of successor
CC 938 Exercise of succession rights
CC 939 Existence of successor
CC 940 Same; unborn child
CC 941 Declaration of unworthiness
CC 942 Persons who may bring action
CC 943 Reconciliation or forgiveness
CC 944 Prescription
CC 945 Effects of declaration of unworthiness
CC 946 Devolution of succession rights of successor declared unworthy
CC 947 Right of successor to accept or renounce
CC 948 Minor successor deemed to accept
CC 949 Death of decedent as prerequisite to acceptance or renunciation
CC 950 Knowledge required of successor as prerequisite to acceptance or renunciation
CC 951 Nullity of premature acceptance or renunciation
CC 952 Probate or annulment of testament after acceptance or renunciation of succession
CC 953 Legacy subject to a suspensive condition
CC 954 Retroactive effects of acceptance and renunciation
CC 955 Reserved]
CC 956 Claims of successor who is a creditor of the estate
CC 957 Formal or informal acceptance
CC 958 Informal acceptance; use or disposition of property
CC 959 Informal acceptance; act of ownership
CC 960 Donative renunciation deemed acceptance
CC 961 Effect of acceptance
CC 962 Presumption of acceptance
CC 963 Requirement of formality
CC 964 Accretion upon renunciation in intestate successions
CC 965 Accretion upon renunciation in testate successions
CC 966 Acceptance or renunciation of accretion
CC 967 Acceptance of succession by creditor
CC 968 Reserved]
CC 969 Arts. 969-1074 [Blank]
CC 1075 Arts. 1075 to 1094 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1095 Vacant succession, definition.
CC 1096 Intestate succession, definition.
CC 1097 Vacant succession; administration by administrators.
CC 1098 Arts. 1098, 1099 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1100 Liability for unauthorized possession of vacant succession.
CC 1101 Arts. 1101, 1102 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1103 Repealed by Acts 1980, No. 150, 3, eff. Jan. 1, 1981.
CC 1104 Arts. 1104 to 1112 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1113 Arts. 1113 to 1132 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1133 Arts. 1133 to 1137 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1138 Arts. 1138 to 1145 Repealed by Acts 1980, No. 150, 3, eff. Jan. 1, 1981.
CC 1146 Arts. 1146, 1147 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1148 Interest on succession funds; liability for private use.
CC 1149 Arts. 1149 to 1157 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1158 Arts. 1158 to 1161 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1162 Arts. 1162 to 1170 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1171 Persons authorized to make sale.
CC 1172 Arts. 1172 to 1187 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1188 Unpaid new creditors' action against paid creditors; prescription.
CC 1189 Arts. 1189, 1190 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1191 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1192 Termination of curator's duties on appearance of heirs.
CC 1193 Arts. 1193 to 1209 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1210 Arts. 1210 to 1219 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1220 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1221 Arts. 1221 to 1223 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1224 Arts. 1224 to 1226 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1227 Collation, definition.
CC 1228 Collation by descendants
CC 1229 Reasons for collation.
CC 1230 Presumption in favor of collation.
CC 1231 Express exclusion of collation; extra portion.
CC 1232 Method of declaring dispensation from collation
CC 1233 Sufficiency of declaration.
CC 1234 Reduction of donations exceeding disposable portion; calculation of legitime.
CC 1235 Persons entitled to demand collation
CC 1236 Repealed by Acts 1990, No. 147, 3, eff. July 1, 1990.
CC 1237 Renouncing heir's right to donations not exceeding disposable portion.
CC 1238 Grandchildren; collation of donations made by grandparent after death of parent
CC 1239 Grandchildren; right to donations made by grandparent during life of parent
CC 1240 Grandchildren; collation of donations made by grandparent to parent.
CC 1241 Collation by great grandchildren and more remote descendants.
CC 1242 Collation; succession of donor.
CC 1243 Expenditures subject to collation
CC 1244 Expenditures not subject to collation.
CC 1245 Manual gifts.
CC 1246 Profits from contracts with ascendant.
CC 1247 Share of partnership with ascendant.
CC 1248 Advantages other than donation.
CC 1249 Wages for services to ascendant.
CC 1250 Immovables destroyed while in possession of donee.
CC 1251 Methods of making collations.
CC 1252 Collation in kind, definition.
CC 1253 Collation by taking less, definition.
CC 1254 Movables or immovables.
CC 1255 Collation of immovables.
CC 1256 Immovables collated in kind; reimbursement for improvements.
CC 1257 Immovables collated in kind; allowance for expenses of preservation.
CC 1258 Immovables collated in kind; removal by donee of works erected for his pleasure.
CC 1259 Kinds of expenses made on immovable property.
CC 1260 Deterioration and damage to immovable, liability of donee.
CC 1261 Destruction of immovable after election to collate in kind.
CC 1262 Partial destruction of immovable after election to collate in kind.
CC 1263 Destruction of immovable after election to collate by taking less.
CC 1264 Creditors' rights on immovable collated in kind.
CC 1265 Preservation of creditor's mortgage rights after partition.
CC 1266 Immovables in excess of disposable portion; collation in kind.
CC 1267 Immovables in excess of disposable portion; collation by taking less.
CC 1268 Collation in kind; retention of immovable until reimbursement of expenses.
CC 1269 Collation by taking less; valuation of immovable.
CC 1270 Voluntary alienation or negligent loss of immovables subject to collation.
CC 1271 Forced alienation of immovables subject to collation.
CC 1272 Sale by donee and subsequent destruction of immovable subject to collation.
CC 1273 Collation by taking less; coheirs' election of collation by sale or in kind.
CC 1274 Failure of coheirs to make timely election.
CC 1275 Payment of collation by sale of succession effects.
CC 1276 Payment of collation with property of succession.
CC 1277 Payment of collation by donee where succession effects insufficient.
CC 1278 Time and security for payment.
CC 1279 Rights of coheirs against defaulting heir; foreclosure of special mortgage.
CC 1280 Privilege of seizing coheirs on proceeds of mortgage sale.
CC 1281 Alienation of immovable by donee by onerous title; creation of real right in immovable by donee or operation of law
CC 1282 Purchaser's retention of immovable upon payment of collations.
CC 1283 Collation of movables.
CC 1284 Donation of movables as absolute transfer of rights.
CC 1285 Collation of money.
CC 1286 Collation of movables or money by taking less; payment in money.
CC 1287 Collation of movables or money by taking less; payment in succession effects.
CC 1288 Payment of collation by donee where succession effects insufficient.
CC 1289 Repealed by Acts 1991, No. 689, 1.
CC 1290 Extent and application of rules; venue of action.
CC 1291 Venue of action where property partly in different parishes.
CC 1292 Undivided ownership rights until partition.
CC 1293 Partition of a succession, definition.
CC 1294 Repealed by Acts 1991, No. 689, 1.
CC 1295 Definitive and provisional partitions, definitions.
CC 1296 Definitive and provisional partitions, distinguished.
CC 1297 Stipulations against partition.
CC 1298 Repealed by Acts 1991, No. 689, 1.
CC 1299 Perpetual prohibition against partition by donor.
CC 1300 Limited or conditional prohibition against partition by donor.
CC 1301 Testator's right to prohibit partition during minority of heirs.
CC 1302 Testamentary partition
CC 1303 Repealed by Acts 1991, No. 689, 1.
CC 1304 Repealed by Acts 1991, No. 689, 1.
CC 1305 Prescription where possession is separate.
CC 1306 Prescription where one heir possesses separately and others possess in common.
CC 1307 Partition between heirs and legatees.
CC 1308 Partition between owners in common.
CC 1309 Partition between possessors in common.
CC 1310 Nature of possession required.
CC 1311 Action maintainable by one or more co-owners.
CC 1312 Partition suits by tutors and curators.
CC 1313 Partition suits by emancipated minors.
CC 1314 Defense of suits by tutors, curators and emancipated minors.
CC 1315 Partition suits by curators of absent heirs.
CC 1316 Arts. 1316, 1317 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1318 Partition by or against heir or successor of co-owner.
CC 1319 Retrocession repealed.
CC 1320 Ownership as basis for action of partition.
CC 1321 Separate possession of one co-owner, partition before prescription.
CC 1322 Repealed by Acts 1991, No. 689, 1.
CC 1323 Repealed by Acts 1991, No. 689, 1.
CC 1324 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1325 Inventory within one year of partition suit.
CC 1326 New appraisement.
CC 1327 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1328 Summary proceeding for action of partition.
CC 1329 Parties plaintiff and defendant.
CC 1330 Plaintiff's admission of defendant's heirship.
CC 1331 Collation in action of partition; time for deliberating.
CC 1332 Election to collate in kind.
CC 1333 Election to collate by taking less; failure to elect.
CC 1334 Appraisement of property to be collated.
CC 1335 Matters incidental to partition; procedure.
CC 1336 Judicial regulation of mode of partition.
CC 1337 Partition in kind; sale of movables to pay debts.
CC 1338 Repealed by Acts 1991, No. 689, 1.
CC 1339 Repealed by Acts 1991, No. 689, 1.
CC 1340 Repealed by Acts 1991, No. 689, 1.
CC 1341 Terms of sale of succession effects where all heirs are absent or minors.
CC 1342 Terms of sale of succession effects where heirs present demand sale for cash.
CC 1343 Partition sale; coheir's right to purchase hereditary portion.
CC 1344 Partition sale; purchase of minor's hereditary portion by tutor or curator.
CC 1345 Reference to recorder or notary for continuation of proceedings.
CC 1346 Amicable continuation of proceedings by heirs.
CC 1347 Notice to parties.
CC 1348 Continuances of proceedings.
CC 1349 Settlement of accounts due by heirs to succession.
CC 1350 Items included in accounts.
CC 1351 Deduction of donations not subject to collation.
CC 1352 Court order as to mode of collation exhibited to officer
CC 1353 Inclusion of property collated in kind.
CC 1354 Inclusion of value of property collated by taking less.
CC 1355 Formation of active mass.
CC 1356 Composition of active mass.
CC 1357 Deductions from active mass.
CC 1358 Deductions, definition.
CC 1359 Deductions allowed.
CC 1360 Deductions in absence of collation or when collation is in kind.
CC 1361 Deductions, when collation is by taking less.
CC 1362 Coheir's right to take succession effects in payment of collation.
CC 1363 Disagreement among heirs entitled to receive collation in property.
CC 1364 Division into lots according to number of heirs or roots.
CC 1365 Equality in formation of lots.
CC 1366 Equalization by money when one lot more valuable than others.
CC 1367 Formation of lots by experts.
CC 1368 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1369 Repealed by Acts 1962, No. 70.
CC 1370 Subdivision among coheirs of same root.
CC 1371 Coheirs' proportionate liability for succession debts.
CC 1372 Observance of formalities.
CC 1373 Provisional partitions; persons authorized to demand new partition
CC 1374 Arts. 1374 to 1377 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 30, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1961.
CC 1378 Errors of form, effect.
CC 1379 Delivery of property and title papers after partition.
CC 1380 Subsequent discovery of property, amendment of partition.
CC 1381 Repealed by Acts 1990, No. 989, 7, eff. January 1, 1991.
CC 1382 Partition compared to exchange.
CC 1383 Repealed by Acts 1991, No. 689, 1.
CC 1384 Reciprocal warranty against disturbance or eviction.
CC 1385 Exclusion of warranty.
CC 1386 Eviction through fault of coheir.
CC 1387 Proportionate liability of coheirs.
CC 1388 Amount of indemnity.
CC 1389 Liability of coheirs for portion of insolvent coheir.
CC 1390 Scope of warranty as to corporeal and incorporeal things.
CC 1391 Warranties always implied.
CC 1392 Warranty of solvency of debtor of rent charge, prescription.
CC 1393 Subsequent deterioration or destruction of property.
CC 1394 New debts or charges.
CC 1395 Tacit mortgage abolished.
CC 1396 Prescription of action of warranty.
CC 1397 Repealed by Acts 1991, No. 689, 1.
CC 1398 Repealed by Acts 1991, No. 689, 1.
CC 1399 Definitive partitions involving minors, interdicts, or absent persons
CC 1400 Provisional partitions involving minors, interdicts, or absent persons
CC 1401 Omission of succession effects not cause for rescission.
CC 1402 Rescission of transactions effecting partition.
CC 1403 Rescission inadmissible after compromise.
CC 1404 Rescission inadmissible against sale of succession rights.
CC 1405 Sale of succession rights to coheir at risk of vendor, rescission inadmissible.
CC 1406 Sale to coheir of immovable rights only, rescission for lesion.
CC 1407 Facts required to obtain rescission for lesion.
CC 1408 Termination of partition suit by defendant's tender.
CC 1409 Amount of tender.
CC 1410 Rescission for fraud or violence inadmissible after alienation.
CC 1411 Rescission inadmissible against partition regulated by father.
CC 1412 Rescission in favor of minor effective for all parties.
CC 1413 Prescription of action of rescission.
CC 1414 Prescription against minors after judicial partition.
CC 1415 Estate debts; administrative expenses
CC 1416 Liability of universal successors to creditors
CC 1417 Reserved]
CC 1418 Successors who are creditors, order of preference
CC 1419 Rights of pursuit of creditor
CC 1420 Regulation of payment of debts by testament or by agreement among successors
CC 1421 Estate debts, charged
CC 1422 Debts attributable to identifiable or encumbered property
CC 1423 Decedent's debts charged ratably
CC 1424 Administration expenses, how charged
CC 1425