HRULE 1.5     

Rule 1.5.  Access revocation; lobbying

A.  No person who has been granted admission to the floor of the House Chamber shall lobby for or against, or under any other guise engage in any activity in support of or in opposition to, any legislative instrument or other matter before the House of Representatives or any committee thereof during the course of any legislative session.  Any such activity shall be cause for the immediate confiscation and revocation of any badge issued to such person and removal of such person from the House Chamber upon order of the presiding officer.

B.  The provisions of this Rule shall not prohibit the dissemination of purely factual information.

C.  The provisions of this Rule shall not apply to any member of the legislature nor to any legislative employee subject to the provisions of House Rule 3.4.

Mason's Manual:  Sec. 705(3)

HR 6, 2013, eff. May 30, 2013.