CHC 1284.2     

Art. 1284.2.  Findings

The court shall issue a judgment recognizing the foreign adoption and rendering a final decree of adoption upon finding that:

(1)  At least one of the adoptive parents is a domiciliary of the state of Louisiana.

(2)  The original or a certified copy of the foreign adoption decree, together with a notarized transcript, has been filed and is presumed to have been granted in accordance with the law of the foreign country.

(3)  The foreign adoption has been completed in accordance with the Hague Convention and the Intercountry Adoption Act.

(4)  The child is either a permanent resident or a naturalized citizen of the United States.

(5)  The petitioners have the ability to care for, maintain, and educate the child.

Acts 2013, No. 86, §1.