CHC 1424     

Art. 1424.  Coroner; fees; records

A.  In making either the initial examination or the second examination, when the coroner or his deputy examines the patient and executes an emergency certificate and a reexamination of the minor and reexecution of a certificate is necessary for any reason to insure the validity of the certificate, both the first examiner and the reexaminer shall be entitled to a fee for the service, unless they are one and the same.

B.  When a minor patient is confined in a treatment facility other than a state mental institution, the examining coroner in the parish where the minor is confined shall be entitled to the usual fee paid for this service to the coroner of the parish in which the patient is domiciled or residing.

C.  When a minor patient is confined in a state mental institution in a parish other than his parish of domicile or residence, the examining coroner shall be entitled to the fee authorized by law in his parish for the service.

D.  In either case, the fee shall be paid and accurate records of such payments kept by the governing authority of the parish in which the minor patient is domiciled or residing from parish funds designated for the purpose of payment to the coroner.

E.  All coroners shall keep accurate records showing the number of patients confined in their parishes pursuant to this Article.

Acts 1991, No. 235, §14, eff. Jan. 1, 1992.