CHC 511     

Art. 511.  Forensic interviewer; qualifications

A.  In order to serve as a qualified forensic interviewer of children, a person shall:

(1)  Possess a relevant educational or experiential background, preferably a college degree, or work experience in a field related to sociology, social work, education, criminal justice, nursing, psychology, counseling, or a similarly applied human services specialty.

(2)  Complete a minimum of twenty-five hours of clinical training in interviewing traumatized children.

(3)  Complete a minimum of eight hours of interviewing under the supervision of a qualified forensic interviewer of children.

(4)  Demonstrate knowledge of investigations of child abuse and neglect, as well as knowledge of child development through coursework, professional training or experience.

(5)  Maintain membership in appropriate national professional organizations that report research findings and offer opportunities for other continuing education for the enhancement of its members' knowledge and specialization.

B.  In order to remain qualified, a forensic interviewer of children shall complete a minimum of twenty hours of additional clinical training every two years.

C.  A forensic interviewer of children shall furnish satisfactory evidence of his qualifications.

D.  The cost of employing and training the forensic interviewer is to be decided on in the interagency protocols developed and instituted in accordance with Articles 509 and 510 of this Part, and is not the responsibility of member agencies unless agreed to in the protocols.

Acts 2003, No. 749, §1.