HRULE 14.50     

Rule 14.50.  Subcommittees; Officers, Studies, Reports, Subcommittees of

A.  The chairman and vice chairman and the members of each subcommittee shall be appointed by the chairman of the full committee.

B.  Subcommittees are authorized to undertake studies on matters within the scope of their jurisdiction only when so directed by the parent committee or the chairman of the parent standing committee.

C.  Subcommittee reports shall be submitted to the parent committee for approval, rather than to the House directly; no report or recommendation of a subcommittee shall be binding on the full committee.

D.  Subcommittees shall have no authority to establish subcommittees.

Mason's Manual:  Sec. 650

HR 8, 1974; HR 4, 2006 2nd Ex. Sess., eff. Dec. 13, 2006.