CC 1356     

Art. 1356.  Composition of active mass.

This active mass shall be composed:

1.  Of all the movables and immovables of the succession, which have not been sold, mention being made of their value, as stated in the inventory of the effects of the succession, or in the new appraisement which may have been made by experts appointed by the judge;

2.  Of the price of the movables and immovables, which have been sold to effect the partition;

3.  Of all the objects collated by the heirs, whether in kind or by taking less, in proportion to the appraised value given to them by the experts appointed by the judge;

4.  Of all the sums, which the heirs may owe to the succession, according to the settled account;

5.  Of all the debts due to the succession by other persons.