CC 1188     

Art. 1188.  Unpaid new creditors' action against paid creditors; prescription.

If, after the creditors of the succession have been paid by the curator, in conformity with the dispositions of the preceding articles, creditors present themselves, who have not made themselves known before, and if there does not remain in the hands of the curator a sum sufficient to pay what is due them, in whole or in part, these creditors have an action against those who have been paid, to compel them to refund the proportion they are bound to contribute, in order to give the new creditors a part equal to that which they would have received, had they presented themselves at the time of the payment of the debts of the succession.

But this action on the part of the creditors who have not been paid, against the creditors who have been, is prescribed by the lapse of three years, counting from the date of the order or judgment, in virtue of which the payment has been made.

In all these cases, the creditors who have thus presented themselves can in no manner disturb the curator on account of the payments he has made under the authorization of the judge, as before stated.