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      CHC 1283.6     


Art. 1283.6.  Hearing

A.  The court shall sign the order setting the time and place for the hearing of the petition for adoption of the foreign orphan not less than thirty nor more than sixty days after the filing of the adoption petition.  The court may extend this time for good cause, which may include a showing by the department that it has been impossible to gather the necessary data within the time prescribed.  The court may reduce the time to a minimum of fifteen days with written approval of the department and the petitioner.

B.  At this hearing, the court shall consider:

(1)  Any motion to intervene which has been filed.

(2)  Any other issues in dispute.

(3)  The confidential report of the department.

(4)  The report of any criminal records or validated complaints of child abuse or neglect concerning the petitioner.

(5)  The testimony of the parties.

C.  If the child to be adopted is twelve years of age or older, the court shall solicit and consider his wishes in the matter.

Acts 1999, No. 1268, §1.

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