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Rule 1.1.  Regulation and control

A. The President of the Senate shall regulate and have control over such parts of the capitol and capitol complex as are set apart for the use of the Senate and its officers.

B. The President shall have general charge and supervision of the Senate Chamber and of all its physical facilities. He shall determine and be responsible for the physical arrangement and security of the Senate Chamber, the committee rooms, and the offices of the Senate and its officers. He may delegate any or all of these responsibilities to the Secretary of the Senate.

C. The President shall provide for the administration and enforcement of the rules governing admission to the Senate.

D.(1) The possession, custody, or use of any dangerous weapon, except by a duly authorized law enforcement officer in the performance of his duties, is prohibited in such parts of the capitol building as are set apart for the use of the Senate and its officers.

(2) As used in this Paragraph, "dangerous weapon" includes any gas, liquid or other substance or instrumentality, which, in the manner used, is calculated or likely to produce death or great bodily harm.

(3) Any person or property entering or within any area described in Subparagraph (1) shall be subject to search, in accordance with law.

(4) The President shall enforce this Paragraph through commissioned special officers employed by the Senate and other law enforcement officers.

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