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      CCRP 808     


Art. 808.  Manner of giving further charges after jury retires

If the jury or any member thereof, after having retired to deliberate upon the verdict, desires further charges, the officer in charge shall bring the jury into the courtroom, and the court shall in the presence of the defendant, his counsel, and the district attorney, further charge the jury.  The further charge may be verbal, but shall be in writing if requested by any juror.  No charge shall be reduced to writing at the request of a juror pursuant to this Article unless consent is obtained from both the defendant and the state in open court but not within the presence of the jury.  The lack of consent by either the defendant or the state shall not be communicated to the jury.  A copy of the court's written charge shall be delivered to the defendant, the state, and the jury.

Acts 2001, No. 310, §1.

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