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      CCRP 324     


Art. 324. Unsecured personal surety

            A. A person in custody may be released by order of the court on an unsecured personal surety bail undertaking. An unsecured personal surety is a personal surety where the surety satisfies all the requirements of Article 311(5) and lives and resides in the state of Louisiana without specifically mortgaging or giving a security interest in any property as security to guarantee the surety's performance.

            B. A personal surety shall execute an affidavit that he possesses the sufficiency and qualifications of a personal surety and that he is not disqualified from becoming a surety by Article 327. The affidavit shall list the number and amount of undischarged bail undertakings, if any, entered into by the personal surety. The officer accepting the bail may require the personal surety to state in his affidavit the nature and value of his property not exempt from execution, and the amount of his liabilities. An officer authorized to accept the bail shall have authority to administer any affidavit required of the person signing a bail undertaking.

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