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      CC 895     


Art. 895.  Separate property; rights of other ascendants

If a deceased leaves neither descendants, nor brothers, sisters, or descendants from them, nor parents, nor spouse not judicially separated, his other ascendants succeed to his separate property.  If the ascendants in the paternal and maternal lines are in the same degree, the property is divided into two equal shares, one of which goes to the ascendants on the paternal side, and the other to the ascendants on the maternal side, whether the number of ascendants on each side be equal or not.  In this case, the ascendants in each line inherit by heads.

If there is in the nearest degree but one ascendant in the two lines, such ascendant excludes ascendants of a more remote degree.

Acts 1981, No. 919, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1982.

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