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      CC 692     


Art. 692.  Location of passage

The owner of the enclosed estate may not demand the right of passage or the right-of-way for the utility anywhere he chooses.  The passage generally shall be taken along the shortest route from the enclosed estate to the public road or utility at the location least injurious to the intervening lands.

The location of the utility right-of-way shall coincide with the location of the servitude of passage unless an alternate location providing access to the nearest utility is least injurious to the servient estate and intervening lands.

The court shall evaluate and determine that the location of the servitude of passage or utility shall not affect the safety of the operations or significantly interfere with the operations of the owner of the servient estate or intervening lands prior to the granting of the servitude of passage or utility.

Acts 1977, No. 514, §1; Acts 2012, No. 739, §1.

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