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House Committee Meetings - Weekly Schedules
House Special Committee on School SafetyTue 10/04 1:30 p.m.Room 1    Scheduled

Senate Committee Meetings

No meetings are scheduled.

Joint Committee Meetings
Legislative Advisory Council on Public Contracts, Works, and ImprovementsTue 9/27 10:00 a.m.Room F    Adjourned
Disability Voting Task ForceTue 9/27 11:00 a.m.Room 4    Adjourned
Cash Management Review BoardTue 9/27 1:00 p.m.SEE AGENDA    Scheduled
New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board Historical Study CommissionTue 9/27 3:00 p.m.SEE AGENDA    Scheduled
Employment and Medical Marijuana Task ForceWed 9/28 10:00 a.m.Room 4    Scheduled
Louisiana Doula RegistryWed 9/28 1:00 p.m.SEE AGENDA    Scheduled
Occupational Licensing Review CommissionThu 9/29 2:00 p.m.Room 1    Scheduled
Joint Special Study Committee on Legislative SessionsThu 10/13 10:00 a.m.Room 1    Scheduled
Joint InsuranceTue 10/18 9:30 a.m.Room 1    Scheduled
Medicaid Estimating ConferenceWed 10/19 1:30 p.m.Room 3    Scheduled
Joint AgricultureMon 10/24 10:00 a.m.Room 1    Scheduled

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