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Joint Committee Meetings
Coastal Protection and Restoration AuthorityWed 8/15 9:30 amRoom 5    In Progress Watch the meeting now!
LaSTEM Advisory CouncilWed 8/15 10:00 amClaiborne Building    Scheduled
Louisiana Tax Commission Rules and Regulations SessionWed 8/15 10:00 amRoom E    In Progress Watch the meeting now!
Louisiana Tax CommissionWed 8/15 Upon Adjournment of Rules and Regulation meetingRoom E    Scheduled
Gaming Control BoardThu 8/16 10:00 amRoom 1    Scheduled
State Bond CommissionThu 8/16 10:00 amRoom A-B    Scheduled
Lower Pearl River Basin Task ForceThu 8/16 10:30 amRoom E    Scheduled
Cash Management Review BoardThu 8/16 Upon Adjournment of State Bond Commission meetingRoom 5    Scheduled
Justice Reinvestment Implementation Oversight CouncilFri 8/17 10:00 amRoom 1    Scheduled
Task Force on Human Degradation & Exploitation of Vulnerable Individuals in Community-Based SettingsFri 8/17 10:00 amRoom A-B    Scheduled
Task Force on Student FeesMon 8/20 9:30 amRoom 1    Scheduled
Children's Savings Accounts Task ForceTue 8/21 10:00 amClaiborne Building    Scheduled
Dairy Stabilization Study CommissionTue 8/21 10:00 amRoom 5    Scheduled
Louisiana State Boxing and Wrestling CommissionTue 8/21 10:00 amRoom 2    Scheduled
Louisiana Secondhand Smoke Study CommitteeWed 8/22 10:00 amRoom 5    Scheduled

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